Repost: Alt Left: Minorities Who Let Go of Their Identity Politics Seem Happier

Old post but still getting comments, so it may as well get a repost. Plus I just reread it and it’s really cool!

Minorities Who Let Go of Their Identity Politics Seem Happier

I’ve known Blacks who chucked Black Identity Politics and said, “I love White people!” There’s a whole sex kink out there like that for Black women who love White men. I’ve met many Black women with  this sex kink. There are Black men who think Whites are the bomb. I’ve met a lot of these folks. They admire Whites. They try to act like Whites. They see them as models of behavior.

And if you’re Black and you love White people, most Whites will let down their guard. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I compared them to Blacks locked into Black Identity Politics, and the Black Identity Politics people seemed much less happy. They were locked into a war. Racism was everywhere, fogging up their glasses, giving them scratchy throats, and causing rashes on their arms. They were living in enemy territory every day.

Gays who dropped gay politics were a lot more relaxed. Gays locked into gay Identity Politics always had their dukes up, surrounded by homophobes, getting in fistfights every day. Gay Identity Politics is a scary place. There’s a gay-basher hiding in every bush. It’s enough to drive you nuts.

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One thought on “Repost: Alt Left: Minorities Who Let Go of Their Identity Politics Seem Happier”

  1. There was a time in America where assimilation was looked upon as being honorable. Wanting to embrace White Western culture back then was not seen as evil but instead an open sign of respect from that black woman or black man.

    Nowadays black people have lost their way, just angry at everything and everyone. I myself fell into that trap for a long time, until my son got older, and begun to notice that he was acting way too much like me, which had me pissed off and ashamed of myself for listening to race hustlers my whole life.

    But my son saw me change overnight through us being pulled over by a White police officer…Before that day, he and I would talk bad about cops. But this time, I engaged with the White cop, smiling the whole time, thanking him for his service, and even telling him how I want to change for my son, and how I was doing it right then and there.

    That police officer chatted with me and my son for about 45 minutes, telling my son that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be White or even wanting to act White. I told my son that I want him to be like the White cop and not like me, and I had no issues saying that at all.

    That night changed me for sure, and I hope to God that it did the same for my son.

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