What Could European Jews Have Done in the 1920’s to Stave Off the Holocaust?

From a discussion I am in on Academia: If the 1920s European Jewish Community had listened to suggestions similar to mine then one hopes the Holocaust would not have happened.

I’m trying hard to think of what European Jews could have done in the 1920’s to stave off the wave of antisemitism that occurred 10-20 years later, the causes of which continue to mystify me to this very day.

It’s not wealth. Polish Jews were poor as dirt, and Jews in the USSR hadn’t much. On the other hand, in 1932, Jews had 1

It wasn’t Zionism. Most European Jews rejected Zionism at that time.

Granted, Jews were prominent in the depravity of Weimar, but they were only 1

It wasn’t Jewish (((standoffishness, general assholery, and being unfriendly to mean towards Gentiles))). The German Jews were the most assimilated Jews in history, and the above behavior tends to be associated with the Orthodox.

It wasn’t Communism. Jews were 3

Also, there had been a short-lived Communist revolution in the south of Germany in 1920. Yes, it was led by some Jews, but they needed a lot of Gentile support to seize power. Well, they lost. And after that, the German middle class became very worried about Communism spreading to Germany, as the middle classes always worry about this, seeing that they stand to lose property, income, and prestige with the advent of Communism. Hence, Jews were scapegoated as Communists. Hitler’s war was explicitly against “Jewish Bolshevism.” They were one and the same and he was out to destroy both of them.

The Jews were scapegoated as having “stabbed Germany in the back in WW1.” It’s not true. As the war wore on, the German public, like the Russian one, got more and more tired of war and wanted to just end the war by any means. A lot of anti-war liberal types started writing columns and issuing statements. A few Jewish show biz types also called out to end the war. The Germans were losing anyway. And the antiwar crowd was overwhelmingly Gentile. However, some prominent Jews did stick out.

The truth is that Germany was defeated on the battlefield, not at home. War only hastened the inevitable. Instead of admitting they lost, many, including the war veterans in the reactionary Freikorps, blamed the antiwar crowd at home for “stabbing Germany in the back” and causing its defeat. It’s a bad argument like the similar rightwing argument against the Vietnam War protestors regarding the Vietnam War.

Instead of scapegoating the antiwar crowd, Jews were scapegoated. However, at this time Germany, the general population was wildly anti-Semitic. I remember Goering was the only Gentile at his university who would even converse with Jewish students. God knows why they were hated. But widely despised minorities make easy scapegoats whenever something bad happens. I hate to say the Jews were scapegoated because that is the typical Jewish (((“We Dindu Nuffin”))) line, but in that case, clearly the German Gentiles scapegoated the German Jews.

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3 thoughts on “What Could European Jews Have Done in the 1920’s to Stave Off the Holocaust?”

  1. Antisemitism was so big among Germans at the time that Hitler may have just assimilated to the will of his people. I’ve been a bit perplexed by this. If German Jews assimilated as well as Southern Jews, why were they hated so much more? Southern Jews may be the most assimilated in the world.

    One of the most ultra-White guys I know has a very Jewish last name. Outside of the big Jew hubs, Jews look and act very White.

    I met an old Black couple that acted very White today. Why was this group of well-behaved Blacks treated worse than the arrogant new lot? I do have trust issues with seemingly well-behaved Jews and Blacks. I’ve seen the most professional Blacks in fits of rage, bitch heat, rape mode, etc.

    Whites hug the middle between East Asians and Blacks. Race is understandably confusing for Whites and White race deniers are typically more genuine and naive that White race realists.

  2. German Antisemitism is more interesting.

    East Europe had more brutal and backwards variety. Imagine “evil Nazis” holding back vicious, “kill them now”-type antisemites.

    Germans had beautiful anti-Semites like Wagner. Is it the Germans love of nature, purity, honesty, honor, etc. that naturally made the oppose Jews? Maybe they knew Jews better being around them for longer. Maybe having even 1% of a more wealthy and depraved group around was too much for Germans to bear. After suffering defeat in WWI, maybe Germans weren’t going to take any shit. There were enough lying Jews in the press and (((rotten apples))) for Germans to point at.

    There were enough Communists with Jew names to say it’s Jewish, even if a key Jew involved did not identify as Jewish. It’s easy to say, “Look at that group of Jews over there” when many are Jews. Jews likely enjoyed Weimar but at some point hungry German bodies became thinner like the ice for Jews. Well-fed Goering eventually had to turn on Juden or get chewed-up by the wolves in survival mode.

  3. Tolkien’s dwarves were inspired in part by Jews. Dwarves were corrupted by greed. Jews need to reject material wealth. Dwarves (Jews) were hostile to Elves (Whites) especially, but much was gained when they worked together.

    Jews need to be pro-White. The White loudmouths call Blacks niggers. Jew loudmouths bash White Europeans openly, though they lack empathy for Arabs and other non-Jews too. A comedian joked one Jew would always be annoying to a Nazi that was going to give them a break, ruining it for the well-behaved majority.

    Jews need to control “prominent” Jews more. Pushy Jews can make Judeophiles want to bayonet them. They know just how to say the perfectly wrong thing. If the Western World is the Sea, Jews should be the sponges. The visible Jews need to be model minorities. Jews need to fight their nature in many ways to truly assimilate. Maybe being good compared to other Jews isn’t enough. Jews need to ask themselves, “What Would Jesus Do?” Jesus was the perfect Jew. Every Jew should take a vow of poverty and dedicate their life to helping the less fortunate.

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