The Rich and Upper Middle Class are Racist and at the Least Classist, by Jason

Yep, they are. Not sure if all of them are, though, but we can be assured a lot are, maybe most. They spend their spare times when not working at either the job they worked hard to get at or just have as some bi-product of being rich trampling on the weak, who they think are some of the following or all: cowards, lazy, thieving, ugly, unhygienic, drug using, liars.

Of course, those in the classist camp won’t blame it on race, but rest assured, a lot of them are also racist whether they admit or not.

Of course, you can’t actually accuse these people of being what they are. They will say you’re some whining victim, a sissy.

It’s obvious what these snobs are, but it seems like they themselves can’t see it.

But who’s really the wuss, when it’s them who hunt down the helpless like rats, all the while, making some false illusion that the weak are wimps who haven’t tried hard enough in life, otherwise they would be snobs like they are.


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