Alt Left: This War Is Literally An Existential War for Russia

Jason: With people this nationalist, I’d advise the Russians to leave them alone. It’s not worth it. I mean, Ukraine is far too weak to do anything on Russian soil, not to mention Russia’s nuclear arsenal.

It seems like Russia is trying to reform Ukraine out of ultra-nationalism. It’s just not worth it.

They can’t leave them alone. The West has been using Ukraine as a stick to beat Russia over the head with. They have been arming them with the latest NATO weaponry and in a few years, they would have been near to par with the Russian Army. They were also being trained to NATO standards.

And they were totally integrated into the NATO command and control structure. So you see Ukraine was already a de facto member of NATO without being one. Also NATO built a number of bases for itself in Ukraine. They said they were Ukrainian bases, but NATO forces used them a lot. And Ukraine just said they were going to join NATO and get nuclear weapons. That was a last straw for Russia.

This really is an existential fight for Russia. It’s a fight for the very existence of Russia. As you can see, the West is trying to use this as a pretext for completely destroying the Russian economy so it is not competition anymore. Also they are trying to keep Russia out of Europe and prevent an alliance between Germany and Russia.

After they take out Russia, the next target is China. This really is a last ditch thrashing about wildly of a declining empire determined to retain its world hegemony at almost any cost. Instead of being on top of the world, we are actually very desperate. We are also determined to stop the integration of Russia and China with Russia’s Eurasian Union and China’s Belt and Road linking together. We have to stop both of those from coming together at all costs. And China’s Belt and Road simply must be destroyed.

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