A Race Realist View of India

Main issue I have with this theory is that the Indian IQ would not have dropped so fast in just 70 years with the end of famines and the reduction of diseases. A disproportionate number of lower classes would have had to have survived for centuries for it to have an effect on IQ. Is that really what happened? Weren’t they dying in droves back then? Keep in mind that the higher IQ Brahmins are only

I agree that Hinduism is indeed a severe regression, degradation, and I would argue vandalization of Santam Dharma.

Tamberlane: The shittiest, weakest, dumbest, and most cowardly Indians bred the most prolifically due to the wide availability of food year-round in combination with the lack of devastating plagues and diseases. The vast majority of Indians have low-tier genetics due to the Indian trash component of their population having 4-5 kids, while the best Indians only had only 1-2 kids.

This in turn creates a toxic, overcrowded, deracinated environment and culture. Let’s not even get started with the malnutrition, lack of infrastructure, toxic air quality, etc. Therefore you get a sandbox in which the vast majority of Indians are sexually frustrated Beta males with an inferiority complex wanting to one up each other for a mere rupee.

Hinduism is a severe regression and degradation of Sanatan Dharma, arguably one of the most beautiful and complete spiritual philosophies in the world. Modern-day Hinduism is just the dog-turd on top of the shit sundae that is India.

Although I will admit, Indians have a lot of untapped potential and are becoming a better and better version of themselves every year. 2000’s India was exponentially better than 1990’s India. 2010’s India was exponentially better than 2000’s India. And 2020’s India is exponentially better than 2010’s India.

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2 thoughts on “A Race Realist View of India”

  1. “Main issue I have with this theory is that the Indian IQ would not have dropped so fast in just 70 years with the end of famines and the reduction of diseases.”

    Need more clarification about what you mean by that. Wouldn’t the Indian IQ have gone up after the end of famines and diseases? And if it did drop, that supports my theory that low-IQ Indians are having more kids, and more of those kids are surviving to adulthood due to urbanization and the introduction of modern medicine.

    Anyways, there were always plenty of diseases in India, but there were no mass culling events like there were in Europe where 1/4 to 1/3 of the population was slaughtered. These mass extermination events culled the European populations and made their entire groups more genetically robust and of a superior stock.

    The problem with measuring IQs in Third World countries is the lack of normalization mainly due to malnutrition, among other factors such as educational quality, etc.

    Babies need a strong womb to grow to their full mental and physical potential. Indian women do not have wombs as strong as European women due to malnutrition, this is most obviously reflected in their low average height. They are simply not performing as well as they could be.

    Look how devastating the effects of malnutrition can be on a single generation and how it rolls over in a kind of vicious snowball effect into succeeding generations:


    The average height of an Indian man back in 1947 was 5’3.5”. The average height as of 2021 is 5’7.5”. Unlike African Pygmies, there is no reason the genetic average height of Indians cannot be 5’10”-6’0”, similar to most men from European countries. Can you really expect a skinny 18 year old 5’5” malnourished Hindu boy to perform as well on an IQ test as a 5’10” robust German boy? I don’t think so.

    Besides, using common sense, there is no way Indians are dumber that American Blacks or even Hispanics. Adjusted for all third world detriments and low-IQ Indians breeding like rabbits, Indians have average IQ’s somewhere between 94-97.

    Sure, Brahmins are the intellectual elite in India similar to how Jews are the intellectual elite in the West. But that doesn’t mean Gentiles are all low-IQ; there are gradations. The rest of the 95% of non-Brahmin Indians are not all low-IQ. There are gradations. Plenty of Kshatriyas and Vaishyas perform well in all fields. Brahmins do not necessarily have a monopoly on good genetics. Good genetics are not limited to high-IQ. There is physicality, psychological profile, big dicks, beauty, etc.

  2. Being a Brahmin or Dalit is irrelevant.

    If you are a Brahmin but poor, then your behaviour will be the same as that of the poor Indians, which is Beta male, thirsty, inferiority complex rapist behaviour.

    From my experience caste has no relevance to anything and its importance is overblown by non-Indians who try to use it to explain all the bullshit that goes on in this country.

    Most of the Indian mentality can be explained with evolutionary logic, nature vs. nurture, conservatism + their fucked up version of morality.

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