Alt Left: Only Hate Sites Will Emphasize Stories Like That

Note, I don’t like racial profiling either, I experienced so much in South Korea. Nonetheless, the real news isn’t getting emphasized. It’s reported but it’s not emphasized. If it was emphasized, I’m sure African Americans, as a group, sadly enough, would be demonized – just like Putin is.

Well, the upside of a truly fair press, might be that certain groups would have to “get their act together”, no matter how painful. It’s kind of like how Germans would had to deal with the holocaust and Nazism, once it was finally shown to them in full glory, not hidden via German propaganda.

How do you all feel about a really fair press? What effect would it have on western society?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure the press was biased in favor of racism back in Jim Crow days. I mean, if everyone is convinced blacks are savages prone to crime, wouldn’t that be tough on blacks that were trying to overcome that image?


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