Alt Left: Russia, Ukraine, and the Jewish (and Nazi) Question

Whether Ukraine is a Nazi country instead of just a fascist country is another matter, but keep in mind that fascism and National Socialism can unfold in any society, even a Jewish one. A Jewish National Socialism or fascism is absolutely possible. In fact, many European Jews were fascists and proto-fascists in Europe in 1910-1935.

Some German Jews even support the Nazi Party. In 1935, some German cities had Nazi Friendship groups made up of Jews who supported the regime. Don’t ask me how that makes sense. It was only when the Nazis went anti-Semitic that these Jewish fascists abandoned them. The Jewish fascists were quite OK with fascism but not with an anti-Semitic fascism. The Zionists maintained an alliance with the Nazis through the 1930’s on the cynical basis that the more Jews in Germany were persecuted, the more they would flee to Palestine.

In my opinion, Israel is a fascist Jewish country full of fascist Jews. Fascists need not be anti-Semites! And logically, fascist Israel has made alliance with rightwing fascist regimes all over the world, including Hungary and Philippines. And many young Israelis went to the Maidan to fight with the Ukrainian fascists, mostly because a lot of Jews hate Russia.

On the other hand, Israel is sitting out this war. Many Israelis don’t like Ukrainians and say Ukrainians are Nazis or anti-Semites as they recall the stories of what happened to their relatives and ancestors there during World War 2.

Yet World Jewry has had it in for Russia ever since the birth of Israel. Previously, quite a few Jews had been sympathetic to the USSR, though this was probably not a majority. Certainly they supported the USSR against Nazi Germany. However, with the birth of Israel, the US supported Israel and the USSR supported the Arabs, and World Jewry went over to the West.

Then there was the “Soviet Jews” “let my people go” bullshit, a cynical and totally dishonest campaign started by Western, mostly American, Jews.

First of all, no one was allowed to leave the USSR, not just Jews. The Western Jews dishonestly complained that the USSR after Stalin was anti-Semitic.

Yes, there was the Doctor’s Plot under Stalin, and a group of Jewish doctors may indeed have poisoned Stalin.

After Israel was founded, a number of Soviet Jews supported Western-supported Israel. Stalin saw them as traitors and he executed a number of them in the early 1950’s. I don’t think it was anti-Semitic. People complained to Stalin about killing Jews and he said, “You do not understand! They are all Zionists!” Stalin was married a few times and at least one of his wives was Jewish.

As a result of these executions of Soviet Jews, it is thought that the Jewish physicians executed the Doctor’s Plot. It didn’t much matter as Khrushchev hated Stalin and was more than happy to have him out of the way. Stalin’s coffin was carried across the USSR by train when he died, and massive crowds came out in every stop along the way, even all the way out in Siberia. People fell to the ground and cried. Stain was worshiped like a God.

Afterwards, the USSR got involved in some poorly motivated campaigns that had anti-Semitic overtones. One was the campaign against “Ruthless Cosmopolitanism.” If you know about the dynamics of anti-Semitism and the wandering Jewish internationalist anti-nationalist motif, you can see how toxic this was. The campaign claimed to be against “Zionists,” but the use of the rootless cosmopolitan motif was unfortunate.

From then on, Western Jews complained about horrible anti-Semitic persecution in the USSR. Except there was none. A professor at a major university during this period was interviewed. He said out of 200 professors in his large department, maybe 2-3 of them had no Jewish ancestry. Some persecution! They were persecuted all the way to fame and glory and the bank! He laughed when people mentioned that Western Jews thought Soviet Jews were persecuted.

The Jewish complaint against Russia goes way back, as there was of course a lot of anti-Semitism for centuries in the Russian Empire, where the Jews were restricted at one time to the Pale of Settlement. The Pale is now the equivalent of Western Ukraine, which probably has the largest concentration of Nazis in the world! The Cossacks used to lead pogroms against Jews.

It’s said that the Czars were not even particularly anti-Semitic on a personal basis. Instead they just cynically scapegoated Jews whenever the serfs and peasants rose up against the feudal landlords and the feudal royalty. The Czars saw the revolutionary rage of the serfs and misdirected it towards the Jews. “No, don’t kill us feudal lords and royals. We aren’t the problem. All of your problems are those Jews over there!”

The fact that many Jews worked as tax collectors for feudal lords meant that the only face of feudal brutality that the serfs ever saw were Jewish tax collectors, why by the way where quite vicious about how they loaned money to the peasants. They loaned money to the peasants on usurious terms and when peasants couldn’t pay, they would confiscate their lands. Also, the Jews sold booze to the peasants. The peasants ended up drinking up all their profits and were then unable to pay their loans. It was all pretty low-down and sleazy.

Russian Jews and probably Ukrainian Jews too are some of the worst Jews out there. A lot of them are just criminals. The “Russian” Mafia was 1/3 Jewish. Jews are 3% of the population. And due to the long infighting between Jews and Russians, there is a lot of bad blood. Russian Jews probably hate Gentiles more than any other Jews. Russian Jews make bloody Marys out of vodka and say they are drinking the blood of Russian Gentiles!

For their part, Russian Gentiles have been guilty of some horrendous anti-Semitism, and sadly to this day, there is a lot of anti-Semitism in Russia. On the other hand, it’s not official state policy, and Putin has an excellent relationship with the Russian Jewish community and Israel.

Anyway, the long and bitter history of Jews and Russians has led many Western Jews who often have ancestry from the Pale to be Russia-haters. That they have not extended the same courtesy of hatred to Ukraine too is odd, but it’s probably just Realpolitik, as Western Jews are deeply tied into US and Western imperialism.

Western countries are not so much “Jewish” countries as they are simply capitalist-imperialist countries. This is a mistake that many anti-Semites make. They look around at Western imperialism and see Jewish faces and think that imperialism is Jewish. Of course it’s not. It’s just capitalist imperialism and it’s  no more Jewish than it is Gentile. Capitalists don’t have much religion anyway. Read Marx, “On the Jewish Question.” The only religion of capitalists is the worship of money.

Similarly, ant-Semites look around at Western capitalists and see Jewish faces and conclude that the problem is not capitalism but Jews. But Gentile capitalists don’t act any better than the Jewish ones; in fact, they act worse. Anti-Semites say get rid of the Jews and capitalism will be fine and dandy. This is folly. Actually it will probably be worse, as Jewish capitalists and the Jewish rich tend to be much more progressive than Gentile capitalists and the Gentile rich. I’d rather be ruled by rich Jews than rich Gentiles.

The above is what we mean when we say that a type of anti-Semitism is “the socialism of fools.”

Under Lenin and Stalin, the USSR was probably the most pro-Jewish country on Earth. Israel Shamir said the USSR as an “anti-anti-Semitic” country. But this is also misleading as in the USSR, no one really talked about ethnicity. You were not supposed to talk about it. And Soviet Jews may not have seen themselves as all that Jewish.

Trotsky was Jewish, but he refused to identify as a Jew. He was asked what his nationality was and he said “working class.” So the fact that there were many Jews in this or that Soviet enterprise is of little consequence. As the USSR was committed to opposing anti-Semitism and overthrew the anti-Semitic Czar and led war on the White anti-Semites in the Civil War, of course Soviet Jews warmed to the USSR. But so did tens of millions of non-Jewish workers and peasants.

Jews talk about how synagogues were destroyed, but the Soviets destroyed churches and mosques too. They hated all religions. Lenin put in a law mandating the death penalty for anti-Semitism.

The Bolshevik Revolution was not really a Jewish revolution. There were only a few Bolshevkis. Yes, there were a number of Jews, but there were even more Latvians! Furthermore, most Russian Jews did not support the Bolsheviks. Only a few did. In the election of 1917, 70% of Russian Jews voted for the Zionist Party, not the Bolsheviks. They were more tribal than Communist, as usual. They say that maybe one Jew in ten is a radical, but maybe five out of ten radicals are Jews. People see that and think “Jews are Communists” while forgetting that 90% of them are not radicals at all.

Judeo-Bolshevism is a particularly vicious form of anti-Semitism, as this was the ideology behind the Holocaust. Recall the order in which Hitler sent people to Dachau. First were Communists. Next in line were socialists. Third were labor unions. Fourth in line were Jews! Fourth in line! The Nazis were more anti-Communist than anti-Jewish, but as they saw them as one and the same, it was of little matter.

Jews would have you believe that they only banned Jews from leaving the USSR because most Jews can’t envision a world outside of their own people and perspective. It’s like the rest of the world is somehow not even there. Some say that Jews think non-Jews as animals. This is true of the Orthodox, but most Western Jews are not Orthodox.

Simone Weil, a French Jew convert to Christianity, described it in a better way. She said that Jews saw the world like a spotlight on a stage in a play. You know how in a play when the stage is dark, and suddenly a spotlight appears and there is one actor standing there? This is how Jews see the world. There they are, under that spotlight. Everyone else is in the dark. It’s not so much that they hate non-Jews (though the Orthodox do). It’s is more like non-Jews are not even there. They don’t even think about them.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Russia, Ukraine, and the Jewish (and Nazi) Question”

  1. Jewish Nazi friendship groups seems very silly. Neo-Nazis lose their credibility bolts being in so deep with elite Jews. Soros is honored as a guide by the leadership of Ukraine.

    1. I still don’t really understand this Ukie Nazi/Ukie Jew thing. It doesn’t make sense to me.

    2. One of the leaders of the Ukrainian Nazi groups, the Azov Battalion, said he’s not an antisemite. He said Israel is a model for the sort of racial state they want to create. Well, fascists tend to like other fascists you know. But recently I believe he ordered all of the Ukrainian Jews to leave Ukraine, except for the Karaite Jews.

      The Nazis saved them too. They sent anthropologists out to study them, and the scientists concluded that Karaites were not really Jewish enough. How typically German. “Before we kill these people, let’s send of bunch of scientists over to write up a report to see if it’s scientifically proper to kill them!” How bureaucratic too.

      The Azov Battalion is a Ukrainian neo-Nazi group. It has Jewish supporters and even worse, Jewish members!

      I’m not getting this Ukie Jew/Nazi dynamic at all, sorry.

  2. Trotsky wasn’t really a Jew: he came from the Karaites, a fringe religious movement scholars are still wondering whether it is a splinter group from Judaism or rather a pre-Lutheran, Oriental form of Populist Protestantism that rejected both the Talmud and the New Testament as superstitions and would consider only the Bible as authentic, which they interpreted in a subversive, anti-elite, this-wordly way.

    As a descendant from the Karaites, Trotsky would never have been allowed to make his aliya to Israel, but anyway the little he said about the Zionist movement is that it was an authentic fascistic movement for Jews like Franco’s phalangists were one for Spanish toreros.

    What makes me consider that today’s Dissident Right has grown stupid beyond repair is when they qualify the Woke movement of today’s US as both Trostkyist and Gramscian. Today’s Wokes would have all made it to the Gulag when Trotsky was in charge of recruiting for the Red Army. Actually he wouldn’t have considered them even fit for reeducation. He would have given them to popular village courts to judge them for summary execution at the hands of the crowd gathered, or in the best of cases in less dire circumstances, to proper high mental care institutions.

    Early USSR knew much more than we think about money-sponsored fake leftism and Trotsky was the most faithful continuation of Lenin, as Lenin inveighed against “Communism’s own childhood disease” as he had called it.

    I consider Solzhenitsyn as particularly dishonest. Right from his start in USSR it was clear he was planning to make a literary career for the Western greater public and not for the Russian one, and aiming at more or less the same audience as Robert Conquest. The figures Solzhenitsyn provides are completely fantastic. True, the Soviet regime was militaristic and very cruel in its methods.

    But the whole Russian people was actually in a perpetual state of revolt and for good reasons, and any government promising them full vengeance against former profiteers was bound to gain their trust, and it happened that the only party that didn’t plan to betray their nation for Western interests aiming at keeping them down was the Bolshevik Party.

    Solzhenitsyn’s figures about the tens of millions dead in the Siberian camps or by the organized famine of Ukraine cannot be anything but fantastic because Russia was rather enjoying unprecedented demographic growth, a sure sign that optimism was in the air.

    There were millions and millions of dead for sure but these deaths were due to the conduct of the Civil War, of the war in Ukraine which was a real nasty continuation of that class war, and of course of World War II, which but for Russia’s massive sacrifice would have been a Nazi victory at global level. The deaths due to police repression (e.g. in the Lubianka prison) and through the gulag system amount at most to one million to one point two million for the whole Soviet Period according the archives proudly collected by all Soviet officials. Their interest was to exaggerate their performance, often using a profligate language, not to hide it.

    One fact important to note is that the Gulag system hosted mostly thugs from large organized groups and often whole semi-ethnic groups having specialized in survival through pillaging for centuries, mostly in fringe Southeastern Russia and Central Asia. Ideological dissidents were a very tiny minority in that system.

    The proportion of Soviet people that was subject to the penitentiary system, a very harsh one as it must be admitted, though not more than the US one after the 1950’s, NEVER OVERTOOK the American overall percentage of prisoners of all institutions. A much higher percentage of prisoners subject to forced free labor was achieved under the Clinton regime of the 1990’s than at any time point under Stalin, thanks to the prison-for-profit system (which is tantamount to reinstating slavery) and the three strikes and you’re out laws passed by various states.

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