A Solution For the Ukraine and Other Eastern Bloc Nations

This might seem chickenfeed to some American patriots, but why shouldn’t Ukraine be neutral like Austria was in the first Cold War. The same situation should also be true for Poland and other areas. Otherwise, there’s going to be risk of nuclear war. As I said in another post, what were they thinking when they were “rubbing it in” taking advantage of the Soviet Union’s fall by pushing NATO eastward?

But nobody likes to be colonized. Indeed, many Poles, Ukrainians, and other East Europeans might relish the idea of getting back at Russians by joining NATO. It’s their way of asserting real independence. Nonetheless, there ares fantasies of independence and then there there is actual reality of it. Two different things.


Alt Left: Big Nations Are Victims Too

Big countries want their sphere of influence. They don’t want to be “assumed to be defeated”. For instance, the Soviet Union went down, and the US was “so convinced of its defeat” it expanded NATO to Poland and lately tried to even get Ukraine.

However, what were we thinking when we thought Russia wasn’t coming back? You mean a nation that’s the largest in the world with massive natural resources – especially petroleum?

Small nations like Ukraine have rights. They are independent nations. What good is their independence, if it isn’t real sovereignty? Nonetheless, in reality, total independence of smaller countries is only on paper. In fact, even big nations that lack nukes or enough nukes (Brazil, India) simply are going to have choose sides with some bigger nations as big brothers.

Anyway, most Americans don’t like Putin’s aggression; the problem is that Ukraine is as far away as Vietnam, and unlike in the Vietnam War, this conflict is going to massively sink the US economy further than what is going on now via massive inflation and gas prices.

I’m reminded of the movie Air Force One with Harrison Ford with the angry Russian pissed off cause his homeland was reduced to nothing. Well, that man is back.

Sorry for the Delays in Posts

The computer was down for 2 1/2 weeks. That got me out of the habit of posting and into the habit of doing other things instead.

I hate to say it, but I also have writer’s block. Most of us do. And not to blow my own horn, but the only writers I have ever known to get blocked unless they had some mental problem like my father were all pretty damn good writers. Poor writers don’t get blocked. And my Dad was actually a pretty good writer. He just had Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder which meant he spent two days writing a two page paper because it was never good enough.

Not talking about myself here again, but good writers are often perfectionists although some can really churn it out. It’s never quite good enough and deep down inside, many good writers have the terrifying feeling that they actually suck and are terrible writers. It doesn’t make sense, but our fears seldom do. But that doesn’t make them any less real.

So, I have been busy but busy doing other things rather than this. I’m also sleeping like a rock, usually minimum 12 hours a day. I’m not sure what is going on, but I do take hardcore sedating drugs before sleep so maybe that has something to do with it.

I need to get back into the swing of things though. Sorry about the delays!


Alt Left: Confederate Monuments? – by Jason

The Costs of the Confederacy | History | Smithsonian Magazine

Should they stay or should they go? Well, the cost over one decade was 40 million dollars. Is that worth the price for what many say is glorification of the pro-slavery regime? Fans of the Old South claim it was about states’ rights. Was it? It was only  states’ rights when it served the purpose of slavery. It’s kind of like with this trucker protest where people favor blocked convoys  only when it matches our ideology.

Anyway, why should barbarism be glorified?  Why not erect statutes to the Barbary Pirates and all that White slavery going on for centuries? We can honor Rome to some extent – because as with the Founding US Fathers, Rome was not only about slavery, though slavery played a huge role in building up the respective empires/nations.

Again, why should Confederate stuff or other barbaric things be glorified in the public sphere with public money? That’s not saying people shouldn’t be free to do what they want with private money and with private land, vehicles etc. That would be an attack on freedom of speech and impossible to police anyway – even if might be a good idea otherwise.

We have had enough of PC police! But seriously, how can US society justify satisfying the wet dreams of these silly old men (civil war re-enactor types) with $40 million each decade. Not to mention that major cities are full of Blacks. Or that’s a “moral eyesore,” except if you think antebellum world was “that bad.”

Now, on my social media account, I have been getting all this Confederate stuff, so I can stroll thru comments and see “the real deal with these people.” Yeah, they’re on Cloud 9 alright. I would put them up there with people taking acid. They’re just not living in reality. The actual reality of slavery was too harsh to bear – something along the lines of pre-Revolution Haiti.

The 2nd freedom fighters after the American Revolution? Really?  What about the freedom of the slaves? Why can’t anybody see the elephant in the room?


Alt Left: Bros before Hos!

This was previously posted as a page, whereas it is just a post, so I am reposting it.

Polar Bear: I’ve been called creepy by a women that really liked me or want to sleep with me. Creepy or creeper is thrown around freely by young women nowadays. In day to day casual encounters I believe it’s better to look good than be rich.

Homely rich men seem to swear by prostitutes, college girls that would see them as creepy in the streets. Blue collar, older, and homely you’ll be labeled a creep more for sure. I’ve heard women say, “He looks like a pedophile” about the same type. I’m getting by on faded but still above average looks. Western women need to be less superficial.

LOL what about poor, older, and good-looking? Women say I look better than 9

I’d say any man viewed as “unattractive” for whatever reason – money, age, job title, looks, or weird, awkward or geeky/nerdy behavior is automatically labeled creepy.

All creepy means in bullshit woman-speak (and most things women say that we men don’t say are definitely bullshit) is “an unattractive man who shows sexual interest in me.” I’d venture I’m not creepy at all, but the minute they think I’m paying attention to them, looking at them, etc., I’d imagine that could well be what they think of me.

After age 30, women somehow miraculously grow a brain where none existed before. Don’t ask me how they do it! Perhaps it’s divine intervention. Who knows? But they get a lot more sensible about this stuff. Women over 30 are unlikely to call you creepy.

Men shouldn’t call other men creepy at all unless the guy is seriously out of line. Men! Do not call other men creepy unless they seriously deserve it! When you do that, you sound like a pathetic Normie faggot! Don’t do it!

When you do that, you go over to the other side. This is basically a War. The War of the Sexes*. In the War of the Sexes, as a man, you choose the side of the men. Men who don’t are faggots, sissies, girls, wimps, girlymen, cucks, and feminists. They’ve basically defected to the enemy, and they need to be treated as the traitors they are.

I’ve noticed that gay men or faggoty or wimpy guys of unknown sexual orientation are truly horrendous as far as this goes. I have had them literally try to stop me from talking to young women. One time a young woman smiled and wanted to serve me and this faggy idiot (sexual orientation unknown except he’s a huge pussy) got in front of her and totally cockblocked me. Sometimes I have a word or two with a young woman and he acts completely outraged. If he doesn’t stop, I swear this cuck is going to get hit.

I don’t mind gay men, but when they start cockblocking us in front of women, they can just fuck off or get hit. Generally the more wimpy and pussy the man is, the more feminist he is, the more he talks about sexual harassment, rape culture, toxic masculinity, and other bullshit, and the more he cockblocks you in front of women and white-knights (to save them from the predators!) and acts as Captain Save-a-Ho for women.

Any ideas on why gay men white knight for women, cockblock us men, and are totally feminist cucks? Gay men should be for the men. One thing I really appreciate about gay men is that they really really love us men. They’re worth keeping around for that reason alone.

Men, do not do this! If you’re a pussy or not a very masculine guy and you feel comfortable that way, please don’t go over to the enemy! Fuck that. The only brothers you have in this world are the men. We’re the only people who will ever have your back. Masculine or feminine, pussy or macho, gay or straight, none of it matters as long as you with the boys, and there’s one rule and one rule alone for all:

Bros before hos!

*Men and women want different things in life and hence they are always at odds in a sense. So in a sense they are our enemies and we are their enemies. This is true even if you completely love the opposite sex. Some women go over the side of us men, and generally, those are the best women of all. I don’t blame women for being on the side in opposition to us men. They’re probably just wired up that way naturally and it might be hard to get out of that programming.

I don’t think they’re going out of their way to be evil bitches and scream harassment, assault and rape anytime a man so much as looks at them. That behavior is probably biological, but Clown World and in particular, America or Cuckistan has gone way overboard with female thinking in this regard.

Generally a world where women get everything they want is bad for us men. Probably a world where we men get everything we want is bad for women. Maybe that’s what a patriarchy is. Both sexes have opposing needs and wants and giving either sex carte blanche to impose their “Imperative” won’t work because each sex will end up fucking over the opposite sex when their agenda is maximally fulfilled.

The needs of men and women need to be balanced in any decent society. How to do just that is frankly a never-ending battle, The Battle of the Sexes as it were. The Battle of the Sexes is probably a normal feature of most societies like Class War is normal under capitalism.

Alt Left: The Cultural Left Dictating Team Names

The new name for Washington is now Washington Commanders, not Redskins, seen as a racial slur. Is this a good thing or no? Well at the least, they could have chosen Washington Warriors or Washington Presidents. In fact it seems like most Washington fans hate the new name, which they say is for a kids’ or minor league team.

Anyway, the first victim of this was the Cleveland Indians, now Guardians, who according to many have a terrible new name.

Nonetheless, we have to admit time is at least far removed from minstrel shows or lynching picnics. Nonetheless, things have swung comically too sensitive lately. Is there a balance?

Alt Left: Attachment Disorders with Children and Crime by Jason

Much is made about being gung-ho on crime and punishing “the bad guys,” but it’s not so black and white. The actual truth is that people are “abused as children and then punished as adults.” It’s the truth, not some softy talk.

However, it seems like some people don’t believe people were abused to the point where what they do doesn’t warrant harsh punishment. Nonetheless, I can see where people are coming from. Some people are “abused so much that it is beyond repair, but, yes, they were abused.” The situation is really sad and it’s tough on society to figure a solution to people who seem to have no conscience.

Anyway, at a lower level, I believe a lot of society destruction comes even from people who aren’t full-blown psychopaths. A society with any sort of parental dysfunction is automatically a worse society. Simply put, kids need good role models and loving discipline from two parents or even one parent, and if the latter, a strong support system to make up for the lost parent.


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