Alt Left: How It All Began – Tracing the Roots of Modern-Day Identity Politics, SJWism, and Especially Wokeism

The First Privilege Walk.

Summary: This woke bullshit was a terrible idea back then when it started, and it’s probably an even more terrible idea now.

They would never join us, but I’d say the site in the link is Alt Left or at least a form of the Alt Left. All anti-IP, anti-SJW, or anti-woke liberalism and Leftism is really just Alt Leftism.

This site has already been described by a thoughtful author as “Anti-Woke Left.” The author writes on American Renaissance. It’s either Chris Roberts or Gregory Hood, but I’m inclined to think it’s Chris because he came out of the Left and continues to write about the Left at that extremely rightwing publication. Amren is a White nationalist publication or White Supremacist if you want to think that way. Problem is that the editor, Jared Taylor, thinks Asians are superior to Whites. So it’s hard to argue that he’s a White Supremacist.

I actually comment on there because nobody else will have me. I get banned from almost all Left and liberal sites very quickly for my anti-woke politics. On the other hand, the commenters are not just racist – they are wildly, fanatically, off-the-charts racist in a way that few Whites are anymore.

Which is one more reason why their project will fail. They refuse to tone it down, probably because they can’t. They can’t tone it down possibly because the project is inherently radical and extremist and hence will always only attract such types. There’s not much in the White Nationalist movement for the average White person.

This is one more reason we need to get away from this crap term White Supremacy. Yes, this was a powerful thing for a long time in this country, but it’s all but dead. Even Whites who like being White are hardly White Supremacists. And many non-Whites also very racist, especially against Blacks. They’re left out of this whole thing. The percentage of actual White Supremacists or potential White Nationalists among Whites ranges from 6-9

How about White racist or racist Whites instead of this White Supremacy/ White Supremacist crap? How about anti-Black racism instead of calling anti-Black non-Whites White Supremacists? Even Blacks who step outside of the BLM/woke line are getting called White Supremacist. That’s pretty stupid. It just goes to show that in any contest about who is the most politically retarded, the Dogmatic Left is always near first place.

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11 thoughts on “Alt Left: How It All Began – Tracing the Roots of Modern-Day Identity Politics, SJWism, and Especially Wokeism”

  1. White people create PC enclaves like Portland or Uruguay.

    White nationalism is fringe for Whites. It has popped up as a reaction to non-White gangs. If one WN makes one mistake, the movement loses favor and is seen as another gang.

    It’s not wise to label yourself. I can say whatever about non-Whites and be as pro-White as I want and as long as I don’t associate with a pro-White group, most Whites don’t care.

    I’ve mentioned Aryans a # of times to Whites, and they never assume I’m a Nazi, despite the constant stream of anti-Nazi films. I’m not a Nazi anyway but Whites aren’t catching anything but butterflies in their nets. Most Whites flying Nazi flags aren’t even racist. It’s a love of history or a non-racist political statement.

    Wokies are a brainwashed shit show. The new breed, the ugly stain on a soft White pillow. Perhaps reflecting themselves onto others, most Whites see the best in people. It’s a very White thing to do.

  2. “I wish I didn’t have to think this way, but Blacks aren’t worth our time, effort, and energy.”

    Former Liberal.

    Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor, and many pro-White authors were fully liberal. Many still are, just not on race. David Duke has said he’s anti-racist. his message is on the human tip minus Jews. There’s a stage where they’re conflicted cultural liberals. many likely still are.

    Blacks are on the opposite pole of the East Asian model minority. Many White Nationalists just hate niggers. As the Detroit steak blackened, most Whites couldn’t stand the heat and billowed out like White smoke. Only the redneck/red-hot coal on the bottom remained.

    Peering down through their pearly gate on White clouds, so high above the earthy Brown, the White angels see only the White smoke of hell.

  3. Orientals hardly have any trash. They respectfully nod at each other on the bus. If they bred more with Whites and Blacks, it could curb some of our trash. Black trash is very in-your-face, especially if you’re an authority like a bus driver, teacher, etc. Blacks that aren’t trashy are the total opposite of Black trash. Like a church lady vs a ghetto hoochie twerking in the street. White trash can be very annoyed by disruptive Black trash. The bus driver can be White trash or a loudmouth defending the bus driver. Maybe Whites sink as low as Blacks, but I haven’t seen it.

    White retards, drugees, and cripples have a sweetness to them. I find them endearing and want to help them. A lot of White trash women are cute. I can appreciate superficial flaws if they have genuinely good hearts. Full-on Black trash seems less functional or more hostile. The bus runs smoother without them. The Black who refuses to wear a mask at least grabs a bitch’s ass and believes he’s racially superior to Whites gets bathed by a double-masked feminist anti-racist White.

      1. The loudmouth White trash has the balls to speak up and defend the bus driver and be hostile to the disruptive Black. This is my experience on the bus. I’m friends with White trash, they are not without redeemable qualities. Maybe “White trash” is a bit harsh, but they tell me they’re White trash. I get along well with them, brothers from a different mother.

        1. A flaw of White trash may be shelf life. Whites expire like milk from hard living. Craig Foster is a great Black tattoo artist. He’s mild mannered and prefers to tattoo light skin. He behaves more White than Black surpases ghetto Blacks in his field. I’ve watched many tattoo reality shows, even a Black one which was the worst. Black women are the most difficult clients. Ghetto Blacks are the most talk and the least walk. I get hit on by more fat Black hippos than anything, they have no shame. It’s comical now but I do not want that to be the majority. I know Asian hermits and hiders(hide from people). There’s always a balance. Blacks should abandon the ghetto in favor of Mayberry if they wish to walk upright. Whites benefit from the slow burn of the East. The most positive Black I’ve seen was in a East Slavic prison, the only Black. His contrast was good for them. Every Russian prison would benefit from an outgoing social Black.

  4. Blacks can be very funny. They start making fun of teachers and tormenting bus drivers early, often in darkly humorous ways. Bernie Mac always made fun of his boss before becoming a well-known comedian. South Africa has great humor and slang. Blacks have no doubt contributed to this. Also being a mixed society of naturally different people with a history of being at odds with each other, I believe they have to be a little less serious.

  5. Excuse me, but that woke shit show as it unfolds in the Anglosphere is a movement of the far right, period. I am wondering by which twist of mind they are calling it left-wing and even Marxist. The reason it is called Marxist is principally because TV-brainwashed Murricans call everything horrible “marxist” in the very same way they call any technology beyond their very mediocre understanding “rocket science”. When applied to the Black question, the woke ideology is something I have been knowing for sixty years : It is “Blackism” or “Afrocentrism” as was called the ideology of Haiti’s François Duvalier a.k.a. “Papa Doc” and of his infamous “Tonton-Macoutes”. As far as I can tell it is the rightmost ideology ever to have arisen on the American continent. The central idea was that Blacks of Haiti and other parts of the world ought to resent against the Western World as Blacks and never as proletarians or enslaved people, and fight Marxism together with Liberal humanism as the two main prongs of White dominance. It was pure obscurantism.

    In principle all Whites were the enemies to fell as such like deadwood. But they reserved their most awful hatred to any Black or not so White person “playing White”. If you were a White gangster from abroad or looked like one your were actually welcome. What they couldn’t stand were Black poets writing in high quality French or English : they killed the 50 000 most literate Blacks and Mulattos of Haitis. Many of the “Blackist” leaders were actually off-whites so to speak. Strangely enough, they privileged gay sex as a better sexuality than mere heterosexual reproductive sexuality which was to be left over to stupid workers. American Wokeness is a carbon-copy of Duvalier’s ideology than cannot be but premeditated. But don’t call that mental illness “left”. It has not even any real relationship with left-hand spiritual paths such as a marginal part of voodoo is (or tantra) : despite its use of satanic symbols from the dark side of voodoo in its terroristic propaganda, it allied 1) with Zionism as a Masonic ritual practice as well as a political alignment 2) with American Zionist Evangelism.

    But if you joined the one or the other or both the first thing they asked from you was to spit on the general Haitian people as an accursed people for eternity and consider yourself elect by God in the calvinist sense for having made the supernatural effort to reject its identity. Now former gangsters of the Duvalier regime have been back in power for many years in Haiti and that 100% criminalized country claims of wokism as their invention to the point they ask heavy copyright money from their North American putative younger brethren.

  6. Priss Factor mentioned Leftist and Liberal are inaccurate terms for zioanarcho-tyranists. When an Octaroon loses their Black signature features, how Black are they? If you look more White than Black, you’re leaning on the White side. One drop rule is stupid. I refer to some island mixes of 3 or more races as Whatchamacallits. Some are very attractive and friendly. Not all Blacks are plump as Precious but mixing seems to filter that type out, which is a good thing.

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