Alt Left: The Cultural Left Dictating Team Names

The new name for Washington is now Washington Commanders, not Redskins, seen as a racial slur. Is this a good thing or no? Well at the least, they could have chosen Washington Warriors or Washington Presidents. In fact it seems like most Washington fans hate the new name, which they say is for a kids’ or minor league team.

Anyway, the first victim of this was the Cleveland Indians, now Guardians, who according to many have a terrible new name.

Nonetheless, we have to admit time is at least far removed from minstrel shows or lynching picnics. Nonetheless, things have swung comically too sensitive lately. Is there a balance?

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Cultural Left Dictating Team Names”

  1. When the goal is not to offend, you end up with generic-sounding names like Commanders and Guardians. People don’t like them, but it’s unavoidable.

    It kind of reminds me of car names. Once upon a time in America cars were named after places (Malibu, Bel Air, Riviera, Bonneville, etc.) or animals (Impala, Mustang, Cougar, etc.) or something else that immediately put a picture in your mind or inspired a feeling in you (New Yorker, Electra, Roadrunner, etc.) At some point car names became generic-sounding, too, and I’ve wondered why.

    I suppose it has to do with trying to have the broadest appeal possible.

  2. Stupid PC BS. The local Indian leadership gave approval to the Redskins name. So over Jews and their censorship. N’s are more innocent but I’ve no interest in appeasing Black ashflakes either. The Cultural Left is devoid of culture. Perhaps minstrel shows and anti-Semitic media is more essential than ever. Racist team names could be far more interesting. Everything (((censored))) is a downgrade. There’s also the Lenny Bruce argument that if “nigger” is said more, it has less power.

    1. I agree with everything you say here. I’m so over these grownup babies! Oh I heard a bad word! Oh no! Wash your mouth out with soap and you’re grounded for a week. It’s like they are our mothers and we are children. They’re so infantalizing. Plus they’re no fun. They’re a bunch of dour-faced church lady neoprudes! I call it the Prude Left, the Victorian Left, the Sex-hating Left, the No Fun Left, the Party Pooper Left, the Religious Police Left and especially the Church Lady Left.

      It’s like when you have a party and some fun-hating asshat sneaks in and throws a turd in the punchbowl and ruins the party and then for good measure calls the cops and demands everyone get arrested.

      Ever noticed how carceral they are? They claim to hate cops but they’re always trying to bust the people they hate any way they can, either destroy them, get them fired from their jobs, ruin their careers or even to actually get them arrested on the most chickenshit, BS pussy charges imaginable.

      The Cultural Left is all female thinking too. Pure emotional logic and most things they passionately believe in are complete nonsense and a lot of true things like hate facts, hate truths, and hate science are not true! You know, just like a woman! Women are women and it’s fine that women act like women. They can’t help it after all but it would be nice if women would get some control over some of their lousier, more paranoid and hysterical tendencies. Also they’re not all like this. There are always sensible women out there even if they are a minority.

      At any rate, the Cultural Left is not masculine at all. It’s completely pussy, run by women, fags, and trannies, hates men and masculinity and thinks we all need to go suck a cock or turn into a tranny and then everything will be better. No self-respecting REAL MAN should have anything to do with this PUSSY Cultural Left BS.

  3. It’s funny you mention the Cleveland Indians’ name change. A lot of people are pointing out that this push to remove “offensive” items is also having the effect of removing American Indians from the public sphere. In the case of Land O’ Lakes, the company removed the Indian woman from the package, but kept the land. Hmmm…

    1. I strongly agree. I think the Guardians name for Cleveland is really bad and bland. I think they should have kept the Indians name since I don’t think it was a racial slur. The pretty Indian woman on the Land O’ Lakes package wasn’t bad in my opinion.

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