Motorhead, “Sympathy for the Devil”

Fantastic Motorhead cover of the Stones, “Sympathy for the Devil.” Great music. Lemmy always denied that they played heavy metal. Asked what they played, he said, “Rock and roll.” That’s pretty much it right there. They were very popular with the punks although the punks did not like most heavy metal. This is possibly because they played very fast, and punk rock is fast as Hell. Some consider Motorhead to be speed metal, but the line between speed metal and punk rock is a thin one indeed.

This is their final lineup with Lemmy on vocals and bass, Phil Campbell on guitar and Mickey Dee on drums. Dee was drummer for the last 11 years of the band. Phil played for the last 21 years. Lemmy, Philthy Phil Taylor on drums, and Fast Eddie Clarke on guitar were the original lineup. They are all now dead. Live fast, die a bit younger than expected.

Motorhead was a “power trio.” They’re not particularly common as far as bands go because the lead singer has to play either guitar or bass, usually the latter, while he sings. That’s not very easy. Cream was the original power trio.

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