Repost: Alt Left: The Indian Personality: Superiority and Inferiority Complexes Intertwined

Another old post getting posted around the Net:

A fine new Indian Hindu commenter named Janardhan has appeared on our blog, and he repeats some of the same things that other insightful Hindus such as ILOR, Rahul, and Pranav have said. This shows us that not all Indian Hindus are bad people and that some of them are capable of looking inwards and trying to better their society. I consider both Rahul and Pranav at least to be strong Indian patriots who simply want the best for their country. As they see it, getting the best for India is going to require some massive changes, hence their critical patriotism.

Hindus have a strange mix of superiority and inferiority complexes. Deep down they massage their ego about how their civilization was ‘da greatest’ with a total ignorance about other civilizations and their achievements.

According to Hindus, Ancient India compared to the rest of the world is equivalent to comparing the city of Vienna during Mozart with highlanders in Papua New Guinea. As if Ancient India was like this huge Vienna while the rest of the world was primitive.

But during the last centuries they were first enslaved by Muslims from Central Asia/Persia (whom they consider savage bloodthirsty barbarians, ignoring the intellectual side of Islamic civilization, which itself was plagiarized to a good extent from Greek learning) and then by Europeans.

One difference was that in the case of Islamic invaders they could hide under the carpet the invaders’ intellectual side, and they are thus dehumanized as savage bloodthirsty monsters (this label is justified though, as the Islamic rulers were quite brutal). But when the Europeans, especially the British, came they could not ignore their obvious technological superiority with their steam engines and telegraphs.

Thus the conflicting superiority/inferiority complex feelings.

They were as per their myth Numero Uno Civilization in the world, but now they are nearly at the bottom. White people with their strange but seeming superior looks and behavior give us an inferiority complex.

Besides, even the Japanese/ Koreans are way ahead of us, and now the Chinese are racing ahead. Mainland Indians just cannot accept the rise of China:

“Those Chinkis like the Chinkis of Nepal and North Eastern Indians going ahead of us, not possible,” we say.

Thus the desire to prove ancient India being as technologically advanced as the modern world, since the modern technological world is 90

I think this is same with the Arabs with their Islam. Islam, the last word of God and having an Arab as its last and greatest prophet, has fallen behind the White nonbelievers. Oh, the horror.

Blacks? Well, most Indians consider Blacks as some savage monkey people anyway.

I would say we Indians are some of the most racist people in the world, but our racism is very subtle.

As someone who works in mental health, I would like to point out the obvious. A person with both a massive superiority and inferiority complex going at the same time is a common creature.

This is typical for Cluster B personality types: especially Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disorders. But it associated more with narcissism than anything else. In fact, all proper analyses of narcissism begin with the supposition that what is going on in narcissism is often a huge inferiority complex which is apparently being compensated for by its opposite, a huge superiority complex.

My view is that the worse the narcissist’s inferiority complex, the greater their superiority complex must be to compensate for it. Whereas if one feels only a bit inferior, one has only to feel a bit superior to compensate, as all human beings are trying to equalize things and get at what I call the “zero state” of perfect equilibrium where everything is ok.

Many analyses of the Indian personality on this site have noted the profound narcissism apparent in most Indian Hindus. In many cases, this also looks like solipsism, but then narcissism and solipsism tend to go together anyway (Look at the Jews, the most solipsistic people on Earth).

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4 thoughts on “Repost: Alt Left: The Indian Personality: Superiority and Inferiority Complexes Intertwined”

  1. There is a topic that might be worthy to talk about. I’ve been reading Silvia Federeci’s works for a while. In the 1400’s, when Europe was developing the start of capitalism, one of their prerequisites was obtaining a good number of people that would serve as their working class.

    This meant that it was necessary to control the reproductive system of women, which included brutal methods like witch-hunting to make sure they were constantly making babies, some of the measures including prohibiting abortion and infanticide, which I believe was the start of the emphasis of modern European Christianity in demonizing these two techniques.

    Let’s look at infanticide, mostly about mothers killing their recently-born children in contexts where they wouldn’t be able to raise them due to resource scarcity or the baby would become a burden to their community due to certain situations.

    I know that some nomadic hunter-gatherers Native American tribes had a practice some hundreds of years ago. When the natives would be about to move all together to a new place, the mothers would kill recently-born infants.

    The reason that is usually given for this is that since the journey would be rough and resources scarce, the infant wouldn’t have much chance of survival and would be a burden for the moving tribe, so the mother just kills the infant for the benefit of the whole community. Anyway, they can always make another baby later when conditions are more ideal.

    It would be interesting to note how post-partum depression might be linked to women giving birth in adverse conditions where things would be very rough for mother and child or where the baby might not have much of a chance to survive, like some cases of severe poverty.

    It might not be considered correct to say in the modern age, but maybe infanticide together with abortion might have been an integral and natural part of the human history where contexts of high adversity for the mother and community might have been present.

    This is a topic that some people might be uneasy to talk about, but talking about uneasy subjects is what this blog is all about.


    There was a thought that I suddenly had when I woke up a few days ago.

    As you know, there are instinctual and innate characteristics in humans. People have an adversity to corpses because that protects us from the bacteria of decomposition.

    Women mate for two main reasons: to obtaining good genetics and obtain resources and secure their constant provisioning.

    So, what if women had an innate, albeit unconscious, awareness that older men have lower quality sperm and genetics? This would explain why the only contexts where is seen acceptable for men that reach a certain age to get younger girls and women is to have a high status and access to resources as an compensation. The bigger the difference in ages, the more he has to compensate in resources.


    One thing that I noticed is that women considering a man “creepy or scary”, this actually means a male that has failed to show minimal social skills and normal behavior. The woman additionally tells many women about this, including complete strangers.

    It’s interesting because not only said conditions lead to her to react adversely and to consider him as an aberration and a failure for mating, but she also feels compelled to warn many other women that this man is completely unsuitable as a mate.

    The irony is that the very worst and more dangerous type of men for women, precisely have high social skills and charm as their very definition (cluster B personalities.)

    I guess it makes sense for their ancestral mating interests for women to do the following:

    Women like men that display aggression and dominant towards other men but act kindly towards the woman. The problem is that with asshole men and Cluster B’s is that the typical displays of antisocial behavior they show towards other people is their real persona, which you should note to get to figure out who he really is, while their display of kindness to the woman is just a mask.

    Maybe it’s possible for women to avoid the painful early stages of obliviously selecting abusive men by giving them some training in selecting mates and spotting real danger. Of course, it would be more unrealistic to expect some women like teenagers to not be impulsive, but warning them of some of the more obvious red flags would definitely help like watching out if a man is starting to separate you from your family and acquaintances (isolation tactic).

    Maybe it works like food. Humans in ancestral times have gone trough times with severe food shortages, leading humans to have a likeness to consume salt, fats, and sugar. People don’t eat that delicious salt and fat all the time because we tell people that is bad for them and explain why. So they consume them in moderation.

    Some women do learn to detect certain obvious dangers and signs of sexual harassment. But their evolved gut feeling of seeing charming men that as a type of desirable candy is most of the time unsuitable for assessing the real dangers of men.

    Women are like a person that has a dog and several bodyguards. The person invites a recently befriended person to their house. The dog barks incessantly towards the friend like he has some sort of hidden inner evil, leading the owner to punish the dog. The bodyguard warns the person about some of the signs of the the friend that indicates that he might be dangerous, prompting the person to tell them to leave them alone. The friend she invited in uses the opportunity to harm the person.

    One thing I noticed about conservative families’ boogeyman stories they tell little girls is that their aim and purpose in a roundabout way is to make the girl won’t give sexual access to boys too easily.

  2. Curious, playful, humorous, dancing monkeys. The shoe fits. That the Black stereotype is seen as mean is a recent advent. The Arab Jabari tribe was religiously based on an ancient African ape god. The view on apes in Africa is positive. Most enjoy watching them at the zoo.

    Whites themselves were once brave lions; now they are soft and silly house kittens.

    Semites were wild boars, domesticated into potbelly-Arab and micro-Jew pigs via their respective religions.

    East Asians were timid and docile sheep.

    Indians, mostly jungle owlets that wish they were snowy owls.

    All these animal groups were created via the effects of wine, according to the Bible I believe.

    1. The effects of wine were described as the animals. Makes you brave like a lion, lecherous like a pig, curious and playful like a monkey, shy like sheep.
      Jabari tribe is from the Black Panther comics/film.

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