Alt Left: Ukraine Is a Fascist Country, Full Stop

All Ukrainian nationalists are basically Nazis or fascists. I suppose he’s not an actual Nazi himself, but he uses those Nazi groups to stay in power. They are the muscle behind the regime, and everyone has to do what they say. If you go against them, they will overthrow you or put a bullet in your head.

Zelensky ran on a peace platform, but after he got in, he found he could not implement it because the Nazis would not let him. Those Jews there use those Nazi ultranationalists to stay in power and fight the Russians.

More to the point, the Nazism they like is of the “kill the Russians” variety. Nazis hated Russians and killed 27 million of them, remember. All of the heroes of Ukrainian nationalists were Nazi collaborators during WW2, hence all Ukrainian ultranationalists are Nazis by default. They don’t seem to focus much on Jews, as they focus most of their rage towards Russians. On the other hand, the Nazis have been terrorizing the Hungarians and Greeks in Ukraine ever since 2014.

Like all ultranationalists, they hate all non-Ukrainians and want them all to become Ukrainians. It’s not so much that they hate them for being Greeks or Hungarians. It’s more that they hate them for not giving up their culture. They hate Russians not for being Russian ethnically but for speaking Russia, being culturally Russian, and supporting Russia.

A person with a Russian background could simply stop speaking Russian, start speaking Ukrainian, and adopt Ukrainian culture and no one would mind. As you can see, Ukrainian ultranationalism or Nazism is not racial. It’s more of a cultural Nazism. Assimilate and everything’s fine. Keep your language and culture and you need to be killed.

Also there are Ukrainian speakers who are pro-Russian and Russian speakers who are pro-Ukrainian. What language you speak doesn’t always equate to your politics.

Everything was fine in Ukraine until with Maidan we overthrew the democratically elected president Yanukovitch. After that, a radical Ukrainian ultranationalist regime was put in. The main opposition party of the Russian speakers was outlawed, its deputies were murdered, and they tried to kill the leader by setting his house on fire, but they set his neighbor’s on fire instead. He fled to Russia.

They also outlawed the Communist Party (they got 1

They introduced laws banning the speaking of Russian in public and forbidding Russian speakers from holding government jobs.

This is why the people in the East rose up. They hate Nazis over there because it reminds them of World War 2 when Ukrainian nationalists rampaged through Ukraine, killing Russians.

Russia is opposed to Gay, Trans, Feminist, and anti-White Identity Politics and the Cultural Left.

They had to do this. Ukraine was an out and out menace, and it had to be shut down. It was a mad, wildly Russian-hating monstrosity on Russia’s border, and Russia can’t have that.

In 1992 with the first independence, Ukrainian nationalists went to Crimea and said, “Crimea will either be Ukrainian or deserted.”

For some reason, the Ukrainian Jews have gotten off light. As long as those Jews support the ultranationalists, they will stay in power. Kolomoisky is a Jew and is one of the richest men in Ukraine. He’s also a thug and a criminal. He has thugs who go in and intimidate businesses into letting him take over their companies. If they don’t obey, he sics his thugs on them. He’s the one who shot down that M17 jet to blame Russia. The Ukrainian government didn’t even know about that.

He runs his own private army almost over there in Dnepropetrovsk. It’s called the Dniper Battalion and yes, they are Nazis. All of the Nazi battalions in Ukraine are armed and trained by this Jewish thug Kolomoisky.

The Jews of Ukraine are very weird. First, they are basically just criminals, like an organized crime gang. Second, they work very closely with out and out Nazis.

You must understand that in WW2, Ukrainian Jews led anti-Jewish pogroms and put Jews in temporary camps.

Ukrainian nationalists cut their hair in the style of Stepan Bandera, the hero of the Ukrainian nationalists. He led the Ukrainian nationalist army ONU in World War 2. They collaborated with Nazis and killed 200,000 Jews and 40,000 Poles. They are vicious Russia-haters. After the war, the US ferried them out, with many of them going to Canada.

The ink was barely dry on the armistice papers with Germany when the OSS was setting up these Ukrainian Nazis to fight the USSR in Ukraine as guerrillas. This war went on for ~10 years. It is the descendants of these Nazis from World War 2 who today make up the Ukrainian ultranationalists.

NATO has long collaborated with Nazis. However, it was probably more of a marriage of convenience than a marriage of ideology. NATO was set up as an anti-Soviet alliance, and Nazis tended to be the best Communist haters and killers of all. NATO set up the Gladio Network or Stay Behind Network made up of fascists and Nazis all over Europe in every NATO country. They were supposed to engage in guerrilla war after the USSR conquered Europe.

But in Italy they mostly did false flag attacks where they pretended to be leftwing guerillas. They set off bombs in train stations and killed hundreds of people. This was called the “Strategy of Tension.” It was all being run by NATO’s intelligence arm. The Gladio Stay Behind network was activated in 2014 in Ukraine. These are the people who carried out the Maidan coup. And the Gladio Stay Behind Network is basically the group that has been in power ever since 2014.

In Mariupol and Nikolavea in Ukraine, since 2014, the Nazis beat and killed Russian speakers and threw them in jail and prison. Those that remained were ordered from their homes at gunpoint. Any remaining left and went into exile.

There are videos on the Net showing Nazi lynch mobs rounding up Russian speakers, tying them up, and beating them. This is going on as I type this. One man is tied to a pole. Nazis shot a Greek in Mariupol last week for speaking Russian. I saw a video where the Nazis tied a Russian speaker to a pole and then set it on fire, burning him to death. The Nazis have been shooting people who have been trying to leave Mariupol.

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12 thoughts on “Alt Left: Ukraine Is a Fascist Country, Full Stop”

    1. A lot of the Left is supporting Russia. Venezuela, Nicaragua, China, North Korea, Bolivia, the Chinese Communist Party, Belarus, the Palestinians, Syria, the KPRF – Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian Communist Party, on and on.

      I guess you’re with the Nazi Left supporting the Ukrainian Nazis, eh?

      You’re either an antifascist or you’re not. This is the third great war against fascism. The first was the Spanish Civil War. The second was World War 2. The third is the Russo-Ukraine War. You’re either with the Nazis and fascists or you support the Russian Antifascist Army in their denazification mission.

  1. I understand your thoughts on historical and daily events, anybody with an ounce of decency must realise that oppression of a people by a minority is not democracy. Unfortunately this is common place and is displayed a democracy. Truly a sad time for decent Ukrainian as well a Russians. This is likely to be another Northern Ireland as once the Russian army leaves, tit for tat will undoubtedly occur. God help all those Civilians caught in the cross fire of this power and resource struggle. Only through true humanitarian diplomacy with this be resolved. UK

  2. West Ukraine is the historical epicenter of Ukrainian ultranationalism and fascism. The post-2014 (US installed) Kiev regime cemented this West Ukrainian fascist virus as overall state policy, when then-President Poroshenko lionized and formally rehabilitated the WW2 Ukrainian fascist and ultra-nationalist leader Stephan Bandera as a ‘national hero’. This reversed all post-1945 Ukrainian history, politically rehabilitating this 1940’s fascist leader, to embrace his legacy in state-funded postage stamps, statues and school curricula.

    It must be understood Bandera was a fascist who sought to ethnically cleanse and aggressively expand Ukrainian territory. This meant a campaign of murdering ethnic Poles, Hungarians, Russians, and Jews. Even at the end of the war, the Ukrainian Banderists’ priority was targeting Poles in northeast Wolyn Province and mass murdering them. Their tactics were to surround hamlets and villages, bearing in mind that by 1943-44 all the local fighting-age men were largely absent, then the Banderists would murder all the inhabitants, mostly the elderly and women.

    Their signature tool of political violence was using knives and axes for the reason they wanted it to look like random uprisings and murders, not the sustained campaign of ethnically targeted mass murder it really was.

    After 1945 MANY Banderists escaped to Western countries – Canada, USA, Australia etc. The western states did not repatriate the wanted mass murderers, and fascist functionaries to communist-controlled USSR. In contrast, the Western states considered these Ukrainian fascists as useful anti-communist intelligence assets (same as with WW2 Croatian Ustashe fascists who escaped Yugoslav justice by fleeing to the west). Thus we see the Western states have a decades-long history of collaboration with the Ukrainian ultranationalist and fascist diaspora.

  3. Why anyone would hate Russians is beyond me.

    I don’t see Nazis as one group. They obviously take many forms. I know some neo-Nazis would’ve fought for Serbia in the Yugoslav War. It’s more blurry than anti-Nazi narratives allow.

    I’d bet Russian Antifa has less Globohomos and Black gangbangers than Western Antifa. Nearly every Western woman is a woke Antifa cunt.

    A case can be made for Eastern Slav supremacy in racial beauty. Eastern Slavic women have better brains and beauty than Western women. In the Manosphere there’s a belief that every Western woman has an Eastern Slavic doppleganger with longer legs. What’s even better is they have minds of their own.

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