Alt Left: What Are the Causes of Antisemitism?

Jews Out-compete Gentiles, Probably Due to Superior Genetics

I do think that Jews outcompete non-Jews, mostly due to intelligence, and this contributes to antisemitism. And they do tend to hire and promote their own, while exempting themselves from anti-discrimination statutes. I think the Jews are simply superior intellectually, and this allows them to out-compete non-Jews, get more and better jobs, gain wealth, control and monopolize industries, etc.

I will say that Jews act a lot better nowadays. I’ve read how US Jews behaved 100 years ago, and US Gentiles had no choice but to counter Jewish ethnic warfare with anti-Semitism. This is unfortunate and sad. But Jews don’t seem to be doing this so much anymore these days. Control over newspaper media and Hollywood was in fact a Jewish conspiracy, but it was not done to be evil or control the world. Instead it was simply done out of paranoia, the ever-present Jewish mindset.

Jews Took Over the Media and Hollywood Out of Paranoia, Not Evil and a Desire for Money and Power

In the late 1800’s, many US papers were openly racist and White Supremacist. They didn’t say much about Jews, but Jews don’t like it when White Gentiles get racist because that tends to circle back on the Jews at some point. So some very wealthy Jews got together and bought up some big papers to take them out of the hands of the racists. The Ochs and Sulzberger takeover of The Times worked this way.

Jewish ownership of the media used to be a lot worse. Now it’s just conglomerates and billionaires buying up papers. Yet the media still engages in the same behavior that anti-Semites condemned when the “Jewish media” did it. This suggests that the problem is not a Jewish media but more of a general attitude that US media have in common regardless of ethnicity.

Same thing in movies. In the early days of the movies, Birth of the Nation and other movies came out that glorified White Supremacism, in the case of BOTN, the KKK. The Jews were alarmed and figured it would circle back on them some day. Four Jews who came from an area within a 100 mile radius in Galicia got together and pretty much bought up Hollywood, once again to keep it out of the hands of the racists.

It stayed this way for a long time. This is changing now, though some aspects are still quite Jewish, such as TV. However, the movies are diverse. In particular, some Italian directors have now set up huge studios, and they don’t typically hire vast numbers of Jews for their movies. A stroll through the credits will show you that.

Sure, there are still plenty of Jews in Hollywood at all levels, but they don’t exactly run the place anymore. Once again, the movie people engage in behavior via their movies that is exactly the same as the messages antisemites accused “Jewish Hollywood” of pushing, hence the problem again seems to be not so much with “Jewish Hollywood” as with a “general Hollywood way of looking at the world.”

How Stupid Does a Gentile Country Have to Be to Let a Tiny Pissant Tribe of Jews Take Over?

Lastly, antisemites complain about Jews taking over a few Gentile countries in some way. Note that this takeover has mostly been in order to get the government to support Israel because that’s the only common cause they have. Otherwise, Jews hardly concur on anything. Two Jews, three opinions.

Be that as it may, but how stupid do Gentiles have to be to let 2

The Main Reason for Antisemitism: The Jews Created and Maintain the Left

The antisemite line is that liberalism, the Left, socialism, and Communism are all Jewish plots. In that case, I say let’s hear it for the Jews!

No matter the negative aspects of Jews, we on the Left owe a tremendous debt to the Jews, for the Jewish virtually birthed and raised the Modern Left to maturity, and they continue to support it to this day, although the growth far Right Jewish Fascism in Israel and to some extent in the US has somewhat put a damper on that. True, the liberal Jews in the US supported the Jewish fascists in Israel, but they oppose fascism everywhere else, including here. Jews are some of the leaders in the pro-democracy and anti-fascism movements in the US today. I don’t know what we would do without them.

Jews, Especially Jewish Males, Are Highly Aggressive, Even Thuggish People

I do think a valid critique of Jews is that many are very aggressive people, especially the males. They have a reputation for rudeness, obnoxiousness, ruthlessness, zero-sum games, playing hardball, fighting dirty, throwing out all the rules, and an Old Testament eye for an eye mindset in contradiction to Mercy ideally inherent, though often not present, in Christian societies.

Many of the big Jews in academia and business have a thuggish character. I’ve been told by Jews themselves that this is all down to a culture that demands absolute success or else with no room left for not succeeding. This ends up creating a very aggressive person determined to succeed at all costs with a concomitant terror of failure.

Perhaps aggressive folks are well-liked in our hyper-capitalist society where such belligerent and Machiavellian folks prosper to the heights, but I’m an introvert, and they rub me the wrong way. But that’s no reason to hate or discriminate against anyone. I don’t hate aggressive people. I simply choose not to be around them. Them over there, me here. A divorce.

No ethnic group is perfect and for all of the flaws of the Jews, I think they have tremendous good qualities (see the Jews and the Left above) which may or may not outweigh the bad depending on your views. There are some ethnic groups out there who have what I call “all of the bad qualities of Jews and none of the good ones.” They are truly insufferable.

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8 thoughts on “Alt Left: What Are the Causes of Antisemitism?”

  1. East Asians are superior but don’t fuck with outgroups like Jews. The Jew is like a housecat playing with and slowly killing a fluffy white bunny in a bathtub.

  2. I think the main reason for antisemitism is the same as the main reason for anti-White hatred among American Blacks.

    Whites make Blacks feel like stupid niggers by perpetually outmaneuvering them and dominating them. So Blacks hate Whites.

    Jews make Whites feel like stupid wiggers by perpetually outmaneuvering them and dominating them. So Whites hate Jews.

    Nobody wants to feel like a loser. This is especially true for White Supremacists, who are some of the biggest chest-thumping narcissistic cunts in the world. It badly, badly damages their feelings, deeply-rooted beliefs, and self-conception when they are made to feel like they are not number one, or two or even three at certain things. Twice the pride, double the fall.

    “Jews, Especially Jewish Males, Are Highly Aggressive, Even Thuggish People”

    Jewish men can be some of the bitchiest and cuntiest people ever. Some of them really do have vaginas in which they feel burning sensations over even the pettiest of things. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” should be change to, “Hell hath no fury like a Jewish male scorned.” Most of them are too cowardly to do anything physical to you though.

    “There are some ethnic groups out there who have what I call ‘all of the bad qualities of Jews and none of the good ones.’ They are truly insufferable.”

    Hindus? LOL.

    1. Most of them are too cowardly to do anything physical to you though.

      Jews don’t go in for physical violence. Or street crime. That’s too crude and uncouth and they may have the intellectual’s revulsion at such brutish and stupid methods.

      One of my best friends used to say:

      You can steal a lot more with a gun than you can with a pen.

      Amen. Also, the Jews’ motto.

      RL: There are some ethnic groups out there who have what I call ‘all of the bad qualities of Jews and none of the good ones.’ They are truly insufferable.”

      Tamerlane: Hindus? LOL.

      Bingo. You won the lottery!

      1. “Jews make Whites feel like stupid wiggers”

        Most Whites are Jew cheerleaders. Jews are smarter on average but few Whites feel or believe that. American Whites want to meet Adam Sandler and see Jewish shoes at the Holocaust Museum. I know stupid wiggers and none of them feel the choke.

        A lot of White Supremacists are genuine. They feel Jews are winning but they don’t believe Jews are smarter.

        White Supremacist groups have traditionally been blue collar. The Black Legion wouldn’t hang people during big game days. They loved sports.

        Maybe Jared Taylor accepts Jew superiority, but he accepts Jews as White. In a racial sense, he is correct.

        I’ve noted Jews outperforming White groups, but most Whites don’t know or care, even in White Pride World.

        The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

        – Charles Baudelaire

      2. Unless you check out some of rabbi Meir Kahane’s actions and rhetoric. When he started the Jewish Defense league, he made it very clear that violence was justified by jews to prevent their enemies from ever assaulting jews again. He preached violence, he died violently.

  3. In today’s modern world, the pen is definitely mightier than the sword. It still does not mean you should not learn how to use a “sword” though. LOL.

    Hindus, like Jews, are also an underhanded and cowardly people. Last to fight, first to instigate.

    Perhaps, cowardly is too judgmental of a term to use when attempting to objectively ascertain the various characteristics of particular ethnic groups. Perhaps a superior diagnostic would say, they are confrontation-avoident yet highly instigatory?

    What kind of Hindus do you dislike? As in from which state, region, or caste specifically? I am curious about the experiences you have had with Hindus that formed your, in my view, completely accurate conclusion.

    Do you believe, due to sharing overlapping genetics, these negative Hindu traits bleed into neighboring groups like Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Sikhs?

    BTW, it’s Tamerlane, as in the Turkic-Mongol 14th-century Muslim conqueror, not Tamberlane. LOL.

    1. I’m not sure. The Brahmins are certainly not really ok at all. Also I met some Gujaratis from the merchant class and they were positively awful. The worst. Haven’t really met any others tbh.

      Yes, all of those people are Indianized and Hinduized so they are all sort of wrecked in that respect. The Sikhs around here all practice their shitty casteism to the hilt. Here they are all members of the high caste and they absolutely do not wish to give up their caste privileges at all. Plus they see nothing wrong with caste.

      What’s weird is they act like they know full well that it is evil, but they don’t care! That’s when I started thinking they were an “evil” people. At least the higher caste ones. I talked to one Dalit by email and she was a really cool person. Absolutely terrified though. And I talked to an Indian Christian from Goa too for a while and he was also really cool.

      The Pakistanis are Muslims, yet they all practice caste and refuse to give it up. Not sure about the Bangladeshis. They are “Indianized” too though. In part that’s why those two Muslim states are so fucked up way worse than most other Muslim countries. They are Indianized countries. Even worse, Hinduized countries. Well, it’s really the same thing. Indianized is Hinduized and vice versa. There’s no separating the two, India and Hinduism. They’re like peanut butter and jelly.

  4. I had dorky little Jewish kids outside my job asking everyone, “Are you Jewish?”

    So while the Mexican parents send their kids out to sell Chiclets, the Jews send their kids out to proclaim their Jewishness, likely get made fun of and perhaps even get some anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism could be a learning tool to maintain the status quo, and they may want it to teach the kids they are Jewish, and therefore they are not like the Gentiles.

    This may be an odd niche thing, but Jew kids are taught they are Jewish and victims. White kids on the other hand are taught their race doesn’t exist but is guilty.

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