Alt Left: The Feminine Principle, SJWism, and the Lure of Eternal Childhood

There’s no place in rock and roll for sanctimonious twits or Neo-Puritans.

That’s why feminists and SJW’s cannot possibly be rockers. They’re too Goddamned sex-hating and uptight. On the other hand, the Puritanism of the SJW’s is simply the Feminine Principle in its pure form, which sadly includes a rather Puritanical element. You will never understand women until you figure out that this awful Puritanical element exists right alongside an attitude of the most debased and unhinged nymphomaniacal sexual degeneracy.

Women are nuns and whores, both at once, all of the time.

It’s a contradiction, but the entire Feminine Principle is based on contradiction, and most women walk around their whole lives with their minds wrapped in the most unholy contradiction. I don’t think it makes them miserable. In fact, I think they rather like it because it makes their lives wild, adventurous, and a bit dangerous and leads to “peak emotional experiences,” which are the end-all and be-all of female existence.

The SJW’s have simply adopted modern feminism’s complete abandonment of sexual liberation in favor of the worst most Victorian sexual repression, inhibition, Puritanism, and sex-hatred. Of course they only hate heterosexual sex, and they only hate it when men do it, not when women do, but that’s an essential contradiction of the Feminine Principle itself also.

No society should ever cave in to the Feminine Principle and give women everything they want. The female utopia is a dystopia for men, always and everywhere at all times. This is because the Feminine Principle is in many ways objectively irrational. I would argue that the Masculine Principle is probably pretty irrational too, but I don’t study men. We sure commit a Hell of a lot of aggression and violence, such that we are nearly a plague upon existence itself. Whatever good we men do hardly outweighs that.

SJWism is what happens when a group of people caves in to the Feminine Principle completely and resolves to run the world on the basis of female values, always a catastrophic error.

Now, women argue that societies run on pure male values are not real great for women, and in a lot of places, they seem to be correct. This just shows that the Masculine and Feminine Principles are both fucked up and irrational and terrible for the opposite sex in their pure form, which is a zero sum game of “everything for our sex and nothing for yours.”

Notice how SJW’s act like babies? See how they run to Human Relations every time someone looks at them wrong? These are people who never grew up and never want to grow up. Running to Human Relations to fix the owie and kiss it and make it better is like a child running to Mommy when they falls and hurt themselves. Can he fix it on his own? Of course not. He has to run to Mommy to fix it.

Notice how SJW’s throw a tantrum every time someone says something even

And it’s no secret that most women want to be children their whole lives. Why shouldn’t they? Children are always protected because they are too weak to protect themselves, and this is how women see themselves – as always needing outside protection. When women are given license to the be the “forever children” of their utopian dreams, every crazy thing they do is excused: “She couldn’t help it, she’s just a child.” And nothing is ever their fault because children are never at fault because they don’t know better.

The woman is always the most responsible teenager in the house.

– Arthur Schopenhauer

All of these victim groups of SJW’s wish to be children forever. The lure of perpetual indulgence and total impunity for behavior is too strong for most humans to resist.

It’s anti-Nietzschean, but so what? Nietzsche himself said most of us want the easy way out. And it’s a rare human who is so in control of their lives and un-childlike (completely grown up) that he is fully in charge of his existence without resorting to victimhood or lack of responsibility. The task of the Ubermensch is a tough one, and few have what it takes. For those who do, though, there’s no higher calling.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Feminine Principle, SJWism, and the Lure of Eternal Childhood”

  1. Oh man. You’re going to be lynched for being a hater of women, a total sexist. You must be a male feminist or you’re a nobody. Men are no longer allowed to be men. 2022.

    1. Almost all men who come to understand women pretty well end up being called misogynists because once you discover the true nature of women, it’s clear that they’re not all sugar and spice and everything nice. The truth is that I absolutely love women and much prefer them to men. However, I have the misfortune of knowing them too well, which is almost always a curse in terms of understanding any person or group of people. If you want to have an open heart and love the human race as if they are pure angels, it really works best to understand them as little as possible.

      That way at least you can keep your sweet dreams. I’m not against sweet dreams even if they are based on illusions. If you illusions end up making you see humans or groups of humans in a glorious yet fraudulent and dishonest light, I won’t begrudge you a bit. Pure honesty leads to cynicism at best and misanthropy at worst.

      Carry on with your pretty lies, all of you, if that is what’s needed to get you through the day.

      1. “When one is troubled by the reality of this world, it can be comforting to consider other possibilities, even if those possibilities disturb us, so strong is the desire to escape the tyranny of consciousness and the narrow boundaries of our perceptions, to unlock the prisons of thought in which we trap ourselves, all in the hope that a better world or a better version of ourselves, perhaps, may lie on the other side of the door.”

        — Nobusuke Tagomi, The Man in the High Castle

        1. Oh it’s a streaming pay per view TV series! I’m so out of touch with this stuff. Based on the novel by Philip Dick! I knew he had something to do with it.

    1. I don’t know much about it nor do I understand it very much. The elite that rules the country is insanely corrupt and steals about 95 cents out of every dollar produced while most people live in relative poverty. That seems to be pretty much what the riots are all about from what I can tell.

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    It seems that the color revolution going there made them panic and call Russia and the SCO for help. Things right now seems to be deflating a bit. Russia’s recent experience dealing with color revolutions might make the people think that Russian help is needed to make sure the country doesn’t become another Ukraine, even if at the outset, this appear to be going that way.

    We just gotta wait and see what the current events hold to see if this will cause Eurasian countries to veer more towards Russia. If things cool down, it would be ironic to think how an operation designed to harm Russia would be end up instead backfiring and helping Russia instead.

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