I Think People Are Idiots Because They Lack Wisdom, Not Because of Their IQ Scores

Shetland: Fascinating perspective. Heck, I clock in with a modest IQ of 115, and I often feel like I am surrounded by complete dolts. I cannot even imagine what it must be like at IQ 140+.

Do you have any strengths in say, verbal or mathematical? One of my smartest commenters had an IQ of 115. It would be very hard for me to say that I am smarter than he is. He later told me he had a verbal IQ of 135 and was weak in math, and then it all added up.

Some of my smartest commenters had IQ’s of 117, 123. One had an IQ of 108! One of my clients has an IQ of 123, and he seems like he’s smarter than I am.

My basic attitude towards the world is that it is full of morons and idiots. By that I mean they lack wisdom, but sadly, absent a significant IQ, wisdom is hard to obtain. Even the wiser people with lower IQ’s often succumb to emtionality and emotional logic. I hate to say but emotion is the enemy of wisdom. It’s great to feel things, but emotion distorts reality and causes you to take irrational positions that make no sense at all simply because you’re so upset about them.

Also emotion prevents cognitive dissonance. I walk around with cognitive dissonance 24-7 because to me that’s simply the natural state of the world of man. Things don’t really make a whole lot of sense and we often have to take some pretty weird and even contradictory positions just to accept some weird truth about the world. I simply do not wish to believe falsehoods about the world, outside of my own personal life of course. I want to believe that truth about everything. Why should I wish to believe crap and lies about anything at all? I don’t get it.

I don’t mind good people who just aren’t real smart. One of my best friends has an IQ of 92, but we can talk about most things. In part because he has spent his life filling up his brain with facts and ideas. For example, he’s very well-read. So it’s not so much the gift that God gave you, it’s also what you do with it.

One problem that good people who aren’t real smart are not real common, at least in men. Lower IQ seems to be mean declining moral values in a lot of people, especially men. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s not a very encouraging thing to believe about us humans. I also can’t handle people who can’t think beyond the next 24-48 hours, and I see that all the time when IQ’s get down around the 80’s. I’m not saying they are bad people. They just drive me nuts is all.

On the other hand, I live with someone with an IQ of 145 who is one of the stupidest people I know. In part this is because he’s mentally ill, but he also has a pure shit Cluster B personality (“Asshole Personality Disorder”) to go along with it. His behaves with blatant irrationality day in and day out in my own house and it drives me nuts. I guess ultimately it might be rather harmless, but I just can’t handle people acting irrationally all day, even in rather harmless (but annoying) ways. Mostly, it’s just totally fucking stupid!

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5 thoughts on “I Think People Are Idiots Because They Lack Wisdom, Not Because of Their IQ Scores”

  1. My WAIS results were very bizarre. There was a fair amount of scatter. For example, I tested at the 99th percentile in vocabulary but an abysmally low 28th percentile in mental arithmetic. It’s kind of a frustrating place to be. I enjoy reading Tolstoy and and Dostoyevsky for leisure but had difficulty getting through Algebra. Imagine?

    1. 99th percentile is 140 IQ. That’s Genius IQ. Your mental arithmetic score is ~88 LOL. I told you I thought maybe you were very lopsided, and I suspected it was Verbal > Math.

      Hey I have a genius IQ of 147 and I couldn’t pass Algebra 2. I had to take it again in summer school and I had the teacher personally tutoring me and I still couldn’t pass it. We may be twins separated at birth.

      You should stick around. This is a fun site for curious minds.

      1. I have to say that I’m pretty impressed that you sensed I had a lopsided profile from my brief comment. You were dead on accurate.

        Your blog is fantastic. I rate it alongside Steve Sailer and Pumpkinperson as offering some of the best material online. (Hope you don’t bristle at being lumped in with these other gentlemen, I know your politics might differ a bit)

        1. That’s fine. I still read Steve sometimes. He has said he has a lot of respect for me. His politics is horrendous, but all race realist and IQ bloggers have awful rightwing politics. I’m one of the only ones that’s on the Left and that’s been the talk of the town for some time. He’s dumb on certain things though. He thinks IQ is destiny and that’s bullshit. I think he wrote some story about two brothers. One was smart and got rich and the other was not gifted with as many brains so he stayed poor.

          Well that’s bullshit! The poor brother might have been smarter than the rich brother and one still got rich and the other still got poor. All this rightwing race realist IQ bloggers think brains = success = money. They just can’t figure out that there’s a lot more to making money than just being smart.

          I used to know Pumpkin quite well. He’s a really nice guy. Is he still around?

          Also if you’re feeling rich you can always help out the site. I’m retired and live on a pretty low fixed income. But if you’re not feeling rich, believe me, I get it.

          You also might be able to write for us.

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