Heinrich Himmler – by Jason


Who wants to discuss?  Some interesting points:

  • He wanted peace with the Allies and a united front against Communist aggression, as he saw the war being lost.
  • He was an agricultural student. That would feed his interest in genetics and biology and of course racism.
  • He was actually arrested – the architect and executioner of The Final Solution – by Hitler, which forced him into hiding, which lead to his arrest by the British and subsequent suicide. This happened when he asked Eisenhower for peace via a third party.
  • He built the SS from almost nothing into a force of millions of men.
  • At least one of his daughters never repented from neo-Nazi ideas and in fact aided Nazi war criminals after the war.

I can’t understand how a person can hate and be elitist as much as he was unless it’s some demonic possession. And what was the justification? He  was this simply an abnormal personality type gifted with high intelligence for planning given massive power, and we see the end result.

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