Alt Left: Lies and Truths about the Russo-Ukrainian War, March 31, 2022

First, a fact for once and one that detracts from the Russian side just to show you I am fairminded: a negative report out of Mariupol. Reports from inside Mariupol say that the DNR soldiers are poorly equipped, often lacking boots and bulletproof vests. Also the Azov Battalion is better armed than they are. They have been able to crack the DNR’s comm lines due to better equipment and they also jam it. The DNR can do nothing about this.

The scene in the Avostal Steel Works is still very bad. There could be up to 3,500 Azov Battalion forces in there. They are dug in there very, very well and it is almost impossible to get them out. In many cases, they are underground in tunnels. Attempting to retake it in the standard manner would result in “catastrophic” losses. No one knows what to do about this.

Russian forces are low in morale. No information, but it doesn’t appear to be true. If it were true we would have heard about it by now. Honestly, neither side seems to be low in morale at the moment.

Russian soldiers killed one of their own officers to get out of fighting. False.

Eight Russian generals have been killed since the start of the war, all by snipers. Unknown, but false in one case. There’s been no verification of this one way or the other by Russia. However, one of the dead generals just turned up in Mariupol and was photographed meeting with DNR leaders. It’s unknown if his first name is Jesus.

The Ukraine war is going terribly for Russia, and the generals are keeping this information from Putin out of fear. No information. Fear of what? Putin’s not a dictator. He has to follow the laws and this constrains a lot of his behavior.

Russia blew up a Red Cross building apparently harboring civilians. It had a huge red cross on its roof. No information. Also, where did this take place?

Russia killed civilians in Irpin, where there are cars by the side of the road with civilians dead in them, shot by bullets. False. Every time you see something like that, it’s the terrordefense battalions. Those are terrordefense checkpoints and sometimes they just shoot their own people in their cars for whatever reason.

Ukrainian troops retake Izyum. False. Russia took the whole city and is now fighting south of the city in Kamenka.

Ukraine recaptured 25-35 miles of territory near Kiev. False.

Ukraine successfully launched successful counterattacks near Kherson. False. They all failed with heavy losses.

Russians shelled a theater with “children” written in huge letters, twice. Killed 300+ civilians. False. How many times have we been through that. The damage here looks pretty severe, however, people in the building said that Azov had mined the roof and the ceiling, cleared everyone out, and then blew the place up as they were retreating. We now have this from multiple sources. We are still not sure if everyone got out or if there were any killed or wounded.

Keep in mind that Russian sources said that Azov had put 1,000 people in this theater and then mined it and were hoping to blow it up to cause a false flag to blame Russia. Russia complained to the UN about this. Azov was also using the top floors as firing positions, but Russia said the building was taken off the target list due to likelihood or harming civilians. All of this was said three days before the theater blew up. Russia says Azov is going to do a false flag in the theater, three days later the theater blows up, and Russia did it?

Get out of here! Three days before, Russia knew full well that that place was chock full of civilians, mined by Azov, and prepped for a false flag…so…Russia bombs it anyway? Just to kill 200-300 civilians? Why on Earth would they do that? Keep in mind that 99% of those civilians support Russia even after Mariupol has been leveled. Why would Russia deliberately kill 200-300 of their own civilian supporters? Makes no sense at all.

However, the Ukrainians have released this video of refugees trying to escape after the building was bombed. I’m sorry but that does not look like a building that has been hit by a bomb at all. There’s almost no damage! This makes no sense at all. Compare the stairway in this video with the stairway in the aftermath of the explosion. The explosion hasn’t even gone off! See how those civilians are acting? Are they acting like they just got hit by a bomb? Hell no!

They’re a bit feisty and active and on the move, but the mood fits better with a group leaving the theater because Azov ordered them out than with a building that just got bombed. That could not be post-bomb footage anyway because the building is completely intact and post-bomb footage of that same area shows massive devastation.

Russia is using cluster bombs. False. But Ukraine has used them a couple of times.

Cluster bombs are banned weapons. False. I believe they are legal.

Russians refuse to allow humanitarian aid to Kharkiv. False. Russia is delivering humanitarian aid to this city all the time.

After residents dug a ditch to bury their dead neighbors, Russia  shelled the ditch. No information. Also we don’t know where this happened.

Russian sniper shot a man in the thigh, shattered his femur, and Russian soldiers “helped” applying a bandage, but refused painkillers or antibiotics. No information. Also, where did this happen? They’re under strict orders not to behave that way though.

Russians fired a missile at a bread line again, killing civilians. No information, but the last incident was a nationalist battalion shooting at their own people to blame Russia, according to residents at the scene. Also we don’t know where this happened.

A Russian tank turned left, pointed at an elderly couple in a car that had stopped, and fired a tank shell at the car. No information. Also, we don’t know where this happened.

The Nazis were better behaved when they occupied Ukraine than the Russians are. False. Yeah, that’s why they killed 25% of the population!

Russian forces use unsecured comms. False. But they are having issues with Ukrainians jamming their transmissions in some places such as Mariupol.

An intercepted conversation has Russian tankers discussing orders to civilian areas in a town they took. No information. Also, we don’t know where this took place.

Putin is the richest man on Earth. Unproven. His known wealth is rather modest for a man of his stature. The rest are unproven accusations of vast hidden wealth. You would think if this were true he would not have an 83% approval rating.

The Russian military is pathetic, inept, and terrible but at the same time vicious, apocalyptic, and murderous to the point of being genocidal and leveling whole cities. False. These are standard US/Jewish lies. The US tells these lies about all of its enemies. All American enemies are at the same time laughable inept and can be defeated in two days with no US losses and then at the same time are on the verge of wiping out the US with nuclear bombs or WMD’s.

The Jewish government says the same thing about their enemies. The Palestinians are comically, laughably inept and can barely hit a bird with a slingshot yet at the same time are always just this far from exterminating every Jew in Israel.

You would think anyone with common sense would not fall for this crap, but the US and Jewish public fall for it all the time. And keep in mind that these countries are some of the highest IQ nations on Earth. So IQ doesn’t have much to do with your ability to be conned or fooled by propaganda. Given intense enough propaganda, even intelligent people can be swept away and lose all critical thinking skills. The purpose of propaganda is to destroy critical thinking skills.

Russia is so desperate they had to beg for help from Syria and Chechnya. False. Those are all volunteers who wanted to come help Russia.

The Ukrainian air force is defeating the Russian Air Force, downing aircraft all the time. False. The Ukrainian Air Force is nearly defeated, though they still have some aircraft in the air. They downed some aircraft early in the war but not so much since. Russian aircraft is flying at night, as Ukraine’s Stingers don’t work well at night.

All of the Spetsnaz or Special Forces have been killed. False. They are still all over the war zone.

The Chechens have all been killed. False. They have taken some losses but not catastrophic ones.

Russians are leaving antipersonnel mines in Irpin. No information, but both sides are using land mines a lot in this war.

Russians set tripwire booby-traps all over the towns they take, even in peoples’ backyards. No information. But it sounds dubious. Also, we don’t know where this took place.

Russians have been booby-trapping dead Ukrainian soldiers. No information. It sounds a bit dubious because I have reports from DNR teams from Marinka picking up the Ukrainian dead, bagging them and trying to ID them to let their families know, so that’s the opposite of boobytrapping bodies. In Mariupol, Chechens are gathering up the bodies of dead Ukrainians in piles and putting them in bags. Doesn’t sound like booby-trapping. Also, where did this take place?

Alt Left: “What Does Nazism Mean?” by Batiushka

From the Saker blog. Absolutely fascinating Russian Orthodox view of the West and Catholicism and for that matter Protestantism. I wasn’t even aware of most of this history. A completely different view of the world that most of us can barely even fathom, which is of utmost importance in the current battle between the West and Russia.

What Does Nazism Mean?

by Batiushka for the Saker Blog

The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values of religion (to which few members of other civilizations were converted), but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.

Samuel Phillips Huntington, The Clash of Civilizations, Chapter Two

President Zelensky of the Ukraine is by race a Jew, as indeed was President Poroshenko before him. Why then does the Russian Federal government call its special operation in the Ukraine ‘Denazification’? It seems contradictory to most Western minds, where the word ‘Nazi’ relates narrowly only to the anti-Jewish genocide of Third Reich (Reich = Empire) Germany. In other words what is the Russian, and for that matter non-Western, understanding of Nazism?

First of all, for Russians, as for many others, Nazism is the creed which in the Second World War organized above all the Slav Holocaust (over 30 million dead), far outmatching the Jewish Holocaust (nearly 6 million dead), as well as the genocide of other minorities at that time.

Nazism is the program to invade, kill, rape, plunder and enslave. This is exactly what the Nazis did in the Soviet Union after 1941. Invade others’ territories, kill the men, rape the women (and then kill them – one German soldier in two was a rapist and murderer in the USSR), plunder art and culture, and make slave workers of anyone left, taking them off to slave factories and camps in Germany, where they toiled until they died as serfs of the Third Reich.

However, the Nazis, shut out from colonization in the rest of the world, only did in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in Russia, what other Western European peoples did in their colonies, as we shall see below.

In other words, what is meant by ‘Nazism’ is not at all specific to what Germans did during the Second World War. In this wider sense, which is what the Russian Federal government has in mind today, Nazism is what may be called ‘Western Supremacism’, the idea that Non-Western races are ‘Untermenschen’, subhumans. Therefore, like ‘niggers’, ‘savages’, ‘monkeys’, ‘nips’, ‘gooks’, the Russians too can be ‘cancelled’.

This mentality has its roots far back in the Barbarianism which destroyed the Western part of the Roman Empire in the fourth and fifth centuries AD. At first it seemed as though the Barbarians would be Christianized, especially on the outer edges of Western Europe, in Ireland, England, the Iberian Peninsula and Italy. But in the central geographical core, controlled by the Franks, the temptation among the barbarians of restoring the pagan Roman Empire was too strong.

This renewed and justified Barbarianism can be seen in the First ‘Reich’ (Empire), founded under the Germanic prince, Karl the Tall, also known as Charlemagne (747-814). Already before he founded this Reich in 800 and appointed himself ‘Emperor’, his Frankish forces under Roland had invaded the Basque Country and were defeated by the still free Basques at Roncevalles in 778 (one of the founding myths of Western Barbarianism) and again in 782 at the massacre of 4,500 Saxons at Verden.

As a result, this genocidal barbarian was then called ‘The Great’ and ‘The Father of Europe’ and was ‘beatified’ by Roman Catholicism, which new Frankish religion, come from the Babylon of Rome, Charlemagne in effect founded, substituting it for the old Orthodox Christianity, come from Jerusalem.

Although Charlemagne and his Reich soon collapsed, it was the beginning of the end. After him the Western barbarians began to reject Christianity. (See, The Formation of a Persecuting Society: Power and Deviance in Western Europe, 950-1250 by R. I. Moore, 1987).

Indeed, by the 11th century, the barbarians under their new Norman shock troops, the SS of the time, began to massacre and oppress the native Greeks in the south of Italy and then the Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula and a little later the native Christian Mozarabs. As part of the same process, in 1066 the Norman SS invaded England and conquered that country, massacring the natives, imposing slavery (‘feudalism’) and Roman Catholicism. Many of the English took refuge in Constantinople and in the south of Russia.

The Western barbarians had found a justification for their barbarianism, there was no need to try and become Christians, they could carry on as before, only under the new names of ‘Catholics’, or in modern language, ‘Globalists’. After all, the barbarians were already saved, as now they belonged to an infallible organization, whose leader held the keys to Paradise for them and which would justify any sort of pillage and murder.

After 1066 there soon followed the invasion, massacre and plunder of Wales and Scotland and the imposition of feudal enslavement and the new ‘Church’ there. In 1096 the same Western barbarians massacred the Jews in the Rhineland, on their way to massacre the ‘Greeks’ (= the Christians) and the Muslims in their genocidal campaign they called ‘The First Crusade’.

In the second half of the 12th century, these barbarians, who nowadays would be called Nazis, continued their massacres (‘crusades’) in the Near and Middle East and between 1169 and 1172 also invaded Ireland. In 1204 they massacred in and plundered the Christian Capital, New Rome, which they called Constantinople.

In the early 13th century the barbarians to the north, called ‘The Teutonic Knights’, began their invasions, killings, rapings and plunderings of the Russian Lands. (See, Guy Mettan, Russia-the West, a Thousand-Year War, Geneva 2015, in French). However, this was only the beginning.

At the end of the 15th century there came the Italian Nazi, Columbus. In the space of 400 years, his primitive barbarian followers massacred perhaps 100 million people, whom they called the ‘Indians’, that is, the native peoples of the Caribbean (the Spanish, the British, the French and the Dutch), South America, (the Spanish and the Portuguese), Central America (the Spanish) and North America (the British, the French and the Spanish). They stole the vast American territories of two continents and their natural resources, and raped, plundered and enslaved on ‘reservations’.

However, within the same space of time they did the same in much of Africa (the slave trade, the Boer War), Asia, India, (See, the ‘India Mutiny’ (1), the salt hedge, the Bengal famine), and in Australasia massacring the Aborigines, the Maori, as well as Micronesians and Polynesians.

What the Nazis did in the Slav Holocaust (30 million dead) in Eastern Europe, the other Europeans had already been doing among the native peoples in the rest of the world, apart from in the Americas and Australasia, the British in India, China and Africa, the Portuguese in Angola and Mozambique, the Dutch in what is now Indonesia, the French in Central and North-West Africa and South-East Asia, the Belgians in the Congo, the Germans in South-West Africa and later the Italians in Ethiopia.

All of this was in the name of ‘civilization, freedom and democracy’. Why not even plant your flag on the Moon and claim that?

This Western Barbarianism used to call itself ‘the free world’ (it was not actually meant ironically…), but nowadays terms itself ‘the international community’ (= mafia). It is the same group of countries, totaling perhaps a billion zombified serfs, whose leaders have given themselves the divine right to sit at the top of the global pyramid of banana republics and racketeer and exploit the rest under the excuse of ‘Globalism’, that is their personal global control. Today they call their doctrine Secularism; in Russia it is called Nazism; elsewhere it is simply called ruthless exploitation.

Today, as a result of what is happening in the Ukraine, there is only one question: Are we going straight to the end of the world as a result of the global corruption of this elite of leaders, or will the end be delayed because the world is about to be cleansed of this Nazi elite?


1. See how the Nazis always camouflage their massacres and wars with different names:

English Christians = the Anglo-Saxons

Christians = The Greeks

The Genocide of Native Peoples and the Theft of Their Lands = The Discovery of the New World

The Franco-British Invasion of Russia = The Crimean War

The First Indian War of Liberation = The India Mutiny

The British Genocide of the Chinese = The Opium Wars

The Genocide of Dutch Settlers = The Boer War

The Great European War = World War I

The Euro-American War = World War II

Batiushka is an Orthodox priest

Alt Left: Taking Apart Many US Media and Government Lies about the Russo-Ukraine War

Below is a comment from a typical American. Last time I checked, 85% of Americans agreed with this guy. People wonder why propaganda is used by states and the media. Because it works! Almost every single thing this guy believes and writes below has been proven false or is at least unproven. This guy is a liberal Democrat!

The loudest, most deranged voices on this matter are mostly coming from Democrats, many of them liberal Democrats! They are truly the worst of both worlds. Insane neoconservatives on foreign policy and supporters of woke Globohomo Cultural Left Freakshow SJW insanity on domestic policy. The worst of the left combined with the worst of the right.

I always wondered why Leftists hated liberals so much. I thought they were just insane Communist fanatics. Now I’m starting to get it. Even social democrats are the worst nowadays. I always hated it when the German Communist Party called social democrats “social fascists.” But guess what? They were right! Both liberals and social democrats are completely worthless in the imperial core (the West), that’s for damn sure.

Below I take apart every fake argument that he brings up and he sure brings up a lot of them. I’ve studied this war deeply so I can answer most of these questions well. And I’ve come to notice that just about everything Western governments and media are saying about this war is a Goddamned lie. I lived through the Vietnam War and the propaganda was never anywhere near this level. This is worse by an order of magnitude!

Mariupol is completely flattened (Again…2022…satellite images.)

Well, explain to me why 99% of the people there support Russia even after this.

Irpin…residential neighborhood, destroyed, dead civilians laying in the street, hanging out of cars.

No one knows who killed those people. The ones hanging out of cars were probably killed by the terrordefense when they stopped the cars. I’ve seen that footage. They’re the only people who are pulling civilians out of cars and shooting them.

I don’t think you understand urban warfare. Any way you do it, 85% of the place gets flattened.

Russians shelled a Red Cross warehouse with a giant red cross.

This probably didn’t happen, but I’ve never heard of it.

Russians shelled a theater with “children” written in huge letters, twice. Killed 300+ civilians.

This not only didn’t happen twice, it didn’t even happen once. The Nazis mined the theater beforehand and blew it up as they retreated with 300 people inside. Gullible fools like you fell for it.

LOL! We have locals on record saying Azov mined the place and detonated as they retreated.

In fact, we had warnings that they were going to do this three days before.

There were no Russian planes in the area. Russia knew it was full of civilians a few days before and complained to the UN about Azov using it. They also said before the attack that it was taken off the target list because of risk to civilians. There were no Russian aircraft in the city that day.

Why is there no footage of people being dragged out of the wreckage? I’ve seen videos of the theater after Azov blew it up. It’s not even very badly damaged.

It’s 2022, Ivan Killcivilians.

Maybe take your complaint to the Pentagon. They say Russia is only attacking military targets.

Cluster bombs??????? You’re are a damn fool.

Russia hasn’t used any cluster bombs. But Ukraine has.

You even realize why they’re banned, Ivan Killsalot?

They’re not banned.

Because one nation uses them on another…in their territory…not their own! Why in God’s name would they put their own people in danger for years with UXB’s laying around?

Well the Ukrainians are using them in the Donbass, and they don’t care about those people, as they are Russians. The Ukrainians already said they’re going to kill 1.5 million of them.

Russians shoot and shell civilians evacuating- the rare moments its ”allowed”.

Everyone they interview says it’s Ukrainians who won’t let them leave and shoot at them when they try to leave. Like…everyone. It’s to Ukraine’s advantage to use those civilians as shields. Russia tries to open those corridors all the time. It’s the Ukrainians who keep stopping it.

Russians refuse to allow humanitarian aid to Mariupol and Kharkiv.

That’s not true. Russians are distributing lots of aid in Mariupol, and people are very grateful. They are also distributing lots of aid in Kharkiv. You know who is distributing no aid? Ukraine!

Civilians huddling in basements of their destroyed homes in freezing weather dying of dehydration, starvation, exposure.

If you are talking about Mariupol, why do 99% of them support Russia? When Russia comes, they run up to the soldiers and ask, “What took you so long?”

After residents quickly dug (another) ditch to at least dump their dead neighbors and body parts in a hoke, Russians shelled the freaking ditch!

Never heard of this. Where was it?

Russian sniper shot a man in the thigh, shattered his femur, a couple Russian soldiers “helped” applying a bandage, but refused painkillers or antibiotics.

Never heard of this. Plus, Russians are not really using snipers.

A father had to prepare the body of his 2 year old and bury him in his yard. Apartment buildings blasted in half, smoke pouring out…

You refer to Mariupol? Why are they overjoyed to see Russians?

Russians fired a missile at a bread line 2 weeks ago, killing civilians.

I’ve heard of this. Russian forces were not in the city at the time, and locals say the nationalist battalions fired at them to blame Russia.

Russians had so much fun doing this they repeated it just a couple days ago.

Never heard of this. It’s odd because Russia is distributing humanitarian aid everywhere, so why shell a bread line?

Bodies everywhere, huge pool of blood and some brain tissue by one, not covered by the tarp.

War is Hell.

How about the Russian tank that turns left, facing a car with an elderly couple who had stopped, and the Russian sadist fired a shell at it, burning them alive?

Never heard of this.

An interview with a very old woman in Eastern Ukraine who lived through the Nazi invasion and reported the Nazi’s were far, far better. They didn’t indiscriminately destroy homes or shoot civilians in the streets. They took her town. Occupied it. But they..NAZI’S!…didn’t wipe them out. Why would they? A real military knows it’s counterproductive to indiscriminately kill people as they will be far more inclined to want to you. It’s just an unnecessary problem to deal with.

She’s not in the east. That’s not what happened. The ancestors of the people in the Ukrainian government now collaborated with the Nazis. End result was Nazis with their Ukrainian pals killed 25% of the population in Ukraine. They were Slavs, so 25% would be killed outright, 50% worked to death, and 25% Germanized.

Your radio chatter is on unsecured lines, Ivan!

Not true. However, in some places, Ukrainians are jamming Russian comms. Ukrainians are often better armed than Russians, especially in urban warfare.

The world can listen to your inept “army”…crying for help, getting lost, running out of food and water, and newest intercepted chatter has tankers talking about their orders to shell civilians in the area they took station.

This is not the info we are getting from the front lines, and we don’t even know if these comms are even real. I doubt the last sentence. Putin gave strict orders to preserve civilian life at all cost.

The Ukraine military isn’t anywhere large enough to warrant 24/7 shelling, by tanks and long range heavy artillery, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, rockets, air assault.

Sure it is. And it’s still hard to beat them. They have the 3rd largest army in Europe and are trained and armed to NATO standards.

Last weekend Russians hit a large oil facility in Lyiv, not far from where President Biden was in Poland. I mention this because it’s a Tier 1 strategic target…yet it was still standing, despite all the ammunition being dumped on Ukraine. About 10 days ago Russians destroyed an air force administration “base”…why are missiles taking out bread lines but a military target is still standing 4 weeks into the illegal invasion? Why was the military training base in western Ukraine in week 3 of the illegal invasion?

This is ridiculous. They are slowly going down the list of big targets. The invasion is perfectly legal because Ukraine attacked Russia first.

…then why on Earth does your genocidal freak Putin block access to all this “truth”?

He doesn’t. Russians have access to all of that biased crap. They just don’t believe it.

Your leadership is a corrupt kleptocracy. How did Putin become one of the richest men in the world as a “public servant”?

No one knows how much money he has. His known assets are modest. The other claims have not been proven. 79% of Russians support Putin. He must be doing something right.

Right now, your pathetic but nonetheless murderous paper tiger military is exposed.

They’ve conquered an area the size of the UK in a month. I’d say that’s very good.

Putin has to hire torturors from Wagner Group to further rape the nation?

Extra troops are always good.

Why is the vaunted Russian “military” asking for help from criminals from Syria and Chechnya? A superpower? Asking for help from terrorists, because they can’t defeat a country on their doorstep with a military a fraction the size.

The Syrians and Chechens volunteered because they love Russia so much. And a lot more Chechens want to go in.

Russia went in with 200,000 troops to Ukraine’s 600,000. You should have 3-1 advantage to defeat an army. Ukraine’s army is excellent. It’s the 3rd largest in Europe, and it’s been armed and trained to NATO standards with the latest equipment.

and your beloved soldiers are being slaughtered…what is it now…15,000?

Probably false. The best information is Russia has lost 2,000 men.

This humiliation is why the slaughter of Ukrainians is happening.

There is no humiliation. They are fighting against an excellent, well-armed and deeply dug in opponent. It’s a hard fight.

Your “military” poops it’s pants at the idea of urban warfare, so flatten all the buildings, and a city is no longer an “urban area.”

I don’t think so. Russians are engaging in a lot of urban warfare in places like Mariupol and they are doing very well. Ask the Pentagon. The Pentagon says Russia is only attacking military targets.

How does your vaunted Air Force with your Wonder Planes keep getting beaten by a handful of MiG-19’s and Su-27’s? Ouch. Embarrassing.

They’re not getting beaten. The Ukrainian Air Force is mostly destroyed.

Russian Generals around in Afghanistan must be throwing tantrums now that those damn Stinger missiles are again ripping your air assault copters from the sky, just like 1984 all over again.

Russians are flying at night and those Stingers work poorly at night. They’re not taking down many aircraft.

Where’s the vaunted Spetsnaz?

There are plenty of them all over Ukraine east of the Dnieper and in the south.

The bearded Chechans came in with fanfare, but have been silent since…guessing all dead, too.

Nope. They release videos all the time. Their spirits are extremely high. They are having a blast and loving it in Mariupol. They are not taking excessive casualties.

Hey, where did your “soldiers” get the banned anti-personnel mines they’ve been leaving behind in Irpin as they were driven out after murdering residents?

LOL they weren’t driven out. Russians occupy half the city. Both Russia and Ukraine use landmines, and they’re not banned weapons.

but Ukrainian child blown to 1000 pieces by an illegal mine = puts big smile on your face, huh,

Civilian casualties seem to be remarkably low for such a large operation. Even the Pentagon noted this.

The World has seen the trip wires explosives Russians leave in neighborhoods and backyard. Sweet work. I’ve heard old ladies going to their garden are especially wild shows when they’re blasted all over the side of their home.

I’ve never heard about this, and I don’t know why they would boobytrap a garden. Ukrainians are boobytrapping their bases too.

Before you climax, your Russia murderers have also been wiring dead bodies with explosives.

Never heard this one before.

And there’s the difference between you and a decent human being (a liberal American who happens to be sick of a lifetime of Soviet and Russian threats, nuclear threats, watching Grozny, twice, Chechnya, Syria, and the WORST thing: the relentless lying.)

You’re a liberal Democrat? Jesus! No wonder the Hard Left hates you. You’re worse than Republicans!

Putin murdering people he doesn’t like…

Putin hasn’t really killed anyone other than some of his own spies, who I suspect were double agents.

the shooting down of two civilian air liners…

I only know about M17. All the locals in the area say it was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet, and half of the CIA believes Ukraine did it with a fighter jet to blame Russia. I’m not aware of a second jet.

I wish like hell everyday NATO would declare some kind of action…not a war…hmm….what to call it. OH! A special military operation!

Liberal Democrats want WW3!

that won’t even pick up the stealth aircraft…

Nope, Russia can see them all LOL.

while F-35’s, F-22’s, Tornadoes and Rafaels sweeping the skies clean with of your inept air force.

I doubt if the US is any match for the Russian air force and air defense. Neither plane has defenses against Russian anti-aircraft.

Your economy is in the toilet (your own damn fault)

Wait, I thought you said you ruined the economy with your nuclear sanctions? So you admit the sanctions don’t work?

NSFW! Ukrainians Torturing People and War Crimes Videos

NSFW! NSFW! Warning, these videos contain highly disturbing footage. If you are sensitive, don’t watch! I don’t want people coming back to me complaining about some video I put up.

Description of Ukrainian tortures and murders starts here:

This is another video associated with the raid at Malaya Rogan in Kharkiv where the Russian POW’s were shot in their legs. This Russian POW was captured by the Nazis in the same raid. He had his index finger cut off by them. The Nazis did this all the time for eight years to Donbass POW’s they captured. It’s SOP.

This video says it is Ukrainians torturing Russian soldiers, but instead these people look like Ukrainian civilians. It’s not known what they’ve done wrong. The people doing the torturing are probably part of one of the Nazi militias roaming this wasted and depraved land. You can tell by the bags over the heads.

This video was found on the phone of Nazi Pavel Kishniev, recruited by Ukrainian intelligence in 2010, leader of the Nazi “Rights of Youth” group in Zaporozhye, and drug dealer under the protection of the SBU Ukrainian intelligence. This man being hit is Cherny Maxim, a resident of the southern city of Melitopol. He has not been seen since this video. The Nazis come every day to the place he is held and beat him for two hours. They beat him in his kidneys. They want him to tell them about pro-Russian activists in the city.

The video was found on one of the captured Nazis. He used to watch it in his spare time for kicks. You can hear someone say, “Bring a bag.” The people with bags over their heads are being given the “strangulation torture.” It’s not known if this is fatal or not. The others with bags over their heads are probably other Ukrainians suspected of being pro-Russian.

This video is a very famous video supposedly of a Russian soldier but probably instead of a separatist soldier or possibly he may just be an anti-Ukrainian government Russian speaking civilian from the area who was accused of aiding the separatists. He was captured by the Azov Battalion, probably in 2015. They nail him to a cross (crucifixion), and then set the cross in the ground. He’s creaming a lot of the time when they are nailing him to the cross.

Then one of them hits him in the genitals with a huge hammer, more like a sledgehammer really. Then they set the cross on fire. The video ends as the fire moves up the cross and you can hear the man scream. It’s bad stuff. It looks like it is from April 2014 in the Donbass. There were no Russian troops there at the time. Disturbing!

In the video below, journalist Patrick Lancaster, who is embedded with the DNR separatist forces, goes with a DNR soldier to look at an abandoned Ukrainian National Guard and Azov Battalion base in the basement of a school in Mariupol.

There they find the body of a woman who was tortured to death by either or both of these groups. Her arm had been chopped off and her face was bloody, possibly from being beaten. A swastika has been drawn on her chest and stomach in her own blood. The Ukrainian National Guard was in on this! Carving a swastika in blood on a civilian you just tortured to death? I’m sure glad there aren’t any Nazis in Ukraine!

The man below is name is Petr Vasilyevich, a Russian soldier. He has just been stabbed in the eye by Ukrainian forces. Now they are asking what he wants to keep more, his testicles or his life.  The Ukrainian soldier who did it is named Ruslan Grigorievich Oleinik from Vinnitsa. Vinnitsa is in West Ukraine, Nazi Central Headquarters. Petr apparently survived this attack but he was later tortured to death. He may be the man below who has a knife shoved down his throat, killing him.

In the video below, the killer has been identified as Ruslan Mironyuk from Vinnytsia. That’s West Ukraine, otherwise known as Nazi Central.

This is a very, very bad video that just came out. Shows a Ukrainian fighter, unknown if he is with a nationalist battalion or if he is just with the army. Accounts differ as to who the person being killed was. Some say he was a Ukrainian soldier accused of spying; others say he was a Russian POW. An account of a Russian soldier says it is one of their POW’s. The Ukrainian shoves a knife down his throat and then pulls it out and stabs him in the face and maybe the eyes.

Here is another video. This is Azov Battalion and they are part of the same group that killed the POW’s on video. Azov took these soldiers prisoner and beat them nearly to death on the rear of their bodies. A number of them were stripped naked. In this video, they are forcing them to kneel in front of a freshly dug trench. They are either being threatened with execution or they are getting ready to be executed. I assume the latter.

Yet another video from the same scene. Looks like they are forcing them to say, “Glory to Ukraine” before they execute them. In the video before it is fascist collaborator Boris Johnson of NATO UK reciting a fascist slogan, Slava Ukraini. This was the slogan of the Nazi collaborator Ukrainian nationalist UNO in World War 2.

This is a video of the same scene. This is Azov Battalion and Ukrainian troops who have captured Russian soldiers, stripped them, beaten them, and packed them in a truck like sardines. This is the same group they seem to be getting ready to execute above.

Below, photographs of an Azov Battalion base in Mariupol. Inside they found a woman who had been tortured to death. A bag was over her head and her arm had been cut off. A swastika was drawn on her chest with her own blood. How many times did I tell you these Ukrainians were Nazis?

In the video below, Azov Battalion soldiers are in a high rise building in Mariupol with civilians they have taken hostage. They are playing the intro song from a horror movie on the piano. The camera pans over the hostages, who are on their stomachs on the floor with their hands over their heads. All you clowns with Ukrainian flags in your accounts, this is who you are supporting!

In the photo below, a kind, civilized Russian soldier comforts a cat terrorized by the war. His behavior typifies the civilized land called Russia. On the right, a typical Ukrainian Nazi soldier pokes a cat’s eyes out with a stick! Looks like we’ve created a new ISIS with these Ukrainian Nazis! Figures. US supports ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Ukrainian Nazis. All you have to do to get US government support is be a reactionary bloodthirsty maniac!

Members of a Nazi terrordefense battalion in Western Ukraine arrest a Ukrainian Orthodox priest, carting him away in the middle of service to the cries and protests of the worshipers! Look at the believers fighting with the Nazis who took their priest away. What did this priest do? Have these Nazis no respect for religion?

There are many videos like these below. These are Ukrainian civilians tying other Ukrainians to poles where they beat them, whip them, paint their faces blue, etc. They say these people were “marauders.” Apparently in most cases that means looters.

A new video. In this case, a Ukrainian civilian, a young woman, has been stripped naked by other Ukrainians. She was accused of shoplifting. They stripped her naked, beat her badly, singed her hair with fire, and painted her face blue. Apparently she was a “marauder.”

The man below tried to steal food. He is being taped to a pole by two cops and a bystander. Other bystanders try to intervene to tear the tape off. Ukrainian society is sick!

In this video, ordinary Ukrainian citizens tied a a “marauder” to a pole in freezing weather. His fate is not known.

Mariupol Woman Describes How Ukrainian Forces Mined the Mariupol Theater and Blew It up As They Retreated

We also have testimony from people who were right there in the theater. They said they had all been freed before Azov blew up the theater. Russian sources warned that Azov had mined the theater and filled it with civilians three days before.

The Russian command knew that it was full of civilians and mined by Azov and also that Azov was using the top floors to fire on Russian forces. The theater was removed from the target list due to the extreme potential of endangering civilians. There are no witness reports of Russian aircraft over Mariupol that day and anyway that in that area, the street fighting was so intense that you cannot use air power in such tight quarters because there’s too much risk of hitting your own men.

Also, keep in mind that 99% of Mariupol residents support Russia. Most are Russian speakers. They say the Azov Battalion tormented them for years and committed many crimes against them. There are also many reports of Azov firing on civilians who tried to leave the city.

Tell me now, why on Earth does Russia deliberately bomb a theater that they knew full well for days beforehand was full of civilians, 99% of whom supported Russia. Why would Russia bomb the very civilians who are supporting them? None of this makes any sense.

Russian Soldiers Treating POW’s in a Proper and Dignified Manner

I might add, characteristic of the great country it is, Russia.

First of all, by way of contrast, look at how Ukrainians treat POW’s. This meme is being passed all around the Ukrainian Internet to raves and cheers everywhere. Ukrainians are proud of the fact that they murder POW’s! There’s something terribly wrong with Ukrainians. It’s like a whole country turned into a bunch of animals. Denazification now!

Here is the video of Chechens interrogating a Ukrainian fighter they have captured. You would think that of anyone, Chechens would torture POW’s, but he appears to be being treated very well and is good spirits. Chechens are heroes. They fight for Mother Russia!

Here is an interesting video of the interrogation of a Ukrainian POW. Look at how calm, relaxed, and even happy he is that he is in the hands of civilized men, Russians, who will not beat, torture or kill him for being a POW. This is how interrogations of POW’s are supposed to go. This sort of interrogation is indicative of the great civilized country called Russia. Even when they fight wars they are gentlemen and they play by the rules. Nazis, not so much!

Here Russian soldiers captured 50 Ukrainian soldiers, half of them officers, in fighting northwest of Kiev. As they have been ordered to do by their defense minister, you can see that these Ukrainian POW’s are being given proper, legal, dignified treatment as per the Geneva Convention. The Russian government says they abide by the Geneva Convention when it comes to POW’s, and I believe them. On the other hand, in wars, the strong side can always afford to act good and play fair. The weaker side, not so much.

Here Russian soldiers are protecting a Azov Battalion prisoner from an enraged mob of Mariupol residents who were probably going to lynch him. Who are the bad guys in Mariupol again? Why do 99% of Mariupol residents support Russia?

This video shows Chechens rescuing children in Mariupol. Look how tender and kind they are to these tiny children. Chechens are the best!

Russian Response to Ukrainians Killing Russian POW’s

Russian (actually separatist) response to Ukrainians killing Russian POW’s on film. He seems to be saying they will not be taking any prisoners anymore. Isn’t it a war crime to refuse to take prisoners, though? People try to surrender and you shoot them down? That’s a war crime, right?

Alt Left: Chechens Liberating Mariupol House by House

Alt Left: Video of Ukrainian Soldiers Shooting Russian Prisoners in the Legs

Warning! NSFW!

First of all, there are attempts to discredit this video by saying it was staged by Russian propagandists. This is the line of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and it’s demonstrably false because we have already identified the Ukrainian forces involved in this crime (see below) and we have also identified at least one of the victims, an Azerbaijani who is absolutely a member of the Russian army.

A new fake has come up in the form of a forgery of a document from the Russian Defense Ministry saying it is necessary to produce videos of Ukrainians torturing and killing Russian POW’s as part of an information war.

A few problems.

Everything about this document is wrong from the letterhead to the signatures, all the way down. The grammar and phrasing is wrong and there are misspellings of Russian words in this official document! Also this document first appeared a year ago!

It was probably produced by Ukrainian intelligence SBU. They’re always making fakes and forgeries like this.

Pretty bad stuff. They abuse the prisoners and then they shoot them in the legs and genitals. Some of the Russians appear to be in shock and near death. Others are lying on the ground bleeding from their legs. Suffice to say that if these men don’t get medical care, and they won’t, they’re all going to die.

Azov Battalion combined with the 92nd Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Army captured a group of Russian soldiers in Malaya Rogan, 3 miles south of Kharkiv March 25. They claim to have killed taken 30 prisoner in this attack in which they retook the village. The killing of the POW’s took place at a dairy on the western outskirts of this on either March 25 or 26. Members of the Kharkiv territorial defense may have also been present.

That footage is combined with footage of the Azov Battalion raiding Olkovka with the Kraken Battalion of the Ukrainian military. It was said that this took place in Olkovka, but that could not be located on a map. Apparently that is the Russian name for the village. The Ukrainian name is Vil’kivka. It is just a bit to the east of Kharkiv.

In this footage, Russian soldiers are stripped and badly beaten from behind. A number of them are bleeding. They are then made to kneel over a freshly dug trench and say pro-Ukrainian phrases. The implication is that they will be killed. This footage was found on the Telegram site of an Azov Battalion member. It combines the footage at the dairy farm with the footage of the stripped and beaten captives readied for execution which takes place in Vil’kivka.

Some are in shock. At the end a new group of three is brought in and all three are shot in the back of the legs. I thought those guys were “terrordefense!” This makes sense because the killers are from Kharkiv and are angry about their city getting shelled. They think they have found some of the Russians who have been shelling their city, so it’s payback time.

This video is genuine as one of the POW’s shot in the legs who is interrogated says he is Azerbaijani has been identified. Further, two of the perpetrators of this attack have apparently been identified.

One of the killers has been identified as a 28 year old man from Kharkov named Sergey Velichko, call sign, “Chill.” He is a member of Azov Battalion and appears to be one of the leaders of the Kharkov branch of Azov. At the time the war started, he was in prison for racketeering, robbery, extortion, and kidnapping, but he was released from custody when Zelensky let most of the incarcerated criminals out of jail and prison to join the “terrordefense.”

The second man is named Konstantin Nemichev, also a resident of Kharkov. He is a battalion commander of the local Kharkov “terrordefense.”

Battalion commander of the Kharkov territorial defense cell Konstantin Nemichev. One of the killers in the Russian POW abuse video.


Another photo of Nemichev, top officer in the local Kharkov terrordefense.

I would like to point out that POW abuse is nothing new to the separatists who have been dealing with this for eight years now. POW’s often return missing a finger, or at other times they are asked to choose between getting their throat slit and having a limb chopped off. If they choose limb, they are asked which one they want to part with.

Even in this war, some Russian POW’s have been returned castrated or missing limbs. The limb removal did not seem to happen in combat. Instead it seemed to occur in custody. So abuse of POW’s is simply systemic in the various Ukrainian forces from military to nationalist battalions to terrordefense.

Here is a video of the battle for the Vil’kivka. You can see how they are already beating and abusing the prisoners. You can see that a lot of Ukrainian army soldiers are now operating from civilian vehicles to make themselves safe from surveillance and attacks from the air.

I can’t believe these guys filmed this and put it on the Net. But then we had the head of Ukrainian Medicine on TV the other day that Russian POW’s should be castrated! And this is how the Ukrainian liberals talk!

Separatist fighters have been saying for years that this is what was being done to their prisoners, but no one believed them. A pregnant woman was beheaded, a soldier was nailed to a cross and then set on fire, newborn babies were shot, and infants were raped. The rape of the infant was so bad that the perpetrator was actually convicted by a Ukrainian court.

42% of the commenters on the original Twitter thread, mostly Americans, are cheering this on in the thread. How depraved are we getting as a society, or have we always been this way?

Five minute version of the vehicle.

There is a lot of talk that these torturers are speaking Russian. This is true, but they are speaking Russian with a Ukrainian accent. So the killers are absolutely Ukrainians. Further, a Ukrainian poster has affirmed that the killers are speaking Ukrainian. Here is his translation of the video, from here:

Most of the video the cameraman is trying to figure out how they are injured. One guy is asked if his leg is broken. He says yes.

One guy in the background is heard yelling, “You are an officer, why the fuck are you shelling Kharkiv? Killing civilians?”

Then another guy is yelling “Are there officers? Are there officers?”

Then they shoot the officers (presumably) in the legs. Presumably as revenge for giving orders for those under their commands to “shell civilians,” which the Russians are not doing.

Second guy he talks to he asks him his nationality. He says he is Azerbajani and says that he has documents. Ukrainian soldier asks him why the fuck he came there. He says it was an order.

EDIT: Since this is a pretty important video from crimes perspective. I’ll translate word for word… in a sec in this post below here.

Cameraman: Where are (he says “Razvidosi bitch”, I am not sure what this means, could be Razvedka, which would be recon unit that wasn’t with these guys when they got captured. He is asking about their location).

POW: On the left side.

Cameraman: Where?

POW: As you enter the village on the left side

Cameraman: Left side. Where exactly? Speak up, bitch! Speak up.

Cameraman: Where are you from? Tell me.

Cameraman: He lost consciousness.

Cameraman: Turn him over.

Cameraman: Legs are shot huh?

Cameraman: I think he is fucked.

Cameraman: Fucking bitch. Whats your ethnicity?

POW: Azerbaijani. I have documents.

Cameraman: Why the fuck did you come here?

POW: Those were the orders

Cameraman: Fucking orders, huh?

Cameraman: You had a recon regiment here, how many people?

POW: On 6th of March when we entered we had 50 people.

Voice asks again “Who are officers?”

It made me think a little deeper. As someone who understands Russian culture/language, I think that perhaps when he is asking, “Who is an officer?” He is not actually trying to find out who is an officer. Instead, he is asking a rhetorical question, sort of, “Who is a man among you dogs that shot at civilians.”

In Russian culture a soldier is someone who gave an oath to serve and protect, to follow laws and rules of war, etc. Someone who has honor above all. So asking “Who is an officer?” is sort of like asking who of you are actually a soldier and not a war criminal. This would also explain the man in the background saying “You are an officer. How could you shell Kharkiv?” As in, “It’s a war crime. You know its a war crime. How as a person who gave a soldier’s oath and who knows the rules of war could you do this?”

Alt Left: Latest NATO/Ukrainian Lies March 27, 2022

Russians are using white phosphorus weapons. False. Those are illumination charges.

Ukraine is winning the war. False. Look, they’re just not, ok. This is war propaganda to keep the Ukrainian troops’ and populations’ morale high. The idea is if they told the truth about their losses, the people and army would quit fighting.

There is another reason for this and that is that NATO wants everyone in the US to believe that Ukraine is winning and Russia is losing. Why they do this, I am not sure, but it is probably also for the reason of keeping the morale of Western populations high. Also the “Russia is losing so they are desperate” lie is good because it means “Russia will soon resort to desperate measures such as nuclear, chemical, and biological attacks.”

Russia is readying a nuclear attack. False. Have you ever looked at Russian nuclear doctrine? It only allows the use of nuclear weapons in the case that the country has been invaded and the very existence of the state is at stake. This is much better than US nuclear doctrine, which advocates using nukes for all sorts of reasons, even if we are losing a battle or a war and there is no threat to the mainland.

Also, the US has used tactical nuclear weapons twice since 1991, and Israel has used them three times since 2008. The US and Israel are the only countries on Earth who used nuclear weapons in the last 30 years. Two of the most evil countries on Earth.

Russia is readying a chemical weapons attack. False. Russia doesn’t have any chemical weapons. They destroyed all their stocks. But Assad didn’t have any either, and that never prevented NATO from using Al Qaeda to fake one chemical attack after another, of which absolutely zero actually took place. Not even once. No chlorine attacks either. I’ve been studying this for years, and I know more about it than most people you will meet.

Now, Assad is pretty bad and he killed a lot of people all right, but he never used chemical weapons, and he never massacred whole villages of civilians. All of those were false flags done by Al Qaeda, the Free Syrian Army, the Army of Islam, etc.

Russia has used chemical weapons before. False. They never have. The Novichok attacks were all faked and never even took place. The Skirpals were dosed by BMZ, a hallucinogen, by MI6. Novichok was later added to the sample in a NATO lab in Europe. But it was laboratory pure, and any Novichok chemical weapon would be weapons-grade. And Novichok is simply fatal. If it used at all, it kills you.

If the Skirpals and Navalny had been dosed with Novichok, they would all be dead along with several people around them. Navalny was never dosed with anything. No toxins of any kind were found in his body. He was soon whisked away to a laboratory controlled by BND, German intelligence, who claimed that they found Novichok in his blood. They never presented this evidence to the public. Also remember how the stories around these poisonings kept changing almost every day?

That’s how you know you are dealing with a provocation of false flag attack. Every time there is an outrageous, depraved attack with uncertain or dubious motivation where the story is constantly changing, it’s always a provocation or a false flag. Every time. With real incidents, the story doesn’t change with every new day. Something either happened or it didn’t. NATO has gotten away with every false flag it’s ever done, and that’s been a whole lot lately.

Obviously they are going to keep doing them (and they are in Ukraine) because every time they do them, the media plays along, and all the suckers and chumps in the West believe them. It’s possible that these fake Novichok chemical weapons attacks by Russia were designed to lay the groundwork for a big false flag chemical weapons attack by Russia – “Hey, they used them before…”

It also appears that Livinenko, the double agent, was killed with plutonium by MI6 in order to frame Russia. This is from a former top French intelligence officer.

Russia is readying a biological weapons attack. False. Russia doesn’t have any biological weapons. We should know as we helped destroy all of them, while cleverly keeping all of our own stock. And those 33 biolabs in Ukraine and 330 biolabs around the world, all run by the Pentagon, are certainly biological weapons labs.

As soon as the research was banned in the US, the US just took it overseas. Everywhere these damned labs go, breakouts of weird and rarely-seen diseases seem to occur. That’s highly suspicious. The truth is that Russia uncovered the Pentagon’s bioweapons labs in Ukraine, and while vociferously denying that they were bioweapons labs, the US changed the subject and turned it into “Russia is going to do a biological weapons attack.” I can’t believe how much the US projects nowadays. If you want to know what the US or our allies are going to do next, look at what they accuse our enemies of doing next.

Ukraine blew up a Russian ship at a harbor on the Azov Sea. False. A fire started on a deck, and the flames spread to the ship, catching ammunition on fire.

Ukraine counterattacked around Kiev, gaining 30 miles, surrounding Russian forces at Irpin and Gosomel, and retaking Irpin. False. None of this happened.

Ukraine retook Irpin. False. They are now mostly to the south of the city and seem to have been pushed out into the town to the south of it.

Ukraine did an offensive near Nikolaev, taking a lot of territory and moving towards Kherson. Unknown.

Ukraine has counterattacked and is now inside Kherson city. False.

Russia has lost 15,000 dead and 45,000 wounded. False. That’s 60,000 men out of commission. That would be 1/3 of their force right there. Forget it. The truth is that Russia has suffered 2,000 dead and possibly 6,000 wounded, a loss of 3% of its force, except that many wounded will be back in service.

The US media is now fact-checking its stories. False. They just say they are. I followed a lot of these fact-checking stories, and they almost all involved Russia. Some claim about Russia was false. Perhaps it was. But all of the fact-checking about Ukraine revealed that false pro-Ukraine, anti-Russia stories were almost always fact-checked as true, and any true claims about the US, such as us having bioweapons labs in Ukraine, were fact-checked as false. In other words, the fact-checkers are pretty much lying like maniacs. Totally worthless. I guess that’s the latest media scam: worthless fact-checkers!

200 people died when Russia bombed a theater full of civilians sheltering in it in Mariupol. False. We’ve already been over how this most certainly did not occur. But now the media has found “witnesses” to the attack. However, they only say that Russia bombed the building. They weren’t there. This story has been changing forever now.

People in the theater and nearby told interviewers that Azov mined the roof and ceiling of the theater, ordered everyone out, and then blew it up. We have no footage of the theater being attacked, rescue crews or ambulances or wounded or dead at the scene – absolutely nothing. Of course if this really happened, there would be media all over it. They’ve also never presented the names of any of these victims or interviewed any of their relatives or friends.

Russia is using its best weapons, so that means it is running out of weapons period! False. That doesn’t even make sense.

70% of Russia’s missiles are failing to hit their targets. False. Dubious. It’s highly doubtful that that is true.

Russia is running out of smart bombs, so they are using dumb bombs. False. My understanding was they never had many smart bombs to start with, and they still mostly use dumb bombs.

Many Russian soldiers are suffering from frostbite around Nikolaev. False. This comes from captured conversations between Russian troops. The recording is apparently a forgery, and the frostbite allegation is not true.

Captured recordings of Russian soldiers show that they are looting homes, raping women, and having contests to see how many civilians they can kill. Probably false. Russian troops are under strict orders not to do any of these things. If these things are happening, they may well be punished. But there’s no good evidence that these things even occurred.

Russians are interdicting humanitarian convoys leaving Mariupol. False. I don’t even know what that means. But they are letting many people leave the city in their own vehicles. I’m not aware that evacuation buses are being allowed in yet. Russian humanitarian aid has been in the city for a while. Russians have to go so slow because they have to rescue civilians from bomb shelters and basements, provide humanitarian aid to people, and help people leave the city.

Russians have not taken Izium. True in a sense. Russians have taken most of the city, but there are still Ukrainians in the south of the city, although much progress is being made in clearing the area. Russian forces have now taken Kamenka.

Russian attacks in Rubizhne and Popasnaya east of Izium have failed. False. Fighting is ongoing in both Rubizhne and Popasnaya. Ukrainians are in the southern part of Rubizhne. There’s no good picture on the fighting in Popasnaya.

Ukrainians recaptured Makariv to the west of Kiev. False. The mayor says fighting is ongoing in the city.

Ukrainians recaptured parts of Vorsel and parts of Moshchun to the northwest of Kiev. Unknown, but this was included in a comment about retaking much of Irpin, so it may not be true.

Ukraine claimed that they captured the cities of Malynivka and Poltavka near Hulyaipole. But Russia never said they had taken those towns. There is fighting in both of those towns right now. This is heading out towards Zaporozhye

Alt Left: The Unprovoked Invasion Lie: The Ukrainians Attacked Russia First

They engaged in repeated provocations in the weeks leading up to the invasion. Before they did this, the US warned that Russia would engage in false flags inside the Donbass to set the stage for war. Then the Ukrainians set about to engage in provocations in the Donbass, all which were denounced by the US as “Russian false flag.”

The aggressors were the Ukrainians.

They shot shells at Russia twice in the weeks before this started. They landed on open ground. That’s a casus belli. The US said it was a “Russian false flag.”

And they sent an expeditionary force in an armored car that invaded Russia and got five miles inside. The Russians took it out. It’s all on videotape. That’s obviously a casus belli right there. The US said it was a “Russian false flag.”

Ukrainians infiltrated Donbass and tried to blow up a gas pipe. There is footage of this. The US said it was a “Russian false flag.”

Ukrainian saboteurs threw a bomb into the main Donbass TV station. The US said it was a “Russian false flag.”

Ukrainian Special Forces blew up the car of a top Donbass general. The US said it was a “Russian false flag.”

Obviously they’ve been trying to provoke an invasion. That’s been their modus operandi for eight years. I was on Donbass groups with people who were deep in with the Donbass rebels and the Kremlin. From the very start they’ve been saying that the project is to bait Russia into invading Ukraine so they can drop the hammer on Russia. They said that Russia sees this as a trap that was set for them and was refusing to take the bait.

Russia finally took the bait and here we are.

You can also argue that Russia had a responsibility to protect ethnic Russians in the Donbass from the genocidal war waged against them by Ukies.

“Efforts to solve this peacefully should have been done before the war, but the chance is gone.”

Wake up already. The Russians and pro-Russians have been screaming to stop this war from starting for eight years now. That was what the Minsk Accords were all about. The Ukrainains have refused to implement the Minsk Accords they signed, possibly on orders from their American masters. The Ukrainians and NATO did everything possible to make sure this did not end peacefully.

The Ukrainians and NATO wanted this war. That’s why it’s happening right now. It could have easily been avoided, but the Ukrainians and NATO didn’t want it to end peacefully.

Alt Left: More on Ukrainian Ultranationalism/Fascism/Nazism

This whole war is about Ukrainian nationalism. Ukrainian nationalism is a form of fascism, period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. And even those Jewish presidents are in on it. Over there, Nazism means “kill the Russians,” not so much “kill the Jews.”

20-33% of Ukrainians are full blown ultranationalist fascists and most of the rest put up with them.

There are a few Ukie antis and pacifists, mostly in the south and east, but not too many. Even Ukie “antifa” is fascist and Nazi. The Russian antifascists are all antifa. Most of the Ukrainian antifascists, including those who are not pro-Russian, have had to flee Ukraine in the last eight years as many of them have been arrested and some of them have been killed. Where did they flee to? Russia, of course! Which country are the antifascists fleeing from due to persecution? Ukraine. Which country is taking in all these persecuted antifascists? Russia! Tell me again about how Russia is a fascist country.

I would not say most Ukies are Nazis. The figure for true Nazis is ~27% in my estimation. But I would say that most Ukrainians are not antifascist at the moment. Most Ukrainians are pro-fascist.

Why did this Zelensky just give a medal to the Nazi Azov Battalion? Why did he say that Stepan Bandera was one of the great heroes of Ukraine? Why did former president Poroshenko drive around in cars the other day with Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera’s portrait on it? His picture is everywhere in Ukraine. There are statues to him and his pals in most every city.

Why did an openly Nazi party, Svoboda, get 35% of the vote in the Western Ukraine in the last election? Why did it get 50% in Lviv?

Bandera was a Nazi collaborator. ALL of the heroes of Ukrainian nationalism were Nazi collaborators. Before them, the earliest Ukrainian nationalists in 1917-1923 were full-blown fascists too. They led pogroms that killed 30,000 Jews. That’s the root of Ukrainian nationalism. It’s not just Russians they hate. These Jewish presidents have deputized these Nazis to patrol cities as citizen cops. They tormented the Greeks in Mariupol for eight years and the Hungarians in the west for just as long. You know why? They’re ethnic nationalists. They hate everyone who’s not a pure Ukrainian.

Ukrainian nationalism has been about ethnic purity since 1917. Before that, the earliest strains of Ukie nationalism were formed from a base of Ukrainian village culture in the southwest which engaged in repeated anti-Jewish pogroms in the early 1800’s until most of the Jews in the region were crowded into Odessa. This is the root base of Ukrainian nationalism.

Let’s listen to Ukrainian liberals: A Ukrainian liberal head of military medicine just gave the order to castrate all Russian POW’s.

A Ukrainian liberal on state TV just said we don’t just need to kill all the Russian adults. We need to kill their kids too. Because nits make lice.

A Ukrainian liberal on a top TV channel said the Donbass was overpopulated with 4 million people. Its population needed to be reduced by the extermination of 1.5 million people. They’ve been trying to do just that in the Donbass for eight years now, firing shells at cities and towns.

The Ukrainian liberals all cheered when 40 Communists were burned alive by Nazis in Odessa.

The Ukrainian liberal vice president’s favorite band was a Nazi hard rock band.

If this is how the liberals act for God’s sake, just think of how the out and out Nazis act!

Alt Left: The “Russians Are Nazis” Lie

“Russians by definition cannot be Nazis.”

Nope, Russians can be Nazis. Hell, Jews can be Nazis as we see with these disgusting Nazi-suckup Jews in Ukraine. There are absolutely Nazi groups in Russia. They are radical Russian ethnic nationalists who want to throw everyone who is not a Russian out of the country. This charming dissident Alexei Navalny with his fake poisonings is one of these types. However, they are not common, Putin hates them (Putin is Jewish), and their organizations are banned.

Much more common are “Russian Empire” nationalists. They are not ethnic nationalists. The worst they get is, “You have to speak Russian as a native tongue and be Russian Orthodox in religion.” If you ask them if you have to be Russian to join, they will say, “No! We are not Nazis.” Russians have always been multiethnic and multireligious. Many of the greatest heroes of Russia were non-Russians. Many of the ethnic groups still speak their native languages. Every Chechen I saw so far was speaking Chechen.

Russia nationalism is the nationalism of a multiethnic multireligious empire. Even the rightwingers are typically not racist.

Alt Left: The “Russian Puppets” Lie

The “Russian puppet” president of Ukraine, Yanukovich, was democratically elected in a free and fair election. He was trying to ride a thin line between being pro West and pro Russia. The EU offered him a deal to join, but it was terrible, total austerity and destruction of the working class. The Russians offered him a much better deal, so he went with that. Half of the people wanted to go to the EU and half wanted to go to Russia, 50-50.

The US would not tolerate Ukraine orienting herself to Russia, so the violent CIA Maiden coup was set off where NATO snipers trained in NATO camps in Poland opened fire on both cops and protestors and left 100 dead. This false flag was blamed on the Berkut police, and the government was overthrown in a violent coup. A radical Ukrainian nationalist Nazi regime was then installed, the first such regime since WW2.

They immediately declared total war on all Russian speakers. The Donbass rose up. I was on groups at that time who were deep in with the Kremlin and the Donbass leaders. Russia refused to support the rebellion for a long time and would not even give them guns. People complained about Russia’s lack of support all the time. Sound like puppets to you?

Russia wanted federalism for the Donbass, not this mess. But there was no to be federalism on orders of the US. Sound like puppets to you?

Finally Russia started sending “military surplus” to the separatists as the war stepped up, but the separatists always complained it was not enough. The separatists kept asking for more weapons, but Russia would not give it to them. Sound like puppets to you?

Russia finally invaded when it looked like the separatists would going to lose, but they also ordered the separatists to stop soon. Hence, the separatists  stopping short of Mariupol and did not seize it on Russian orders. Sound like puppets to you?

Since then, the Donbass for eight years has been asking to be taken in as a part of Russia, but Russia always told them to take a hike. Sound like puppets to you?

All this time, the separatists had long since declared independence, but Russia refused to accept it for eight years because they preferred a federalism settlement that left the Donbass a part of Ukraine. Sound like puppets to you?

Finally, after all efforts at peaceful settlement were rebuffed by the Nazis and NATO, Russia recognized the republics. But they still refuse to take them into Russia. Sound like puppets to you?

That doesn’t sound like they are puppet at all. They are allies, yes, but they have many differences, and Donbass people are often mad at Russia because Russia won’t do what they want. Russia was opposed to the separatist rebellion from the start, refused to arm them, then only armed them a bit, then helped them but forced them to stop far short of their goals, then refused to recognize their independence for eight years until finally Russia had had enough and caved in.

For eight years those were Donbass people fighting for their land, not Russians. Yet Ukraine and NATO lied the whole time, saying it was the Russian army. It wasn’t, absent maybe a few advisors and military intelligence.

It should be obvious by now that the separatists are absolutely not Russian puppets, and the separatists and Russia had great differences, with the Russians opposing the separatist project from Day One until a few days before the recent invasion. The separatists are often angry at Russia for not doing what they want Russia to do. These are two separate groupings, each with their own agency, and neither one is a puppet of the other one. I fact, they have been at odds with each other for most of the last eight years.

Alt Left: Nazism in Ukraine – An Overview, Part 1 of a Four Part Series

NAZISM IN UKRAINE – AN OVERVIEW Part 1 of a Four Part Series

Yes, there are antecedents to Ukrainian Nazism, as Ukrainian nationalism was fascist and proto-Nazi as early as the first Ukrainian state in 1917-1923. They led many pogroms against Jews, killing at least 30,000 of them. A big one took place in Lviv. One of the leaders of some of the biggest pogroms was Jewish, perhaps a hidden one. Ukraine is a weird place. You had Jews leading pogroms against Jews, and Jews herding other Jews into holding camps.

This state was defeated by the Red Army, who saved the Jews. Yes, the Red Army committed a few pogroms too, but it was strictly forbidden. When the Whites in the Civil War would come into towns, they would take the Jews out of towns and loot their stores. When Trotsky’s Reds came to town, they would gather all the Jews in the town square, tell them they had come to save them, and urge them to join the Red Army. Jews joined the Red Army in droves. Pogroms ended in the USSR and antisemitism was made into a capital offense.

The Reds and Bolsheviks were not a bunch of Jews as Nazi propaganda insists. There were as many Latvians as Jews in the first administration. Yes, many Bolsheviks were Jewish, but in 1917, 70% of Russian Jews voted for the Zionist Party against the Bolsheviks, just to show you where the Russian Jews’ mindset was. As Jews say, while maybe five out of ten radicals is Jewish, maybe one out of ten Jews is a radical. This explains the “Jewish radicalism” theory well.

Alt Left: Nazism in Ukraine – An Overview, Part 2 of a Four Part Series

NAZISM IN UKRAINE – AN OVERVIEW Part 2 of a Four Part Series

Forced collectivization in the early 30’s did result in famine, but it was not limited to Ukraine. Just as many died in the very pro-Stalin Donbass, in the Volga, and in Kazakhstan. 1 million died in Siberia. People died in Moscow. Many people died of famine in Poland. Did Stalin kill those Poles too? There was a wheat rust epidemic that spread through the area, and a famine harvest resulted in 1932, half of normal. This was the cause of the famine.

The Holodomor story of a record harvest followed by Jewish NKVD coming in and seizing it to starve Ukrainians is simply a Nazi lie, but that’s what Ukrainians believe. There was a class war in Ukraine. 75% of Ukrainians were landless and were brutally exploited by large landlords in a semi-feudal fashion. Others had small horse-plowed plots that were hardly productive.

The kulaks were the large landlords. They waged a war against collectivization. They piled their crops in fields and set fire to them. They piled them and let rains soak them, ruining them. The kulaks ruined their own crops! The kulaks also killed half the livestock in the USSR, including most of the horses. As plowing was horse-driven, this contributed to famine. The Ukrainians set their own crops on fire and left it in the rain to spoil, and then cried that they had no food! Chutzpah!

The kulaks also formed an insurgency against collective farms. 20 attacks a day were being launched in early 1932. Attacks were brutal, consisting of attacking collective farms, killing the men, and raping and murdering the women. A brutal counterinsurgency was launched which left 390,000 dead in Ukraine. If you want to talk about a Holodomor, talk about that.

Yes the death toll was worst in Ukraine, but that’s where the worst of the bad harvest was. Most people died of disease, mostly cholera; few died of actual starvation. Reporters driving through Ukraine saw orderly towns with no dead lying in the streets but with long lines outside health clinics. In part, the famine was also due to the USSR tearing down the old system too fast and not building the new one soon enough.

The lie about all the food of the record harvest being stolen by the Soviets is proven to be false in that records show they requisitioned much less and shipped back a lot more wheat to Ukraine in 1932 than they had in previous years. Basically, Stalin had to feed his cities. And it was this collectivization that allowed the rapid industrialization that enabled the USSR to win the war against Germany and defeat Nazism.

During the Civil War the Whites committed many pogroms, so of course the Jews flocked to the Red Army because they were saving them and cracking down on homicidal or genocidal antisemitism. So yes, by 1924 most Russian Jews supported the Communists, but so did most workers and especially most peasants. The new regime put in by Lenin, which dramatically expanded Ukraine’s territory to the east, raised standards of living by lot in Ukraine.

Alt Left: Nazism in Ukraine – An Overview, Part 3 of a Four Part Series

NAZISM IN UKRAINE – AN OVERVIEW Part 3 of a Four Part Series

This war in the 1930’s was a class war more than anything. As I said, 70% of Ukrainians were landless peasants. The Holodomor fanboys are the children of the brutal landlords who viciously exploited the Ukrainian peasants for centuries. Nevertheless, a Nazi lie was started when the Nazis made up the Holodomor myth. To this day, Ukrainians blame the USSR and especially “the Jews” for the Holodomor. Holodomor theory is viciously antisemitic. Ask a Ukrainian about the Holodomor and see what you get. “The Jews killed us!” is what you will hear.

The Ukrainian Jews which had swarmed to the Reds in the Civil War, also remained serious supporters of the USSR during the Holodomor period. The ONU Ukrainian ultranationalist fascist group was founded in the late 20’s and started waging attacks at that time. All through the 30’s, the NKVD was killing a lot of them.

Even before the Nazis even invaded Ukraine in1941, the ONU under the hero of the Ukrainian nationalists Stepan Bandera started killing Jews in Lviv already in 1940. The Lviv pogrom was horrible. There is footage of it on Youtube. Bandera’s ONU pursued the Nazi “Jewish Bolshevism” theory that “Communism was Jewish.” Judeo-Bolshevism continues to animate Ukrainian ultranationalist Nazi theory to this day, a movement supported by 20-33% of the Ukrainian population. Ukrainian antisemitism is driven by the idea that “Jews are Communists.”

Bandera’s group also killed Poles, Gypsies, and Russians. In the end, they killed 200,000 Jews and 90,000 Poles. The SS turned over to the ONU tasks that even the SS shied away from, like killing children. The ONU relished in such tasks. The ONU was so bad that many Ukrainian Jews sought refuge from the Wehrmacht to save them from the ONU! The Wehrmacht was not the SS, and although it committed many crimes, in other times, they saved and protected Jews as it was not a force that was ideological at its core. It was mostly the SS and Einsatzgruppen who were the Jew-killers.

The ONU had massive support in Western Ukraine, and Bandera and all of his associates are the heroes of Ukrainian nationalism. All of the heroes of Ukrainian nationalism were Nazi collaborators. The Ukrainian nationalists from 1917-1923 are best seen as proto-Nazis or pre-Nazis. As the USSR reconquered Ukraine, the US and UK hustled the Ukrainian nationalists out of the country to the US, Canada, and Australia.

Alt Left: Nazism in Ukraine – An Overview, Part 4 of a Four Part Series

NAZISM IN UKRAINE – AN OVERVIEW Part 4 of a four part series

As soon as the ink was dry on the German armistice, the CIA was signing up these Ukrainian nationalist Nazis for a guerrilla war in Ukraine. That war went on until 1956 and was put down with extreme brutality by the NKVD. Unfortunately, they didn’t kill all of these Nazi nationalists, and by 1959, many were left alive. It was these seeds that went on to flower into the current Ukrainian nationalist regime.

For the remainder of the USSR, nothing much happened in Ukraine. It was the second wealthiest Soviet republic. Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine as a gift. Khrushchev himself was Ukrainian. Many Russians today have Ukrainian roots and relatives. When Ukraine went independent in 1991, the nationalists/Nazis came out of the closet and showed up again after a long absence. However, from 1991-2013, nationalists/Nazis were at a fairly low level in Ukrainian society, as Ukraine was not ruled by Ukrainian nationalists.

After the violent CIA Maidan coup of 2014, a violent Ukrainian nationalist regime was put back in power. These nationalist/Nazis have been in power from 2014-to present. During this time they have flooded Ukraine with Ukrainian nationalist/Nazi propaganda.

In Kiev in 2018, there were posters for the Right Sector everywhere you looked. In Kharkiv in 2019 it was even worse. There was nationalist graffiti including swastikas and “foreigners out of Ukraine” everywhere you looked. The Nazi Azov Battalion had a recruiting booth set up in the town center and was quite busy. As in Mariupol, the Nazi battalions set up shop here and turned this city into a base. Both cities are majority Russian speakers.

So there you have it. Ukraine is not necessarily a Nazi country, but Nazis have been in power for the last eight years, flooding the country with Nazi propaganda. Instead of saying that Ukraine is a Nazi country, it is better to say that Ukraine has a Nazi problem. Ukraine probably has the worst Nazi problem on Earth. Most people are not Nazis, but the state is Nazi and has been for eight years. In that time they have brainwashed many people.

Probably 20-33% of Ukrainians are hardcore Ukrainian nationalists/Nazis. The rest are more salvageable. Perhaps they are brainwashed like the Germans were. At any rate, a denazification must be done as was done in Germany to disinfect the Nazi infestation.

Alt Left: What Can I Say?

Is this a good assessment or what?

Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council who also previously served as the country’s president and prime minister, wrote in a post on Russian social networking site that Russia has been “the target of the same mediocre and primitive game” since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“This means that Russia must be humiliated, limited, shaken, divided and destroyed,” Medvedev wrote, saying if Americans succeed in that objective, “here is the result: the largest nuclear power with an unstable political regime, weak leadership, a collapsed economy and the maximum number of nuclear warheads aimed at targets in the US and Europe.”

Alt Left: Letter from Ukraine

Found on the Net. As you can see, by 2018-2019, Ukraine was pretty much transformed into a Nazi/fascist country. Denazification is going to be real difficult in a place with an infestation this bad.

My ex-gf was a Kharkov native so I was there three times between 2018-2019. I first entered Ukraine in 2018, and Kiev had a really weird, unfriendly vibe, and there were Right Sector flags everywhere.

Also, in 2018 there was an Azov recruiting tent on Freedom Square in Kharkov. But there was still the odd bit of anti-Trizub graffiti visible on the train ride (the high speed train from Kiev that actually has air conditioning in the summer, unlike most of their trains) into the city.

In 2019, all of that was gone. The Azov tent was still there. But you started to see “patriotic” shit everywhere, like really over the top, everything must be blue and yellow. You saw more and more NG soldiers/reservists in uniform walking around the city. Kharkov became a stronghold for them, just as Mariupol did. Two cities, in the Ukrainian East, full of ethnic Russians…and major bases for the nationalist militias.

I ended the relationship in late 2019 and have not returned to Ukraine since. The next time I go, it might actually be a nice place!

Alt Left: Jamaica Wants to Dump the Crown

Actually, it’s about time. All the woke stuff isn’t bad. Why should the population have a sense of nostalgic fondness of bull-whippings? 

This isn’t the same as repartitions, which is what they are also demanding. However, this particular demand is highly reasonable.

John Cleese’s Humorous Take on Repartations

Technically, he’s right. However, that doesn’t mean I would support Confederate monuments because those monuments are all about rubbing it in, putting salt on a wound.

Anyway, the Woke generation won’t tolerate the truth about repartitions because anything not cow-towing to “protected groups” isn’t allowed. But you can abort protected groups.  That’s totally fine and should go along with the Nazi SS ideology perfectly.

Latest NATO/US Lies and Propaganda about the Russo-Ukraine War, March 23, 2022

To be continuously updated. I’ll have more coming as the BS flows in throughout the day.

A woman who jumped onto a newscast in Russia holding an antiwar sign faces up to 15 years in prison. False. She’s already had a trial. She was fined $300. Her case is over.

Russian attacks have been destroying the water, food, TV, radio, and power in cities they attack. False. What little I have heard of is that the Ukrainians are turning off their own power, electricity, and water supplies in cities under attack. We have no idea why they are doing this. I haven’t heard of any of this getting shut off by Russian attacks, although they did take out the TV tower in Kiev but that’s because

The war is stalemated. False. Russian and separatist republic forces move forward ~5 miles a day. These forces typically take 4-5 new towns a day. Ukraine had the 3rd largest army in Europe and they are fighting very hard. They’ve had eight years to dig in, especially in the Donbass where they are dug in so deep it’s very hard to dislodge them. Most of the Donbass towns are a real slog.

A beautiful Russian model criticized Putin, so he had her murdered and had her body stuffed in a suitcase. False. Her boyfriend murdered her a year ago. He was convicted in a court of law and is now serving a sentence.

The school in Mariupol that where 400 refugees took up residence and were bombed by Russia is an art school. We just learned that. False. There’s no evidence that this event even took place. Russia is going so slow in Mariupol because they are trying to preserve as many civilian lives as possible.

Russia is running out of manpower and equipment. Apparently false.

Russia is having to dip into second string reserves who are poorly trained. False. My understanding is that Russia has not used any of its reserves. It used some conscripts in the beginning but then it sent them home.

Russia has used chemical weapons in the past. False.

The US feels that Russia is getting ready to do a chemical or biological weapons attack. False. And their evidence for his is…? Nothing.

Russia made up a lie about US bioweapons labs in Ukraine (except it wasn’t a lie), which somehow means Russia is getting ready to use chemical or biological weapons herself! False. How they arrived at that odd conclusion is not known.

If we do not help Ukraine, Russia will commit a “genocide” in Ukraine. False. Russia has actually been dramatically going out of its way to try not to harm civilians. A Newsweek article today finally admits this. Yes, 1,000 civilians have died, but Russia could have killed many more, especially if they used US methods of scorched Earth warfare.

If we do not help Ukraine, Russia overthrow the Ukrainian government and start World War 3. False. How does one follow from the other. This is the old “If we don’t fight the Islamist terrorists over there, we will have to fight them here” lie. Anyone notice that it never came true?

Ukraine’s recent offer is reasonable. Ukraine will agree to not join NATO and in response, Russia will initiate a ceasefire and leave Ukraine. False. Russia would have to be insane to take that offer. What about denazification? What about Donbass and Crimea? What’s to stop them from joining NATO.

Ukraine’s offer on Donbass and Crimea is reasonable. This question will have to be put to voters via a referendum. False. Like Hell it does. Anyway, obviously the voters are going to vote no on letting either one go.

Russia is bogged down in a stalemate. False. On the contrary, Russia is encircling the cities and laying seige to them. Further, Russia and the separatist armies are advancing by 3-12 miles every day. Every day they capture another 4-8 villages.

Russia lacks air superiority. False. Russia has total air superiority. The Ukrainian air force is shot. Yes they have some anti-aircraft weaponry, but they are not shooting down many Russian planes.

Russia is planning a huge cyberattack on the US that will shut down America. False. This will also trigger Article 5 of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization. Even this is dubious.

Russia’s use of supersonic weapons reflects not an extreme advantage but instead is a sign of desperation that they are running out of weaponry. False. LOL no.

A Russian newspaper said Russia had suffered 10,000 casualties. False. They were hacked by Ukrainians. The true figure may be 2,500.

Ukraine has shot down 100 Russian jets so far. False. LOL no.

Putin is getting ready to send in his own “fascist forces.” False. I don’t believe Putin has any fascist forces.

Putin is a Nazi like Hitler. Russia is a fascist country. False. While Russia is authoritarian, it is probably not fascist. Many authoritarian countries are not fascist.

The way to fight fascism in Putin’s Russia is by helping Ukraine. This is an antifascist gesture. False. LOL no. The way to stop an antifascist Russia is by supporting Nazi fascist Ukraine. Yeah. Makes sense!

If Russia is not stopped in Ukraine, it will attack the Baltics and Poland. It may well also attack Swedish islands and especially Alaska. False. Nope. Notice how they throw Alaska in there? Putin is going to attack US territory!

Russia’s supersonic missiles are nothing special. They’re just regular missiles. False. LOL no, are you kidding?

Putin is increasingly isolated and erratic. False. We don’t have any evidence for this.

Putin is mentally ill, senile, or has long COVID, all affecting his mind and judgement. On the contrary, he’s quite sane.

According to a Russian dissident, the Russian people oppose the war. False. 15% oppose the war. 74% support it. Putin has 79% support.

The mass Putin rally in Moscow was fake. False. The only reason people came is because they were forced to or were paid. Dubious. The wildly enthusiastic crowd of 200,000 is the largest in a long time.

Putin is the richest man in the world, worth hundreds of billions of dollars. False. There’s no evidence to support this. This is simply inferences people are making. His own salary is rather modest.

Russia is having resupply problems. Apparently false.

Navalny is the leading figure of Russia’s opposition. False. Well, not really. He only has 1% support. When he runs for President, he gets 1% of the vote! If that’s the leader of the opposition, that opposition sure is sorry.

Navalny’s conviction on fraud is politically motivated. Probably not, and even if it is, so what? He broke the law. The guy’s a criminal and a corrupt fraudster who’s been engaging in financial crimes for many years. He deserved his sentence.

Tucker Carlson and a few MAGA Republicans are pro-Russia. False. Both have condemned Putin, Russia, and the invasion. More properly, they are isolationists.



Schwarzenegger’s Speech to Russians

I listened to part of it. Same old same old. This article claims it has been remarkably effective.

Just forget it. Putin has 79% support in Russia. It’s gone up since the war started. 74% of Russians support the war and only 15% oppose it. The oppose figure has not risen. His speech wasn’t effective at all!

“That face is the cover page of American imperialism and colonialism,” TV host Vadim Gigin declared on state TV show Sunday Evening With Vladimir Solovievon, raging about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his video clip.

Of course that’s 100% true.

By the way, Schwarzenegger’s father was a Nazi, a member of the SS at that, who was wounded at Leningrad.

Down with Antisemitic

Buttface: What’s wrong with the Unz site? I’ve been there a few times, and it didn’t look too bad.

Full of completely insane antisemites and full on Nazis, the real kind, that love Hitler and his government, all tolerated and even encouraged by the very Jewish Mr. Unz. This man is very foolish.

Jews won’t get anywhere sucking up to Nazis for whatever crazy reason they have. When push comes to shove, a Nazi’s a Nazi, and they’re pretty much out to get all the Jews. They will hardly save a one of them. Jews are evil in a racial sense to Nazis. It’s not something you can talk or convert your way out of.

There are antisemites and there are antisemites. A lot of people don’t like Jews as a group. They don’t make themselves easy to like – I get it. Claudius said he’s never met one person in his life who liked Jews, but they all made exceptions for individual Jews. They dislike the group, but they take each individual Jew as a unique person, and a lot of them are really cool in my opinion as long as you keep away from certain subjects. Of course, my longest relationship was with a Jewish woman who agreed with most everything I said about Jews. And I was actually going to convert to Judaism to please her too.

I don’t mind “watercooler antisemitism” – complaints that Jews are greedy, obnoxious, loud, rude, aggressive, somewhat unpleasant, slightly sociopathic and thuggish – a lot of them are, especially the men. But many also are not.

And any rate, there’s nothing wrong with not being wild about certain types of people. I’m not wild about Turks, the Latin American upper class, Gulf Arabs, Indian Hindus, and especially Gypsies. Not wild about Nigerians either. But I’ll probably be nice to them if I meet them, and I don’t advocate harming them in any way. Jews are in the same class, though they’re better than those other groups. I don’t want to harm them either.

Just because you’re not ecstatic about some race of people doesn’t mean you want to hurt them!

Obsessive, conspiratorial antisemitism or hardcore antisemitism is nasty stuff. It has and still does lead to active harm for Jewish people. To put it mildly, it’s not good the Jews at all. I don’t blame Jews for being very suspicious of and even harboring strong dislike for these people.

And it tends to go over towards Nazism at some point or another. It’s an odd hardcore antisemite who isn’t a Nazi in some way or another. Antisemitism is a different form of racism because it can and does turn homicidal. Despite the screams of antiracists, most racism against Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. isn’t of the homicidal variety.

I’ve also noticed that hardcore antisemites, at some point or another, start advocating for mass murder of Jews. I’d say the mildest want to kill ~200,000 of them. I always thought this was a Jewish lie – antisemites want to kill them all. Sadly, I found out the Jews weren’t lying about this. I don’t know why it is, but this form of racism generally leads to advocacy of mass murder.

Anti-Zionist antisemitism, granted a variety of antisemitism though not all anti-Zionists are particularly antisemitic, doesn’t typically lead to exterminationist language. If all the Jews in Israel packed up and went to other countries or the moon tomorrow, this type of antisemite wouldn’t really care. It’s not like they would go hunt them down in their new homes! They just want them out of Palestine. Once they leave, most of these people don’t care where they go.

Islamist antisemitism can be exterminationist in its extreme forms like Al Qaeda or ISIS. I believe ISIS is committing to killing all the Jews on Earth. On the other hand, unlike racial antisemites, even ISIS will let you convert your way out of harm.

Kremlin TV Takes on Schwarzenegger’s Remarks

Some harsh words. How do you all feel? First of all, Schwarzenegger went after Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, but at least with this message he might reach some pro-Russians but not die-hard supporters of Putin.

Alt Left: The Latest US/NATO Lies and Propaganda, March 21, 2022

We have somehow recorded five false flags so far in this war, most in the last few days. They’re centered around Mariupol, which is false flag central because the Ukrainians are losing.

Update! Russia is taking Mariupol residents out of the city to Russia where they are putting them in some gulags or internment camps. Unknown. I haven’t the faintest idea what is going on with this rumor. I don’t know who these people are or why they would do this. 99% of Mariupol residents support Russia. Why would they haul their own supporters away gulags in Russia? It sounds completely insane but I don’t have enough information to deny it at the moment.

Ammonia plant false flag. Russia attacked an ammonia plant in Sumy. False. Russia warned of this one two days ago. It said nationalist battalions had mined this plant and planned to blow it up as a false flag. Turns out two days later, they do just that. Occam’s Razor says the Ukrainians blew up the plant as a false flag to blame Russia. Otherwise you have to believe that Russia told everyone they were going to bomb a chemical plant and then did it because they really, really wanted to bomb a chemical plant! Get out.

Mariupol theater false flag. More information on the Mariupol theater false flag. Turns out that the entire theater was cleared out when the Azov Battalion bombed it with the mines they had laid on the roof and ceiling. They got all the civilians out of the place first. The US media talking about pulling civilians out of the rubble is all lies. We have no video of this attack, any victims or survivors, or any rescue efforts.

No doubt because there are none. The building was empty when they blew it up, like the maternity hospital. The Ukrainians keep changing this story all the time. Whenever a story keeps changing, you know it is a false flag or fake attack. Notice how many times atrocity stories the US reports keep changing every day? That’s because the US/NATO is pretty much False Flag Central at this point. I’ve got some news for you. In real attacks, the story doesn’t keep changing all the time in essential facts.

Mariupol mosque false flag. Russia attacked a mosque in Mariupol with artillery. False. 80 people were inside trapped in the rubble. This was a Ukrainian attempt to drag Turkey into the war but it didn’t work. Turkey called up the mosque and the people at the mosque said there was no attack and everyone was fine.

Mariupol school false flag. Russia bombed a school with 400 people in it. False. No video of the attack, survivors, victims, rescue crews, people being pulled out of rubble, etc. Obviously this never even happened, like the mosque fake.

Chernhiv false flag. We didn’t understand this one. Russia shot 12 people standing in line to buy food. False. Russia said there were no troops in the city. We had no new information however reports from Ukrainian social media from inside the city report that a nationalist battalion shot the people as a false flag to blame Russia. They killed their own people!

Russian artillery hit Kharkiv, 21 killed, 28 wounded in two schools. False. Finally got some new information on this one. All casualties were soldiers. All schools are closed. Kids are in online learning if at all. Ukrainian troops are taking up residence in schools, as you can see.

Russia attacked an old folks home in Luhansk Province, killing 40 civilians. False. It appears that Ukrainian troops took over this facility and used the old people as human shields. When they took it over, they made all the staff leave but they let the old people stay for whatever reason. The Ukrainians used it as a base to fire on the LNR forces. LNR forces recaptured the old folks home from Ukraine, but 40 old people died in the attack. 15 survived. I blame Ukraine for using these people as human shields.

Ukraine destroyed a Russian ship. False. The ship is still sailing.

Russia gave residents and Ukrainian forces until this morning to get out of Mariupol. After that they were going in and they were going arrest everyone and put them on trial in military courts for war crimes. There are still 300,000 people in Mariupol. False. Those people support Russia! Why would Russia do this to them? This only applied to the Azov Battalion and the local officials who were working with them. They were given a chance to save their hides and get out without being arrested today. They refused to surrender so the war goes on.

Ukraine has tried to set up humanitarian corridors for Mariupol all week, but Russia keeps stopping them. False. The opposite is true. Russia has been setting up the corridors and Azov has not been letting people leave and shooting at people if they do.

Russia has destroyed Mariupol. False. Civilians fleeing blame Ukrainian forces for 85% of the damage to the city.

Mariupol is a gigantic war crime by Russia. False. 99% of fleeing civilians blame Ukraine and support Russia even after their city has been flattened. Only 1% go to Ukrainian territory. If it’s such a war crime, why do 99% of the people in the city support Russia?

Russia is going to use a tactical nuclear weapon. False. There’s no evidence and I’d be really surprised if they do. They only countries that use these horrible nuclear weapons are two of the worst countries on Earth, the US and (((Israel))). Those are the only countries low enough to do a crime like that. I see no reason for Russia to do this.

Ukraine is going to win the war. False. LOL don’t think so.

The war is stalemated. False. This is coming from the absolutely useless US military officials and military experts on TV, all of whom are completely useless because everything they say is a lie to make Russia look bad and make Ukraine look good. That’s not analysis. It’s propaganda and lies. Russia does not appear to be stalemated. Instead, they are taking their time and going very slowly in an attempt to preserve as many civilian lives as possible. Putin feels that Ukrainians are his brothers, so he instructed forces to preserve civilian lives to the extent that they could.

Russia is targeting civilians. False. That means deliberately targeting civilians just to kill them and for no other reason. I haven’t seen any evidence of Russia doing this even one time in this war. This is one of the most careful modern warfare efforts I’ve ever seen. It’s been a while since I’ve seen an army try to preserve civilian lives to this extent. Of course civilians get caught in crossfire, hit accidentally and are hit collaterally in attacks on military targets.

Russia attacked a shopping mall in Kiev with a missile, targeting a civilian target. False. Not really. Well, they did attack a mall, but they did it in the middle of the night when it was closed. The mall was used as a firing range for artillery. Military vehicles were stored inside the mall and there was a huge weapons depot in there too. It was a military target.

The Azov Battalion blew up a swimming pool in Mariupol, killing 80 civilians. Unknown. This is a claim from separatist sources. I have no information on this and I don’t know why 80 people would be in an (empty? indoors?) swimming pool anyway.

Russia is not letting buses into Mariupol to take civilians out nor is it allowing humanitarian trucks in. False. There is a long line of humanitarian trucks outside, all Russian. So Russia won’t let their own trucks in! Russian humanitarian aid is already in the city distributing food, so food is now getting into the city. I don’t know about the buses. Maybe it isn’t safe enough to let them in. But Russia has been allowing ~10,000 people/day to flee in cars in recent days.

Russia is violating the UN Charter by deliberately targeting civilians so the war is illegal. False. Russia’s not deliberately targeting civilians. In modern wars, civilians are almost always deliberately targeted anyway, so I’m confused why Russia is being singled out here. The US deliberately targets civilians in every war it fights to the best of my knowledge.

Russia is suffering 1,000 casualties a day. False. Probably not. I would estimate more like ~400-500, but I’m not sure.

(((Zelensky))) is trying desperately to negotiate a settlement to the war. False. LOL. The other day (((Zelensky))) said that he wanted Ukraine to join NATO right now and he asked NATO to let his country in immediately. Unfortunately, a country at war cannot join NATO. (((Zelensky))) has been saying for a while now that he won’t join NATO, then today he says he’s joining. As you can see, there’s nothing to negotiate.

This (((clown))) has to be one of the biggest liars in the universe.

That said, as awful as the Ukrainian Jews are, I suspect that Ukrainian Gentiles might be even worse. Those Jews don’t care about anything but money, (((as usual))). They’re mostly thieves and crooks and they use the fascist nationalists to stay in power. Furthermore a lot of Ukrainian Jews are fascists themselves or at least put on airs of such. Ukrainian Jews are Ukrainian nationalists. I just have no respect for Jews who get into bed with literal Nazis as part of some sleazy Machiavellian realpolitik or zero-sum game, sorry. If you’re a Jew, the least you can do is hate Nazis!

According to Turkey, Ukraine and Russia are near agreement on Ukraine being neutral, not joining NATO, demilitarizing, and denazifying. That leaves out Crimea and the separatist republics, which Russia will not negotiate away. False. Most people think this is not true. See Zelensky’s comments above for more on that.

They think the Turks are just lying to make themselves seem like super negotiators. The Turks like even more than those people, and that’s pretty bad! And they’re far worse human beings too, and that’s pretty bad too. Jews at least have good qualities. Turks don’t, or they don’t have enough to outweigh the bad. Turks are literally a fascist people. Not just a fascist state. Fascist people. Sort of like Ukrainians, you know.

Russia is bringing in Syrian mercenaries and other foreign fighters. False. Many antifascists have volunteered to fight fascism in Ukraine. 10,000 Chechens are already in the city. A contingent of South Ossetian volunteers just entered the country. Two planeloads full of Syrian government troops have volunteered to fight in Ukraine.

There are a number of Armenian volunteers too. Were the people who went to fight fascism in Spain in the Spanish Civil War mercenaries? Well of course not. Then neither are these people. I’m not sure where you draw the line between volunteers and mercenaries but they seem to be very different concepts.

Russia is going to resort to bringing in foreign fighters because they are desperate and losing. False. As noted, many foreigners have already volunteered to fight fascism on the side of the Russian antifascists. There are many volunteers in Russia too who are dying to go fight, but they have not received permission yet from the state.

The world is united against Russia. False. l12% of the world is against Russia and is sanctioning it. 88% of the world is not against Russia and they are not sanctioning the country. I never realized that 12% of the world, the West, was the only part of the world that existed, but I’m sure that’s how the West sees things.

Six or eight Russian generals have been killed so far. Unknown. One pro-Russian source says it’s not true, but in general there doesn’t seem to be any clarification on this one way or the other.

Alt Left: Good Pro-Russian Websites

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Unz has some good stuff. Rarely comment here. The site is ridiculous.

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Some on Twitter:

Russians with Attitude

Alt Left: The Latest Lies of the Russo-Ukrainian War

Civilians Being Targeted: False. I have yet to see one single of case of civilians being deliberately targeted by Russia. Sure, there have been civilian deaths and injuries. These always happen in wars no matter how hard to try to avoid them. Civilians typically get targeted in wars nowadays, but I haven’t seen any cases of the Russians doing it.

On the other hand, Ukraine has targeted civilians many times in the Donbass and in Mariupol. Ukraine considers them to be enemy civilians and hostile. After they withdraw from an area, they often shell it and level the whole place. They abuse the civilians in the cities they control. They won’t even let them go outside. When they go outside, sometimes they are targeted by Ukrainian snipers. When people try to get out of these pro-Russian areas, the Ukrainians shoot at them.

We have a number of videos from citizens of Mariupol. All of them are blaming Ukraine for everything and the Russians for nothing. And many say that Ukraine shot at people who were trying to leave. They also told residents that they were not allowed to leave and if they tried to leave they would be shot at “by Russians.” Much of the structural damage in Mariupol is being caused by Ukraine just shelling the buildings, especially as they withdrawal. Once again this is from testimony from Mariupol civilians.

I have no information about Ukraine targeting their own people when they try to flee in pro-Ukrainian areas. That would seem to be stupid. Armies target hostile civilians, not friendly ones.

Russian bombing of Mariupol theater: False. Three days before this incident occurred, pro-Russian sources announced that according to civilians in Mariupol, the Azov Battalion had wired the theater with explosive and were going to blow it up to blame Russia. Sure enough, three days later, an explosion occurs at the theater exactly as predicated and Russia was blamed. But there were no Russian aircraft active anywhere in Mariupol on that particular day.

Furthermore, Russia was aware of the situation in the theater where Azov was holding people as human shields and using the upper floors for firing, and the theater had been removed from the target list. Yes, Azov had written CHILDREN in huge block letters outside the theater, but they wrote that in front of every large building in the city no matter who was in there. They did this to make it seemed like Russia bombed a theater even though CHILDREN was written outside, apparently just to be evil.

Russia knew there were civilians in there and said so and  removed it from the target list. However, 99% of those civilians are pro-Russian. So why on Earth does Russia blow up a theater full of civilians, 99% of whom are their own supporters? That makes no sense at all!

Azov told people to leave before they blew up the theater. But there were still many people in the bomb shelter in the basement which was not damaged in the attack. Nevertheless, there are still people down there buried under the rubble. Russia knew they were in that basement. Why do they blow up their own supporters and bury them in rubble? That makes no sense.

We now have videos coming out from people who were in the theater saying it was indeed full of civilians and Azov had mined the roof and wired the ceiling. As they withdrew, they told people to leave, and everyone left except for the people in the basement. Then Azov withdrew and blew up the theater. We also have another video from a woman in Mariupol who also says, “The Ukrainians blew up the theater.”

So it’s settled. The whole attack was faked. Why would Russia announce that Azov was going to do a false flag in the theater and then go ahead and bomb it anyway, just because they really, really wanted to bomb a theater full of civilians? It makes no sense! On the other hand, Azov is highly motivated to blow up a theater full of hostile civilians who support Russia in order to blame Russia.

Russia has been shooting at people trying to leave Mariupol and other locales in the Donbass. False. We now have interviews on video of Mariupol residents and residents of Volnovakha. The Mariupol people are all saying that Ukraine shot at people trying to leave and forbade people to leave. They even shot at buses of people trying to leave. There’s video testimony from the victims themselves! What more do you need?

The majority of Mariupol refugees are fleeing to Ukrainian controlled areas near Dnepropetrovsk. False. In fact, only 1% of people leaving are heading to Ukrainian controlled areas. 99%, all the rest, are fleeing to Russian and separatist controlled areas in the Donbass or in Russia itself.

Russia won’t allow aid convoys to come into Mariupol. Unknown. I have no information on this, but it seems odd as those convoys are made up all of Russian vehicles. Is it possible the situation is still too dangerous?

Russia is kidnapping people from Mariupol and putting them in camps in Russia where they are torturing them. False. I have no idea what they are talking about. As noted, 99% of people are fleeing on their own to Russia or Russian-controlled areas. Why would Russia kidnap their own supporters to take them to a place they want to go to anyway, and torture their very own civilian supporters there? That doesn’t add up at all.

Russia has mined the Black Sea, which is dangerous as the mines have done loose and now threaten shipping in the Bosporus in Turkey. False. Ukraine laid a lot of sea mines which have now come loose and are floating around the Black Sea.

Russia will throw Russians in prison for 15 years if they criticize the invasion or call it a war. False. First of all, “Putin the dictator” did not do that. The Duma did and it was democratically elected. To date the worst offender has been an anchorwoman who jumped behind a newscaster and waved a sign saying, “Stop the War.” She was just sentenced to pay a $300 fine for this rather grievous offense.

18 million Russians openly oppose the war. They can’t arrest 18 million people. They will have to triage.

I am on pro-Russia Russian sites, and pro-Russians call this a war all the time on there. I got tired of counting how many times they said. Those sites are also full of either Ukrainians or antiwar Russians. The antiwar Russians are pretty bad, and they’re practically traitors. There are many of them on these forums. Nothing is done to them. They’re not even banned! People just insult them.

The woman demonstrating with the sign on Russian TV fears for her safety and that of her child. False. Give it up.  She had to pay a whole fine of $300. Now they’re going to murder her? No way.

All opposition media in Russia is shut down. False. Depends what you mean by opposition media. The media that was shut down represents a section of society that gets 5% support in elections. Nobody likes them; everybody hates them. The Russians I know say, “Oh you mean the traitors,” when I bring them up. There is also a loyal opposition consisting Zhirinovsky’s ultranationist party and the Communist Party. Combined they get 25% of the vote. Keep in mind that they are anti-Putin. However they support the war and are generally patriots. Nothing is done to them at all.

Russia is running out of manpower, fuel, and food, and its supply lines are badly stretched. Hence it has stalled out and can go nowhere. False. Progress indeed is slow as it is supposed to be when you are trying to minimize civilian casualties. Keep in mind that this nonsense is coming from the Pentagon, “US intelligence” (glowies), and military analyst media talking heads, all of whom are worthless in my opinion. They’re all lying to spin this as badly as possible for Russia. I haven’t found any good evidence that anything in the first sentence is true.

Ukraine is winning the war; Russia is about to be handled a humiliating defeat. False. The Western media features endless stories about Ukrainian success on the battlefield, how they are winning or are going to win and how Russia is losing or is going to lose.

On the contrary, Ukraine is losing the war and Russia is winning the war as best I can tell. The Ukrainian Air Force is gone. The Ukrainian Navy is gone. There are desertions. In some places, soldiers have run out of food and are raiding local homes to get enough to eat. I will grant that the Ukrainians are fighting very hard and well, and I credit them for that. They are being very brave and noble in many places on the battlefield.

Russia has lost 7,000 men KIA in this operation. False. This is from US intelligence glowies. Not buying it. That’s way too high. Try 2,000 KIA. I will agree with that figure.

Russia has lost 18,000 KIA and Ukraine is trying to repatriate 14,000 Russian KIA to Russia for burial. False. Forget it. Get out. It can’t be more much more than 2,000, and I doubt if many of them are in Ukrainian hands.

Ukraine conducted a counterattack in NE Kiev and Russia suffered major losses. False. On the contrary, the counterattack was fought off by Russia, and Ukraine sustained serious losses.

15 killed, 21 wounded by Russian shelling in Kharkiv. Unknown. I suppose it’s possible. These things happen in urban warfare.

1 killed, four wounded in Kiev when Russia targeted an elementary school. False. Ukraine shot down a Russian missile, and it landed on an apartment building, hence the casualties. There was an elementary school right nearby, but the missile was not targeting either the school or the apartment building.

Russia is deliberately targeting schools and hospitals. False. I’ve seen no evidence of this, and this goes against Putin’s directive to spare as many civilians as possible.

Zelensky made a video with a backdrop of Kiev, proving he is still in the capital. False. All of my information is that he is in Poland, and he has been there for a while.

Zelensky made a video showing a conference between him and leaders of Poland, Slovakia, and Czechia taking place in Kiev. Russia was warned and cleared the way for the train. False. This entire video was faked. We know this from analysis of the film and also from sources inside Poland. None of them ever left Poland. Instead it took place in Poland on the border with Ukraine.

The train was a train parked at that city. The part of the video where they are having a conversation in a train while going to Kiev is faked. The train is standing still. In the video there are journalists present but we believe there were no journalists at this fake meeting. Instead those men are Polish Secret Service posing as journalists. One of them ended up next to Zelensky in the meeting but he forgot to take his bulletproof vest off.

A number of Western stenographer-whores, I mean journalists, know full well that this whole video was faked but they reported it as it happened anyway. Sickening.

Russia will soon run out of lifesaving medicines. False. They have enough for 3-6 months and the foreign companies that supply them will continue to do so. Also many of them are made in Russia, and the Russian government is now forcing these companies to produce these drugs, and they will not be allowed to stop.

Russia will be thrown off the GPS system. False. You can’t just throw a country off of the GPS satellite system. There’s no way to do it. Also Russia has its own alternate GPS system that works just fine anyway.

China is embarrassed by their alliance with Russia; the US will be able to separate Russia from China with sanctions on China. False and probably false. The first part is not true at all. They have a strong alliance, even stronger now because they both know they are in the same boat. I do not think the US will be able to throw a wedge between the two countries.

Putin is a dictator. False. The Duma passes most legislation and if they won’t pass bills, they won’t get passed. Putin is not Stalin. Putin is quite limited in how he can act towards his political enemies because he has to follow the law, and this limits him a lot. The Russian people do not want to have a dictator anyway and do not think Putin is one. To them a dictator is Stalin.

Putin is a fascist. False. He seems to disagree with this movement pretty strongly. I’m having a hard time understanding how it is that Putin is a fascist. Can someone clue me in here? He’s coming from the anti-fascist tradition of the USSR. Remember this guy is former KGB.

Putin is a Nazi. False. He hates Nazis and he has nothing against any ethnic group. At any rate these groups have much greater rights in their country than they do in ours. The Russian Empire has long been multiracial and multi ethnic. Yes, there are Nazis in Russia, but Putin doesn’t like them, and a number of those organizations have been made illegal.

That’s about all for now! I’ll have more tomorrow when Ukraine, the US, the West, and NATO will dole out another huge helping of lies! See you then!

Hollies, “The Air That I Breathe”

From 1974. My era. I remember this song very well. It’s great, isn’t it?


If I could make a wish
I think I’d pass
Can’t think of anythin’ I need
No cigarettes, no sleep, no light, no sound
Nothing to eat, no books to read
Making love with you
Has left me peaceful, warm, and tired
What more could I ask
There’s nothing left to be desired
Peace came upon me and it leaves me weak
So sleep, silent angel
Go to sleep
Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe
And to love you
All I need is the air that I breathe
Yes, to love you
All I need is the air that I breathe
Peace came upon me
And it leaves me weak
So sleep, silent angel
Go to sleep
Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe
And to love you
All I need is the air that I breathe
Yes, to love you
All I need is the air that I breathe
Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe
And to love you
All I need is the air that I breathe
Yes, to love you
All I need is the air that I breathe
And to love you


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