Why Do So Many Black Women Have a Prostitute Mindset?

There is no race of women who has the idea that men need to pay good money to access their pussies than Black women. And no race of women has a prostitution and pseudo-prostitution rate as high as Black women.

I still meet Black women who are frankly prostitutes in one way or another. This race of women also seems to think that there is nothing wrong with prostitution. 4

Let’s say White women have a Psychopathy score on the PCL of 4, which may well be their average. Then Black women would have a Psychopathy score on the PCL of 8. You need a score of 20 to be a psychopath. My point is that even among us normal non-psychopaths, people can be more or less psychopathic. And you can be pretty damn psychopathic and still score below 20. The 20+ scores are for the true outliers, the pure psychopaths and sociopaths that cause so much damage. So perhaps this more casual attitude towards whoring among Black women is due to increased psychopathy.

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One thought on “Why Do So Many Black Women Have a Prostitute Mindset?”

  1. BB’s are whores and hoochies. Their asses are on Facebook or some Backpage. A Black widow does not always kill and eat her mate, but it has been known to happen.

    My top two Blacks are dangerous. A dark one full of rage and a super slutty paper-bag colored one. Note: I see the same rage in Sudanese.

    There’s a connection to weaves which can be very expensive and a necessity before feeding kids to many Black women. Most women raping men out there are likely Black. It’s rare but I’ve met Black women that are that sexually aggressive.

    The modern Black culture promotes materialism. Listen to any “Bad Bitch,” it’s pay me this, buy me that, not for free, etc. There’s an effort to be “the baddest Bitch.” A female King Kong that is well-suited for the streets. The porn industry chews up naive little White girls. But a real “bad Black bitch” may rape a Ron Jeremy type and snatch his gold star of David chain.

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