Alt Left: NWO Making Americans Soft No Matter the Race, by Jason

Of course, idea can be expanded to Canada and other western nations. Anyway, there is a difference between someone who is empathetic toward the persecution of various groups and someone who is “being punked.” There is a difference in someone who recognizes they have weaknesses like depression or heart disease and someone who is just some “pathetic softy.”

Anyway, the NWO does not want people, especially males, to have any balls. They don’t want wholesome solutions to disease or mental illness. They don’t want common-sense, reasonable, “good for all” solutions to social justice problems.

There is this idea that the white western male is being, in particular, targeted with this “soft rape.” However, the reality is that all people, including Blacks, even though there has been a movement to portray Black males etc. as super-macho while White males are idiots, have been fed soft poison. I think this motive is simply to destroy the power structure, but it is misleading as to reality.

Blacks are very tough group.  Nonetheless, how tough are they really? Would the average Black seem significantly more macho than an average White? Well, in many aspects, Blacks and Whites are both being made weak by a society the promotes softness.  How could Blacks escape this propaganda, etc.?

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One thought on “Alt Left: NWO Making Americans Soft No Matter the Race, by Jason”

  1. Blacks always emasculate Whites in movies, tv series, ect. I watch a lot of movies and shows, such propaganda is the majority this far West. Blacks are mostly told they’re victims of White oppression. White men maybe should be pissed they are depicted as bull cock-sucker, like in the Dorito commercial where a weak White sucks cheese powder of a coloreds finger. A friend today theorized that most racial tension between Blacks and Whites is from the media. I take in more propaganda than most, I watch them for the eye of the storm ie. the evil Nazi saves a Jewish pianist. Most lack that brief reprieve. I really enjoy movies and shows completly free of propaganda: Barbarians(Germany), Arn(Sweden) make sure to watch the complete/long version, and 13 Assasins(Japan) are some of my favorites. They are a breath of fresh air.

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