Alt Left: Ukrainian Nationalists Are “Kill the Russians” Nazis, Not So Much “Kill the Jews” Nazis

This article refutes the claim that the Azov Battalion is Nazi. Sorry I forgot to include the link.

Yeah, that’s BS and I haven’t even read it yet.

Go talk to them. They talk crap about Jews and most of them are Holocaust Deniers. And all of their heroes, 10

Yes, recently the leader of the Azov Battalion said they’re not antisemitic. In fact, he said Israel is the model for the fascist ethnic state they wish to create. Not exactly a compliment for Jews, is it!

“Hey Jews, you guys are great! This Nazi guy said your shitty little hate state is a model for the Nazi country he wants!”

Keep in mind that Azov and the rest don’t just hate Russians and  Jews. They hate Poles about as much as they hate Russians. And since 2014, Ukrainian nationalist battalions have been tormenting Hungarians in the Carpathians and Greeks in Mariupol. They hate all non-Ukrainians. They hate the Greeks and Hungarians because they won’t give up their languages and cultures and turn into Ukrainians. Ukrainian ultranationalism isn’t really about biological race. Ukrainian Jews speak Ukrainian and have adopted Ukrainian culture. Perhaps that’s why the nationalists don’t talk about them much.

Except it turns out that this leader of the Azov Battalion recently ordered all Ukrainian Jews to leave Ukraine except the Karaites. Wait. I thought he wasn’t antisemitic. I thought Israel was a model for the Nazi country they want to make. Turns out we have to take all that back.

You need to understand. These are more “kill the Russians” Nazis as opposed to “kill the Jews” Nazis. The kill the Jews part is on the backburner for now that they have these Jewish presidents. By the way, Zelensky has to do what those Nazis say, and if he doesn’t, they say they’re going to kill him!

In the US, “Nazi” means genocidal antisemites, Holocaust, Shoah, 6 million dead Jews. Only 6 million people died in World War 2. Wait. It was 50 million. Nope. Those 44 million non-Jews don’t count! All that counts is that special, precious 6 million!

In Russia, when you say Nazis, they don’t think genocidal antisemites, Holocaust, 6 million dead Jews, etc. The Russians are antisemites themselves, albeit not homicidal or genocidal ones anymore. They think “27 million dead Soviets” and Hitler’s plan to more or less exterminate the Slavs, in particular the Russian people. I think half were to be killed outright, 1/4 of the most Germanic ones turned into Germans, and the other quarter slowly worked and starved to death. So the Germans had an agenda to kill 120 million Soviets, mostly Russians. This was called Generalplan Ost.

Ukraine has always been the flat plain that every invasion of Russia has ever used from Napoleon to the Nazis. It’s the Invader Highway to Russia. So Russia cannot possibly let Ukraine fall into the hands of its enemies, especially Nazis.

To the extent that Azov and the rest are “kill the Russians” Nazis as opposed to “kill the Jews” Nazis, I do feel that they are absolutely Nazis.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: Ukrainian Nationalists Are “Kill the Russians” Nazis, Not So Much “Kill the Jews” Nazis”

  1. I personally do think many of them are Nazis but I don’t think Ukraine had a true Nazi problem. I also understand Russian paranoia.

    1. Oh yeah they do have a Nazi problem. Or an ultranationalist fascist problem, whichever you will. Easily 20% of the population are full-blown out and out Ukrainian ultranationalist fascists and Nazis. Up to 33% are extreme Russia-haters and may fall into the category of Ukrainian ultranationalist too. Ukrainian ultranationalist fascism is the ideology of the present Ukrainian state since we installed one exactly like that for obvious reasons in 2014. From 1991-2013, Ukrainian ultranationalists existed, but they were somehow kept out of power.

      I’d say Ukraine has one of the worst Nazi problems on Earth. The Nazis and ultranationalist fascists are scattered all through the government at the highest levels. Ukrainian figures have been openly calling for the death of Russian speakers and even calling for their genocide for eight years now. Ukraine’s a Nazi, Ukrainian ultranationalist fascist fanatically Russophobic menace!

      Most of the real hardcore Nazis are in the West of the country, west of Kiev, particularly in a region called of forests and mountains called Galicia. Most of the rest of the country is a flat plain or more properly a steppe with scattered forests but mostly grassland. Perfect for growing wheat.

      Everything east of the Dniper was never Ukrainian. It was always Russian. For some reason, Lenin added it onto the Ukrainian SSR in 1917. Khrushchev was a Ukrainian, so he was the one who put Crimea in the Ukrainian SSR.

      In Russian lore, that area has long been the area of thieves, bandits, savagery, and backwardness for whatever reason.

      Ukrainian nationalist consciousness goes back 350 years. The Ukies do have a point that it is crappy of Russia to say there’s no such thing as Ukraine and to say the Ukrainian language is an easily understood dialect of Russian. MI between the two languages is ~50%, but a lot of that is due to bilingual learning. Ukrainian-speaking Canadians who never hear Russian report that they understand 0% of it. So inherent mutual intelligibility may be extremely low, around zero.

      There is a mixture of Ukrainian and Russian called Surzyk that is widely spoken. A Belorussian-Russian mix Surzyk is spoken in Belarus. Belorussian is a not closer to Russian than Ukrainian is – 75-80% intelligibility. Ukrainian-Belorussian intelligibility is very high, about the same as Russian-Belorussian.

      1. East of Dniper or Galicia was bandit land in Russian lore? I think you mean West of Dniper. This is fascinating, so I’d like to be 100% sure.

    2. Russia sees this as a direct existential threat to their state, FWIW. I’m not sure if it really is, but that’s how they see it anyway.

  2. So Time Magazine less than 2 years ago admitted there are neo-Nazis in Ukraine’s east, namely the Azov Battalion. Again, I believe you that there are nah-tsees in dah you-crane but I did not see a Nazi (lol) elsewhere. Seriously, the country is not overrun by the Hitlerjugend.

    You just hate right-wingers and see the devil everywhere they gather. Putin is a mass murder who decimated Grozny with impunity. A few Hitler-hailin’ dickheads in Eastern Ukraine aren’t a real threat to anybody but the locals. And considering Putin already controlled Crimea and Donbass, he could have killed the Nazis there. Shelling other cities is not justifiable.

  3. A couple of ‘nazis’ in a town here or there doesn’t justify a full scale invasion of the whole country.
    All Ukrainians hate Russians though. And rightly so. Remember the ‘Holdymor’? Or all the other bulking tactics Russia did on them ?
    Russia are a plague to their neighbours and Ukraine want nothing to do with ten and that is their right.
    Luckily, the Russian army are getting flogged at time of writing.

    1. I’m banning you, Igor. I don’t want any of you Ukie Nazis on here. I’m banning all Ukie nationalists from now on. I don’t have to put up with their crap. Claudius can still oppose the war because he’s rational and somewhat open-minded.

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