PUA/Game: The Incels Were Right

Booker T: Women want all ugly/older/short/disabled guys to be regulated to the margins of society as unseen, unheard worker drones whose only purpose is to provide the tax revenue that sponsors the lives of women, Chads, and their Chadspawn children. This is no exaggeration. This is EXACTLY what their end goal is!!

You are actually correct. I was a Chad in my youth, so I got spoiled. You would not believe the outrageous shit that women let us Chads get away with! They practically let us get away with murder! No lie!

Now that I am older and apparently unattractive to women, it seems that nothing is more offensive in this world to women than the fact either that I exist in the first place or that I have a sex drive or both.

Almost all young women want absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with me. They won’t even make friendly conversation. We don’t have to have sex! We don’t have to do anything sexual! But we can’t even be the slightest bit of friends. And what really infuriates people more than anything else is that I still have a sex drive. I still look at women. That really infuriates women, especially young ones. It’s outrageous that I have a sex drive at all! I don’t think they would accept me much if I didn’t have a sex drive, but the fact that I have one seems to drive them completely up the wall.

The incels have been saying this for a long time. They have been saying that women seem to be furious that ugly men even exist at all! It’s like an affront to their existence that these guys even share the planet with them. And the incels said that the fact that they have a sex drive seemed to drive these women particularly crazy.

The feeling seems to be that women are disgusted and outraged at the idea of me having sex at all with anyone. I guess I’m disgusting now and it infuriates women that disgusting men have sex. Although I will grant that even some of the young ones are ok with me chatting up and hitting on women more my age. They just don’t want me having anything to do with young ones. Perhaps they’re not disgusted at the idea of me having sex with a woman my age.

I never quite believed the incels until I started to experience this for myself. Now I know it’s true. The incels are right about so many things. I still don’t agree with a lot of their outlook, especially the hatred of women, but the only reason I like women at all is because they were so good to me back when I was a Chad.

The reason those incels hate women is because women have been treating them like toxic waste their whole lives. You hit a man enough times, he might just hit you back! What do you expect? I’m also quite certain that if those incel guys experienced what I got to experience in my youth, there is no way that most of them would hate women. If people are good to you, you like them. If they’re crappy to you, you hate them. It’s not rocket science.

I think you are right. I’m not sure if they care that we exist, but I think instead that they would prefer us to be out of sight. If we existed but they never saw us, I think they would be quite happy with that.

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15 thoughts on “PUA/Game: The Incels Were Right”

  1. Females only want to birth 2-4 children. So they better make it count. You can’t blame ‘em for being such picky little cunts. If they fuck up, they are screwed and so are their offspring.

    Males are driven to impregnate as many females as they can. They don’t have to be picky at all. Now imagine this drive going unfulfilled. Your very being is not only being rejected but is seen as disgusting and repulsive. It causes deep psychological scarring and suffering.

    Incels should just go to Thailand or something in order to get over their sexual/psychological hang-ups. At least this way they don’t have to seethe and suffer day in and day out.

    Ultimately, the world is fucked and there are no solutions. The world is mostly made of fools and cowards. Life is unfair and ultimately meaningless. Consciousness was a mistake…It always has been, it is just in your face now thanks to smartphones and social media…

  2. Incels may be a bit hyperbolic at times, but they have a decent grasp on the subject. The problem is one of coolness. The PUA/Game crowd wants to be apart from the mainstream (redpilled) but also doesn’t want to buck the mainstream, so to remain slightly cool/aloof they have to indulge in the sexual (pseudo) revolution (mainstream), but also attack the incels, so as not to be seen as siding with those who are deemed uncool.

    As awesome as the PUA/Game types think they are, they still do not ‘own’ the ‘cool’ label, so they feel they need to play ball. It’s all so silly really. In leftist terms, the incels would be the unemployed/underemployed, the ‘displaced persons’, the ‘casualties of war,’ not some malicious group. They are engaging in the very “victim blaming” that their lame ass are always whining about.

    1. If I lived in Cali I’d probably do porn. I may settle with someone here.

      Women don’t stray far from the normie shore. So my fear is not the beginning, it’s the ending. Men are more brutish but logical.

      ROTK was the ugliest male-dominated forum I’ve been to. I think it was Prison Planet that had women that had left their “racist” White prisoners for non-White prisoners.

      I’ve seen PUA guys that seemed gay on YouTube. No big dog like Roosh. Maybe it was just trying to act cool or a neediness to be accepted that seemed gay to me.

      1. No Robert, I don’t. I’ve never been on their sites, but I am familiar with their ideas based on their comments I’ve come across but more so from what their “Manospherian” detractors say about them. I try to empathize with them, even though I don’t generally endorse their ‘mood,’ so to speak. I just wanted to point out the (pseudo) cool Gametards that ‘punch down’ at and scorn them. I don’t like that sort of rigmarole.

  3. Back to politics. What is going on in Bolivia is worrying me. We have fascist squads lynching “undesirables” like peasants. We also see that there have been placed barricades with rubbish and tires that block vehicle mobilization, causing people to be fed up and remove the barricades. You know what this all reminds me? The guarimbas of 2014 in Venezuela and Nicaragua. I can see where this is going to.

    Separate: There is an tendency that is pretty worrying going on at least in Latin America.

    The people are tired of the structural inequalities from the neoliberal policies of the right, causing them to lose in elections whenever they appear as they are, and the people are conscious enough.

    The mutation consisted on swapping in the public’s mind the Traditional Right image with Center-Right, which seems like a more popular alternative. The complementary tactic is for thee Center-Right to dress up as the Center-Left, which in reality are already prepared sell-outs whose main purpose is try to divert votes from the Left to help the Right win. The media did their thing, which was to help Center-Left Boric would win over the Leftist Jadue. The whole purpose of Center-Left Yaku Pérez’ candidacy was to make the Leftist Andrés Arauz lose.

    That strategy seems to be being recently changing. They are changing the Center-Right for populist Trump-style fascist Far Right candidates. The most worrying thing is that they are getting a lot of support from the population. Bolsonaro is an classic example. Jose Antonio Kast is a more recent example. It seems that Vamos in Argentina is going to win in the parliament.

  4. It is now against the code of society for a man to talk to a woman. So I don’t. And I don’t get all the hate. It is also against the code of society for a non- beautiful man to be in the presence of a beautiful man (non-gay). Life is nothing more than a beauty contest. It is not just in relationships but in the workplace as well.

    What is missing from all this kind of discussion are the values of blue collar people vs. those who think they are upper class. The working class types don’t buy into this beauty mystique – they never have and have always been very much against it.

    I think the best way for men to handle this new way of life is to just let the women do as they wish and be supportive of their efforts. And for us men to stay separated from the women – which is what they want.

    Evolution and biology in life means that only a fraction of men will attract all the women. So don’t fight nature. Let them all fight over Brad Pitt. Soon the Brad Pitts, Tom Bradys, Rob Lowes, and that Bon Jovi guy will have tens of thousands of girlfriends and hookups, and every other guy will be hated. Let it happen. That is what women want, so let them all fight each other for a quickie with a man of high market value.

    1. I tend to side with men now that I’m older. More men are getting maced in my town just for being “jerks.” Usually it’s not justified. Fuck this backwards trend. Bring back the ass-grabbing Mad Men.

      I’m not perfect but I get treated better by women than my older or more homely friend.

      Male celebs rarely worked out before Stallone. We need to back to old White men like John Wayne being sex symbols again. Let’s face it, it was better back then. As Wagner believed of Germany: Even when broken, the spirit of a man remains and is all the stronger for it.

      1. A couple of years ago, I was on a ski lift with a woman. I asked her how she was doing today. She went off on this screaming rant about how she is skiing with her husband today. I told her that I was just trying to be nice. I was. I was not looking for a date or a hookup. But at least she got quiet for the rest of the ride up and didn’t start yelling ‘rape!’.

        This is what feminism has turned into – every man who looks or talks to you wants to rape and kill you. Well, I learned from that and other events like that one. The only time I talk to women is when I order some takeout at a teriyaki joint. They are meaner than a bunch of snakes.

        1. Thanks for this. This is getting to be my experience too, sadly. It’s a sad world we are living in. Feminism has turned sex back to the Victorian Era, and the entire Left is in on this insane sex-hating bullshit. It makes sense because the entire Left is feminist, but it’s still pathetic that the Left is for Victorian sexuality, sexual repression, and sex hatred.

          1. The Western “Left” is anything but. If their main – indeed sole – concern is not labor, then they are not the Left, period. I know you and the others here know that, but it bears repeating once in a while.

        2. A couple of years ago, I was on a ski lift with a woman. I asked her how she was doing today. She went off on this screaming rant about how she is skiing with her husband today. I told her that I was just trying to be nice.

          Wow what a crazy, flipped-out cunt. They’re all like this nowadays, I swear. It’s madness. Thank you feminism!

  5. Most of these geeks are probably bowing down to women which is breaking rule # 1 which is “Don’t put them on a pedestal.”. See what they think when they’re ignored.

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