Alt Left: The Mariupol Maternity Hospital Attack Was Fake!

I’ve never seen so much lying in a propaganda campaign in my life. And the entire US media is in on this propaganda campaign to the hilt. There is not even one major TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, or Internet media outlet that is deviating from the script. This is the case in all of the West. Hence the entire media in the West seems to controlled by NATO governments. There’s no freedom of the press in the West – absolutely zero.

We have now seen European countries banning Russian news sites – the only opposition media available in Europe. In the US, Youtube, Amazon, and Twitter and shutting down and banning people with pro-Russian views. So the media of the West is being massively censored by the Western states. Hence, the Western states practice extreme censorship of the media. If you live in the West, you don’t live in a free country!

I don’t have time to go through all the lies and BS pouring out of the US media every day. For now I will just focus on the latest lie, an attack on a Mariupol maternity hospital that never even happened, causing injuries and deaths to people who are not injured and still alive! Pretty amazing!

There was no Russian bombing attack on any maternity hospital to my knowledge. The damage is not consistent with a bombing attack, nor is the damage inside the building consistent with such. The “wounded” are not consistent with wounds in a bombing attack. One of the “wounded” is a model and social influencer. Two months prior, she was not the slightest bit pregnant. Two months later, turns out she’s full term! Wow that baby developed awfully fast! She’s an actress and model hired by the Nazis in this false flag attack.

We have testimony from multiple residents that all staff and patients of all three maternity hospitals in the city were ordered out of the hospitals on February 25. There are newspaper articles from that date saying this. The testimony said that the Nazi Azov Battalion took over the hospitals and turned them into bases. So there have not been women or babies or staff in any of those hospitals for 12 days. Russia says it never bombed the hospital. The damage is consistent with the Nazis setting off explosives outside the hospital. No one was in the hospital at the time.

Two days prior to the fake false flag attack, Russia criticized the nationalist battalions in Mariupol, saying that they had taken over maternity hospitals and kindergartens in the city. The specific hospital was named. This was two days before the fake attack.

Now we have interviews with pregnant women, apparently lying, saying Russians were attacking the hospital with automatic weapons. But there were no pregnant women in the hospital! None!

Wait, first Russia dropped a bomb on the place. Now it turns out Russian soldiers attacked it with automatic weapons. Which one is true? Make up your mind.

In case you think Ukrainians are incapable of this devious false flag crap, keep in mind that the battalion that did this is called the Azov Battalion, and they are Nazis! They have been the ones making all of these provocations and false flag attacks all over Ukraine.

Let’s get this straight now, you guys think Nazis are too kind, fair, and decent to do such a thing? I think you Nazi supporters (and if you support Ukraine, you’re a Nazi supporter) need to think again.

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9 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Mariupol Maternity Hospital Attack Was Fake!”

  1. “One of the “wounded” is a model and social influencer. Two months prior, she was not the slightest bit pregnant. Two months later, turns out she’s full term! Wow that baby developed awfully fast! She’s an actress and model hired by the Nazis in this false flag attack.”

    Do you have prof or links for this? Thanks.

    1. I have links to the photos. I’ll see if I can dig them up.

      In their “White Helmets” false flag production, the “dead people” are moving around! LOL. I want to be like that when I’m dead! What would be even better would be if I could get up and walk around. I’ll show that bastard God for killing me! Take that, God!

      1. Thanks. I’m not convinced the pregnant lady is a fake. But hey you never know. War is a bunch of lies.

      2. I actually don’t think it’s a fake. The Russians are lying.

        “While Vishegirskaya is a Ukrainian blogger in Mariupol who posts about skincare, makeup,and cosmetics, there is no evidence that she was anything but a patient at the hospital. She has posted multiple photos and videos on Instagram documenting her pregnancy in the past few months, and in one, she can be seen wearing the same polka-dot pajamas as on Wednesday.”

        Look here, more pictures:

        This is here Instagram account showing her pregnant 2, 3 and 6 weeks ago.

        Putin is a monster. There is no way to justify this invasion. None. Zilch. The fucker is paranoid about NATO. I’m no neocon but I now a sin when I see one.

        1. I’m going to ban you if you don’t stop arguing with me every time I take down one of these fakes. This blog supports Russia. I don’t mind you disagreeing, but I’m not going to write a big post explaining exactly why every one of these Nazi fakes is a fake. It’s going to take up all my time.

          Sorry, man.

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