Alt Left: The People Choose Democracy over Aristocratic Rule in Latin America

Down in Latin America, once the Left takes over the state, they prove to be so popular with the poor majority that the oligarchic parties of authoritarian Right shrink to ~2

The Right literally cannot win in places that have tasted socialism like Nicaragua and Venezuela. The only way they win is by cheating, election fraud/rigging, and coups of various kinds – electoral, lockout, economic, legislative, judicial, and military. Or they run as Leftists and then turn hard right the minute they get in like Lenin Moreno in Ecuador.

In other places, people seem to be rejecting aristocratic rule.

A majority in Colombia seems poised to elect a fairly leftwing politician.

A literal Marxist, a Palestinian Chilean, has been leading polls in Chile for some time now.

A Marxist just barely won the Presidency in Peru.

The rightwing coup in Bolivia was overthrown, and the Left won handily again.

Argentina has been electing the leftwing Peronist Fernandez dynasty for some time now. The only way the Right won last time was because rightwing banksters on Wall Street deliberately crashed the economy so the Right got in on the protest vote.

In Paraguay, the last democratic election elected a Leftist, a former priest. He was overthrown in a legislative coup, and it’s been a rightwing dictatorship ever since.

Honduras elected a leftwinger, and a moderate one at that, in its last democratic election. The US immediately sponsored a coup, and it has been a rightwing military dictatorship ever since.

The Left has been winning in various Caribbean islands for some time.

Haiti has been under one form or another of rightwing dictatorship ever since US Special Forces removed President Aristide at gunpoint in a military coup. Aristide’s party, Lavalas, was extremely popular and got 9

The fascist Bolsonaro is now unpopular, and the moderately leftwing Workers Party is now ahead in the polls. The PT was removed in a judicial coup via lawfare with the help of the US FBI (I knew there was a reason I hated feds). The President and Vice President were literally put in prison on completely fake charges. This is the only Bolsonaro got in. However, Brazil definitely has a significant base for fascism as in Colombia for whatever reason.

Lopez Obrador or AMLO for short won the recent election in Mexico, a country long marred by extreme election fraud. He’s the most leftwing president in some time. However, he has governed from the Center. Nevertheless, the Mexican oligarchy (with deep ties to the Catholic Church) nevertheless has been threatening a coup ever since he took office.

The Right only won in Ecuador last time around because Lenin Moreno banned the leftwing party and exiled its leader, Correa. The government has stated that he will be jailed if he returns. The charges are faked. The Right only won last time around because the election was grossly unfair. There was no actual election fraud in terms of altering the vote, but the campaigning leading up to the election was grotesquely unfair.

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One thought on “Alt Left: The People Choose Democracy over Aristocratic Rule in Latin America”

  1. I just wanted to comment here. I got sad when Jadue lost, since he was the most radical option for the people, being a rare case of a powerful person who had the balls to stand up to Israel, which i think was one of the reasons he lost and got attacked so badly by the media. Clearly, the Zionists saw a hue threat on him.

    Gabriel Boric apparently has an history of being a “seller”, and is believed that if he wins, he will do like Lenin Moreno in Ecuador and another I don’t recall the name. It is actually believed that the whole Boric thing has been setup by the Chilean oligarchy. This is because the Latin American oligarchy lately has been using a pretty dangerous strategy.

    Since they know they are not popular, they have been lately running fake “Left” candidates that either protect the status quo or reduce the total of the real leftwing candidate via dividing the vote. Apparently, plenty of rightwing people actually voted for Boric in the primaries just to make Jadue lose.

    One has to be careful with Peru, because they can do hatch a coup to overthrow Pedro at any time.

    Bolsonaro pretty much literally has said that he will not recognize elections where he will lose and will use the military to stage a coup, which apparently is considered a democratic thing by the West and the media.

    Gustavo Petro is not perfect, but he is a million times much more preferable to the extremely murderous oligarchy of Colombia. The main problems with Colombia are the nation’s extremely bloody oligarchy and being one of the most important puppets of the USA, right behind Israel and a couple of others. All of this adds up to some serious risks for Petro beyond what other Leftist leaders in the region already have to face.

    I think the following scenarios:

    1. They do a false positive and kill Ivan Duque (who by this point is pretty much expendable) to justify implement an brutal dictatorship that massacres the protesting youth.

    2. While neoliberal governments in general are know for stealing a good chunk of votes and fraud in elections, Colombia probably has one of the worst elections systems in the continent, which enables the possibility that they will just make a fraud of the whole voting altogether.

    3. They can just kill Petro either before the elections or after he wins. The Colombian oligarchy already has a criminal record of this with Jose Gaitan.

    I’d like to conclude by reiterating that I don’t trust Gabriel Boric at all.

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