Quiet Riot, “Come on Feel the Noise”

If you liked that Poison song, “Dark Dirty to Me” I ran a while back, you should like this one too. Another 80’s hair metal band very similar to Poison. This is actually a Slade song. If you have never heard Slade, check them out. They were around in the early 70’s when I was still in high school. Very hard rock for the time. Very hard rock.

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2 thoughts on “Quiet Riot, “Come on Feel the Noise””

  1. Excellent song, excellent post Robert! Saw them in concert 4 times before the original lead singers death. Their covers are better than the originals, I believe they covered “Mama Weer All Crazy Now” too. “Party All Night” was also an awesome Quiet Riot song. Damn, they were great.

    1. “Mama Weer All Crazy Now” is Slade! I’d love to see them cover that. I heard about Slade for the first time when I was 15 years old. It was considered the most radical and extreme rock out there at the time.

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