Alt Left: Confederate Monuments? – by Jason

The Costs of the Confederacy | History | Smithsonian Magazine

Should they stay or should they go? Well, the cost over one decade was 40 million dollars. Is that worth the price for what many say is glorification of the pro-slavery regime? Fans of the Old South claim it was about states’ rights. Was it? It was only  states’ rights when it served the purpose of slavery. It’s kind of like with this trucker protest where people favor blocked convoys  only when it matches our ideology.

Anyway, why should barbarism be glorified?  Why not erect statutes to the Barbary Pirates and all that White slavery going on for centuries? We can honor Rome to some extent – because as with the Founding US Fathers, Rome was not only about slavery, though slavery played a huge role in building up the respective empires/nations.

Again, why should Confederate stuff or other barbaric things be glorified in the public sphere with public money? That’s not saying people shouldn’t be free to do what they want with private money and with private land, vehicles etc. That would be an attack on freedom of speech and impossible to police anyway – even if might be a good idea otherwise.

We have had enough of PC police! But seriously, how can US society justify satisfying the wet dreams of these silly old men (civil war re-enactor types) with $40 million each decade. Not to mention that major cities are full of Blacks. Or that’s a “moral eyesore,” except if you think antebellum world was “that bad.”

Now, on my social media account, I have been getting all this Confederate stuff, so I can stroll thru comments and see “the real deal with these people.” Yeah, they’re on Cloud 9 alright. I would put them up there with people taking acid. They’re just not living in reality. The actual reality of slavery was too harsh to bear – something along the lines of pre-Revolution Haiti.

The 2nd freedom fighters after the American Revolution? Really?  What about the freedom of the slaves? Why can’t anybody see the elephant in the room?


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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Confederate Monuments? – by Jason”

  1. Confederate leaders like Robert E. Lee were great men against slavery. When I think of barbarism around that time, I think of Sherman first. The prisons were atrocious. It was an ugly war. I’m not romantic about it but don’t try to erase it from history. It won’t stop with Confederates either. A memorial to President Lincoln was also defaced. Payback for freeing their ancestors?

    There’s an anti-White spirit to this vandalism.

    I say get rid of the Holocoast museum in America. Robert’s right, German Jews were very assimilated. Not the Jew over Gentile gap we find in Poland. Time for Whites, especially Germans, who have been drowning in tears, to move on. White supremacy itself has Jewish roots. English get a lot of credit but they just considered themselves the most pure Israelites.

    Is a Yankee with a satchel full of Indian scalps going to lecture a Confederate Cherokee Brave on barbarism and White guilt? Indeed, Sitting Bull may like Confederates more than Yankees. Black Bulls topple statues of their White liberators.

  2. Jason, thank you for this post. I’ve noticed that your writing is getting better too. It actually has a nice touch to it now! Why don’t you publish the rest of the pieces you have in drafts. I’m still doing other things rather than posting.

  3. Why are there no statutes in Libya to Shakeem Shabazz Ali baba? 😆 Oh, is that character racist?

    Should Arabs view such statues as insensitive to Caucasian people? Where are the liberals in those lands?

    Note: All characters fictional, you snowflakes!

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