Alt Left: The Republican Right Resembles the Latin American Oligarchic Right More than Anything Else

From a discussion I am in on Academia: Instead, so much of what is found out there on the Internet is rhetoric, propaganda & misinformation. And, of course that has fed into the Trump cult and others who seem to have reverted to a kind of feral being that can no longer be reasoned with and/or who cannot engage in a civil conversation.
These people remind me of nothing so much as the Latin American Right, and in fact, the US Right is now very much like the oligarchic Right of Latin America. I can’t think of any other rightwing movements elsewhere in the world that resemble the US Right.
Of course, the Right in Canada, the UK, and Australia are similar but much less virulent.
There is no evidence of this sort of a Right anywhere on the Continent, nor in the former USSR, nor in the Middle East.  The ferocious unreasonableness of the US Right resembles the Lebanese Right and Gulf politics, but both are much more sectarian and even bigoted and racist.
It is absent in Central Asia except among Shahis and the Iranian opposition.
It also looks something like the armed Syrian Islamist opposition in terms of its wild irrationality and addiction to lying as a matter of course.
It is absent in South Asia.
It is not present in SE Asia. It is not present in the Philippines or Indonesia, nor does it exist in China, although the anti-Communist Chinese around the Epoch Times resemble the US Right a lot.
Really, the US Right is a fascism of the Latin American oligarchic authoritarian type. It’s all about the money, the loot, and class politics reign supreme.The extreme hatred of liberalism, the Left, social progress of any kind, and even democracy is also typical of the Latin American Right. I hate to use the f word but Trumpism is US fascism, period. Sinclair Lewis said when fascism came to America it would look exactly like this. That was 85 years ago.
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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Republican Right Resembles the Latin American Oligarchic Right More than Anything Else”

  1. As a rule, in Latin America, class is more important than race. Of course, there is some correlation between class and race. The higher you move up the economic ladder, the whiter the skins become on average.

    The basic attitude of the higher classes in Latin America is: We are all in favor of democracy, but it shouldn’t produce Leftist governments. If there is a seriously leftist government, then we have to hope that the army will remove it from office.

    I think that the smaller the middle class is, the more the higher classes fear the poor masses. Suppose that the upper class is 5%, the middle classes 20%, and the lower classes 75%. Now suppose that the upper class is 5%, the middle classes 50%, and the lower classes 45%. The upper class will feel much more intimidated in the first case than in the second. In many Latin American countries, the middle classes aren’t that large.

    Leftists often think in terms of the elite versus the masses. This view is mistaken. There is no such dichotomy. It is much more realistic to think in terms of a trichotomy, or polychotomy. The underclass is usually despised and resented by the more respectable lower classes. Marx already denounced the Lumpenproletariat as an enemy of the proletariat.

    The Republican Party is really three parties: plutocrats, White Nationalists and religious conservatives. The establishment is plutocratic but they need the White Nationalists and religious conservatives as electoral fodder. We should never confuse the Republican Establishment with the Republican voters. Of course, as long as the Democrats remain very Politically Correct, the White Nationalists and religious conservatives may as well vote Republican.

    What is beyond doubt is that old-fashioned class politics in the Marxist mode is only possible in homogeneous countries, as the Scandinavian countries were before 1960. They had for practical purposes one language, one race, and one religion. As soon as you get significant racial, religious, and linguistic diversity, Identity Politics will compete with Class Politics.

    1. Very nice comment. Would you please capitalize White as in White race and any other major racial categories? Also I would prefer Political Correctness and Establishment as in Republican Establishment.

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