Alt Left: Socialism for the Win!

Socialism beating all capitalist countries!

You guys wonder why some of us are socialists. Well, here ya go.

As you can see, Cuban socialism beats all of its capitalist competitors in administering COVID-19 vaccines to the largest number of people in the shortest period of time. And keep in mind that the US has, I believe, a GNP 15 times bigger than Cuba’s and it still totally failed in this competition. In addition, many of those countries have social democracies with attendant socialized medicine, but even that didn’t seem to do very well against socialist planning in the health sector. Cuba beat the UK, Europe and North America as a whole, and the combined groups of high and upper middle low income countries.

I don’t have anything against socialized medicine in social democracies, but it does seem to fair worse against a pure Communist system. And in the UK and parts of Europe, public health is under relentless attack by the capitalists under the rubric of austerity and budget cuts.

The UK in particular has been devastated by these cuts which the Tories have been doing for decades now. Nevertheless, the idiot Brits appear to be ready to march off to vote Tory once again in the next election. The entire media combined to promote the Tories and destroy Labor’s left candidate. The current candidate is a centrist named Starmer and he’s so bad, he loses to pathetic Tories like the clown Boris Johnson. But hey, at least Starmer cleaned out the antisemites in the party! That’s all that matters, right Jews. You all would rather have a damned Tory government than a left Labor government unfriendly to your precious little hate state over there.

I’m not sure about the rest of Europe, but I know that public health has been devastated in Greece. The Left Syriza ran on an anti-austerity program but changed and went Centrist as soon as they got in, supposedly due to “forces beyond their control.”

This shows how hard it is to change the system absent an actual revolution as happened in Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Without a truly revolutionary party as we had and have in those countries, the forces of capitalism will simply assert themselves and any Left candidate will be boxed in. This is already happening to Castillo in Peru, who finds his options limited more and more every week by the forces of the military, the big capitalists, the media, and the population in media, which is really all the same thing and could be called the Peruvian oligarchy or in US terms, the Peruvian Deep State.

And we can see how this is happening in the US as Biden progressively scales down his promises. At first he rejected Sanders’ Medicare for All, though it has majority support. Then he rejected Sanders’ free college education, a staple in many countries, including places like Mexico! In its stead he offered free community college. Well, he just got rid of that, too. What’s next, Joe? Free ice cream on Sunday?

Really, I don’t blame him. America is still a terrifyingly reactionary country, and in fact it is nearly a fascist country as about half the population is perfectly willing to vote for fascism and the Republican party is now an undemocratic authoritarian fascist party along the lines of the Latin American Right. It follows because the Latin American Right is run by the oligarchies that run those countries, and increasingly, the US is also an oligarchy and is no longer a democracy at all.

Nor are our elections free and fair. They’ve been hopelessly corrupted since the advent of computerized voting and gerrymandering and serious obstacles placed in the way of voting means that we are absolutely not a democratic country anymore.

Democratic countries do not allow partisan gerrymandering, attempts to steal elections, obstacles placed to discourage voting, and open theft of elections via computerized voting machines. I wonder if we ever had a democracy in this blighted country. Perhaps from 1965-2000, we had a pretty democratic system, but under Reagan, the Justice Department under Sessions interfered to keep voting restrictions against Blacks in while putting Blacks who worked for voting rights in jail. The FBI did this, if you can believe that. And you wonder why I despise feds so much.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: Socialism for the Win!”

  1. Robert, do you have any sources that can tell us about what is going on in Afghanistan? I’m pretty informed myself, but it would be nice if you could give us some info on the situation.

    I’m going to add this:

    That page says that basically the Taliban a few days after the withdrawal, they activated some sleeping cells that collected CIA information about their Afghan death-squads, allowing them to hunt them down and destroy all of USA’s sources of intelligence in the country. It seems pretty suspicious that ISIS-K basically decided to exist after the withdrawal, considering the geopolitical benefits that USA would get by ISIS-K creating destabilization for Iran, Russia and China. Should also talk about the Uyghurs.

    Going off-topic, aren’t the Kurds the modern day equivalent to the native American tribes that helped the European invaders to conquer the land, on exchange of the promise that they would get lands and power in return?

    It would also be good if you commented about the elections in Chile. As i mentioned previously, they worked hard to take out the communist, now we have a sell-out and an “center-right” as the most likely winners.

    BTW, I was the one that mentioned the topic about autism and trans, i just forgot to log in.

    1. Ah yes, I know a lot about Afghanistan. I can write that up for you.

      ISIS-K was already there and they have been there for some time.

      That is exactly what the Kurds are. I’m getting sick of those traitors myself. They’ve been working with the Jews* forever too!

      I don’t know much about the Chilean elections, although there was an (((effort))) for get rid of him by (((certain people))), I think because he has Palestinian heritage. I don’t know who is going to win the elections or even when they are held.

      *Jews = Israel.

    2. Manuel, would you be interested in a possible business venture with me regarding Venezuela? I have some products I think you guys need down there, and I’m looking for someone who can sell them for me. You could easily mark them up a fair amount. The idea would be to do that and still sell them for a price quite a bit lower than they are going for in the stores.

      You don’t have your email here, so could you contact me at my email on the Contact page? Thanks.

  2. The candidate process in Chile has been going since around July. The presidential campaign has started recently, and voting will be on November 21, coincidentally the same day the elections in Venezuela.

    It’s not just that he has an Palestinian heritage; they don’t mess up too much with Palestinians in other countries if they keep quiet. It’s mainly that he has been pretty vocal about the cause and would not only support Palestine if he got the presidency but would also cut relations with Israel. He didn’t just anger a lot the national oligarchies and the extractivist businessmen of the north but also Israel. It was predictable that they would bring him down hard.

    The easiest way to gauge how much of an nuisance or helpful someone is considered to Capital is to read how they are represented in the mainstream media (AKA their misinformation media monopolies).

    If they call you an ruthless dictator that for some reason decides to starve and do gas attacks on their own population, maybe for fun, you know that they aren’t happy about you. Several opinion polls showed that Daniel Jadue would win by several points. The media didn’t do just the standard demonization that Jadue is a communist that will expropriate private property and ruin the economy but added that he would hunt down and oppress the Jews in Chile.

    There are seven candidates. However, like in all elections there are two main candidates, and the rest are children fantasizing about becoming president. The two main candidates currently are José Antonio Kast, rightwinger with fascist tendencies and Gabriel Borić Font, center-left who seems to be another Michelle Bachelet, analyzing his background. The polls of 20-22 Oct showed Kast with more points, but all the others day before showed Font ahead. They would win with either candidate, anyway.

    There are differences between the societies of Peru and Chile, but I have to admit that Pedro Castillo played things smarter than Jadue. Pedro didn’t sell his dignity but he made himself look ambiguous, so they didn’t treat him so much as a threat.

    I have two email accounts, I’ll try to contact you.

  3. Been keeping a tally on “dodgers” in porn. I believe Cubans women dodge performing with Blacks the most. I’ve alway found Cubans interesting. Like their cigars, Cubans are a fine people.

    1. Oh, dodgers. The women who refuses to have sex with Blacks? Sure, it ought to be a personal decision, right? But the porn industry is making it so no woman can ever refuse to have sex with an actor because he is Black. But why can’t porn actresses have sexual preferences the way the rest of us do, if we are even allowed to do that anymore.

      A lot US Cubans are extremely racist. Cuba was an extremely racist, Jim Crow society in 1959. Miami is probably the most anti-Black racist society in the US! The racism is open, obvious, and impossible to ignore. And the Cubans run the city, so there’s no one to complain to.

      1. Yes, a lot of pornstars hold out for the big going-Black payday. Uma Jolie said she’d only go Black for 50k.

        Porn is very woke now; even refusing trannies is taboo. I’ve seen AIDS-infected gay men try to shame clean straight men for not having sex with them. Seen a Ron Jeremy lookalike beating his dick on the Bible in one vid.

        Porn is the Jewish spirit. Blacks were just the first domino. I mourn White starlets the industry chews up like Dakota Skye. Beautiful pearls before swine.

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