Alt Left: Neuveau Fascism in South America and Europe

Manuel Rodriguez: Back to politics. What is going on in Bolivia is worrying me. We have fascist squads lynching “undesirables” like peasants. We also see that there have been placed barricades with rubbish and tires that block vehicle mobilization, causing people to be fed up and remove the barricades. You know what this all reminds me? The guarimbas of 2014 in Venezuela and Nicaragua. I can see where this is going.

————————– Separate: There is an tendency that is pretty worrying going on at least in Latin America.

The people are tired of the structural inequalities from the neoliberal policies of the right, causing them to lose in elections whenever they appear as they are, and the people are conscious enough.

The mutation consisted on swapping in the public’s mind the Traditional Right image with Center-Right, which seems like a more popular alternative. The complementary tactic is for thee Center-Right to dress up as the Center-Left, which in reality are already prepared sell-outs whose main purpose is try to divert votes from the Left to help the Right win.

The media did their thing, which was to help Center-Left Boric would win over the Leftist Jadue. The whole purpose of Center-Left Yaku Pérez’ candidacy was to make the Leftist Andrés Arauz lose.

That strategy seems to be being recently changing. They are changing the Center-Right for populist Trump-style fascist Far Right candidates. The most worrying thing is that they are getting a lot of support from the population. Bolsonaro is an classic example. Jose Antonio Kast is a more recent example. It seems that Vamos in Argentina is going to win in the parliament.

I would like to point out that the election in Ecuador was profoundly unfair. First of all, the main opposition party kept getting banned, and its leaders all have warrants out for their arrest on fake charges. This “lawfare” is similar to what was done in Brazil. By the way, the FBI greatly assisted the Brazilian fascists in the lawfare against the Left down there. The US is also engaging in lawfare against Venezuela.

Vamos are Argentine fascists?

Obviously Bolsonaro is a fascist, and Kast is clearly a Pinochet-style Chilean fascist.

Why are people voting fascist? I don’t get it. Although Chile and Argentine both have deep fascist blocs in each country, in my opinion mostly because those are majority-White countries. Brazil is also a majority-White country, which may be why they are going fascist too.

In Latin America nowadays, where you lack a White majority, fascism is hard to install because Latin non-Whites hate fascism. They’ve had quite enough of it. However, they do support it in Colombia. On the other hand, Colombia is also a fairly White country. Fascist roots in Colombia go back to Independence. The country simply has developed a culture of popular fascism for whatever reason. Turkey is very similar. The people get no benefit for voting fascist, but they keep doing it anyway.

There are fascist governments in non-White Haiti, Honduras, and Paraguay, but all of those are dictatorships. The Right seized power with fascist coups – armed in Haiti and Honduras and legislative in Paraguay – and they have ruled by dictatorship ever since.

In the Americas, Whiteness is associated with rightwing authoritarianism and fascism. In Europe this is not the case, but Whites are a huge majority over there. It appears that Whites go fascist when they are in the minority, but Argentina and Chile are majority-White, so I don’t get it.

Really any population descended from the Catholic Spaniards divides into the typical Far Right-Far versus Left Collectivist pattern. This pattern is also seen in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Lebanon, all Mediterranean countries. This is also seen now somewhat in France. Spain, France, and Italy are Catholic, Greece is Orthodox, Turkey is Muslim, and Lebanon is mostly Catholic and Muslim. Mediterranean countries are collectivist, so politics tends to be collectivist. Islam, Catholicism, and Orthodox Christianity are collectivist religions.

Left collectivism is Communism and socialism, while Right collectivism is fascism.

The Catholic East European fascism in Poland and Hungary is different and has a Catholic socially conservative and anti-Communist tint. Liberation theology never took hold in Eastern Europe except in Czechia, where there is a long tradition of “Catholic Communism.”

In Ukraine, the Baltics, and Belarus, the fascism is simply Nazism, pure and simple. Ukraine and Belarus are Orthodox, and the Baltics are Catholic (Lithuania) and Protestant (Latvia and Estonia). The Nazism here stems from World War and the independence movements in these countries making alliances with the Nazi occupiers who promised them independence. The Communists in turn were seen as anti-nationalists who thwarted these nations independence dreams. See below for more on that.

In Orthodox Georgia and Russia, fascism nationalist – ethnic nationalist in Georgia or simply nationalist or “Russian Empire nationalist” in Russia.

Protestant Northern Europe is more individualistic. The Right there is just about dead except in the UK and the Baltics. The Right in the UK is a pale copy of US politics. See below for the anti-Communist roots of the Right in the Baltics.

The Right in the northern individualist parts of Europe is mostly anti-Muslim. It’s conservatism is toned down like all politics in Northern Europe is toned down, so it’s not really fascist, instead a type of Woke Anti-Islam. Otherwise they are very left on social issues. One of their leaders in the Netherlands was a gay man. And they support a more socialist economics, but this is the case for both the Right and Left in most of Europe proper other than the Baltics.

The Economic Right is only popular in the UK, where the political economics mirrors the US, and in Czechia, the Baltics, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. In all of these places except the UK, it is an anti-Communist reaction where many people are angry about living under Communism in the past, so they have gone to extreme Right economics as an overreaction.

In Estonia and Latvia, support for the economic Right has been disastrous and has almost destroyed both countries. The Economic Right has little power in Russia and Belarus, with only 10-20

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Neuveau Fascism in South America and Europe”

  1. Sorry. I didn’t express myself correctly when i talked about Argentina. With Vamos I actually meant Avanza Libertad. Avanza Libertad is a far-right, ultraconservative party. I’m not sure if it’s fascist, but it has some tendencies. Javier Milei is an follower of Trump and Bolsonaro. Victoria Villaruel is a lawyer that defended the genocide of the last military dictatorship.

    There are some self-criticisms I could make about Fernandez besides the “cowardly” foreign policy he had in the region. Alberto Fernandez didn’t do much public investing, which created discontent that the Right used to their advantage. Sure, while it’s true that he inherited a huge debt from the IMF, he could have essentially told them that they will just have to wait, and he will prioritize his people first. Kirchner did just that.

    Being objective, the results are not dramatic for either the government or the opposition. The election is not going to bring down Fernandez or affect their governance. What should concern us is the fact that fascism is gaining popularity in itself. It’s not all doom, though. The Left (not Center-Left) has started gaining popularity as well.

    The sociological features of every country that you mentioned are indeed very useful to know. Some countries might go trough the same thing, yet their people react towards and deal with it in completely different ways.

    Besides the anthropological reasons you mentioned about how fascism can obtain more or less acceptance in any country, fascists also exploit the feelings of the people in some countries that “neither the Left nor the traditional Right are any good” and not only position themselves as an promising third alternative but publicize themselves with very attractive messages.

    Vox, one of the few fascist parties with European 30’s levels of social conservatism, have propaganda videos of them smiling in an green field in springtime. They clearly have an interest in displaying an image of modernity and a “progressiveness” of sorts. The thing they all have in common is that they put trendy, young, and attractive people up front, which allows them to distance themselves from the image of old men in a leadership role, an image which is associated with the older type of fascism.

    They also attack everything related with Political Correctness, which I consider more as the “attack the weak and convince those going trough tough situations that they are the cause of their problems as a scapegoat” typical of fascism. I think that because SJWism, Identity Politics and Political Correctness doesn’t have much foothold in Latin America, it doesn’t make sense to exploit it as a legitimate problem that people are perceiving.

    I think that Argentina might be more individualistic that the other countries in the region in some senses. They had protests in the last year because they didn’t want to quarantine themselves. That sort of thing is usually associated with the US and Western European countries, as they prioritize their own freedoms more than collective safety. Collectivism makes people more committed to the in-groups they belong to, which I guess benefits a country’s resilience so that their citizens can be depended on to fulfill their duties even in hard times.


    We should give a specific name to Color Revolutions, violent riots that the CIA starts in countries the US doesn’t like. They are actually fifth-generation warfare, terrorist activities in disguise.

    The USA used to have anthropologist/sociologist-type specialists to help them plan how to deal with their targets, in order to know the mental situation and cultural peculiarities of the people and countries it had it cross-hairs on. It seems that they told them that the Nazis where feeling demoralized in a given zone, meaning that an attack would be pretty effective to wipe them out. I’m not sure when, but it seems since several decades ago they don’t put that sort of process or consideration anymore.

    We tend to refer to the CIA’s destabilization activities as scripts, but they seem to be more literal than that.

    They use almost the exact same procedures on every country regardless of its historic or cultural realities and how that may affect their results. They also underestimate the will of the people and the strong connection they have to their leaders.

    It made sense to use the Ukrainian riots in Venezuela, as the Ukrainian project completed its mission in the same year.

    Color riots (that’s what I’m going to call them for now) not only have few notable differences in the countries they have been applied regardless of the realities they are facing with and the characteristics of the targeted people but are also seeing their effectiveness increasingly diminishing.

    The countries targeted by the USA are learning how to deal with Color Riots either by observation and study or through intelligence sharing. They now know not only how to deal with them better when they are already active but also how to recognize signs that they are being prepared and what necessary steps opposition individuals will have to undertake to arm the riots.

    Daniel Ortega jailed a few weeks ago some opposition people that where moving money to finance a Color Riot. The protests in Moscow not only were a joke, but Alexei Navalny literally was an lame attempt to create another Leopoldo Lopez. The riots in Hong Kong had as protagonists snobby, rich college students that wreck stuff and burn innocent bystanders, much like in Venezuela.

    I’m not sure if Bolivia knows. What happened in 2019 was not an Color Riot, it was a police and military coup. The riots where just fascist squads to exterminate Native Americans and serve as an icing of the top. They have just started a new Color Riot due to the government trying to establish a law that is pretty much to prevent money laundering and financial terrorism, which is obviously detrimental to them and ironically would be to prevent situations like they put them to. It seems that the government now is trying to remove the law to prevent another 2019 coup.


    We know that democracy is the dictatorship of the majority. It means that the largest ethnic group is the one that gets the control, but the opposite also happens and is far, far worse.

    When certain ethnic groups wants to exercise power and control in a multi-ethnic state or territory but find themselves a minority, they have to use notoriously violent means to meet their ends. The overall methods they use resemble traditional fascism in order to gain and hold power.

    Examples include the Dutch Whites of South Africa and obviously Israel. Latin American countries with an higher amount of Native American and mestizo presence usually have a Right that is far more vicious towards them than in other countries. Saddam of Iraq might count in a certain sense.


    I would appreciate very much if you send to my email everything you have about Afghanistan. I have my few orientations about the situation and what are the plans, but it would be nice if you told me everything you know that would let oneself be more informed, considering that we are in Cold War 2.

    1. Hi! I guess you can look under Afghanistan in the search box on the site or click the Afghanistan tag if you can find one.

    2. I would appreciate very much if you send to my email everything you have about Afghanistan. I have my few orientations about the situation and what are the plans, but it would be nice if you told me everything you know that would let oneself be more informed, considering that we are in Cold War 2.

      Hi Miguel, I have a number of older articles about Afghanistan that I could publish. I was looking at one from 2008, and even there, there was an incredible amount of information that is still relevant today. Do you want me to do that?

  2. In the third paragraph I meant the results of the parliamentary elections. The MSM makes it look like Fernandez went trough a catastrophic defeat.

    In the field of leftwing analysis of global situations, it’s essential to have knowledge of the fields of anthropology, sociology, and history and how they feature in the ethnic groups and nationalities present in any geographic zone, as these have a huge weight on how events end up being processed and developed.

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