Alt Left: Who Kills More – US Liberal Interventionists or US Alt Right Nazis and White Supremacists?

Rambo: Your friend there is wrong, Highbrow. Fascism is NOT dead. Just look around the world. Trying my best not to spout clichés, it’s very much alive and well. Maybe that’s what Highbrow has been trying to remind people of.

Right. I banned him. He’s an Alt Right guy. They’re not with us. He hates the Left, so he’s not welcome here. Though I appreciate his anti-military, anti-corporate and especially anti-imperialist notions. I’d like to see more of the Alt Right take this up. I’m willing to make alliances with these guys. Yeah, they’re racists, but so what? How many people do these Alt Right guys kill and hurt every year? Almost zero.

How about liberal Democratic Party interventionists (imperialists)? US sanctions on Venezuela alone have already killed 100,000 people. We started a war in Iraq that killed 1.4 million people. We started another war in Afghanistan that killed 1.1 million people. And we are up to our necks with our ISIS and Al Qaeda allies in Syria, where we started a war that has killed 500,000 people.

Numbers of dead:

IS Liberal interventionists: 3 million over 20 years.

US Alt Right Nazis and racists: 30? over the same period.

Whose worse? Nazis and racists suck but I will ally with anti-military, anti-corporate, and especially anti-imperialist Alt Right White Supremacists over these liberal interventionist woketards any day of the week. Anyway the woke liberal interventionists literally kill 100,000 times as many people as Alt Right racists and Nazis.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Who Kills More – US Liberal Interventionists or US Alt Right Nazis and White Supremacists?”

  1. I considered Mr. Powell a neo-token. A teacher (neoliberal) and neocon coworker love him. In their heads they are colorblind, but if Mr. Powell had no Black ancestry, they wouldn’t care. My father says he’s colorblind. It’s just feel-good window dressing.

    Woketards seem more authoritarian and are backed by the system.

    I yearn for pro-Whiteness, even in its uglier forms. In the mainstream, all you can do is watch nigger-hating hicks and Nazis with no redeemable characteristics (with the exception of Tarantino films and occasional sliver-of-truth glimmers.)

    That one homeless man beaten by drunken skinhead kids at the dawn of the 90’s is echoed because there’s little else to report. The #s don’t lie. Modern America just wants to profit with a side of PC bullshit.

    The Cultural Right is superior today, even adopting classic liberal attributes. Maybe being relegated to the fringe, the true “Land of the Free”, makes one stronger.

  2. Domestically, the Democrats and the Republicans may appear to endorse different social and cultural viewpoints. But it is mostly a facade for the cow-like masses. As long as they are too distracted fighting a culture war over trannies or LARPing themselves into a potential civil war scenario, the corporations are free to rape and pillage not only this country and its citizens but any other country they can bully, invade (liberate), and deracinate.

    Shitlibs and MAGA turds have more in common than they would care to admit. The policies, both domestic and foreign, of US presidents reflect this reality.

    The following meme represents the only difference between so called Republicans and Democrats:


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