Game/PUA: What’s up with the Female “Creep Detector?”

Interesting comment. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Women always say, “Trust your gut, ladies! It’s never wrong!” Oh, yes it is! It is very, very commonly wrong, as in all the time. The main way it is wrong is false positives. Women label a lot of men as “dangerous” who are simply “unattractive.”

As Manuel suggests, in the female mind, ugly or unattractive somehow translates into “dangerous and he’s going to rape me and wear my skin.” I have no idea why they think like this, but Manuel offers some reasons.

Do women get too many false negatives about dangerousness too? I have no idea, but they gleefully hook up with psychopaths all the time, and those are the most dangerous men of all. We men keep warning these women that these guys are psychopaths and to stay clear, but women just laugh and tell us to shut up and get taken in by their hypnotic charm.

I myself get taken in by the charm of psychopaths myself very easily, but when I figure out they are psychopaths, I pull myself out of it and stop paying attention to them. On the other hand, unlike most people, I can actually spot a lot of psychopaths, though it often takes me some time.

There is a guy who is a big deal in the Delphi Murders community named Anthony Greeno. He’s a classic psychopath. Not a controlled one at all, but he’s not severely uncontrolled. It took me some time but I finally figured out that he’s a psychopath. But women love him and have formed Facebook groups to ogle and worship him. We men keep trying to talk sense into these ditzy broads, but alas, it is to no avail.

I turned on a video of him recently and was taken in very quickly, within half a minute. Then I realized what was happening and pulled myself out of it. I’ve been telling people he’s a psychopath forever now, but everyone just laughs and says they like him anyway. Especially women, they get taken in by him so easily. He’s finally going to jail again (he’s constantly in and out of jail on minor charges) and a lot of the community is finally saying they’ve had it with him. LOL I could have told them that a long time ago.

One thing I have noticed is women think “awkward, nerdy, geeky, doesn’t know how to act around women” = “creepy” = dangerous. That’s hardly the case. I have seen so many harmless men labeled by women as dangerous that it’s not even funny. I agree that most of them were a bit weird. Mostly they were just anxious, nervous, or a bit nerdy or geeky. They were quite socially awkward. I studied these guys for a while and figured out they were completely harmless.

You see, there is “harmless weird” and “dangerous weird.” I guess most people can’t tell them apart but I can. I think as women get older (past 30) they can figure it out, but young women as a rule are completely hopeless as they are in thrall to the Feminine Principle. After age 30, women figure out that their crazy brains are lying to them half the time, and they quit listening to their emotional brain so much, or better yet, they test the theories of their emotional brains against their logical frontal lobes. Yes, women actually have functional frontal lobes. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true.

Manuel Rodriguez: There was a thought that I suddenly had when I woke up a few days ago.

As you know, there are instinctual and innate characteristics in humans. People have an adversity to corpses because that protects us from the bacteria of decomposition.

Women mate for two main reasons: to obtaining good genetics and obtain resources and secure their constant provisioning.

So, what if women had an innate, albeit unconscious, awareness that older men have lower quality sperm and genetics? This would explain why the only contexts where is seen acceptable for men that reach a certain age to get younger girls and women is to have a high status and access to resources as an compensation. The bigger the difference in ages, the more he has to compensate in resources.


One thing that I noticed is that women considering a man “creepy or scary”, this actually means a male that has failed to show minimal social skills and normal behavior. The woman additionally tells many women about this, including complete strangers.

It’s interesting because not only said conditions lead to her to react adversely and to consider him as an aberration and a failure for mating, but she also feels compelled to warn many other women that this man is completely unsuitable as a mate.

The irony is that the very worst and more dangerous type of men for women, precisely have high social skills and charm as their very definition (cluster B personalities.)

I guess it makes sense for their ancestral mating interests for women to do the following:

Women like men that display aggression and dominant towards other men but act kindly towards the woman. The problem is that with asshole men and Cluster B’s is that the typical displays of antisocial behavior they show towards other people is their real persona, which you should note to get to figure out who he really is, while their display of kindness to the woman is just a mask.

Maybe it’s possible for women to avoid the painful early stages of obliviously selecting abusive men by giving them some training in selecting mates and spotting real danger. Of course, it would be more unrealistic to expect some women like teenagers to not be impulsive, but warning them of some of the more obvious red flags would definitely help like watching out if a man is starting to separate you from your family and acquaintances (isolation tactic).

Maybe it works like food. Humans in ancestral times have gone trough times with severe food shortages, leading humans to have a likeness to consume salt, fats, and sugar. People don’t eat that delicious salt and fat all the time because we tell people that is bad for them and explain why. So they consume them in moderation.

Some women do learn to detect certain obvious dangers and signs of sexual harassment. But their evolved gut feeling of seeing charming men that as a type of desirable candy is most of the time unsuitable for assessing the real dangers of men.

Women are like a person that has a dog and several bodyguards. The person invites a recently befriended person to their house. The dog barks incessantly towards the friend like he has some sort of hidden inner evil, leading the owner to punish the dog. The bodyguard warns the person about some of the signs of the the friend that indicates that he might be dangerous, prompting the person to tell them to leave them alone. The friend she invited in uses the opportunity to harm the person.

One thing I noticed about conservative families’ boogeyman stories they tell little girls is that their aim and purpose in a roundabout way is to make the girl won’t give sexual access to boys too easily.

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7 thoughts on “Game/PUA: What’s up with the Female “Creep Detector?””

  1. When the Reddit MGTOW group was still active and flourishing, I made a post titled “What does the word creepy mean exactly?” I phrased it really well and it got well over 100 comments. All of them echo what you write here.

    Since the proliferation of college culture thanks to the Internet is far reaching, women everywhere use the word creep or creepy a lot. There is an economic relation too – rich men, no matter how old or ugly are never thought of as creepy, but a middle age guy working a blue collar job will easily be called creepy.

    I have been called creepy too. And it really stings for some reason. An abuse like “fucker, asshole or fuckface” doesn’t hurt like being called creepy does.

    1. I’ve been called it too. I really don’t like it. I’m hardly a danger to women. I’ve dated a couple of hundred of them. Why don’t you track some of them down and ask them how dangerous I am. LOL.

      When I was young and goodlooking, I’m not sure if I ever got called that, but that word was only used back then for someone who was seriously out of line, out there, and unnerving. Now it’s used for 80% of the men in the world. Now that I am older and I am not as attracted, bingo! Guess what? I’m creepy! LOL. It’s bullshit. The word is bullshit.

      Yeah it really stings because it implies you are some guy who peeps, flashes, grabs women or rubs up against them on buses or molests little girls or rapes women, threatens them with women, beats, tortures, or kills them. Shit I’ve never done any of those things and it’s a bit late for me to start this late in life.

      Also the neo-Puritan scum, which is just about everyone nowadays, i. e., the idiots who think every guy who is attracted to 17 year old girls is a pedophile who needs to be killed – yeah those shitheads – they use the word for anyone who talks about sex. I talk about sex on here and sometimes I use risque handles on social media. Hey, lots of women and guys describe themselves as sexy. Well, it turns out that if you make like you are sexy or if you write or talk about sex, guess what…You’re creepy!

      Society is seriously going to shit, man. Neo-Puritanism is sweeping the land. Shitheads are everywhere, in fact, that’s most people right there.

  2. I’ve been called creepy by a women that really like me or want to sleep with me. Creepy or creeper thrown around freely by young women. In day to day casual encounters I believe it’s better to look good than be rich. Homely rich men seem to swear by prostitutes, college girls that would see them as creepy in the streets. Blue coller, older, and homely you’ll be labeled a creep more for sure. I’ve heard women say, “He looks like a pedophile.” about the same type. I’m getting by on faded but still above average looks. Western women need to be less superficial.

  3. You said this exact same thing the other day, idiot. You got Tourette’s?

    This is probably Anthony himself, I assume. And I put the baseball through the guy’s front door, not wall. Anyone put a bat through your door lately? Be careful! You never know when that might happen.

    Someone fucked with me on Christmas Day and I grabbed him and threw him across a room. He crashed into his computer monitor and fell on the floor. The monitor was destroyed. I’ll do the same to you and anyone else who messes with me.

  4. Out of curiosity why is Anthony Greeno a psychopath?
    Not disagreeing just want to know.
    I know someone that makes 500 dollars a week and drops 50 a week on his channel.

    1. LOL I work in mental health. I know these guys when I see them. It took me a while to figure him out, but he’s a classic. He’s also extremely charming and everyone gets taken in by him. He’s not completely uncontrolled but he’s not a controlled one either. He has a rap sheet as long as a Torah scroll. You have to understand these mysetious personalities which are all about fooling people and putting on a “mask of sanity.” I must say though that he is one of the most pure and classic cases I have seen in some time now.

      Your friend is getting taken. Tell em to come join my group and give us the money instead. We’re the only ones who know what’s going on with this crime, who the major suspect(s) are, what the motive is, COD, on and on. We have access to case documents, we have interviewed members of the search party and we have sources in the police who leak to us. His money is a lot better spent with us.

    2. First you have to comprehend the condition, which is a problem as you almost have to be one to understand them. I’ve been studying them for decades and they still don’t make sense to me.

      Start with Lykken. Very good and accessible. “The Mask of Sanity” is a classic, but it’s rather deep and heavy going.

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