Alt Left: Why Conservatives Oppose the COVID Vaccine

Anti-vaxxers 10 years ago were leftwing hippies. Now most of those are apparently getting this COVID vaccine, or they’re quiet about it. But in fact, on the Hard Left, there is a lot of opposition to this COVID vaccine. I’m not sure if it’s as bad as on the Right, but it’s bad.

Normally, conservatives don’t get 1

However, this COVID vaccine, like most things in this idiot polarized to death country, has been politicized in a completely asinine way that makes no sense.

The Roots of Conservative Opposition to the COVID Vaccine

Apparently this all has roots in the fact that conservatives don’t care about anything except for money and the economy. The economy = money. The definition of a conservative is someone who values money more than human life. And conservatives always, always kill people for money. Disgusting people!

So conservatives went against this disease itself due to the threat to the economy. They boxed themselves into a corner like morons, but they always do that. Because after the restrictions were all lifted, the only objection came down to vaccines. Conservatives had decided to lie about their motives and frame their pro-economy project as a phony “freedom and individual rights” issue. This is the fake basis on which they opposed all of those mask mandates and lockdowns.

So now all there is left is the vaccine. Normally conservatives would care nothing about any vaccine, but like I said, they backed themselves into a corner. They said there was no such thing as the disease, so they had to say the vaccine would be useless or even harmful. They were already way down the road to saying this whole disease was nonsense, and they could not change horses in the middle of the stream.

And this time they fell back once again on the lie that this all about individual freedoms, which conservatives never care about anyway. Look who packs and jails and prisons with chickenshit crimes? Conservatives!

Conservatives Are Authoritarians, Not Individualists

Conservatives are authoritarians. They actually not individualists! They are the opposite of individualists because individualists would score low on authoritarianism. But they hate government due to their love of money over all else because the state gets in the way of making money. So they are authoritarians who hate democracy and believe in minority rule like their brethren in Latin America while framing their hatred of the state as “individualism.”

Conservatives obey their leaders much more than liberals do. Conservatives are like dogs. Liberals are like cats. Liberals don’t obey. Conservatives do. And whatever nutball idea that comes down the pike and gets labeled conservative dogma, conservative puppies blindly follow it like kids after the Pied Piper. They are incapable of opposing a conservative agenda. If their leaders told them all to walk off a cliff, they would literally do just that. They can’t think for themselves. All they can do is follow the leader.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why Conservatives Oppose the COVID Vaccine”

  1. Correction* Western-world conservatives who are not living under a right-wing government are anti-vax. Hungary and Japan are run by their right-wing and no issues there with lockdowns or vaccines. The initial Hungarian response to COVID was so extreme that even the hypocritical Left called them authoritarian. Yet when China and then Australia continued with very harsh lockdowns, not a peep the the Left.

    Personally, I think the antivax attitude is foolish. And I think mask-wearing is helpful. But I am distrustful of continued lockdowns, though I fully supported the initial 6-week “flatten the curve” one.

    I am vaccinated but trust me I had zero intention of taking it at first, especially since aborted fetal cell lines were used in the development and/or testing. I’ve always considered aborting murder. Even as a Libertarian (though I’ve largely become a true right-wing conservative these days) it was also baby-killing to me, in this case, promulgated by feminists. It took a decree and an injunction from the Pope himself to convince me to take it the vaccine, and even then I didn’t want to.

    Okay so why the vaccine hesitancy? For the Christian Right, it’s the abortion issue, though I suspect that’s merely an excuse for the true reason: hatred and distrust of the Establishment and the mainstream media. Is it logical? The anti-vax attitude per se is not logical, BUT the distrust of the Establishment is.

    If DJ Trump, Ted Cruz, and the GOP had heavily promoted it, conservatives would be mixing the vax in their beer. Just look at super-rightwing Hungary. They locked down almost as hard as Australia is now. Happy White Hungarians obeyed the orders with nationalistic pride (I think).

    Republicans have made two very crucial and stupid mistakes: COVID-downplaying and anti-vax attitude. It may cost them votes from independents. Most normal Republicans I know have been vaxed, though.

    So why did Republicans make these COVID mistakes?

    (1) It doesn’t matter in a large or long-term scale. For 90% of the population, COVID poses little risk. It’s a gamble they are willing to take. I think deep down inside most conservative politicians are more afraid of COVID than they’d like to admit.

    (2) It really isn’t as bad as liberals made it out to be. See above. A risk politicians were willing to take. If you look outside, even at the height of the pandemic, things APPEARED normal, although the excess mortality clearly shows the elderly were dying en masse. And that was it. Old people usually don’t walk around outside much, so when they were confined to their deathbeds, nobody noticed. It’s sad but true. So the emotional impact was low. Compare COVID-19 to the Spanish Flu which killed mostly young adults in their prime.

    (3) High-IQ types have been brainwashed by left-leaning universities into their service. Most smart Republicans go into industry, leaving us with mostly slightly above-average IQ politicians. If the Clintons were Republicans, Democrats wouldn’t stand a chance.

    Politicians aside, the average conservative has had it with the Establishment and their SJW and anti-White, anti-Western, anti-Christian nonsense. I always like to say, “Watch what people do, not what they say.” Why are White conservatives in Europe and Australia, two places arguably most Leftist and authoritarian (under perceived Leftist control), clashing with the police?

    Is it because of the anti-lockdown/vaccine passport slogans they are chanting? No. They are clashing with the police because, wait for it…wait for it…because THEY WANT TO CLASH WITH THE POLICE! When you’ve had it with someone, you’ll look for any excuse to pick a fight. COVID is the perfect excuse because even if COVID is as bad as liberals say, it won’t destroy Western Society whereas Conservatives and I to a large extent fear liberals may do so. It’s a subconscious yet calculated risk, I think.

  2. For the record, I’m not condoning violent clashes with the Police. it’s un-Christian to say the least and irresponsible during a pandemic. I’m just explaining the emptions because I share them, and thus am conflicted when I see my side fight the bad guys for all the wrong reasons.

  3. It’s ironic that conservatives believe COVID is a bioweapon yet also don’t think it’s that dangerous. I think it’s a bioweapon (though I’m not sure who made it) and therefore, I find it very dangerous. I think it’s a bioweapon though I am not jumping on China-did-it bandwagon. The Beirut incident is enough to make you question the mainstream media narrative about any catastrophe these days.

    I am afraid neocons are baiting rank & file conservatives once again like they did after 9/11 into some stupid conflict with yet another ancient Eastern civilization we have no business fighting. You are right, conservatives love authority. Yes, we do. It is our greatest strength but also our greatest weakness.

    In the Army I was always amazed at how Republican-votin’ freedom-lovin’ Americans boasted at how obedient they were the military authorities. It’s more of an observation than a criticism. I haven’t thought this out fully yet though because my personality is not like your typical conservative at all.

    1. My attitude is, “If it’s an authority figure, rebel against it and do the opposite of whatever it tells me to do.” I’m afraid I have a case of Permanent Adolescence here. Nobody tells me what to do LOL.

  4. People don’t want to research Bill Gates and find out he’s into depopulation and purposely funds stuff to promote it.

    Come on, you know he’s creepy regarding computers. It doesn’t stop there.

    The cultural left finally has control over everyone to be slaves to where with at least the COVID stuff nobody can question them.

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