PUA/Game: There’s a Girl in Every Woman and a Woman in Every Girl

Sure, 16 year old girls look awesome, but she opens up her mouth and she sounds like a 10 year old. Total turnoff. Even those two topless 17 year olds were a turnoff and one of them had awesome huge tits. But they sounded like brain-dead idiot teenyboppers and that was the biggest turnoff. I don’t like “girlishness.”

I like “womanlyness.” To the extent that a female is womanly, she turns me on. To the extent that she is girlish in a silly or stupid way, she turns me off. I don’t date morons. Plus it feels creepy to fuck a woman who acts girlish. I had an 18 year old girlfriend a while back. She was head over heels in love with me. To the extent that she acted like an adult, she turned me on, but when she acted girlish, it was a turnoff.

I don’t have anything against men who are oriented towards girls instead of women, though that’s not me. 16

It’s been said that all men are turned on by neotenism, and perhaps they are feature-wise. But the norm for men is to be teliophilic, not pedophilic or hebephilic.


We can diagnose people with sexual orientations not so much based on the “objects” they are attracted to but more on the “essences” to which they are attracted. Attracted to girlishness? Fine, that’s 19

Once you start getting into features that are displayed by large percentages of the population, we really start balking at calling them mental disorders. I don’t think we would call any feature or set of features that 20

“Normal” in psychiatry or psychopathology is more of a numbers name than anything else. In a society where all men beat their wives, sadly, wife-beating is “normal.”

But then we get into the notion of whether bad things can be normal. I would argue that a lot of bad behavior is normal. Is stealing abnormal? Hitting people? Throwing tantrums? Succumbing to depression from time to time? Grieving after a death? Hell, I would almost argue that rape, jealously, and murder are “normal.” We humans sure do it a lot, don’t we? We do it all the time, we’ve been doing it in vast numbers forever, so how could it be abnormal? It’s shitty, but it’s common as Hell and it’s never going away. These things are an essential aspect of our behavior as a species.

But it is a very interesting question whether normal behavior can actually be bad or even horrendous in the sense that normal simply means “common.”

So, readers, which is it, are a lot of bad behaviors actually “normal” in that our species sure does it a lot? So that means “normal” could encompass both good and bad behaviors.

I’m very torn philosophically as far as this goes. Perhaps we should just chuck the idea of “normal” altogether. Normies wrecked it ages ago anyway so what good is it?

I guess girlishness is attractive in terms of features, though I’m not even sure there. I’ve seen 18 year old girls on Tinder who looked underage. I’m sure they were 18 but the fact that they looked underage was a huge turnoff for me. I want a woman, not a girl!

Now I have nothing against a woman acted child-like in the sense of getting in touch with her Inner Girl. Now watch the Shitheads panic because I said that.

There’s a girl in every woman and a woman in every girl. The Shitheads already went batshit insane when I said that.

Her Inner Girl is her Inner Child if you will. A lot of adult women have killed off their Inner Child, and that is a huge turnoff. The Inner Child particularly comes out to play during sex or sexual times or when you are madly in love.

PUA/Game pro-tip: When a woman starts laughing hysterically and acting child-like or girlish, you can absolutely fuck her, guaranteed. Jump on her, Goddamn it! Don’t worry, she’ll go for it.

Because sex somehow is connected with child-like or girlish behavior in the female. Sex is also funny. I can’t help but notice how many people think sex is funny. Think back to the women you’ve slept with and notice how often they started laughing when you were having sex. There was a Joy of Sex book that came out back in the 1970’s back when people were sane, before Mass Shithead Disorder infected 90

I’ve been with women and we were madly in love with each other and she was acting like a kid. I started acting like a kid too and saying, “Mommy can you fix me some bweckfast?” I’ve done that with other girlfriends too and they think it’s funny. I get to play the little boy and they get to play the mother. One laughed every time I did that and said, “Ok, little boy.” I usually did it in the morning because I wanted “Mommy” to fix me breakfast and I wanted to play “little boy.”

All women want to be mothers. If they don’t have a kid, they have a dog that subs for a kid. The maternal instinct cannot be extinguished. I had a girlfriend age 49 who had never had kids and even said she hated kids. But at some point in her life, she had babysat or looked after this little six year old boy, and she simply would not stop talking about him.

It wasn’t pedo-ish or weird in that sense, but she would not stop talking about that damned little boy! I finally figured out that she had mothered him in a sense, and in a way, that was the child she never had. She got to play mother with him and he got to play son. She talked about him all the time because in a way, that boy she took care of was the child she never had. It seemed to important to her. Her relationship with her French poodle dog was absolutely nuts. He was basically her kid. He even slept in her bed. That’s not uncommon. A lot of single women sleep with their dogs. The dog is their kid in a sense. Or a substitute for a man? Which is it? Both?

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7 thoughts on “PUA/Game: There’s a Girl in Every Woman and a Woman in Every Girl”

  1. Hey Robert, I want to know what is the truth about the French Revolution? Conservatives criticize it for being a Communist but did they have legitimate concerns? I sometimes read right wing websites to get a feel of their point of view. I would like your response.

    On another note, I may be out of power for weeks so I will not probably be able to read your site. I am in Baton Rouge, LA and the hurricane is going to hit.


  2. I’m slightly confused about this post, so I’ll have to make a comment. I used to run a WordPress blog like you, but it was closed down, then I decided to rebuild it elsewhere.

    I’m attracted to girls who are aged 13-15. This is legal in some countries but not in others. I used to not like them at all, but then I started having these feelings. I think Brazil has the most liberal laws on this, but Germany isn’t far behind. I think the laws about it in the USA are totally sick! The UK laws are quite sick as well!

    My explanation for my attraction is they’re “cute and sexy, keen and eager, and they make everything sound simple”. If I talk to a girl of that age or who says she’s that age, I want some proof. If I can hear her voice, if it sounds older than a little girl but younger than a woman, that’s enough evidence for me, and I feel turned on by her.

    Unfortunately, it’s not an exact science, because I once had regular conversations with a girl who claimed to be 14, but I thought she sounded much younger. I think there are two possible reasons for this.

    1. I haven’t been talking to enough 14 year old girls, so I think they all sound about the same age, but actually they don’t. Some sound like I think they should sound, while some sound younger but others sound older.

    2. She was actually lying about her age, which was really 11 or 12.

    1. What confuses you about this post?

      Congratulations! You’re a hebephile. Don’t feel bad. 16% of all men are hebephiles. My question would be to what extent are you attracted to mature females and women? Say 13-15 year old girls is maximum arousal, how aroused are you by matures 16+? 75%? More? Less? 50% Less? On a scale of 100-0 to 0-100, with 100-0 being completely hebephilic and 0-100 being completely telieophilic (maximum attraction to matures 16+), where would you put your chronological orientation?

      Also, what happens when they age out of your age range? Do you stop being attracted to them, in which case you would forever be trading in older girls for younger ones as they age out of your attraction range?

      AOC is 14 in much of Europe.

      As far as the laws go, we are in the midst of a sex panic regarding girls in that age range. They were never legal even back in the day, but people were more relaxed about it, and it was regarded as a normal temptation for all men that should be resisted. Men did do time for having sex with those girls sometimes, but I’m not sure for how long and I’m not even sure what the typical sentence was.

      I remember one 53 year old divorced man had a house near a local high school, and he was providing pot and coke to 15 year old girls who came around to the house in return for sex. The girls were quite eager and willing to trade sex for drugs. Well, he got caught and got sentenced to 3 years in prison, which most people thought was about right.

      Part of what bothered people about it was the fact that he was so much older. Nobody cared about an 18 and 19 year old man with a 14-16 year old girl. That was just normal.

      Now they’re calling them pedophiles and child molesters and insisting that the girls get “raped” and “sexually abused,” which is bullshit. Every time those girls have sex, it’s never sex. It’s always “rape” or “abuse.”

      Back in the day no girl that age was ever harmed by this stuff, but now we have the idea that this is devastating to the girls, so, wa-la! Automagically we have all these females who were “raped” and “abused” in completely consensual sex at those ages showing all sorts of psychological damage long after the fact.

      It’s pretty obvious that if you tell people a behavior is completely normal and only an idiot would get harmed by it, no one is harmed, but if you pathologize it and tell everyone that a behavior is horribly damaging, wa-la! The same exact behavior causes all sorts of damage. I’m trying to figure out how creating legions of females harmed for decades after engaging in completely harmless behavior is good for society.

      I would be careful about talking to those girls and especially getting photos from them. Don’t send them dirty pictures or porn and don’t accept dirty pictures from them showing “lascivious display of the genitalia.” If they send you dirty pics, whatever, but I would delete them fairly quickly. Don’t keep them on your drive.

      Nowadays they are literally going after men for “talking dirty” to girls that age, so I would urge you to be careful in that respect too. And don’t have sex with them. They’re throwing the book at men for doing that now. You screw a 15 year old girl and they give you 10 years in prison. It’s insanity.

      For your question, the obvious answer is #2.

      Although I respect your preference, I don’t understand it because what turns you on about them would turn me off. I might be attracted to a 15 year old girl who was as developed as a woman and acted very mature for her age but most of them aren’t and don’t. Mostly they just seem way too young. They’re rather attractive in a physical sense, but mostly my brain says, “Way too young,” when I think about doing anything or even when I look at them for that matter.

      If you don’t want to talk on her for whatever reason, it would be nice if you could take it to email. I’m fascinated by hebephilia and I’ve done a ton of research on it. Might be interesting to talk to a real one for once.

      1. It was called underagesexsite and he spoke about spying and creeping on schoolgirls. It was so bad I thought it might be a honeypot.

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