Game/PUA: We Are All Incels Now

1-800-Whatever: No Robert, I don’t. I’ve never been on their sites, but I am familiar with their ideas based on their comments I’ve come across but more so from what their “Manospherian” detractors say about them. I try to empathize with them, even though I don’t generally endorse their ‘mood,’ so to speak. I just wanted to point out the (pseudo) cool Gametards that ‘punch down’ at and scorn them. I don’t like that sort of rigmarole.

Sure. We are all incels, are we not? How many of us men have gone for more than six months of involuntary celibacy? And suppose we say buying prostitutes doesn’t count? Now how many have gone at least six months of involuntary celibacy. My God, it must be most of us. If you look at my raw figures like how many females I dated or my laycount, supposedly I’m in the top 6

So in a way, we are all incels! These guys who call themselves that have simply experienced the worst possible incel experiences: they have been deprived of all or most all female affection for their entire lives, which has logically left them bitter, angry, depressed, self-hating, and even aggressive and violent. There’s a little bit of the incel in all of us is what I am saying. I look at those guys and think, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

I always thought I did well just because I was so fucking cool and had such outrageous Game that females just couldn’t love me enough. In other words, my success was due to my actual superiority to other men. However, some Manosphere types, especially Looksists, schooled me and told me that I was deceiving myself and that much of my success was probably just pure good Looks. It was a bit hard for my ego to take at first, but I handled it well because I’ve always derived a lot of my self-esteem from my Looks.

Now, for sure you need to combine good Looks with other things like good personality and especially Game. Anything else – any status, power, money, fame, intelligence, talent, sense of humor, charm, etc., – can’t hurt, but these are all “add-ons” to the basic Looks requirement. In other words, in many cases, Looks is a necessary but not sufficient requirement for success with women. And many of those other things other than the first four are neither necessary nor sufficient to get women.

I guess there are guys without Looks who do great with pure Game, but I would not want to go that route myself. Hell, even with Looks, the World of Women is a scary enough place as it is. Sometimes it feels like walking through a field of razorblades. Actually it’s felt that way most of my life, even back in the day.

The world of Women is not inherently harmful but there are so many obstacles, you have to watch every step you take or you get hurt, it’s oh so easy to mess up and cut yourself pretty bad, and when you get cut, no one soothes you or patches you up, so you have to lie and say you never got cut. If you tell the truth about getting cut, everyone laughs at you and calls you a loser. So you grit your teeth and tiptoe through the field of knives once again. Our penises that guide and control our frontal cortexes demand that we must walk the razor-sharp minefield again and again.

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8 thoughts on “Game/PUA: We Are All Incels Now”

  1. Ha ha ha, well said Robert! Good post. I would think you were a young man in the 70’s to early 80s. If that is true, that might also factor into your success. There were more kids born before that time, so there was a surplus of adult women around, probably a glut of them. Culture was more about actual socializing then than it is now, and women were probably more receptive to flirtatious chatter than now. And yeah, you probably looked good too.

    As for incels, mocking them is like mocking the unemployed, unemployable, or hungry. Of course they’re angry about it, and it’s understandable. They don’t need Gametards talking trash on top of it in their smug attempt to be out of the mainstream but also keep one foot in it at the same time.

      1. Liberal White snobs with money beating up poor White proletarians and lumpens. If anyone is being oppressed in our society, it’s these poor sods. I’m for the oppressed and against the oppressors. White liberals and the Left in general have demonized these poor shmucks, and it’s disgusting. They’re literally oppressing these poor guys.

        There’s also a thing from liberal White males along the lines of, “Ha ha. We get laid a lot, and you guys don’t!” Wow, so this is the Left right now. Sex-havers showering contempt on the sexually unlucky? How pathetic. Anyway it reminds me of rich snobs gloating in their success and hating the poor for being financially successful in life.

        Sure, they hate women, but the female race has been treating them like raw sewage for their whole lives. How do you expect them to respond? You hit a man enough times, he might just hit you back.

        1. Just my 2 cents, but I don’t think these “liberal” or (pseudo) leftists are getting laid all that much. Most I’ve seen are pajama boys. I think they get married more, but I don’t know they are getting laid all that much. I could be wrong of course.

          1. Thanks, answered in a post. I don’t really deal with cucks like that, so I don’t know. I’ve seen some of them who have this, “LOL sex is so easy to get with women, LOL literally anyone could do it even if they are retarded, with their eyes closed LOL!”

            “It’s simple. Just get some status. Then you get women. No problem.”

            I argued that there’s no way to tell if your advance is going to be wanted or not, so therefore metoo has outlawed all flirting. Cuck liberal:

            “Well if you have good social skills, you can always tell if your advances are going to be welcome or not, otherwise you are an autist incel who doesn’t deserve to get laid LOL!”

            A lot of these liberal/Left guys are “LOL any guy can get laid any time no matter what LOL. I’s simple LOL. You don’t need money or status or fame or power or anything. Getting laid is as easy as pie for any man and if you can’t do it you’re an autist LOL!”

            I don’t mean to brag, but having dated hundreds of females, I would think that I know a thing or two about that. Sure, you can sort of figure out if your advance is going to go over or not, especially if you already out on a date with her. But how to get to that point in the first place? Just forget it. You can’t really tell. And I lot of times, you just have to go ahead and risk it anyway if she’s being reasonably friendly. Ask her for her number. And I can’t tell you how many times I have had women who openly flirted with me later tell me that they were just flirting and were really not interested in me. You…can’t…tell…

            Sure, you can get an idea if she’s being really forward, but even then, she can turn on a dime at any time and decide whatever you said was an “unwanted advance” and then you’re fucked. An “unwanted advance” is whatever the fuck any woman on Earth thinks it is, no matter how nuts or evil or illogical or insensible she is. It’s complete garbage. Unwanted advances should be permissible.

            Federal sexual harassment law says sexual harassment has to be severe, persistent, and ongoing and must make it so she can’t function at her job or school. Harassment means she told you to stop, probably over and over, and you kept on doing it. So many men do just this and that IS sexual harassment. But one failed pass? One failed pass and your job and career is over because of some loony capricious bitch who might not be in her right mind at all. Get outa here!

  2. Women (especially White ones) often have less intuition. I take the bus with Atlanta malcoons (bad Blacks)and White women smile at them as they exit the bus. “I trust this thug that will kill me more than anyone” is the White (especially Nordic) woman’s mindset, even without Jew propaganda, which doesn’t help matters. Scandi girls seem to get murdered in Africa or after a bus ride.

    Maybe need their own buses. Danes built a prison in Greenland better than any NAM hotel. In that same show Danes were condemned as evil oppressors. It doesn’t matter what good Whitey does or if he’s as soft as fresh snow, everything he does is still bad due to his “racist” White magic.

    Bitches burn anti-Chad coal as quick as they’ll suck a Chad’s pole before kissing their husbands. Marriage means little these days. Being a good guy means little to most women. They’ll applaud a homely Mr. Nice guy but not fuck him. Women have more clueless dodo birds than men do. As you titled another article, incels are right. I try to be blue-pilled on women and enjoy the steak. Coldhardtruth hurts.

    1. As a Jew married girl, I agree. I am a raging misogynist. I used to make fun of my sisters for being dumb sluts so much they don’t even talk to me anymore. I can’t say I miss them, either.

  3. My husband says that he finds most women incredibly boring. He’s autistic (literally), and if he can’t talk to someone about his ‘things,’ he’s not interested enough to pursue them even if he’d like to fuck them. Before we started dating he’d had two goth girlfriends in high school, and he was thirty when we were actually married. That’s around ten years without even him even bothering to try to get laid even one time.

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