Angel and the Reruns, “Buffy Come Back to Me”

A truly great song! I was just recently made aware of this song. This band was formed by Hilary Carlip, supposedly when she and the other band members were in San Fransisco County jail for unknown reasons. She formed the “all-girl, all-ex-con” band and they played as a novelty act at various punk clubs in California in the early 80’s. She cut her hair in a typical punk rock style. I find now that a single was released in 1982 on Carlip Productions. Side one was Buffy Come Back to Me” and side two was Beaver Cleaver Fever, a positively vicious song attacking the Leave It to Beaver show. They also appeared on the songtrack of the movie Bachelor Party with the song, “Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?”

The reference on the song is to the TV show Family Affair that aired in the 1960’s. I have never heard of it. A 15 year old actress playing Buffy on the show sadly OD’d on drugs and died.

Carlip has been a singer, an actress, a standup comic, a songwriter, and all sorts of things. She has appeared on TV and in movies many times. She is associated with the Riot Grrrl punk feminism movement, which I’m not even sure if I’m opposed to! They’re quite a bit different from the monsters that are out nowadays.

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