Alt Left: Modern Humans Can’t Figure Out the Difference between Wants and Needs

Modern Humans Can’t Figure Out the Difference between Wants and Needs

What are you clowns going to do with all your shiny toys when you are dead, suckers? See? Materialistic accumulation is based on the fantasy that we live forever. Once it kicks in that your time is short, it starts to seem silly to work your ass off for a bunch of stuff you don’t even need. Americans are funny. “I need a second home…I need a four wheel drive…I need a bigger flat screen TV.” Or if your female, “I need a new outfit…I need some new makeup…I need a boyfriend who makes more money.”

Get out of here! You idiots don’t really need any one of these things. Another problem with materialistic accumulation aside from the grass is greener state or perennial envy, frustration and unhappiness that results when you are never quite keeping up with the always-increasing Joneses passing you in the fast lane is that it confuses wants with needs. You all fools want every one of those things above.

You don’t need any of them. What’s going to happen if you don’t get that bigger TV? Will you get sick? Will you starve? Will you die of thirst? Will you not be able to sleep? Will you lack for human company? Will you not be able to earn a living? Will you lack a roof over your head? Will you not be able to clothe yourself? Will you not be able to bathe? Will you truly lack peace of mind? And best of all, you gonna die?

None of these things are going to happen.

Your ego will sicken with humiliation, starve itself of affection, become thirsty with greed, pace the floors of its mind at night, isolate itself with shame and poverty, fail to provide for itself, wander adrift with a sense of homelessness, disrobe itself in poverty of pride and treasure, sully itself with the stain of immiseration, fidget and fuss to no end with envy, and finally, fake a suicide of the soul to try to force you to buy that damned needless TV!

The worst that will happen is your silly little ego (and it is silly and is small – very small – trust me) will suffer a petit mort, and not the fun kind, the kind called a narcissistic injury named after the child-like adult who suffers from it.

How many moderns can truly figure out the difference between wants and needs? How many people buy it by their own hand because they can’t afford that second home, that better car, that bigger flat screen. Who knows? Surely each one of is in vain, absurdly so.

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