Game/PUA: Advice for Men: Don’t Cry around Your Girlfriends or Wives

A commenter: Crying is for MEN AND WOMEN. For centuries the patriarchy has stuffed us with bullshit where women are considered the weak that cry and men are MEN.

If a man crying will not be respected by the woman, it is most likely due to the fact the man has done some ‘manly’ thing, she is just not interested that much in him, or the woman is just too influenced by the patriarchy.

Advice from another man: Cry your eyes out, experience emotions, you are a brittle and sensitive human being.

You know what? Normally I would agree with you. On the other hand, I have known men who just cried too much. It was pussy, sissy, weak behavior. They were not gay but they were wimpy, and worse, they were male feminists who believed in rape culture and the rest of that nonsense.

I felt like you for many years. I finally gave up and caved in to the patriarchy. Women want toxic masculinity in men. IMHO, that’s pretty much all they want. I would be surprised to find a woman who would tolerate anything less in a man, especially nowadays. I’m a man who has had women troubles my whole life due to the fact that I seem soft. Women interpret that to mean pussy, gay, wimpy, weak, etc., and they get aggressive and try to dom me or bully me or they turn into bitches.

A lot of sadistic bitches deliberately hook up with what they see as weak men so they can kick their asses their whole lives. And some of these women may indeed love their men. It’s terrible to be in a relationship like that. The last thing you want to hear from other women is, “We don’t like the way she treats you! She is really mean to you, and we don’t like it!” It’s nice that they have your back, but it looks terrible. If you are out in public and she is bitching you out, people will look at you with disgust. Hispanics, both men and women, are by far the worst about this.

I used to call myself a pure androgyne along the lines of Bowie, the Dolls, or Mick Jagger. That worked back in the 70’s and early 80’s when everyone was like that and men had the freedom to act that way, but we no longer have that freedom.

Society has gone completely backwards in the way men are allowed to express ourselves. And this change has been enforced by women. Most toxic masculinity is enforced by women. Most men accept me as a perfectly masculine man because I walk the walk and talk the talk. But what works with men does not work with women. Women are far more demanding in terms of masculinity than men are. Further, they don’t understand the meaning of masculinity in the male world. They have a cartoon version of masculinity that does not line up at all with what men experience with other men.

I’ve basically given up and I act a lot more masculine now. I must say my life with women has gotten a lot better. I also cuss out girlfriends in the meanest way possible when they get out of line with me. Since I started doing this, I have never had such deep relationships with women. Women have loved me more than they ever did before.

I think women want a mean man. Not one who is mean all the time, but one is mean sometimes. All you have to be is mean sometimes. You can be a real nice guy all the rest of the time. But you can’t let her get away with shit, and you can’t let her get out of line. If she does, read her the riot act. It is also important that your woman be a bit afraid of you.

The more afraid of you she is, the less she will bitch you out. A woman who bitches you out a lot is often doing it because she’s not afraid of you. If she’s afraid of you and bitching you out, then she’s just a crazy, suicidal bitch. No woman should bitch out a scary man without a good reason, but they do it all the time. I call that “trying to get murdered.” Which, by the way, is also something women do all the time. Unsurprisingly, sometimes when women are trying to do this, they actually achieve their goal. That is, they get murdered.

If you are going to cry, cry around other men. Many men have said that it’s much easier to cry around other men than it is to cry around women. We men know how painful life is. All men know what sadness is and how sadness is an essential and important part of life.

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16 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Advice for Men: Don’t Cry around Your Girlfriends or Wives”

  1. Wow. So many things to consider just to keep a woman around. This is so messed up. No wonder more and more people are withdrawing from society altogether. We live in a fucked up culture.

    1. Women are a fucking pain in the royal ass! You can’t really act like yourself around them. You always have to put in some sort of a show or at least I do. I don’t think many women would accept me if I acted like my real self. Actually I used to do just that and frankly, they didn’t like it very much! Just a lot of problems. If women demand I be some fake person, then I will just be it, dammit.

      1. PS. If you’re really a man, and you’re up to it, we can set up a ZOOM call so I can tell you to your face what I think about you and your deranged philosophies. You vermin pal. In the army we exterminated vermin.

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  3. I just wanted to mention briefly how i was studying about Game and mating systems for a while and share some of my findings.

    In summary, since men have youthfulness as an significant part on how they score attractiveness on a mate, some feminists are trying harshly to outlaw men from being able to have sex with young women (sometimes reaching ridiculousness), which would eliminate them (those girls) as competitors, increasing their own chances in the mating game. Under the logic of sexual market economy/mating market, women “sell” sex to men.

    Much like oil producing OPEC countries have in their best interest to make oil as expensive as possible, is in the interest of women to make sexual access as expensive as they can. Under this logic, banning pornography serves to increase the price of sex That’s not to say that some of their arguments and demands are invalid, like sex trafficking and enslavement in pornography. Still, one can’t deny that this might be a reason too.

    I figured out that the people that attempt to ban prostitution, putting aside religious fundamentalists, are mostly upper middle and high class women, and they do it when they manage to get a majority political control.

  4. And don’t cry around men either. I have been around guys who are emotionally beat down by women who act like little babies. It is a bad look. You can tell others what women are doing, just don’t be such a wuss about it.

    If you are a man, then act like a man and be a man. Women need relationships. Men need to conquer. A real man doesn’t need anybody. Just mind your own business and let them play their stupid games with other people.

  5. Women are drawn to strength. We aren’t attracted to men who are afraid to stand up and put us in our place if we need it. Sometimes we need it. And sometimes men need it, too.

    My man doesn’t cry often, but when he does it slays me. It’s either a movie scene about a father and son (his relationship with his father was painful, and his father was murdered before they had a chance to reconcile as adults) or at the prospect of losing me (what he calls the one good thing in his life.) Good women want men to be human, as you are. Be your own man, and don’t be afraid to stand up for us, and to us. That’s attractive. Meanness isn’t attractive, to me, in a man or a woman.

    1. Some women like meanness. Women out of abusive relationships often want that abuse repeated. Robert has mentioned a girl forced to wear diapers by an uncle developed a diaper fetish. Rape victims I’ve met want a man to take charge even more.

      Many women like Ashley Bennett from Ink Master let their emotions takeover. I’ve met many women like this, they often want a man to stabilize them.

      Being too good is a turnoff for many women. I know a guy who does everything women say they want and many women are encouraging him. Yet, none of these cheerleaders step-up and date him.

      A woman’s ideal can do whatever he wants. Women tend to understand weakness more than strength. Weak men are exploited by women often, and even a very weak man can overpower most women physically. Being weaker does give some women a foxy cleverness.

      1. Great point about nice-guy syndrome. It helps illustrate the dynamic. Men who are simply people-pleasers and have no spine aren’t going to get anywhere with women. Forgive the canine analogy, I’m not in any way calling men dogs, but men who follow women around like puppy dogs are not acting like men.

        A real man is more like a big dog: he’s affectionate and playful and loyal, but he guards the house, attacks intruders, and if you mess with him he gives you a look and growls. If you have a good dirty look and growl you probably don’t need to bite much, at least not in your relationship.

        I was unsure about my man at first because when he’s angry he gets a really intense look in his eyes, and it’s scary, but I’ve learned in time that his bark is much worse than his bite, and I’m not afraid of that look anymore, but I know what it signals. I think you guys are right though and that the bark is important. It commands respect. And women aren’t attracted to men they don’t respect. Great insights, thanks guys.

    2. That’s so much for this! This is what I’ve noticed. They fell in love with me so much harder and deeper when I started being meaner to them. By that I mean when they were completely out of line, I talked smack to them, and called them every name in the book. On the other hand, I didn’t do that very often. So really I was just standing up to her outrageous shit and putting her back in her place or putting some boundaries on her.

      You can cry sometimes as a man as you have noticed above, and women don’t really mind.

    3. You’re a Delphi commenter, right? Let me know if you want to join our group. If you don’t, it’s fine. A lot of my friends didn’t join. A lot better information on there. It’s not free though.

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