Alt Left: All Dissident or Opposition Media in the US Is Effectively Banned

transformer: “Protecting our freedom” is the standard justification for anything our troops do, regardless of what it is. It doesn’t fool anyone but the naïve, but it sounds better than “protecting our prestige” or “protecting our financial interests,” which would be closer to the truth a lot of the time.

I used to be a blind patriot that believed that the troops were fighting for freedom but around 2001, I started to question that belief. Since then, I have researched alternative news articles and opinions on the internet about the true nature of American foreign policy, the military, the CIA and the government. I don’t believe that anymore.

Exactly. And they’re able to fool everyone or at least the majority. Unfortunately, it reliably fools anywhere from 55-70% of the population and that figure doesn’t seem to be budging. It all seems so hopeless.

Now with the Internet we finally have media that is anti-US foreign policy for the first time ever because the entire media has been on board with all US foreign policy from Day One. Foreign policy is run by the Deep State and the Deep State is simply “the foreign policy establishment of the United States.” The US media is actually a part of the Deep State – the propaganda arm.

Notice how they are frantically trying to throw all of the dissident media off the Net and banning them from all of the social media platforms? We don’t have a free press in this country. If all the dissident media gets banned from the Net and thrown off of all of the social media platforms, how is that a free press? It’s not! The main way they are doing this is that everyone who tells the truth about US foreign policy is said to be a Russians/Iranian/Venezuelan/Nicaraguan agent. All the dissident media telling the truth about our policy in these places is accused of being “state-run disinformation programs.” That or they are just banned outright.

By the way, as soon as all those big social media sites including Google went up, they all went full-blown Deep State? Why? Do they hold a gun to these guys’ heads? Are they being blackmailed? Threatened? Or is it shared ideology? All I know is it sure is strange and how new major media that shows up very quickly becomes a Deep State outlet.

The Deep State runs this damned country. The attitude of the Deep State is that “Presidents come and go, but we will always be running things behind the scenes.”

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One thought on “Alt Left: All Dissident or Opposition Media in the US Is Effectively Banned”

  1. I know you are not very fond of East Indians and even less of Hinduism. Here I have a piece of news for you regarding both Hindus and media control in America. You must have heard of Parag Agraval (There are various English transcriptions like Agarwal, Agarval, Agarbal) as Twitter‘s new CEO.

    As he was about to assume his new function, he said that the First Amendment would not apply anywhere on the premises of his enterprise nor within those of any self-respecting private enterprise: any employee of any enterprise should leave his right to free opinion in the cloakroom.

    He also added he would push his best, as a CEO of Twitter, for the First Amendment to be repealed, as it disfigures America as he loves it. Unless it would be reestablished in the form it was intended (according to him) by the Founding Fathers: the right of censorship should not the least be abolished as such but left to the private sector to decide through various lobbies at city, state, or national level which news and images are fit to print and which aren’t.

    According to him free expression was only about the matters you contributed to financially, like being for or against slavery when you were involved in the business of employing them, like being for against GMO when you were a big landowning agriculturist. If you possess nothing, you should not be allowed to the expression of any free opinion unless authorized by some enterprise answering for your writings.

    It must be known that the Agraval family in India is a very important dynasty of Vaishya caste financial nobility, and that contrary to general opinion, the ruling caste in Hinduism is the financial nobility, not the Brahmins who are not supposed to talk politics and sociology but only abstract ideas.

    Practical Hinduism is based first and foremost on the cult of money. Agraval is open to some aspects of woke thought he agrees with 200%: attachment to free expression as well as to socialistic ideas is a form of white identity racism or of “playing white” and he known to have said quite often:

    “Since all Muslim authors tend to be conflated with terrorism of some sort, we should associate all humanistic ideas expressed by Whites or as have generally been expressed by Whites such as those of Hume, Locke, Kant, Jefferson, Voltaire, with White racism with the exception of those scientific racists such as Watson and Eysenck who study the matter scientifically, not so much as not to aggrandize White ego but so as to crush White trash together with most African Blacks.

    Given the urgency of curbing communism and White nationalism that is very near from it biologically, sincere White racists should abstain for the time being and rather entrust Asians with the task of voicing them to the greater public.”

    Agraval is also known to have banned any positive reference to Orwell’s 1984 from Twitter in India as well to have pushed five Indian states and municipalities to ban the book. Why so? According to him and his very influential joint family, Orwell (not Kipling) was THE most awfully English anti-Hindu racist in India, and the depiction he makes of Doublethink is a near exact caricature of the highest form of Indian philosophy, Advaita Vedanta, which actually prescribes never to hold any opinion without holding its logical opposite at the same time.

    To him the negative description of it by Orwell is to be interpreted as an attack onto all Indians, and his argument did catch Modi’s ears. Arguing in the Aristotelian way while invoking facts is generally banned in good Indian society, that is true: one should always side with the conversation, never draw the conversation to oneself – that is an organic sickness confined to Western Whites that should no longer be tolerated in a real multicultural world.

    The factual nature of an opinion should no longer be an argument not to censor it: only scientists naturally born to be scientists and acknowledged as such by their peer group should be allowed to allege facts relevant to their strict own domain of expertise. Otherwise it amounts to the practice of teaching or medicine without a diploma nor the membership of a good professional corporation, and it should be censored only for that.

    According to him better do very badly the job you are born for than another one that was never yours. The problem, he says, is that far too many lower-class Whites have been taught into domains of knowledge that don’t belong to them. As a consequence, alleging that your sources are accurate will no longer be an argument to escape Twitter‘s censorship. The general principle to be respected will be the maintenance of good energies on the social network.

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