A Solution For the Ukraine and Other Eastern Bloc Nations

This might seem chickenfeed to some American patriots, but why shouldn’t Ukraine be neutral like Austria was in the first Cold War. The same situation should also be true for Poland and other areas. Otherwise, there’s going to be risk of nuclear war. As I said in another post, what were they thinking when they were “rubbing it in” taking advantage of the Soviet Union’s fall by pushing NATO eastward?

But nobody likes to be colonized. Indeed, many Poles, Ukrainians, and other East Europeans might relish the idea of getting back at Russians by joining NATO. It’s their way of asserting real independence. Nonetheless, there ares fantasies of independence and then there there is actual reality of it. Two different things.


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62 thoughts on “A Solution For the Ukraine and Other Eastern Bloc Nations”

  1. The west was bypassing agreements like the CFE agreement by saying NATO bases in eastern europe were not permanent bases and that the soldiers in these bases were not permanently based there as they were rotated through on a rota system.

    Russia withdrew its forces from eastern europe with the expectation that the US and UK and French would withdraw their forces from other countries and each country would have its own forces in its own countries, but this has not happened.

    The fact that they wont even consider a withdrawal suggests they are needed for something and that something would have to be the basis for an eventual attack on Russia.

    Obviously they are free to do as they please, but now it seems Putin has decided to take Russian security into his own hands too… the west might ignore the nazi element in the Ukraine but he does not want to…. because Russia remembers what happened last time Nazis were left to their own devices for a period of time.

    In many ways NATO is an extension of that threat too and with them working together… well you do the maths.

    1. This is 100% correct. Thank you very much! Russia lost 27 million people to the Nazis. Nazis are an existential threat to them! Yes NATO is nothing but an anti-Russian alliance designed to attack, harm, and try to destroy Russia. There’s no need for it anymore when the USSR ended. In 2000, Russia asked to join NATO. Clinton laughed at him. We are the aggressors here. The Russians are just defending their lands and themselves. We’ve surrounded them with bases and soldiers and there’s nowhere for them to retreat anymore.

      1. The US and EU are over-reaching on Russian sanctions. The end result could be the de-dollarization of the global economy which in my opinion and I believe yours should be good for countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa that are trying to escape the US/IMF/World Bank financial hegemony and exploitation.


  2. Russia’s the real independant country. The anti-Russian alliance have traded their warm Russian Ushanka hat for a clown nose.

  3. Where do you guys get the is that Zelensky is a Nazi? Bring right wing didn’t automatically make you a Nazi or a fascist. I get Russia being paranoid about an encroaching NATO that lied about not expanding eastward but I think Russia had clearly crossed the line here. Or am I missing something? I get it that Russians are not into the gay and identity politics anti-white crap but steamrolling into Ukraine didn’t seem right.

    1. All Ukrainian nationalists are basically Nazis or fascists. I suppose he’s not an actual Nazi himself, but he uses those Nazi groups to stay in power. They are the muscle behind the regime, and everyone has to do what they say. If you go against them, they will overthrow you or put a bullet in your head.

      Zelensky ran on a peace platform, but after he got in, he found he could not implement it because the Nazis would not let him. Those Jews there USE those Nazi ultranationalists to stay in power and fight the Russians.

      More to the point, the Nazism they like is of the “kill the Russians” variety. Nazis hated Russians and killed 27 million of them, remember. All of the heroes of Ukrainian nationalists were Nazi collaborators during WW2, hence all Ukrainian ultranationalists are Nazis by default. They don’t seem to focus much on Jews, as they focus most of their rage towards Russians. The Nazis have been terrorizing the Hungarians and Greeks in Ukraine ever since 2014.

      Everything was fine in Ukraine until with Maidan we overthrew the democratically elected president Yanukovitch. After that, a radical Ukrainian ultranationalist regime was put in. The main opposition party of the Russian speakers was outlawed, its deputies were murdered, and they tried to kill the leader by setting his house on fire, but they set his neighbor’s on fire instead. He fled to Russia.

      They also outlawed the Communist Party and passed a new law mandating three years in prison for defending the USSR. They tore down all of the statues of USSR heroes and put up new statues of their Nazi collaborator heroes instead. They marched with torches and Nazi flags chanting, “Kill the Russians.” The most common chant at the Maidan was, “Hang the Russians, drown the Poles, stab the Jews!”

      They introduced laws banning the speaking of Russian in public and forbidding Russian speakers from holding government jobs.

      This is why the people in the East rose up. They hate Nazis over there because it reminds them of World War 2 when Ukrainian nationalists rampaged through Ukraine, killing Russians.

      Russia is opposed to gay, IP, and anti-White BS.

      They had to do this. Ukraine was an out and out menace, and it had to be shut down. It was a mad, wildly Russian-hating monstrosity on Russia’s border, and Russia can’t have that.

      In 1992 with the first independence, Ukrainian nationalists went to Crimea and said, “Crimea will either be Ukrainian or deserted.” For some reason, the Ukrainian Jews have gotten off light.

      As long as those Jews support the ultranationalists, they will stay in power. Kolomoisky is a Jew and is one of the richest men in Ukraine. He’s also a thug and a criminal. He has thugs who go in and intimidate businesses into letting him take over their companies. If they don’t obey he sics his thugs on them. He’s the one who shot down that M17 jet to blame Russia. The Ukrainian government didn’t even know about that.

      He runs his own private army almost over there in Dnepropetrovsk. It’s called the Dniper Battalion and yes, they are Nazis. All of the Nazi battalions in Ukraine are armed and trained by this Jewish thug Kolomoisky.

      The Jews of Ukraine are very weird. First they are basically just criminals, like an organized crime gang. Second, they work very closely with out and out Nazis. You must understand that in WW2, Ukrainian Jews led anti-Jewish pogroms and put Jews in temporary camps.

      They cut their hair in the style of Stepan Bandera, the hero of the Ukrainian nationalists. He led the Ukrainian nationalist army ONU in World War 2. They collaborated with Nazis and killed 200,000 Jews and 40,000 Poles. They are vicious Russia-haters. After the war, the US ferried them out, with many of them going to Canada.

      The ink was barely dry on the armistice papers with Germany when the OSS was setting up these Ukrainian Nazis to fight the USSR in Ukraine as guerrillas. This war went on for ~10 years.

      NATO has long collaborated with Nazis. NATO was set up as an anti-Soviet alliance, and Nazis tended to be the best Communist haters and killers of all. NATO set up the Gladio Network or Stay Behind Network made up of fascists and Nazis all over Europe in every NATO country. They were supposed to engage in guerrilla war after the USSR conquered Europe.

      But in Italy they mostly did false flag attacks where they pretended to be leftwing guerillas. They set off bombs in train stations and killed hundreds of people. This was called the “Strategy of Tension.” It was all being run by NATO’s intelligence arm and the CIA. The Gladio Stay Behind network was activated in 2014 in Ukraine. These are the people who carried out the Maidan coup.

      In Mariupol and Nikolavea in Ukraine, the Nazis beat and killed Russian speakers and threw them in jail and prison. Those that remained were ordered from their homes at gunpoint. Any remaining left and went into exile.

      There are videos on the Net showing Nazi lynch mobs rounding up Russian speakers, tying them up, and beating them. One man is tied to a pole. Nazis shot a Greek in Mariupol last week for speaking Russian. I saw a video where the Nazis tied a Russian speaker to a pole and then set it on fire, burning him to death. The Nazis have been shooting people who have been trying to leave Mariupol.

    2. It’s not so much that Ukraine is a Nazi country. It’s more the case that Ukraine has a Nazi problem.

      The US supported opposition in Belarus are also Nazis. The Estonian, Lithuanian, and Latvian nationalists are all Nazis. All of their heroes collaborated with the Nazis and helped them kill Jews. There are statues to these Nazi collaborators in all Baltic countries. The nationalists in Hungary are fascists called the Arrow Cross. They collaborated with Nazis. The nationalists in Romania are called the Iron Guard. They were also Nazi collaborators.

      Croatian nationalists were called Ustasha, and they were also collaborators. They ran death camps where they killed Serbs and Jews, 700,000 in total. The Serbs also had a fascist nationalist movement called Chetniks who massacred Bosnian Muslims and Croats during the war. Macedonian nationalists are also quite fascist. However, Serbian and Macedonian fascists are not Nazis! So an Orthodox non-Nazi fascism does exist.

      Bulgarian nationalists on the other hand are pro-Nazi.

      Really, many of the nationalists in Eastern Europe east towards Russia tend to be Nazis because most of them collaborated with the Nazis when the Nazis rolled in during WW2.

      1. Iron guard in Romania, I believe. The MSM siding against Russia is telling. German Jews were better than Eastern even in Israel, the Zionist extremists in Israel were largely from Russia. Russians understand they, gentile Russians, were victims in WWII. Jews are wrongly seen as the sole victims during WWII in the West. The West has submitted to Jews but are Nazis, what a joke. Unlike their Nazi or collaborator ancestors, these neo-Nazi Jewboys are walking contradictions.

        1. Iron Guard in Romania. Arrow Cross in Hungary. Ustasha in Croatia. Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Ukrainian, and Belorussian nationalists in WW2 were also all Nazis. Every single one of them. They all fought alongside the Nazis and helped them kill Jews, etc. In all of these lands, all of their nationalist heroes are still Nazis to this day. So the nationalists from those countries are basically Nazis.

          Serbian nationalists are horrid, but they hate Nazis. But they’re fascist monsters too. Same with Macedonian nationalists. Same dynamic.

          Polish and Finnish nationalists are total Russia haters but they are not Nazis for whatever reason. It was mostly Catholics who allied with Nazis, Protestants not so much, and Orthodox not at all.

          1. They seem more Nordic than Sweden in Finland and more Nordic in Poland than Germany. Though there’s overlap and they’re close to their western neighbor. Sweden and Germany are mostly anti-Nazi today. I’ve heard Finns were very good on the battlefield during WWII. In contrast with Italians who still love and sexualize Mussolini. My Mother and Grandma are very Catholic. They sound a bit like Nazis, though the venom for Jews isn’t there.

          2. I’m not sure if anyone likes Jews very much. But the Orthodox quit killing them some time ago, I will give them that at least. And they’re supposed to be antisemites! Well, there are antisemites and there are antisemites. Some antisemites are murderous and others are not. The Orthodox haven’t been the murderous type for 100 years. The Jews need to get over this Russia-hate bullshit. It’s so old hat. Just hang it up already.

            Finns are some of the most blond/blue and red/green people on Earth. In fact those eye and hair colors originated in Finland! There’s a Germanic element in Sweden, not so much in Finland. Finns are somewhat Asiatic! Look at their eyes.

            Germany definitely has a Nazi problem all right. The neo-Nazis are still there and have quite significant numbers. It’s illegal to be a neo-Nazi, but they seem to get around it somehow. I’d estimate 5% of Germans are pretty much hardcore neo-Nazis. That’s 4 million people. You gonna incarcerate them all? Kill em all? Time for triage. However, the anti-Nazi movement is also quite large in Germany, mostly on the Left.

            Lot of anti-Nazis in France too and there’s a ferocious debate about antisemitism. It’s an insult to call a Frenchman an antisemite. You’re calling him a Petainist traitor. The Petainists and Vichy supporters never went away though. Nevertheless the Resistance and their descendants are the heart of modern France.

            Sweden has had Nazis for a long time. Much of the upper and upper middle class of Sweden supported the Nazis in WW2. However, much of the upper and upper middle class of the UK was pro-Nazi too at first. Churchill was even pro-Nazi until he started killing Brits. A lot of rightwingers liked the Nazis because they were some of the greatest Commie-haters and Commie-killers that the world has ever seen.

          3. Outside of Russia, Nazis won most the hearts and minds of the East. Except for those lovely Scorpions. I haven’t really checked on Macedonia since Alexander the Great. I guess they’re not Greek anymore….

          4. Modern Macedonians look closely tied to Bulgarians. I’m part Finn but very little via Sweden. I really like the accent of Finns speaking English. My neighbor is Finnish-American, very nice guy.

            I grew up with family of very pale Greeks and another family of Swiss giants. All Godly White families that would do anything for you. All my neighbors have been great.

            I knew the biggest Ukrainian giant. Was a giant myself for awhile when I hit puberty early.

            One of the nicest acquaintances I’ve met was a Romanian woman.

            The Jew guy I know is very nice, looks and acts Whiter than most. He has no edge though, unless he’s secretly a Satanist. Most Jews are not bad but are not going to buck the system either. Their women are brilliant.

            Anti-Semites are more right than star-eyed Judeophiles. Is too much dark truth a corrupting force? Perhaps turning soft Godly sheep into ravenous werewolves.

  4. A friend of mine is a semi-mainstream leftist and he is buying into the media narrative of being pro-Ukraine and anti-Russia. I pointed out the huge risk of war here and he said I am brainwashed by right wing pro-Russian propaganda. But I’m not; I’m anti-Russian and pro-Ukraine. I just don’t want conflict to spiral out of control.

    I think he’s being brainwashed, along with the bulk of the population to be pro-Ukraine at any cost — to the point of starting a major war. But I think you guys here are being brainwashed by pro-Russia misinformation to support a clear act of Russian aggression.

    So I ask again here, why is Jewish Zelenskyy a Nazi? He’s clearly not. Ukraine has a right to it’s sovereignty and to join NATO regardless of what Putin thinks.

    1. For the moment, I support the supply of arms to Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia, but I we are playing with fire. The MSM doesn’t want to acknowledge the risks of these actions and they are brainwashing people into thinking there is little risk to doing so.

      And according tot the MSM, if Russia were to retaliate with more war to these sanctions then it’s because Russia is evil and crazy. But more Russian aggression seems like a logical consequence from this. Again, I am very anti-Russia and pro-Ukraine here. I just can’t fathom pretending that NATO/US involvement in any way is nothing more than a significant escalation towards war.

    2. Everyone who is pro-Ukraine is pro-Nazi. I call guys like your friend the Nazi Left. Pretty shameful how Europe has gone down this road. There was a measure in the UN condemning the glorification of Nazism and ONLY THE US AND UKRAINE VOTED AGAINST IT. More tellingly, all of Europe voted neutral. NATO has been working with Nazis forever. There are nationalist or Nazi battalions in the Ukrainian Army and NATO has been training them for years now.

      I would say it is more a marriage of convenience than an ideological marriage because otherwise I don’t think the West is pro-Nazi. Those Nazis are just a club that NATO uses to beat Russia over the head with. They also use them to kill Russians.

      Russia will NOT allow Ukraine to join NATO and turn into a base to attack Russia. That’s his red line. I’m glad he’s standing up for his own national security. NATO has gone too far for too many years now. It’s time for some push-back. Also Zelensky said he was getting nuclear weapons. That’s what set off the invasion. Russia won’t let Georgia join NATO either. If they try to join, Russia might attack them. Same with Finland. I don’t blame Russia one bit for that.

      Zelensky is a sleazy, slimy, crooked Jewish Organized Crime gangster, a Ukrainian ultranationist, who uses those Nazis to stay in power and to kill and threaten Russia. Those Jews over there are so sleazy that they literally support out and out Nazis! Israel supports ISIS and Al Qaeda too. AQ has killed a number of Jews. ISIS has stated that they are going to kill all the Jews on Earth if they don’t covert to Islam.

      1. Also, if the Ukraine joins the EU and NATO, I’m sure the West will discard those Azov battalion Nazis as useful idiots. I don’t think a Russian invasion was needed for that.

        The question here is is Russia justified in invading Ukraine to prevent it from joining NATO. No it’s not. Fuck Russia. I understand the military logic behind having the buffer states of Finland, the Baltics (which they already lost o NATO), Belarus and Ukraine. However it’s not justifiable morally. But then again, according to whose morals?

        But what’s been done is done. So the new moral question is should the West intervene and risk nuclear war with Russia? That’s the moral question all of us pro-Ukraine people must ask. I’m currently at no intervention for now.

      2. Btw, it’s not just Russia who are anti-LGBT gay stuff. It’s all Slavs including Poles and Ukrainians, Nazi or not. So if that’s a major reason to support the Russian invasion, it’s a stupid because LGBT crap was near in Ukraine. Now you could argue after joining EU?NATO the powers that be would try to push that into the culture. Maybe but I doubt it. Hungary and Poland are right-wing Catholic NATO countries that don’t put up with that BS.

        1. Head vs body. The Russian head is better and the Jewish oligarchs in Russia were the first to stab Putin in the back. I love Ukrainians, Western Slavs, ect. but they are nowhere near as independant as Russia.

          1. I’m sure many Ukrainians share her opinion but she could also be a Russian asset. The Russians are clearly using media to their advantage just like we are. I think the Ukraine situation is confused and seriously fucked. I think many would like to rejoin mother Russia and many would not.

          2. There are still some Jewish oligarchs who are pro-Putin, but Abramovich appears to be going over. But he’s mostly in London anyway. There’s an Uzbek oligarch who is supposedly a Jew and I hear he supports Putin.

            I’m afraid with the economic problems that will result from this shut-out of the world economy, Putin is going to have to go after those oligarchs. They’re going to have to finally share some of their wealth with the nation.

          3. Ukraine is 50-50. 50% pro-Russian and and anti-NATO, EU and 50% pro Ukie and pro-EU, NATO, etc. It somewhat boils down to language spoken but not completely. Everything east of the Dnieper and the South is pro-Russian and in a plebiscite they would absolutely go independent. Russia doesn’t want that part of Ukraine to join Russia. The Western line is “Putin is trying to reconquer and set up the USSR again. Putin is an imperialist. He is trying to add more land to Russia.”

            Oh yeah? Those republics in the East have been yelling to join Russia for eight years. Putin told them to get lost. Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Transniestria have been yelling to join Russia for over a decade and Russia tells them to get lost. I thought Russia wants to conquer more land? LOL. Russia doesn’t want one more inch of land. They almost have too much land in the first place.

            The Donetsk and Luhansk Republics are economic basket cases, bombed, shelled and ruined and cut off from all Ukrainian government funding for years. It will cost a lot of Russian money to rebuild those republics, money they don’t want to spend. Russia has a very hard time supporting the people it’s got and dealing with all the land it has – almost too much land to govern.

            Suffice to say, Russia doesn’t want to annex any of Ukraine either. They annexed Crimea because Crimea’s always been Russia. It was turned over to the Ukrainian SSR, which was just a republic in the USSR, as a cynical move by Khrushchev, who was Ukrainian. 90% of the people voted to join Russia. As soon as Ukraine declared its independence, Crimea had a referendum and voted to secede. They never wanted to be part of the country of Ukraine from Day One.

            Same thing with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. As soon as Georgia went independent, both of those regions said, “We are not a part of this new nation!” It’s been war ever since. I can see why when a new nation declares its brand new borders, various regions ought to have a right to decide if they want to be part of it or not. There’s no historical basis for the nation with those particular boundaries.

        1. Normies are all anti-Russia. It’s funny how they hate Nazis but side with them. Most girls I like are upset with Russia, it’s the newest trend. I’ve heard East Ukraine was Soviet, West Ukraine was Nazi. The normie Nazis are total NPCs, simple followers. The media could tell them to jump off a bridge and normie lemming would. No disrespect to misunderstood lemmings.

          1. Yes PolarBear, there is a lot of virtue signaling going on right now in favor of Ukraine from MSM brainwashed people. However that still doesn’t mean that the Russians are correct in invading.

          2. I’ve heard East Ukraine was Soviet, West Ukraine was Nazi. West Ukraine is called Galicia and that’s the homeland of fanatical Ukie nationalism for whatever reason. It was actually part of Poland but Stalin chopped it off Poland and gave it to Ukraine after the war and in return he chopped off part of Germany in Prussia and gave it to the Poles. Those Nazis over there hate Poles too for some reason. They massacred 40,000 Poles in WW2.

            That’s about right, correct. They keep talking about their fake Holodomor, but the famine was worst in Eastern Ukraine, where they loved Stalin. It was also very bad in the Lower Volga where the Cossacks were fanatical Stalin supporters. Many died in Kazakhstan. 1 million died in Siberia. People died in Moscow. Also there was a famine in the part of Poland west of Ukraine and many people died there too.

            There was a famine but there was no terror famine. Also most deaths were from disease, not famine. Mostly cholera. Yes, the anti-kulak operation was brutal but the kulaks were waging an insurgency against the collective farms.

            In early 1932 they were waging 20-30 attacks a day. They would raid collective farms, kill all the men and then rape and murder all the women. The kulaks were piling their crops in the rain to mold and in the summer they were piling them up and setting them on fire. The kulaks killed half the livestock in the USSR. Most plowing was by horse back then so this contributed to the famine. There was no terror famine.

            The story is that there was a bumper harvest that year but the Soviets went in and confiscated the crop and left the Ukies to die. It’s not true. There was a famine harvest, a failed harvest, only 50% of normal. There were a lot of reasons for it but it was not intentional. There was no terror famine to exterminate Ukies. It’s a lie. Did Stalin terror-famine his supporters in Eastern Ukraine and the Volga? Did he terror-starve the Kazakhs too. Did he terror-starve the Siberians? Did he terror-starve people in Moscow? Why? The Ukie argument makes no sense.

          3. Well look at the media. It’s 100% fanatical pro-Ukie, anti-Russian brainwash 24-7. Turn on the TV. You see one channel with the Russian POV? Of course not. So how are Normies supposed to think for themselves? This is what control over the media narrative gives you. Why do you think the first thing Jews do in any country is grab the media. This is the sort of power media control gives you. You literally have the minds of the masses at your disposal to bend any way you wish.

            Yes, you can find the pro-Russian POV out there but it’s very hard to find. It’s not on TV and not on most of the Net. You have to go outside the main Net to the dissident websites and no one knows where those are.

            Hell I turn on the TV and start watching that stuff and I have to turn it off because I start turning pro-Ukie LOL.

            You can hardly blame Normies for being brainwashed by the media. Normies are followers. They’re conformists. They think they’re non conformists because of their stupid purple hair, tattoos and piercings but they’re as conformist as the night is black. I am pro-Russia and my Mom and brother are outraged at me for thinking that. It’s takes a brave person to go against the crowd and most people are cowards.

            If there was a competing narrative out there so Normies could see both sides and decide, perhaps we could blame them more but as it is, how are they supposed to go pro-Russian if they access to zero pro-Russian media.

            Motto: Media brainwash works.

          4. I outraged my mom today on the same issue. My mom’s not a normie either. My mom and aunts are slowly coming out of their normie shells.

          5. It’s hard to do. You really pay a social price for thinking outside the box like I do. I remember back when I was a social butterfly as a young man, I was pretty apolitical. If you want to run around, hang out with friends and at nightclubs and parties all the time, date a lot, and be a socialite, it pays to be apolitical. You keep meeting all these people with shitty politics, but you don’t care as you’re apolitical. Back then, I ran into rightwingers all the time. If you’re too political it really gets in the way of being a socializer.

            Not to mention dating. If you want to date a lot of women, you need to like pussy a lot more than you like politics. At my age, I’m afraid it’s the other way around.

    3. “Russian propaganda” isn’t necessary rightwing. This is a fallacy. A LOT of the World Left is lining up behind Russia and has been supporting them for some time. The Communist Party in Russia is pro-Putin and supports the war. So do the CP’s in Ukraine and Belarus. Most Communists in that part of the world are supporting Russia.

      I’ve been reading all of the NATO propaganda all this time and I think it’s simply false.

      However, your argument that no matter what Russia’s beef was with Ukraine, it does not justify an invasion of a sovereign nation, is an excellent argument and it’s not in bad faith. I don’t happen to agree with it but it’s perfectly legitimate to oppose Russia and support Ukraine on that basis.

      I’d like to point out that the Alt Right is almost totally supporting Russia except those that are neutral.

      1. Yeah but I’m neither commie nor an alt-right winger. I vote Republican. My political affiliation begins and ends there. I’m just calling a spade a spade, and that is that Russia invaded Ukraine for no good reason. Fear of future attack by NATO isn’t legitimate, nor is an urge to ‘cleanse’ it of Nazi’s. Lol. Who gets an urge to cleanse a country of a certain group of people anyway? Oh right! Nazis! Putin is projecting Russian mentality unto Ukraine.

        You yourself Robert have said that a common tactic used for genocide or ethnic cleansings is to cook up the lie that the other group is plotting to kill us. Well Putin is using the same bullshit line of Ukrainian Nazis plotting to genocide ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine and NATO is plotting to kill us in the future by a combined alliance of all of Europe save Belarus and Russia.

        Look at how the Russians leveled Grozny. Btw, I knew about the Chechen War years ago. I didn’t just learn about it. Of course they rebuilt it and installed a pro-Russian government like they will do with Ukraine, but that doesn’t undo the bullshit excuse for going in an killing people. Ukraine and everyone is better off economically in a neoliberal economy than under Russian hegemony. The Russians are broke.

        1. Well they haven’t been plotting to kill Russians. They’ve been doing it! Lots of them. Russians like Ukrainians. They’re like brothers. Brothers fight sometimes and it can be vicious. But at the end of the day, they’re still brothers. It pains Russians to kill Ukrainians because it is like killing family. Kiev is the heart of ancient Russia. That’s where Russia and the Russian language started. The Russian Orthodox Church was founded in Russia. And at least in the first ten days of this war, Russia was trying to avoid civilian and even military casualties for this very reason.

          Russians don’t hate Ukrainians. It’s the other way around. Russians have decided that Ukrainians are ok, except they’ve been hijacked by a bunch of homicidal and genocidal Nazis. Who have been threatening genocide, by the way. One of Ukraine’s top intellectuals went on one of Russia’s biggest TV stations and said that there were 4 million people in the Donbass and that’s too many. A lot of them were “extra.” So Ukraine needed to kill 1.5 million Russians in Donbass.

          Putin isn’t doing any sort of genocide of Ukrainians. And contrary to a lot of genocidaires, Putin has very good reason to fear these insane Ukie Nazis. They’re not just planning to kill Russians. They’ve been doing it! Thousands of them. The only genocidaires are the Ukrainians. The Russians are doing the opposite of genocide. In fact, Russia has taken many casualties including dead Russian soldiers because they have been going so slowly and trying to hurt as few civilians as possible. That’s downright saintly.

          They weren’t “plotting” a genocide of ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine. They’ve been engaging in one! That’s what Putin said. These eight years of shelling cities and towns has been genocidal. Now perhaps that’s hyperbole but he’s talking about something ongoing, not something planned.

          Yep they leveled Grozny. Got some news for you. Russians hate Chechens. Really, really, really hate them. So I assume that’s why they leveled the place. But with Ukrainians, it’s completely different. Ukies are family.

          LOL Ukraine has had a radical neoliberal regime ever since independence. Result? Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe. A handful of oligarchs and politicians steal every dime created by the economy. Ukraine is Exhibit A for the total, grotesque failure of radical neoliberal economics.

      2. Of course NATO propaganda is BS. All propaganda is BS. I don’t give a flying fuck what the Main Stream Media says. I have my own two eyes and common sense. I admit the Russians have shown great self-restraint so far. They haven’t gone full Grozy on Ukraine and they probably won’t because Ukies are Christian Slavs not Muslim Caucasians. Nevertheless, bombing Kiev to kill neo-Nazis in Eastern Ukraine is fucking retarded. I can’t believe you are supporting them. You don’t support Israel slaughtering Arabs, do you? Or the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. How is Russia in Ukraine any different?

        The fucking Ukrainians want a free market economy with the stability and protection of the EU. Not the rusty metal radioactive Chernobyl legacy of the USSR, that brutal monstrosity that is more of a direct descendant of the savage Mongolian Horde which once conquered Russia and Siberia than it is of any common sense socialist ideology it purported to originate from.

        1. They don’t want a free market economy. They’ve had one for 30 years and the result is the place lies in ruins. I’m not even sure they want to join the EU. In 2014, half the people (Ukrainian speakers) wanted to join the EU and half the people (Russian speakers) wanted an economic alliance with Russia. Ukraine was neutral and fairly demilitarized from 1991-2013 with this sort of a balance with the result that it wasn’t siding with either bloc.

          Putin needs to go in there and clean out those damned Nazis, get rid of NATO, and create a neutral and fairly demilitarized Ukraine, just like it was for the first 22 years of its existence.

          Putin sees Ukraine in its present formation as an existential menace. Further, if Georgia joins NATO, Russia will attack Georgia. I will support that. And if Finland tries to join NATO, Russia will attack Finland. I will support that too, sorry.

          Israel is a settler-colonial regime stealing the land of native Palestinians, arresting, beating, torturing, jailing them, destroying their homes, stores, and lands, all so they can give the lands to Jews. Screw that noise, brother. Completely different.

          Was Iraq a threat to the US? Well of course not. Then the War on the Iraqi People was a Nazi-like war of aggression.

          I support the invasion of Afghanistan and the toppling of the Taliban because they gave shelter to bin Laden who attacked us. So in a way, Afghanistan attacked the US on 911. We had a right to go in there and take out that hostile regime that pretty much attacked us.

          Belarus saw the catastrophe of Russia and especially Ukraine when they went shock therapy radical neoliberalism and saw their economies destroyed. 15 million Russians were killed by the Chicago Boyz neoliberals. They looted Ukraine bare just like they stole everything not tied down in Russia. Belarus kept their Soviet style economy, 80% state-owned and 20% private enterprise. Belarus is doing great because they stayed with Soviet economics. Ukraine went radical neoliberal and it’s in the pits of Hell.

          1. Everyone wants a free market economy. Even you. What people complain about is a lack of social safety nets which, I agree, we can afford to an extent. Even the (neo)liberal elites want UBI and universal health care. Not sure how good of an idea those things are atm, but they sound like they could be good in the future.

            “Belarus kept their Soviet style economy, 80% state-owned and 20% private enterprise. Belarus is doing great because they stayed with Soviet economics. Ukraine went radical neoliberal and it’s in the pits of Hell.”

            Belarus will stagnate. Ukraine will go through an economically chaotic adjustment phase and then leave Belarus behind in the dust like every NATO/EU country has.

          2. Everyone wants a free market economy. Even you.

            Like Hell they do. Most of the world doesn’t even practice neoliberalism.

            What people complain about is a lack of social safety nets which, I agree, we can afford to an extent. Even the(neo)liberal elites want UBI and universal health care.

            Neoliberals don’t want UBI or socialized anything. They don’t even like Keynesianism. Neoliberalism is radical lassez faire capitalism. They hate all forms of social spending.

            That’s not free market or neoliberalism then. That’s social liberalism or social democracy. It’s either American liberalism or a form of socialism. This is a form of socialism in which say 93% of the economy can be in private hands though. So social democracy is a form of socialism in which socialism and capitalism are mixed.

            “Free” market/neoliberalism does not = a “market” economy. Everyone wants a market. Most of Nicaragua and Venezuela are capitalist. Even Cuba, Vietnam, China, and North Korea have markets.

            Not sure how good of an idea those things are atm, but they sound like they could be good in the future.

            The whole world has national health care. Only the US and Botswana don’t.

            Belarus will stagnate. Ukraine will go through an economically chaotic adjustment phase and then leave Belarus behind in the dust like every NATO/EU country has.

            Belarus is doing great. I don’t know how but somehow they seemed to have made that system work. But Belarus and Ukraine were always the wealthiest republics, so maybe they figured out how to make it work.

            Well, Ukraine has had 30 years of radical neoliberalism and it’s a total failure. This chaotic adjustment phase has been going on for 30 years now and it’s not even finished. When is it supposed to get done.

            The rest of Europe is not following the Ukie radial neoliberal model. All NATO countries have not left Belarus in the dust. It’s been hammered by sanctions and attacks on its currency, but it’s still about on the level of most former East Bloc countries.

          3. How the fuck can you support a Russia attack of Finland or Georgia? You’re fucking nuts. If the Russians do that I’d support a preemptive nuclear strike on Moscow to kill Putin. I really hope Sweden and Finland join NATO now.

          4. I support that. They can’t allow any more NATO states on their border. It’s an existential threat. Neither country is NATO. The US is only supposed to use nuclear weapons if there is an invasion or attack on the homeland and the homeland is in danger of falling.

          5. Well alright maybe we can’t nuke ’em. But we can conventionally bomb him or assassinate him. Putin is a mass murderer. What he did to Grozny clearly destroys his credibility as a ‘good guy’.

          6. If we assassinate Putin, that’s an act of war. We’d be at war with Russia. Bad idea.

      3. Speaking of Chechen, do you think Basque has any relationship to North Caucasian languages? Basque is a wickedly hard yet easier than polysynthetic North Caucasian languages. And it’s ergative-absolutive as well. As well al know, as languages travel from their urheimat they get easier and more syntactic while retaining some core features. Basque is to Chechen what Spanish is to Russian.

        1. Yes, Basque is absolutely related to Caucasian. I’m friends with one of the world’s foremost experts on the Basque language. He has written a lot about the languages of the Caucasus too. I’m not sure if North Caucasian languages are polysynthetic. I’d have to go look it up. I think in Tsez, every verb has ~ 70,000 possible forms! Even native speakers make errors all the time. It’s literally too hard for humans to speak correctly.

          Basque is ergative-absolutive, correct.

          As well you know, as languages travel from their Urheimat they get easier and more syntactic while retaining some core features

          I was never aware of that, but you might be right. .

          1. Well it’s an observed tendency. Look how easy English and Spanish are compared to Albanian, Greek and Balto-Slavic which are closer to the Volga region and Anatolia, the urheimat’s of PIE/PIA. In general I’m sure PIE/PIA and a multitude of other families branched off from the Caucasus and those languages are crazy complex phonologically and morphologically.

            Northwest Caucasian is definitely polysynthetic (e.g. Circassian). Northeast (e.g. Chechen) is not. I was wrong about that.

          2. Never knew Basque was related to Caucasian. That’s a pretty cool connection.

          3. It really is if it’s true. I doubt we can prove it to the degree of certainty we’ve proved the Indo-European family but it’s fun to dream.

      4. https://beyondhighbrow.com/category/regional/africa/east-africa/somalia/puntland/

        Let me remind you of your glory days on WordPress. Does Ukraine not have the right to secede from the USSR? You can counter with does not Donbass and Crimea have the right the to secede from Ukraine? Maybe if that was their intention. But Crimean and Donbassian independence just seam like cover Russian irredentism. Look maybe they do belong to Russia in a common sense way. Again, it doesn’t excuse for bombing Kiev. Why don’t we just lob a few fucking nukes at Moscow then to stop the war? Perfectly justified IMO. Let’s nuke Xi and Our Dear Leader while we’re at it The ends justify the means up to a point.

        1. I was being sarcastic. Nuking cities is no very justifiable unless it’s the Independent Day movie.

      5. Since I’m bring up old articles you wrote in that one above:

        “In Spain, there are secessionist movements, but the Spaniards have always been fascist and backwards, and they will never allow anyone to secede.”

        You say the Spaniards are backwards but that’s because they are a Catholic country. Look at the great schisms between the East and Western Churches. The Catholic Church has always said that schsimatics go to Hell for all of eternity unless they repent and return to communion with the Church. Well, The Easterners said fuck that and broke off over and over again until finally once and for all 1,000 years ago. The Northern Europeans would follow 500 years later. France is progressive thanks to its Germanic blood and Protestant factions.

        Southern France, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal are all Italo-Celtic Catholics with the level of sophistication of the Roman Empire. They haven’t progressed much from that. Rome never fell, it went from Kingdom to Republic to Empire to Church becoming more transcendental and self-important with each successive step.

        I’m not sure what’s up with Northern Ireland but that’s a Catholic and Protestant battleground, and it seams as if the stubborn ones are the murderous Protestant British who refuse to let Northern Ireland go back to the Catholics. So my hypothesis doesn’t fit neatly there.

        Curiously enough, following the Russian attack on Crimea, the Greek Orthodox Church gave independence to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Russian Orthodox Church. The Greek Patriarch pulled a Pope move claiming it was “first among equals” which is what grants him the power to split other Orthodox Churches. Now the Russian Orthodox Church countered with it’s own “Catholic” maneuver saying that UKC had no right to split from the ROC. My point is that the Orthodox free association is more of a fiction than they claim. Hypocrites all of them.

  5. Thanks for the info Robert. I don’t quite believe all of it but then again war is never black & white. I would rather have neo-liberal hegemony with cultural Marxist idiocy than former commie Russian hegemony. Cultural Left bs will sort it self out because it’s not sustainable, it’s down right suicidal, but Russian brutality is not as self-limiting.

    1. Is Anglo-Saxon brutality self-limiting? Is Mexican Cartel brutality self-limiting? My opinion is that those who make you believe in absurdities on purpose will never fail to make you commit or undergo atrocities. All ingredients are there in the witches’ cauldron of Wokeness to enroll you in a Second Cultural Revolution that would frighten off the staunchest Maoists remaining in China.

      Since the West is so proud to be a two-party system, and the absurdities churned out by the Republican Populist Right are as wacko as the Woke ones, expect a Second Civil War in America of the relative magnitude of the Spanish one, especially with the neoliberal elites rejoicing in depopulation.

      The Cultural Left will not sort out itself though it may turn out to have been a finishing school of thugs and cynics for the corporate police state to come rather than a real party in itself. I witnessed a likewise wacko Woke movement in Haiti, and it never sorted itself out. Instead, it installed criminality in every nook and corner of the society at large.

      1. “Is Anglo-Saxon brutality self-limiting?” Yes it is. European Whites have a built-in self-hatred and sense of guilt.

        Look at the Jews. No guilt there.

        But lo and behold when the Greeks adopted Judaism to their own culture and morphed it into Christianity, they just had to invent Hell as a consequence of sin and ended up constantly living in fear of divine punishment. Probably cause they felt guilty about fucking teenage boys or something. Lol pederasty.

        When the Protestants abandoned Catholicism they found new and more creative ways to self-hate and feel guilt. We’ve all heard of Catholic guilt, but it’s nothing compare to millennial White Woke guilt. At least Catholics have confession. Russians, white as they may be, never got the guilt memo. They still act like primitive club-swingers.

        1. I’m watching the Ivanhoe TV series and really like the Anglo-Saxons. The Last Kingdom is a good and more recent Anglo-Saxon related series. I recently learned British Empire wasn’t charitable. They could’ve helped the South win the American Civil War but the South was too weak to do it themselves so they didn’t help. Turned on weakened Dutch instead of helping them up. They lost that Anglo-Saxon virtue. I read some ancient Germanic tribes used Greek military tactics. Not sure how but it’s interesting. Russians do not have the Jews chutzpah. I’m hearing complaints Russians need to be more like Jews in this conflict. They may be the toughest Canary in European aviary but Jewgays are relentless like Bluejays.

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