Alt Left: More on the Fake Maternity Hospital Bombing Ukrainian False Flag

I actually don’t think it’s a fake. The Russians are lying.

“While Vishegirskaya is a Ukrainian blogger in Mariupol who posts about skincare, makeup,and cosmetics, there is no evidence that she was anything but a patient at the hospital. She has posted multiple photos and videos on Instagram documenting her pregnancy in the past few months, and in one, she can be seen wearing the same polka-dot pajamas as on Wednesday.”

Look here, more pictures:

This is here Instagram account showing her pregnant 2, 3 and 6 weeks ago.

Putin is a monster. There is no way to justify this invasion. None. Zilch. The fucker is paranoid about NATO. I’m no neocon but I now a sin when I see one.

You’re hysterical. You’re just another Cold War conservative Russia-hater still hating Russia because of the Soviet Union. You think Russia is the USSR.

Nope. Notice that she’s playing two different pregnant women in that video. In one she has blond hair and in the other she has dark hair and the video says it’s too different women. There would be victims, women and kids, all over the place if that hospital got hit.

Correct, she is indeed pregnant. She’s also an actress and a model.

Consider this: The first photos of this fake attack came not from locals with cellphones but from a well-known Ukrainian photographer and propagandist who has been involved in these fakes for years. The very first photos are from a professional propaganda photographer known for setting up propaganda scenes. Before the citizens with cellphones!

The “wounds” on the “victims” are fake. The blood is the wrong color and the wounds are wrong for a bombing strike. Where it should have dripped all over their clothes, it didn’t. And on and on. The damage looks nothing like what a bomb would have done. All of the windows are intact! LOL.

In the video of the building afterwards, that doesn’t look like a building that got hit by a bomb. In one frame we see a bucket of red liquid by some spots on the ground. The spots are supposedly blood. It is the same weird color as the stuff in the bucket. That’s obviously a bucket of fake blood. The weird blood on the victims is the same odd color as this fake blood.

We have numerous reports from residents that that hospital was cleared on February 25, when the Azov Battalion came in and turned it into a base. You can go back and read these articles and note that the date on them is February 25. In fact, all three maternity hospitals were shut down at this time. When people protested, the wonderful Ukrainian fighters beat them with rifle butts. Nice people!

Next to the model/actress in a stretcher are a couple of men crouched around a campfire cooking a meal. LOL. Like right after a horrible bombing raid, the first thing you do is start a fire with wood and cook a can of beans. Come on!

Some of the “dead people” in the movie are moving. Those must be a special kind of dead people who move around after they die. I want to be like this when I go!

She could not have been a patient in that hospital because numerous residents are on record saying it was taken over by Azov and turned into a base twelve days before. You see any other mothers, staff, or babies in that hospital other than those few actors? Nope. That whole place would be strewn with bodies and wounded everywhere.

The damage is not correct for a bomb, a missile, a Kaliber missile, a rocket or any weapon in the Russian arsenal. It is only consistent with a Toshka missile that only the Ukrainians use. It looks like they shot a missile at their own hospital after it was evacuated. Looks like the missile landed outside the hospital.

Two days before the attack, the Russian government issued a bulletin complaining about the Azov Battalion taking over hospitals, kindergartens, etc. in Mariupol possible for use in false flag attacks and provocations. The Ministry deplored this. The specific hospital in question was mentioned by name and it was stated that staff and patients had all been evacuated 10 days before. So the Russians issued a bulletin mentioning this very hospital and then attacked it two days later.

In order to believe this, you have to believe something crazy.

1. The Russians made a specific bulletin mentioning just this hospital and lying that the Nazis had turned it into a base. They did this because they were going to deliberately bomb a hospital full of Moms, newborn babies, and and hospital staff. They were so evil that they even told the whole world they were going to do this two days before and lied and said it had been turned into a military base. Now why would the Russians do this? Only because they specifically wanted to bomb what they knew full well to be a maternity hospital full of staff, moms and babies. Why would they do this? Just because! Because they wanted to bomb a maternity hospital! Because that’s what Russians are like! They are evil people who bomb maternity hospitals just to be mean! LOL no way.

2. The overwhelming evidence including testimony from residents and Russia that the hospital had been abandoned and turned into a base and Russia specifically warning that the Nazis might be planning a provocation there. That and the great fakery surrounding the movie itself, the damage and wounds inconsistent with an attack, the few victims inconsistent with a bombing of a full hospital, idiots cooking food in the aftermath of a bombing, the presence of a professional propaganda photographer who just so happened to luckily be the first person on the scene, an actress and model who plays the roles of two completely different women, changing wigs and clothes in between, the damage only being consistent with a missile that only the Ukies use, the very few casaulties (only three wounded in a bombing attack on a packed hospital?), on and on and on.

This is just another White Helmets production. It’s all fake to top to bottom.

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26 thoughts on “Alt Left: More on the Fake Maternity Hospital Bombing Ukrainian False Flag”

  1. I’m not hysterical. Please don’t call me that. I still don’t buy that is a fake. Though I won’t rule it out 100%.

    1. Well, I’ve never seen you this agitated before in my life. It’s ok to oppose the war, especially if you take the position that the war was uncalled for, the provocations against Russia are not an excuse for an invasion, the war is wrong and immoral, on and on. I see you do acknowledge that Russia did have some security concerns, which is good. I guess you can say that Russia had nothing to fear from NATO and Ukraine. That’s a crazy thing to say if you ask me, but you can go ahead and say it.

    2. Yes I think the invasion and subsequent loss of life was uncalled for. I also think that Ukraine would be better-off economically in the long run integrated into the EU. And Russia just stole this chance at a better mark-driven economy by invading them. I’m sure you disagree with this point. But no one is dying to move to the East, whereas everyone, including Russian mail-order brides and the Chinese, are dying to move to the West. That’s telling.

      I also happen to like Russia very much. Even studied a year of Russian in college. My first girlfriend was a Russian-Georgian girl. I forget which country she was raised in. I think Georgia. It saddens me I have to distinguish between Ukrainians and Russians now. They are were always the same damn thing to me my whole life. I grew up around Israeli and Jewish former Soviet expats mostly Russians, Ukrainians and Uzbeks.

      But if Putin goes further and attacks Finland, he needs to be killed. It’s as simple as that. I don’t want WW3 but appeasing the bastard won’t help. IMO, NATO should declarer war on Ukraine and invaded western Ukraine. Zelenskyy should surrender to NATO thereby making it politically impossible for Russia to continue it’s march westward. This may end up with a new West-East Germany-like split but it’s better than losing all of Ukraine to a puppet Russian government or starting WW3 proper.

      1. And Russia just stole this chance at a better mark-driven economy by invading them.

        So you don’t think NATO baited Putin into doing this, right? There was no way we were going to let them link up to Russia. This whole war was about stopping that pipeline, preventing an alliance between Germany and Russia (the Americans’ oldest economic fear) and preventing an economic alliance between Europe and Russia.

        Baiting him into this war, a war we have been trying to bait him into for eight years, has been a smashing success. Bottom line is that no matter what Russia did, there was going to be no mark-driven economy for Russia. There was going to be no Nordstream 2 pipeline. There was going to be no economic integration with Russia. And as the Russians said, they’re going to sanction us no matter what we do. They were correct, of course.

      2. It’s very possible the NATO baited him. But if that’s the case he’s a cruel fool for having taken the bait. It’s hard to say who started it because it depends what you mean by “starting it”.

        1. That’s a good point of view. He should not have taken the bait, then. If someone baits me into a committing a crime, I still committed it in the eyes of the law.

    1. You called me nuts? LOL I don’t remember that. The whole West has gone insane. I’m amazed I’m not getting hate mail threats over this stuff. Even Vietnam wasn’t anything like this, no way.

      1. About this maternity ward hospital, it shows you how evil and vile the US government and its lackies are.

        Many people think US Foreign Aid is used to help other countries but that is not the case. I want to know is the aid from other countries like Britain, France, Italy and other countries the same?

        Here is an excerpt from the article:

        “To buy goodwill from others or coerce them, aid provides a classic tool of statecraft. For the biggest donors it can buy votes at the United Nations, keep client regimes ‘onside’, punish troublemakers and open doors to powerful people. As a former senior US aid official put it, “Foreign aid … is like political campaign contributions: it can facilitate the access of those providing it to those receiving it.” Giving aid helps governments to look good in diplomatic forums while encouraging taxpayers to feel good about their generosity.”

        “Under vigorous donor pressure, poorer countries have poured trillions of dollars into Western banks under a rationale of self-insurance. As the economist C. P. Chandrasekhar has pointed out “This reverse flow of capital essentially means that excess savings in emerging markets are being ‘recycled’ in ways that put the responsibility of allocating that capital in the hands of a few financial decision makers … sitting at the apex of a concentrated global financial system.”

        1. About this maternity ward hospital, it shows you how evil and vile the US government and its lackeys are.

          We are really acting bad. I assume they are doing this because they’re losing. People who are winning a war don’t usually stage false flags and fakes and provocations. I can’t believe they are still reporting this maternity hospital attack as real. There are newspaper articles from February 25 quoting staff as saying it had been turned into a military base at gunpoint.

          On March 7, the Russian government mentions the hospital and says the Nazis turned it into a military base and warned that it might be used in a provocation. Hang on. Russia lies and says this hospital got turned into a base so they can deliberately attack a maternity hospital because Russia really really wanted to bomb a maternity hospital. Why?! Just to be evil, of course. Russians are evil! That doesn’t pass the smell test.

          The main victim is an ACTRESS who plays two different pregnant woman in this clip?! The initial photographer just happens to be a professional photographer who has been involved in Ukrainian photo propaganda for years? Get out.

          Yep foreign aid is sleazy too.

        2. “There are newspaper articles from February 25 quoting staff as saying it had been turned into a military base at gunpoint.”

          Interesting. You have a link to this newspaper article?

          1. The article is from March 7, but it quotes people from February 25. Even if you support the Ukies, I think it’s logical to admit that they are lying like crazy. Now that does not mean they should not be supported. If I supported one side in a war, I would not stop supporting them just because they were lying and doing false flags and whatnot.

            Whenever a side in a war is losing nowadays, they start lying like crazy, doing false flags, you name it. That’s just the way it goes anymore. Supporting one side or another in a war is a moral question. It boils down to which side has the best moral basis for war. If my guys are losing a war, I won’t stop supporting them just because they are making up stuff. Making up stuff doesn’t mean you lose your moral high ground, if you had it.

          2. Well it depends what they lie about. If the Ukrainians lie about getting nuked and risk WW3, I’d stop supporting them. Btw I’m not saying the Ukies are not lying in general. I’m sure they are; honesty in war is suicidal. I’m saying they are not lying in this particular instance.

          3. They’re lying because they’re losing.

            Also Western propaganda absolutely hates Russia so they never write one single good thing about anything Russia. It always has to be something bad. In wartime, that will completely bias and shift the coverage and you won’t get a true picture at all. The West is going to lie and distort about Russia no matter if they are winning or losing or whatever.

            I wish to know the truth about things whether it’s good for my side or not. I guess I’m a pretty weird human in that sense. Most everyone just makes up their mind and then only wants to hear good things about their side and bad things about the other side. Humans really aren’t interested in the truth, I’m afraid.

          4. Yesterday at work, a Black woman defended a worthless Black and a woman with mental illness defended a guy with at least three mental illnesses. We all have biases, to see beyond them is rare. Men are more into truth and logic, parting the sea of emotion. Women are mostly swept away like ragdolls by the current in a flood of tears.

          5. “Quid est veritas?” Pontius Pilatus dixit.

            I’m the same as you, Robert, and PolarBear. But as the nemesis of Christ infamously rejoined, can we even be certain that is such a thing as truth? Absolute truth is the pillar of many religions.

            That’s why I’m here asking your side questions. Because my side has devolved into the usual virtual-signaling mob. I’m surprised I don’t see liberals virtue-signaling with Ukraine-themed face coverings.

            Quest for the truth notwithstanding, if and when WW3 starts, fuck the truth. That’s a luxury I won’t be able to afford. And I would hang for treason anyone idiot in the media saying nice things about the enemy even if they are true. But we’re not there yet. Because out of sheer curiosity, I would like to know the truth, if anything to dish out proper justice AFTER the fighting stops.

          6. What is the definition of WW3? Can WW3 be non-nuclear? Must it be nuclear?

            I’m not particularly interested in hanging bad guys after wars. War crimes trials are always a political farce and a joke. The winner tries the enemy for war crimes. Our guys never commit war crimes, but the enemy always commits war crimes. There’s no way to ever do these war crimes trials without the disgusting stench of lying politics, so let’s just pack it up and forget about them.

          7. Yeah you’re right, war crime tribunals are just kangaroo retribution courts. Imagine what they would have done to Truman for dropping the bomb had we lost.

            WW3 doesn’t have to be nuclear but it probably will, at least at the battlefield level. Nuking cities may not happen except in a few instances but I’m pretty sure smaller players like Iran, Pakistan, NK or India would use them on their local enemies. NK knows that it could fire a few nukes without causing all out nuclear war simply because they don’t have that many so nuking the planet because they nuked Seoul or California is stupid.

          8. They can’t nuke California. That’s one of the lies. Of course they have a missile that can go that far, but it doesn’t really work. There is something called “re-entry” when the missile is coming down, and the North Koreans don’t have that down yet at all. If they don’t have that down, the missile doesn’t work. I don’t understand this stuff. They have re-entry down for shorter-range targets but not for ICBM’s. I read about this a while back, and they estimated that it would take 1-2 years to get it down at absolute minimum.

          9. You get my point though. A few nukes will most likely be used by the smaller nations. I doubt USA/UK/France/Russia (the Big Four) will probably not use nukes. Israel might against it’s Arab neighbors. The Big Four know that they can’t nuke each other because it would be a genocide of pretty much the pure White race. Whites will only survive in Latin America and South Africa and eventually breed into the population with only mestizos and mulatos remaining.

          10. Just found a video where they are walking through that maternity hospital with one of the workers there. He says that the Ukies shot at the hospital with a tank shell. He also said that all of the doctors and patients were in the basement since February 25 when the Azov Battalion took it over to make a base out of it. Before the attack, the Azov Battalion cleared out of there. Apparently they are the ones who fired on the building. He says that everyone was safe in the basement at the time and that there were no casualties among staff or patients.

            So this false flag wasn’t one where they killed and hurt innocent people to blame the other side. Instead it was a bit milder as no one was hurt or killed at all. The only people hurt or killed were fake people who never existed in the first place.

            Notice that as Mariupol starts to fall, the Nazis start doing false flags? That’s how false flagging works. Winners never do false flags. They don’t have to. They are done by a losing side to cause outrage in order to get big parties usually in the West to intervene on the side of the losing party. They are also done to stop or slow down enemy offensives where they are rapidly losing ground.

        1. Not in a clinical sense. I work in mental health still. I’ve been busy with a client in New York for a while now. He calls me up all the time. And he says I’m better than the clinical psychologists he went to LOL, although one of those guys was good.

  2. Each time they tout to the world that a maternity clinic has been bombed by any foe, be sure it’s a fake or a false flag. It is actually more used a signature word to the wise anointed than as propaganda to the plebs to be manipulated through emotions only. It is a kind of, “You who are on the good side of money, be reassured we are in charge, and no matter we lose or win, we run the show.” Anyway their purpose is to close as many maternity clinics throughout the world, and the best way to do it is through false-flag terror attacks.

    This reminds me too much of any episode of the War Without End in the Middle East.

    You speak of Ukraine having been lost by Russia? All countries targeted by the Neocon (most neocons are not Jews, though it is a clientele served and moderated — not really controlled — by many Jewish writers) Wars Without End, starting with Afghanistan and comprising also Iraq and Libya are now lost for America and for the West more generally forever.

    Ukraine is essentially Nazi and was long before the German themselves first heard about Nazism. They have not grown Nazi out of spite from any ill-treatment by Soviet Union. If anything, the Soviet Union gave them an importance they should have been granted, mostly for gerrymandering reasons. Ukraine is to the rest of Russia what Dixieland is to the rest of America.

    Will it or not, there is no such thing as a Dixieland culture apart from nostalgia for slavery and the desire to bring the bulk of humanity back into slavery or serfdom. It is home to the dark side of the American Dream. They lost the war but as often happens they won back the peace thereafter.

    Ukraine or better said Little Russia is the same thing to the Russian space. The Union made a big mistake. The Dixieland had to be blotted out as a distinct entity from America after the War of Secession by any means, and they deserved no respect. They succeeded in blotting out Nazism relatively cleanly from Germany. The same thing could have been done in the South. But America failed at that task, with the results that the only kind of Democrats that are now heard of are Southern Democrats.

    The net result is that wherever the US intervenes in foreign policy it is always on the side of the local “Southerners”: FDR had offered La Follette’s Progressives the following deal: we offer you in exchange for your merging with us what you have been dreaming of as for domestic policy if only you let us continuing our foreign policy as usual without you being bothered by any negative side-effect of it. You also let us doing our business as usual in the South which you shouldn’t be fearful of, since nobody of you wants to settle there.

    Since at that time the American media’s strategy was to talk of domestic issues only as if foreign policy was a topic way too complicated and advanced for the bulk of the readership, that historical compromise worked.

    My opinion is that La Follette was duped, though one cannot reproach him to have first considered the short-term effects of the Depression to be alleviated by any means. Had his Third Party refused to merge with the Democrats, America would have been part of the theater of WWII with Huey Long in the South and La Follette in the North resulting in a crushing victory of the North after a classical case of Marxian class war.

    Ukraine posed the same problem. It is Russia’s own Dixieland. There was no Holodomor. There was first and foremost a class war that went on. This was the region of the early USSR where the Civil War of the 1918-21 had never stopped, where the Whites and the the haves had never given up the fight against the have-nots and the Reds. 75% of the masses were absolutely landless, and the general opinion in Ukraine among those who had lands was that the landless deserved nothing and ought to go back to serfdom.

    The whole region along the Black Sea Coast had been developed since Catherine the Great by Great-Russian Navies and settlers brought in forcibly to open up to intensive agriculture a territory that had been up to then bushy, marshy and extremely malarial. These laborers were especially despised by the Ukrainians proper.

    As serfdom was still the law of the land, they could be literally bought after their period of use by Ukrainian landowners, who purchased them to build among other places the streets and walls of Odessa. You see the picture? Everybody was convinced among the Ukrainian gentry that Great Russians were genetically subhuman and fit for brute labor only.

    The USSR is accused of having been the early training ground for the first Nazi stormtroopers during the 1920’s. That happened in Ukraine only. Ukraine was the country where the Nazi doctrine together with its heavy-duty racism justifying class differences was first set up before being pressure-sold to Germans.

    Everything now sold about Ukraine is LIES, including the threat of a worldwide famine due to the confiscation of grain by Russia. There maybe an organized food scarcity, but it has nothing to do with Ukraine. Ukraine is a backwater power in nearly every domain.

    Among other things, Ukraine uses big agribusiness technology of long past ages, say Argentina in the 1930’s, of the kind that exhaust the topsoil rather than enriching it as more recent Asian middle-size farm-adapted technologies do. Ukraine is an “undeveloping” country like Argentina, and it is Europe’s experimental land for generalized GMO’s.

    Russia prohibits GMO’s and wants its prohibitions to apply there. GMO’s even in brute productivity are disappointing at best. The slight gains are counterbalanced by much heavier dependence on fossil fuels and fertilizers.

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