Repost: I Admit I’m a Misanthrope and It’s One of my Worst Flaws

Good old post getting comments. I reiterated in a post today that I don’t hate good people who simply aren’t real sharp. That’s no fault of their own. We are all God’s children and we are at his mercy when it comes to handling out whatever gifts or handicaps He so cavalierly distributes among us. I know some pretty dumb people on Facebook, and I talk to them sometimes. They are a bit hard to talk to, but they are nice enough anyway.

But I really, really hate lack of wisdom, which is it seems like 9

But as far as my haters go and all these people trying to figure me out, the take-home point is that I’m pretty much of a misanthrope and I think you’re all a bunch of idiots! Definitely my haters. They’re pure morons, every one of them. I almost hate them more for being stupid than for being haters. And if you study my life and my writing, you will see this theme – “You are all idiots!” repeated over and over, so it’s sort of the theme of my life.

Once you figure out that Lindsay thinks people are basically stupid goddamned fools, you will finally be onto me. “Lindsay thinks we are all idiots.” Bingo! There ya go. You got me. Another thing about my haters is they peg me wrong, but your haters will always do that if you are halfway decent because if they were objective about you, they wouldn’t have an argument to hate you. In order to hate you, they must distort you. Actually that’s a good thing to remind yourself if you are dealing with haters. The only reason they hate you is because they distort you. The only way they can hate you is to distort who you really are.

One of my haters on Reddit said a while back,

“Lindsay styles himself as this radical individualist type. On the other hand, maybe he’s just a weirdo. I think he’s just a weirdo.”

Well, fine, but at least one of my haters figured me out. I do see myself as a radical individualist type who deliberately takes unpopular decisions to portray bravery. I also take unpopular views because I like to show that what everyone believes is common knowledge is often a bunch of total horseshit. I like the “society is full of shit and is filling your head with lies” view. That’s sort of the purpose of this site – to write about very thing.

I’m pretty disgusted by humans. I don’t even really like them. Actually, I hate to admit it but I am a misanthrope. And I hate to say it even more, but the majority at least here in the US deserve every bit of my hatred. I hate them because they are stupid, and stupidity itself is a little bit dangerous by its very nature, so they frighten me.

They’re idiots. I hate idiots. Actually they’re worse than idiots. They’re dangerous idiots, and that’s the worst kind of idiot of all. So, yeah, I hate most Americans because they are goddamned dangerous idiots who threaten my peace of mind, well-being, reputation, and maybe even ability to earn a living.

If you study people with very high IQ’s around my range and up, you will see that they almost all feel this way. Worse, as IQ rises, misanthropy seems to rise in tandem just like clockwork. On Quora they often had people asking questions for people with certain IQ ranges. It was one of the only places you could talk like this because IQ is a very taboo subject in the US. The question would be, “People with IQ’s over 140, what you do think about bla bla bla?”

One thing I noticed is that once people got above 140, they seemed more and more misanthropic. And it was all tied up with the idea that they thought people were idiots. “I feel like I’m surrounded by retards!” was a comment I saw over and over. I suppose it just goes with the territory when you get up into that high of a range.

Above IQ 160, it’s not to find a complete misanthrope. They hate people because they think people are stupid. And to them, most people are stupid. Check out the classic article, The Outsiders about people, mostly men, who had IQ’s of over 160. Most of them were not in very good shape. They were typically unmarried and worked at low paying jobs or even lived in poverty,  and tended to dwell alone in apartments. Lack of girlfriends or wives and even out and out celibacy was very common. They were all thoroughly disgusted by having to live in a “world full of retards” as they see it.

When you are up here in the stratosphere, every people with average intelligence almost seem literally retarded. It’s disgusting but you feel bad about it for hating them and keep beating yourself up and trying to be nice to them and turn off the misanthropy. Which can  be done.

But when it comes to close friendships or meaningful relationships, about 30 IQ points is the limit. If someone is 30 IQ points above or below you, you will have a very hard time communicating. Some say that meaningful communication is either very difficult or even impossible. Yes, you can become friends, but it will be quite difficult. Leaders who have IQ’s 30+ IQ points above those below them are poor leaders. Their underlings don’t listen to them, and rebellions are common.

The best leaders are not geniuses. The best leaders for White people would have an IQ below 130. Above that and you will not be able to connect with your followers.

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6 thoughts on “Repost: I Admit I’m a Misanthrope and It’s One of my Worst Flaws”

  1. Although American Whites (100) may collectively seem smarter than the Blacks(85) and Hispanics(90), they too are fucking stupid. An average IQ of 100 is nothing special. Even an IQ of 115 is nothing special when compared to people with IQ’s 125+. A whopping 86% of Whites have an IQ below 115!

    Although those are the official numbers, I refuse to believe American Whites have an average IQ of 100. Europe’s White trash left for the new world. Sure there were some aristocrats and geniuses that may have made their way over here, but most of those people weren’t exactly high quality Whites. I estimate the average IQ of White Americans to be about 95. Europeans just seem more cultured and intelligent in comparison.

    This disparity becomes readily apparent when you are in a flyover White trash red state. Everything is so rundown and the people are noticeably dirtier and uglier looking. You may not agree that White Americans as a collective have an average IQ of 95, but you have to admit that Middle America is blatantly dumber than Coastal America (east and west). Everybody, or at least the smart and talented people leave for the major cities, of which a disproportionate amount of are located on the East and West Coast.

  2. A theory on IQ and its relation to a person’s level of consciousness:

    The more intelligence a person has the greater the level of consciousness. Now imagine that consciousness can be represented as a circle. Therefore, the more intelligent a person is the bigger the circle that represents their level of consciousness.

    Here is some math that showcases the disparity of a person’s level of consciousness based on their intelligence.

    Consciousness = Area of a circle = pi * r^2 (r = standard deviation of IQ starting at 1 for IQ 85)

    IQ 85 (r = 1):
    pi * r^2 = pi* 1^2 = 3.14

    IQ 100 (r = 2):
    pi * r^2 = pi* 2^2 = 12.56

    IQ 115 (r = 3):
    pi * r^2 = pi* 3^2 = 28.27

    IQ 130 (r = 4):
    pi * r^2 = pi* 4^2 = 50.27

    IQ 145 (r = 5):
    pi * r^2 = pi* 5^2 =78.64

    IQ 160 (r = 6):
    pi * r^2 = pi* 6^2 = 113.1

    IQ 100’s have nearly 4X the level of consciousness than IQ 85’s and so on and so on.

    Once you reach a certain level, you simply operate on a different wavelength and can not relate with people you perceive to be fucking retards or normalfags. This is a daily painful reality for me. Let’s say I have an IQ of 130. This means I have more than 4X the consciousness than a your average IQ 100 individual. There are 4X as many things I am aware of or notice that the average dumbass simply can not fathom.

    Once you reach a certain level, you can not help but be a misanthrope. Hell, I even hate myself because I am fully and vividly aware of my own animal nature (lust, greed, vanity) and have an inability to delude and lie to myself about reality.

    “An intelligent man cannot become anything seriously, and it is only the fool who becomes anything.”

    ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from the Underground

    1. Yeah I do kind of feel like an alien. Most people sort of react towards me like I am one, too. My comments, jokes, etc. are often met with silence, ignored, or get uncomprehending looks. It’s true that I sort of talk in riddles, but I have found that a lot of really smart people sort of talk in riddles. I think they are playing games with language and treating language like an art form.

      “An intelligent man cannot become anything seriously, and it is only the fool who becomes anything.”

      ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from the Underground

      What does that mean? I should be able to figure it, out but it’s eluding me.

      1. It basically means that too much self-awareness born from high intelligence creates many psychological roadblocks because you are unable to deceive yourself.

        Paralysis by analysis!

        You can read more about it here, if you wish:

    1. Who wrote that? Is that like what Mossad does? They supposedly have this injection that they can inject into people that causes a heart attack and doesn’t show up on a drug screen. It’s rumored that the CIA has this too. A lot of political suicides are nothing of the sort. Instead, those people were “suicided.”

      The CIA and Mossad “suicide” people all the time. I am pretty sure that Epstein was suicided. It’s so obvious. So was Natalie Wood. A lot of regular homicides are disguised as suicides. Natalie Wood is the most obvious example. Her husband murdered her on that boat!

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