A Lot of People Viciously Hate Child Molesters and Pedophiles, and Courts Often Side With People Who Kill Molesters

I don’t know how much child molester-haters side with parents of victims of child molestation who take the law into their own hands and kill molesters, but this case makes it seem like it’s commonplace in the USA, or at least it was in the 80s. A post was made by a man on social media recently linking to the article above and praising the child molester killer, and it shows the contempt that culturally right-wing Americans and maybe others have for anyone even talking about pedophilia or child molestation.

Child molester Jeff Doucet and victim Jody Plauché checked into a cheap motel in Anaheim, California, just a short walk away from Disneyland. Inside the motel room, Doucet sexually assaulted his karate student. This went on until Jody asked to call his parents, which Doucet allowed. Police, alerted by Jody’s parents, traced the call and arrested Doucet, while Jody was put on a flight back to Louisiana.

Mr. Plauché, father of the victim drove to Baton Rouge Airport. He entered the arrivals hall wearing a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses. His face hidden, he walked over to a payphone. As he made a quick call as a WBRZ news crew got their cameras ready to record the caravan of cops that were escorting Jeff Doucet out of his plane. When the procession passed by him, Plauché pulled a gun from his boot and shot Doucet in the head.

What did he get for doing that?

Plauché walked away from his murder trial with five years probation and 300 hours of community service. Before he had completed both, Plauché was already back to living a relatively normal life under the radar. He died in 2014 from a stroke when he was in his late 60s.

I also heard a more recent story that was similar. The guy who killed the child molester got a slap on the wrist.

What’s the message here? I don’t know the exact science of whatever men really feel about this sort of thing, but they should be careful what they say about the matter, and especially they should know if they do something with kids, the consequences could be fatal for the man who did it via vigilantism, and the vigilante might not be punished.


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2 thoughts on “A Lot of People Viciously Hate Child Molesters and Pedophiles, and Courts Often Side With People Who Kill Molesters”

  1. On this topic, what was that case (it was here in California, I believe) where the mother of a son who had been molested by a summer camp counselor snuck a gun into the courtroom and shot the molester in the back of the head, killing him. That’s what caused courthouses to make you empty your pockets upon entry and run all of your belongings through an x-ray machine before being granted entry into the building. That case and similar case in Louisiana come to mind. I think the lady’s name was Nellie something.

  2. A guy’s daughter was molested by his friend. The father told him, “I forgive you but you understand you have to die for this.” Then the father shot him dead. It’s an old code, a righteous kill. I know many that “hate, hate, hate” child molesters. Murder works better than rehabilitation, zero dead re-offenders. What would you do if your perfect little angel, that you love more than anyone, is violently raped by a grown ass man?

    I get that anyone can be accused, not all pedos molest, an ass-pat isn’t rape, etc. There’s a deeper softness some have. I had a teacher who would not spank women during sex that who cry for child molesters and told me the system was so insensitive to them. Fathers forgiving people that kill their own flesh and blood. “All I have in my heart is love for you, and I gladly offer you my flesh as a dessert.” I don’t have that angel on my shoulder.

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