They Don’t Pay Me Enough to Do This Shit

You are a huge piece of shit and the biggest fraudster out there. You are a liar and no nothing. I paid for a background check on you. You were never an editor of any magazine. You say you are a therapist, but hold no credentials. You have been reported to the state boards for practicing and advertising psychological services without a license. This is a felony.

You are also too interested in the sexual nature of the crime. Therefore, you are a hebephile and pedophile. I learned how to accuse people with no evidence from reading your hit pieces. I also tipped off the FBI that you probably have child pornography on your computer, cause hey, you LOOK like a pedophile. Stop exploiting the families, the parents, the guardians, and this tragedy so you can get idiots to pay a premium for your nonsense. Beware of Karma, you pedo.

I get comments like this all the time.

I happen to know this particular person, a woman, incredibly enough. She seems to have a roving IP because I keep banning her IP’s, but then she goes and gets another one in the same range. So it’s really only one Delphi hater over and over. He keeps coming here leaving comments like this. Why is she so obsessed? I don’t get it. What’s wrong with these people? Why do they hate so much?

I had to deal with this with the Bigfooters too. Constantly reporting my site and trying to get it taken down, reporting me to the police and social services for welfare fraud, and constant hit pieces and comments.

Anytime you get wrapped up in the fanatic parts of the Net (true crime, Bigfoot) you attract legions of these cranks and haters. I’m not sure what happens if you stay out of the Crank Zone. Come to think of it, when I was outside of the Crank Zone, people were always reporting me and trying to get my site taken down. WordPress told me they got complaints about me all the time.

See what my enemies do?

They pay to do background checks on me.

They report me to state boards for practicing and advertising without a psychotherapy without a license (which is something I don’t do). She says it’s a felony, but it’s never prosecuted. The last guy was literally calling himself a psychotherapist, and not only that but he had a building with his name on it with employees, regular hours, and advertisements in the Yellow Pages. And they hardly did anything to him. Ordered him stop and he had to pay a fine. I was on Twitter recently until I got thrown off by some man-hating feminist twats. I think 10-15 feminists said they were reporting me to the state board for practicing without a license. Good luck with that.

I’m a peer counselor and a life coach. I do peer therapy and life coaching. We don’t need licenses. I don’t practice psychotherapy and I don’t call myself therapist, psychologist, marriage and family counselor, social worker, psychiatrist, MSW, LCSW, PhD, MD.

They report me to the FBI for having child porn on my computer (which is something I don’t have). This woman must be 40th person to say they’ve reported me to the FBI. The FBI haven’t contacted me yet, and they know who I am because they made a statement about me to a woman I know.

Also, I was a magazine editor of an important magazine, as in, you usually saw it on the drugstore shelves. Assistant editor, to be precise. 1981.

I admit they did get me thrown off WordPress but it wasn’t for all the lying reasons my enemies say. They say I was thrown off for the sexual nature of my posts. Not so. They won’t throw you off for that anyway. They say I was thrown off for making up lies. Not so. They won’t throw you off for that either.

I will now admit why I was thrown off. I was thrown off for inciting violence. That’s a violation of the TOS. I had no idea what their TOS was, and I had no idea I was violating it. If I would have known that was a violation, I would not have written that. A radical feminist is the one who turned me. A lesbian with an intense hatred of men. So I got thrown by some crazy man-hating dyke bitch. So what.

With all the trouble this damned blogging gets me, sometimes I wonder why I even do it. They don’t pay me enough to do this shit.

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2 thoughts on “They Don’t Pay Me Enough to Do This Shit”

    1. I don’t want to say but I did incite violence against a particular group of people. More people who had a political philosophy than an ethnic or racial group. I’d hate to incite violence against an ethnic or racial group. That seems so wrong.

      I don’t want to say what I said or against whom. My enemies will read it and eat it up and post it all over the Net.

      If you want details on what I said, I suppose you can always email me.

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