Alt Left: According to the Cultural Left, Blacks and Women Are Permanent Children

Found on the Net: This is the media and academia spin on every topic — nothing is the loser’s fault, everything failing is caused by external White evil.

This is interesting in a philosophical sense.

According to the reigning narrative, Blacks (and any other fake oppressed group) literally have no agency. That is, they have no free will and cannot make any decisions at all for themselves, no matter how bright they are. Black people never do anything. They literally cannot because if they ever did anything, it would wreck the whole idea.

Instead, Black people are passive objects that only sit there and get things done to them, usually bad things and usually by Whites. They just sit there helplessly while all these bad things get done to them all day long which they are powerless to stop. Since they have no agency and never do anything, nothing can ever be their fault.

Feminists do this same thing with women. Women have no agency either and they never do anything; instead things just get done to them, usually bad things and usually by men. Women just sit around in life and get bad things done to them all day which they are powerless to stop.

Please note the extreme infantilization implied here. Both Blacks and women are permanent children, as children are usually thought to have little to no agency (minors can’t consent and all that nonsense).

Now, if one wants to make the argument that women are permanent children, I won’t argue with you. That’s part of the Feminine Character, and arguably it’s an evolutionary necessity.

A woman can literally sit in a playpen with an idiotic baby and play with the baby all day long without a care in the world. She’s in her happy place, heaven on Earth. You can’t do that unless you have a childlike or childish mind yourself. I wouldn’t last 10 minutes with that dumb baby.

On the other hand, sane societies (otherwise known as patriarchies, since these are the only societies that actually work) have always seriously proscribed childishness in grown women .

Sure, women want to be childish – it’s their nature. But if you enforce maturity and adulthood on them with serious punishments, most women will suppress their childish tendencies and act like grownups. My mother’s generation was like this.

The problem with feminism is that it is based on the idea that women are permanent children with no agency. It’s also encouraged women to act as crazy as possible. Acting crazy is also part of the Feminine Character, but once again, sane societies put serious punishments on women for acting nutty.

Women in my Mom’s generation acted like grownups and were quite sane. In these younger generations it seems like we are dealing with whole cohorts of females with symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder.

So, I’m wondering, based on this theory, does the woke crowd treat Blacks like children? They infantalize Black people, don’t they? According to them, Blacks are permanent children who never grow up .

That’s pretty insulting but perhaps Black people want it like this. There is a freedom in childhood, and acting like a child that we adults are generally denied. This is frustrating for a lot of adults who wish to reject the stultifying, over-serious rectitude of adulthood that can feel like a prison at times.

Furthermore, children have no responsibilities and people have few expectations of them – in fact it is expected and assumed they will act bad and this is seen as normal, albeit lamentable and annoying. They are not expected to be skilled or accomplished at much if anything, and failure in many tasks is assumed and treated as normal.

Most importantly in many ways, nothing us really a child’s fault. If a kid does something waited or crazy we excuse it by saying “Oh well, he’s just a child.” Young children are assumed to have diminished capacity for mist crimes and many ordinary acts if human behavior (minors can’t consent to sex, etc.)

All if these add up to a sense of freedom that might be appealing to many Black people. And I would add, to many Whites too. Reading the above and seeing how much responsibility and culpability I can avoid by remaining a permanent child is starting to make it a bit appealing even to me. And I’m a responsible, intelligent person. If permanent childhood is appealing to me, consider how it must feel to the tens of millions of Americans who are much less intelligent and responsible than I am.

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9 thoughts on “Alt Left: According to the Cultural Left, Blacks and Women Are Permanent Children”

  1. An odd compliment to Whites I read recently: “Whites got two things right, they enslaved the Blacks and invented eating pussy.”

    Jew narrative is a very common belief system for almost everyone in the West. Even people who oppose it are infected by it on some level. Whites have a nice clear road out of it, though most don’t take it.

    Blacks seem lost in a jungle of bitterness and delusion. The sweet lie and candy bar now, instead of harsh truth and 40 acres of watermelon patch later. It’s easy and comforting to be a child. Most Blacks I’ve seen want this.

    Women are sweet, they live in Candyland and follow a rainbow road. Men put their gumdrops in them but rarely don the rose-tinted veil and see the world as women do.

    Like kids, both women and Blacks are both in need of guidance.

    The Jews’ cotton candy fluff is more popular today than the White man’s salty nutroll. You can’t live on sugar alone though.

    1. You might be correct. Women are cunning and calculating. Part of this is Nature.

      As the Romans used to say:

      A man can still have a child when there is snow on the roof, but a woman’s time is short.

      I really like that quote. A woman only has a short time period in which she is fertile enough to have a baby. She has to time it right, get a source of income for herself, or find a reliable man who can support her child. All of this maneuvering requires a fair amount of cunning and calculation.

      In my experiences with women over the years, in recent years, I have finally started noticing this cunning, calculating, long-term view that women have, especially young women. Young women seem like complete idiots, but when it comes to the fox-like cunning and calculation and in particular, taking a long-term view of life instead of the short-term, even a young woman is a standup, knock-it-out-of-the park genius.

      1. I don’t think Midwestern country hens are as fox-like as say a California girl walking Rodeo Drive. I prefer the hen and have considered dating Mennonites.

        Women can be great followers. My Grandma has the exact beliefs as my Grandpa, likely submitting to him and the dominant culture. Today East Asians are the best followers, but every woman has this potential.

        I’m certainly guilty of being romantic and try to work towards the Ideal.

        1. Women are less logical but have fewer yahoos.

          Swimming is one my hobbies.

          Women don’t spread out good like the men do as space frees up.

          Men are masters of simple logic but have less desire to abide by rules. One man makes a big slash in the pool and swims in everyone’s lane. Men can be big splashers and be purposefully inconsiderate. Like adults, men know better but a small minority will intentionally break the rules.

          Gay men tend to not act out in the pool but share showers.

          Butch dykes tend not to swim, but on the bus they’ll bump into men, unlike any straight lady. They try to be to men like what Street Blacks are to bus drivers but are just thorn-shaped dildos really.

          Most people I’ve seen driving the wrong way on a one way are older women with scared looks on their faces. Men likely disobey traffic laws more.

          Since the days of mammoth hunting, man was out in the wild hunting and had to use his wits to survive, kill, etc. Women just had to please that mammoth of a man when he got home, prepare his meals&polish his tusk.

  2. The low-IQ Black collective has been for centuries now, been taken advantage of by the higher-IQ, Machiavellian White collective. Slavery, Jim Crow, racism, discrimination, no civil rights, abuse by law enforcement, the housing projects and marginalization, the welfare state, the FBI’s COINTELPRO, and the CIA’s smuggling crack cocaine into black neighborhoods. It is easy to see why the Cultural Left has this perspective. Blacks have been treated like abused bastard children in a negligent White household until the recent past.

    The fairer sex has for most of human history, been dominated by men. Due to their smaller statures and significantly lower physical strength; they have been bullied, abused, raped, murdered, marginalized, etc, etc. The Cultural Left sees this and goes overboard with empathy and idealizes women as eternal, innocent, angelic victims. Of course, this is hyperbole.

    I say it was all inevitable.

    On Women:

      1. The Cultural Left will not admit the Black IQ is lower than Whites or women are physically weaker than men. They stick to the blame Whitey game plan. I see real compassion from your average White Joe, but I catch people like Jared Diamond, Tim Wise, and the entire the MSM in lies.

        The Jews seem like phony foxes.

        Women get Wonder Woman and Blacks get Wakanda with a large side of blame-the-evil White man.

        Most White men seem to just turn the other soft cheek these days. Whites today are soft as Charmin and used as such.

  3. Children have agency too, as every parent knows, sometimes to their sorrow.

    The Political Correct Left doesn’t really say that non-Whites and women don’t have agency. Rather, their view is that White males have been so powerful, and still are, that non-Whites and women have been reduced to impotence.

    In fact, Political Correct Leftists seem to believe that Whites are so powerful that they can even influence the performance of non-Whites on IQ tests.

    This theory isn’t wholly false. If members of a small minority, say, under 15%, are constantly told by the majority that they are inferior, even contemptible, then many of them will start believing it. Not all minorities can be like Jews, who can continue to believe in their superiority despite widespread anti-Semitism because they have an ethnocentric, chauvinistic religion.

    The problem with the Politically Correct Left is that they are fighting yesterday’s war. Since the Sixties, all Western countries have been officially and zealously anti-racist and anti-sexist. There are still racists and sexists of course, but they are marginal.

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