Body Found in Grand Teton National Park!

Update 4 PM PST: Police announced that the body they found is that of Gabbie Petito. How they figured that out so fast, I have no idea.

From the Instagram site of the missing young woman, Gabbie Petito. They were searching in the area of a campground where her van had been photographed on August 27 by a couple documenting their road trip on their vacation. Her hat is sitting on the dash and her sandals are on the ground. Why did she leave her hat? Who takes their sandals off and goes walking in the woods?

After August 27, Brian was seen three times, but he was always alone. Her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, was seen in West Yellowstone in a bar at 10:30 PM soon after this. He must have abandoned the van in Grand Teton, possibly down near Jackson and then hitchhiked up to West Yellowstone. He then probably walked or hitchhiked with a tarp to sleep on down from West Yellowstone back through Grand Teton to Jackson where he abandoned her van. He was next seen on August 29 carrying a tarp and walking down a road in Grand Teton National Park. A couple gave him a ride. He seemed agitated and nervous and offered to pay them $200 for the ride. The problem is they were almost out of money when she was last seen. Where did he get all this money?

They let him out short of his destination. He was seen later that night at 10:30 PM in Jackson, Wyoming. He seemed agitated and angry and was angrily throwing items in a trash dumpster. Her van was right next to him.

He next drove all the way from Wyoming to Florida in only three days, showing up in Florida on September 1. He told no one where she was and did not report her missing. She was not reported missing until 10 days later by her family. He has retained a lawyer and is refusing to speak to anyone about what happened or where Gabbie is. He is now missing or more probably in hiding. He has not yet been arrested for this crime. Her van was seized by police and some items were taken from his home.

They documented almost their entire trip on the Internet with photos following them everywhere she went. Gabbie singled out four locations in Grand Teton on the Net, apparently places where she wanted to go hiking. One of those is the campground at which his van was photographed with her sandals on the ground. Police have been searching this campground. I assume the body was found in the campground because that is where they were searching. I am pretty certain that is the body of Gabbie Petito.

Brian Laundrie’s Instagram page is here. He’s an artist and he has a lot of his drawings up there. A lot of them have very dark, twisted, Satanic, murderous, or evil overtones. I’m not sure what all that dark artwork means. It often means a dark mind, but that in and of itself doesn’t prove much of anything about the person, only that they like to think of dark things.

He is continuing to work on his Instagram page so he is still active on social media. He’s deleting followers and blocking some people.

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8 thoughts on “Body Found in Grand Teton National Park!”

  1. My mom is really interested in this case.. Too bad, she was pretty. I heard the boyfriend disappeared and assumed he likely killed her. I can’t imagine dicking around on social media while on the run.

    1. He’s not dicking around on social media. Other people are unfollowing him and that is showing up on his site as the follows slowly change over time and people think he’s updating the follows, but really it’s others doing it.

  2. If police dogs can not find a scent, think about it he isn’t there. he had a lot of time to disappear the opposite way, people have come forward saying he was hitching rides willing to pay $200 to get away. I bet his parents drove the van back and he is over Texas border mingling with Haiti refugees.

    I cant see him killing himself, he will make it look like she went nuts and he protected himself as we see in the police video of him talking to the officer admitting he wanted people to witness what was going on the side of the road , so people would see. It was his plan to set it up that way. he fooled the cops, made it look like she was violent/dangerous. No one has seen him since the couple giving him a lift near Jackson. only the lawyer and parents say they spoke to him that I’ve seen, they haven’t really said it was in person.

      1. A few have claimed to have seen him, but they all say different. One neighbor claims he saw Brian and his parents leave in camper van. Another claims he drove off in his Mustang.

        What would the temporary flight restrictions over the swamp be for? I find it strange no helicopters can go look for him. They say its ‘Special Security Reasons.’

        His parents are up to something fishy.

        Why did he steal $1,000 from some ones account? Where could he have used it? Is this the money he tried to use to get a ride?

        Brian scares me. So many are like him. I’ve known a freak like him. The only way I got away was setting him up to be arrested so I could get away. I still will not go back to Melbourne. He will make it all about him, and along with his mind games and insecurities, there might also be some resentment.

        Maybe he was feeling like he had no control of his life anymore or perhaps he felt like a failure. She was oozing self-confidence and success that he wished he possessed. He made that clear by editing some of her last posts on Instagram. There was that last fight where people saw he had snatched her phone. He was jealous. His mind games killed her. He could have smacked her around a lot but he would have made it out to be her own fault.

        1. Thx Nixx. Looks like LE is flying helicopters themselves over that swamp. There are flight recorders where you can see all the flights in the country, and I saw a helicopter circling that swamp. I guess LE only wants their own copters over that swamp.

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