Alt Left: For the Hundredth Time, There Was No Holodomor

Igor: A couple of ‘Nazis’ in a town here or there doesn’t justify a full scale invasion of the whole country.

All Ukrainians hate Russians though. And rightly so. Remember the ‘Holdymor’? Or all the other bulking tactics Russia did on them?

Russia are a plague to their neighbors, and Ukraine wants nothing to do with ten and that is their right.

Luckily, the Russian army are getting flogged at time of writing.

Russia is a plague to its neighbors? It has an excellent relationship with Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizstan, Mongolia, China and especially Belarus, which is right next door. It’s true that nationalists in Ukraine and the Baltics hate Russia because the USSR thwarted their drive for independence. They also moved a lot of Russians into the Baltics, or perhaps the Russians moved themselves into the Baltics.

The Baltics and Ukrainians complain that Russia suppressed their national languages but I do not think that is true. They got to go to K-12 school all in their native language, there were newspapers, magazines, journals, TV and radio stations and literarure in their national languages. They even had universities where the language was that of the republic. And the USSR did set all of them free at the end. How many other nations would have set them free? None! You see any other countries setting their separatist regions free elsewhere in the world? Of course not.

The Germans came in and promised the Baltics, Belarus, and Ukraine independence from the USSR, so they were popular with  the nationalists in these places, all of whom still love Nazis to this day. In the Baltics and Ukraine, all of the statues to the nationalist heroes were of Nazi collaborators. All four countries have a serious Nazi problem.

I’m not sure why Poles hate Russia. Poland has always been a football in between Poland and Russia. She has felt bullied by those two countries. Poland attacked Russia in 1919 for no good reason. Poles are also angry about Communism because it never went over well there. I think the Poles are just too Catholic for Communism to work well.

Stalin himself said that trying to impose Communism on the Poles was like “trying to put a saddle on a horse.” The Russia-hatred in these places is due to nationalism and the drive for independence, which they saw as thwarted by the USSR. Finns hate Russia too. The USSR attacked Finland and annexed some of their land in the Winter War in 1940. I’m not sure why the USSR did that.

The Fake Holodomor That Never Happened

Holodomor was fake. It never even happened! There was a famine but there was no terror famine. 2-3 million people died in Ukraine but they were concentrated in Eastern Ukraine where they were Russian and loved Stalin. It was even worse in the Volga region where Stalin was very popular. In addition, 1 million people died in Siberia. People died in Moscow. And lots of people died in Kazakhstan. And plenty of people died in the parts of Poland next to Ukraine.

In order to believe the crazy Holodomor myth, you have to believe

  1. Stalin deliberately starved Ukraine because he hated Ukrainians. But why? Why did he hate Ukrainians?

And why did his terror famine focus on Eastern Ukraine where they supported him. If he only wanted to starve Ukrainians, why did he starve people in the Volga too where they supported him. Stalin also had a lot of support in Kazakhstan. Why did he starve people there” That was almost as bad as Ukraine. Did he hate them too? How come they get left out of this debate? Why did he starve 1 million people in Siberia? Did he hated Siberians? Why did he starve people in Moscow? Did he hate Moscovites?

Wow, it looks like Stalin hated everyone because he starved the whole damn country! Why did people starve in Poland? Were the Poles in bed with Stalin in a plot to starve Ukrainians? Then why did they starve themselves? Are they retards?

None of that makes sense!


2. Maybe the terror famine story of a bumper harvest crop that was confiscated by Stalin just to starve Ukrainians is fake?

Which is more likely, one or two?

The whole story of a bumper harvest confiscated by Stalin just to kill Ukrainians has now been proven wrong. 1932 was a famine harvest. It was only 50

There was also a long insurgency versus the kulaks which centered in Ukraine. 390,000 people died in the anti-kulak campaign, which was a very vicious war.

In early 1932, Ukrainian kulaks were raiding collective farms up to 20 times a day, murdering the men and raping and then murdering the women and then destroying the crops and killing the livestock. The Ukies were piling their crops in the fields to get rained on or setting them on fire!

The Ukie morons destroyed their own crops and then said, “Duh, whoa we have a famine, dudes! Maybe we shouldn’t have set our own crops on fire!”

The moron kulaks killed half the livestock in the USSR! “Duh, we killed all the farm animals. Now we don’t have any meat to eat!” Fields were plowed with horses back then, and they killed so many horses that this contributed to the famine harvest.

The famine occurred for a variety of reasons. In part it was stupidity on the part of the USSR. They shut down the old system before they were able to get the new one going very well, and this contributed to a bad crop. But most of it was natural. There was a wheat rust epidemic that swept through the entire region from Poland to Kazakhstan. True, Ukies suffered the worst losses, but that was where the epidemic was worst and the harvest collapsed the most.

Most people died of disease, not starvation. The USSR still had rudimentary sanitation at the time, and many people died of cholera. You can often survive this disease, but in their malnourished weakened condition, it proved fatal. A reporter drove through Ukraine during the famine but he saw little out of place. There were long but orderly lines outside some clinics. There were no dead people lying in the streets. All of the Holodomor photos you see of starved people lying in the streets were put out by Ukies. Those are photos from another famine that occurred during the Russian Civil War.

The next year though, 1933, was a bumper harvest so it was just one year. The USSR never had another famine. In the days of the Czar, famines used to sweep through feudal Ukraine on a regular basis. The USSR ended the regular tradition of frequent famines in Russia.

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: For the Hundredth Time, There Was No Holodomor”

  1. “The USSR attacked Finland and annexed some of their land in the Winter War in 1940. I’m not sure why the USSR did that.”

    They wanted a buffer and more distance to Leningrad from the upcoming German invasion in which Finland was to be a major staging ground and front. Stalin and the USSR were of course perfectly aware that the Germans were going to invade and that Finland was going to help them.

    Finland had of course invaded the USSR several times before the Winter War, first as a part of the allied intervention in 1918 and several times more during the 20’s (The Kinship Wars) in order to snatch land containing ethnic Finns from the Soviets. So it’s not like the Finns were all that innocent. They were glad to part in all sorts of atrocities during Barbarossa.

    I’m not some Finn-hating Russia-loving extremist either. My grandfather fought in the Winter War as a volunteer.

    1. I like them both. Balts were jealous of Finns for standing up to the USSR but eventually did the same. I prefer Moscow to St. Petersburg. I love the West but right now Russia is more sacred. Poland is Kizzy in roots. Just with more masters.

      1. I don’t really like any of these stupid Russia-hating countries these days. I mean get over it. I want to ask these countries what exactly Russia could do to make it up to you and get along peacefully with you. They won’t answer because all they want to do is hate. Many of those countries have no real nationalism other than an anti-nationalism of hating Russia. Yes, Russia took over the Baltics, but the Baltics had been part of the Russian Empire since the 1700’s. Most people don’t know that.

        Most of these people like the Finns, Latvians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Ukrainians, Croatians, and even Poles like Nazis more than they like Russians. The first seven more or less are Nazis. The Poles have now become fascists. Hungarians and Serbs are fascists, but they are Russia-loving fascists.

        Russia is not fascist at all. It’s not a fascist country. In fact, they hate fascists, especially Nazis. Russians are probably some of the biggest antifa around.

        I don’t love the West at all anymore since they got on this Russia-hating crap. And a lot of them are on this China-hating crap too. And they support fascists and Nazis all over the world. The West has supported every fascist coup and fascist government in Latin America. The West is no good. The West is a fascist-loving, Nazi-loving, and Islamist (ISIS and Al Qaeda)-loving place. The West is shit if you ask me. I want to see it crash and burn. The EU is poison and NATO is cancer.

        1. Yes, the modern West is shit.

          I like pro-Whiteness but pro-White groups seem like anti-communist tools. A History teacher told me they were being used by elites for more than pro-Whiteness.

          Western Antifa look like bangers and mash – Black gangbanging thugs mixed with woke White wussies. The White ones look demented, either on hard drugs or the product of non-eugenic breeding. I have many pics of them taken from an Antifa site.

          Maybe they are more healthy in Russia, as Russians are in a healthier state.

          Damn near the entire West is fascist. It’s odd living in a crypto-fascist state. America hates Nazis but supports them; our government is two-faced like Saudi Arabia.

          I’d like the modern West to burn and Russia to takeover. Russia doesn’t even want that very much though. The West is really a mess now. Jew-owned woke neo-Nazis that hate Russians. What a joke.

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