(((Banned))) from Facebook Again

On a (((Bob Dylan))) group, which I should probably leave as it’s (((infested with pests))), someone posted his song, (((Neighborhood Bully))), about Israel. Believe it or not the song is pro-Israel though you would figure the opposite from the title as that’s exactly what that (((shitty little country))) is.

One thing I always liked about him is he never once spoke of his boring ethnicity, which is the way most of those (((loudmouths))) should be. This song was written in his born again Christian phase, and you know how those types love Israel. On the other hand, his name is Robert (((Zimmerman))). But he was always a radical, a great progressive guy, an icon of the counterculture, the last person who should be lining up with a bunch of (((fascist shits))).

Turns out the site is swarming with (((pests))), who, on this subject of course, are not progressive at all and in fact they show their true (((fascist colors))) here. I said a few things about that (((pestilential infestation of a country))) and the (((lousy fascist punk-ass bitches))) who live there. As in, the (((worst people on Earth))).

So this cool Dylan site turns into a debate among Dylan supporters, weak-hearted Gentiles sucking up to Israel pathetically while trying to be pro-justice and the Jews, well, acting like Jews, in other words, (((acting badly))). A bunch of (((screaming fascist monsters))) on the site for one of the greatest songwriters of our era, a champion of justice, the underdog, and the Left who always spoke truth to power. After all, the Weathermen guerrillas in the 1970’s took their very name from a Dylan song.

Later I found that Dylan fandom is utterly infested with these (((loudmothed punks))). He’s their hero. He’s one of them.

Yuck. Count me out.

So I said some stuff, never any slurs or racist stuff, just utterly appropriate comments about a (((nation of fascist monsters))). Well the (((loudmouths))) turned me in like the (((censorious, belligerent, paranoid fucks))) they always are. All my comments got removed. A comment at 3:49 PM resulted in a ban. Except I don’t even know what that comment even said. Nor do I get to find out what I said that got me banned. I got banned for a mystery comment. I’ve been banned before for talking shit to those (((loudmouthed, vengeful bitches))) on Facebook.

After all, it’s not called (((Faceberg))) for nothing. His name’s (((Zuckerburg))) for nothing. And his second in command is (((one of them))), too. And a lousy one at that. A woman.

These (((fascist infectious pustules))) have overrun our whole damned country and they’ve got us all by the balls. Actually the whole West that is. Via (((blackmail))) and (((bribery))) for the most part. (((Epstein))) was a Mossad blackmail operation along with (((Maxwell))) too. Both Mossad. Epstein was recruited in 1986. (((Ghislaine))) was probably born Mossad. Both of her (((sisters))) are Mossad too, and they’ve wormed their way into some pretty important positions in our (((parasitized land))).

Her father (((Robert Maxwell))) was a billionaire piece of shit, but he was also big-time Mossad. At his funeral in Israel, the present all former heads of Mossad were there in the audience. It’s rumored that the (((blackmail operations out of the brownstones))) actually started under Robert the father. He died on his boat under very mysterious circumstances. It’s thought that Mossad killed their own man for unknown reasons. They’re professional killers. They even kill their own kind.

I’m really getting tired of these (((Jewish nationalist))) shits. They piss me off. I don’t want to hurt them or kill them or evict them, but handing them the (((keys to the castle))) called our nation was completely insane. Outside of their shitty Zionism, I really don’t care too much about Jewish folks. Yeah, they (((lie, cheat, and steal))) and act like a (((race of white collar criminals))), but so do Gentiles nowadays in our Judaized land. We are all Jews now. A nation of 330 million Jews. What’s a goy to do?

Our country needs some (((deworming))) medicine.

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6 thoughts on “(((Banned))) from Facebook Again”

  1. Facebook‘s a dull section of the Internet where everything is censored.

    A Jew telling a Palestinian family, “If I don’t steal it, someone else will,” as he was trying to take their home. Seen a stupid movies on Eichmann. An Israeli Jew was told Israel was taken from Arabs, she shouted, “We wanted it more!”

    Israel is a naughty child that steals candy, toys, etc. from babies. FDR assured Ibn Saud he would do nothing to assist the Jews against the Arabs, and he would make no move hostile to the Arab people. This should be the American foreign policy today, but pathetically it’s been the opposite since his successor.

  2. Jews truly are to Whites what Whites are to Blacks in terms of intelligence and dark triad traits.

    Perhaps, the white man is the biggest nigger of them all?


      1. We’re almost all brainwashed niggers, from America to India. A big red lipped sambo smile that thins a bit in the Middle East.

  3. Here’s a question that a lot of people have asked, but I don’t know how to answer. The question is: Is it time to get rid of the Internet? Is the Internet the worst invention ever created? Has the Internet, not mental illness, enabled mass shootings? Has the Internet encouraged mob rule even to the point of threatening peoples lives when someone disagrees?

    How did we as human beings ever exist without being screen-staring zombies? We stare at TV screens, computer screens, movie screens, and then entities such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram dictate to people what is or is not free speech. I’m certainly no fan of the brutal Chinese government, but in some ways, their paranoia regarding the Internet is understandable.

  4. Families were better off without it. Personally, I’d just like it less censored. Countless quality YouTube videos, favorite Twitter posters, and even this site, etc. have all been banned.

    Total technology ban would be best for women. Many are always on the phone and on every social media site. A woman has really impressed me online lately, but she’s not typical.

    Dumbasses on the bus love to make videos of themselves doing nothing. Most of the Internet is probably a waste.

    Many here likely use the Internet as a library. It’s like tobacco, fine to use but can be abused.

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