Alt Left: Shut Up, Virginia Giuffre

Serial liar, faker, and professional victim Virginia Giuffre has filed a fake lawsuit against Prince Andrew, lying like a bitch that Andrew raped and sexually abused her repeatedly when she was underage at 17 years old.

Problem? Nobody raped anyone and Virginia (The Liar) Giuffre never got raped one time.

I suppose you could argue that Andrew may have committed statutory rape, but that’s not rape at all. Instead it’s simply illegal intercourse.

Second problem? Virginia Giuffre is a whore. A lowdown, lying, scamming prostitute of the lowest variety, lower even than most disgusting whores, and that’s pretty low.

What happened?

Giuffre decided at age 17 that her goal in life was to be a whore! That’s right, a prostitute. Such a noble calling. She somehow got in with Epstein and Maxwell’s blackmail ring, and she was basically offered a job working as a little teenie whore for Epstein’s Mossad spying blackmail ring. Of course, since her life dream was to be a lowly prostitute, she jumped at the chance.

Epstein et al were soon pimping her out to famous people, except it’s hard to call it pimping because they let her keep all the money.

The one famous incident with Prince Andrew occurred in the Virgin Islands. Giuffre was paid a measly $15,000 to have sex (excuse me, to get raaaaaaped) by Andrew. She reportedly had lots of fun screwing the guy, since by all accounts she was a little teen nympho slut.

Problem? 17 year old Virginia was not underage! She was legal in the Virgin Islands, perfectly legal fresh teen pussy.

Now we move on to the other fake charges.

Turns out she had sex with Andrew several more times in New York, Florida, New Mexico and the UK.

Problem? 17 year old Virginia was perfectly legal teen snatch in New York, New Mexico, and the UK. No rape. No statutory rape. No any kind of rape, except in her ditzy teen whore brain.

Now, moving on to Florida, we do have another matter. If she had sex with Andrew in Florida, she would have been underage, because the Age of Consent there is 18. But notice she was legal and of age in four different states or countries and illegal and underage in only one state? Big deal! That’s barely even a crime.

Statutory rape of a 17 year old girl is a garbage crime anyway. 17 year old girls are perfectly legal to fuck anyone they want to, even a 90 year old man, in most of the world. They’re only illegal in a few backwards places like Florida.

It’s perfectly reasonable to set an AOC at 16 or 17. Most of the world has it at ~16. Most of Europe has it at 15! There have been absolutely zero problems reported in any of these places by setting the AOC at 15-17.

Now, setting an AOC at 15 is sketchy in the US because we are too backwards, puritanical, and weird to handle that low of an AOC. Europeans, being civilized, can cope with, it but Americans are uncivilized backwards boors and sex-hating super-prudes, so we can’t deal.

However, there is an argument for making a Romeo and Juliet clause for 15 year old girls. In many states they are legal for men up to 18 or 19. Colorado is particularly reasonable in this regard, as 15 year old girls are legal for men up to age 24. I dated a lot of 15 year old girls as a boy and for few years into adulthood. They’re horny as Hell and from the point of view of a young man 18-21, they seem quite mature, about as mature as you are.

Now the problem is that wherever you put that AOC, men are going to start fucking those girls. Put it at 17? Men will fuck 17 year old girls. Put it at 16? Men will screw 16 year old girls. Put it at 15? Men will gleefully bonk 15 year old girls.

And if you put it at 13 or 14, men will jump on 13 and 14 year old girls. I’m not entirely comfortable with that, though sex with 14 year old girls and 18-21 year old men doesn’t bother me. The thing about this sort of sex is it seems a lot more ok when the man is very young because after all, college boys and young men have been screwing high school girls forever. It’s so natural it’s almost set in stone. But as the man gets older than, say, 25, a lot of people start getting a lot less comfortable with it for all sorts of reasons. And as he gets older and older, it gets less and less ok. This is fine with me and I understand people’s distaste for this sort of thing.

I’d like to keep the 13 and 14 year old girls illegal for most adults, though we definitely need a Romeo and Juliet clause for both of them. I’m not sure where to put the limits though.

I met some 14 year old girls at the store a while back. They were fooling around like teenagers. I looked at them real close and I thought, “You know what? These girls need to be protected from us men. And even more so, we men need to be protected from those girls!” We both need to be protected from each other. A good way to do that is with an AOC law because most men beyond age ~21 will start to seriously think twice about underage girls, and men significantly older than that will avoid them as if they’re radioactive. Which they are, in a sense. Teenage girls are dangerous!

I think 13-15 year old girls ought to be legal for boys 13-17 though at the very least. We really need to stop putting kids in jail and on sex offender lists for having sex with each other. Guess what? Teenagers have a sex drive, often a raging one. And many, many of them engage in sexual behaviors and even have intercourse before age 18. It’s as common as dirt.

Now we do run into problems with Andrew and Giuffre due to the fact that Giuffre was more than just a teen slut. In fact, she was an out an out real thing teenage prostitute! What a noble, morally elevated female!

Now the problem is that in most of the US at least, it was perfectly legal to screw Giuffre for free, but automagically, one you pay her, you’ve committed a crime. You can screw them all you want, but you just can’t pay them for it! I sort of like this law. We should extend to all women, not just the teenies. It sure would save us men an awful lot of money!

Now, buying a teenage prostitute under age 18 is illegal in the US. It doesn’t strike me as much of a crime because there are many enthusiastic schoolgirl prostitutes. But I don’t see how you make it legal either. Make it a misdemeanor. Instead, it’s a serious crime and worse that, it’s somehow or other sex trafficking!

Now sex trafficking is a completely abused term once the US Justice Department got a hold of it after Congress made a retarded law in the midst of a Sex Panic. Sex trafficking used to be pretty serious. It meant more or less sex slaves. These women are out and out sex slaves, being imprisoned or locked into service by evil pimps, mostly men. A lot are literally locked in and can’t escape while they are ordered to have sex with man after man.

It’s really gross and it’s a very serious crime. And the truth is that most pimping probably is trafficking. If the prostitutes are free to leave the pimp, it’s not, but when are they ever free to leave? Not real often. Pimps threaten to harm, hurt, or kill any prostitute who leaves their harem, so most prostitutes with pimps feel locked into them. Obviously, pimps are one of the dirtiest aspects of this dirty business.

However! The Justice Department decided to somehow include all underage teen prostitutes under the rubric of “trafficking,” which is quite dubious. I don’t mind a crime called Prostituting a Minor, but it sure as hell isn’t “trafficking.” Even worse, any man who patronizes an underage teen prostitute is himself somehow guilty of trafficking! You paid this 17 year old whore for sex, did the deed, and walked out. Turns out you just committed an act of sex trafficking! That’s absolutely ridiculous, but that’s the crazy new law.

As expected, the feminists took the ball, ran away with it, and were never seen again. The feminists have somehow decided that not only are sex slaves and teeny prostitutes being “trafficked,” but in fact, every single woman who is engaged in prostitution is engaged in sex trafficking! More properly, since feminists insist that women have no agency, they are “being trafficked (by others, basically men).”

Notice how when feminists talk, women never have any agency? That means that they’re basically children and not responsible for any of their actions. Women never do anything. Everything that happens to a woman is not because she did it because I guess she can’t do anything, but instead it got done to her by someone else (typically an evil man).

I would say that according to this silly logic, prostitutes in business for themselves, which is lots of them, are apparently trafficking themselves! But feminists logically say this is not possible, and I agree. Instead they are argue that prostitutes in business for themselves are being trafficked by the male customers who purchase their services! So every time a man buys a whore, he’s “trafficking” her. Ridiculous, huh?

So it appears that the morally upright Ms. Giuffre, now older, wiser, and probably a lot less horny, was never raped even one time, ever. Statutory rape doesn’t count. It’s a bit hard to argue that she was being trafficked, but Maxwell and Epstein caught her trying to leave them a couple of times and brought her back and threatened her. Ok, now they’re trafficking her, so she was trafficked some of the time.

Giuffre was working very profitably for as a prostitute for the rich and famous from ages 17-23. So for most of her career, from ages 18-23, she was an adult, a grown woman. Giuffre claims that during this entire time, she was being “sexually abused” or “abused.” She never had real sex the whole time. Instead she had some weird abuse masquerading as sex. Are you sure you didn’t like it, Ms. Giuffre? A lot of women like that sort of thing, you know.

“Sexual abuse” is a term that has been tortured, raped, and murdered by sex-panicked morons for a very long time now. It used to refer to child molestation, which involves adults and children under 13. From 13-17, depending on the laws, there is no sexual abuse. There’s just statutory rape or illegal intercourse. It’s not possibly to sexually abuse a teenage girl and you certainly cannot abuse a grown woman because no matter how infantile her silly little brain is, she’s still an adult, at least chronologically. Sexual abuse literally means child molestation and I don’t mind referring to child molestation and sexual abuse. It’s a logical way to see it.

Somehow now teenage girls with ravenous, nymphomaniacal sex drives get “sexually abused” a good part of the time when they have sex, even when it’s consensual. In other words, the term for child molesting got inflated by dumbshits all the way to teenage girls and from there all the way to so-called adult women, assuming there even are any in an emotional sense.

It’s bullshit. It’s nonsense.

Poor Virginia suffered through the horrific ordeal of getting paid $15,000 to fuck a hot, sexy older man. It boggles the mind. No doubt this indignity was inflicted on the poor virginal Virginia endless times. How did she ever recover from getting paid $15K to get laid by some hot dude? Obviously, she’s a survivor. How she survived such a horror is simply beyond me.

Poor girl! Girls are crying! Poor Virginia! Virginia is crying! Poor women! Women are crying!

She never got sexually abused even one time except in her tiny little pea brain. And of course she never got raped even one time except in the   fever dreams of her mind. Now she may well have been trafficked.

Virginia, I will take time out for abusing your sorry ass here to tell you that I am very sorry that these low lifes basically imprisoned you as a sex slave. I really am truly sorry.

And I hope whatever damage this may have caused you – and it may well have done so – you are able to get over it and move it. I’m sorry you got taken back and threatened when you tried to run away. At that point, Epstein and Maxwell were trafficking you. That’s a serious crime, and I hope you can make peace with it, and I mean that with all my heart, dear.

Now that I am done addressing Ms. Giuffre, back to the story.

95% of Virginian Giuffre’s story is a pathetic joke. It’s not even true. She’s just another silly bitch trying to milk us men for everything we’ve got like so many of her sisters. I hope she decides to do something more productive and dignified with her life than act like a baby, be a permanent victim, and make a living scamming men.

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11 thoughts on “Alt Left: Shut Up, Virginia Giuffre”

  1. In Canada and Sweden, a man commits a crime if he pays for sexual services, regardless of the age of the woman who provides the sexual services. To sell sexual services is perfectly legal.

    Curiously, massage parlors and strip joints are allowed in most Canadian cities. I suppose that paying a woman to perform a nude dance or message is not purchasing a sexual service.

    1. Almost all of those massage parlors are fronts for prostitution.

      In the US, no man goes down for buying a prostitute. I guess it is legal, but no one is ever arrested. Sometimes they send female decoys out to pretend to be prostitutes and those men are arrested for trying to buy a prostitute. It is indeed illegal to sell sex in the US, except in Nevada, however the law is widely violated.

      1. In Canada, if a man is charged with purchasing sexual services, he usually pleads guilty. Then he pays a fine and has to go john school, where they no doubt try to convince him that he is a contemptible cad who exploits women.

        Several years ago, a governor of NY State was in the news because he was paying a high-class escort 4000 USD per visit. It is a bit hard to see exploitation there.

        My view of prostitution is that it is intrinsically undesirable, but ineradicable. Where male sexual frustration and female financial frustration coincide, there will be prostitution. Forbidding it does more harm than good. The law should only seek to prevent sexual slavery, exploitation of minors and the importation of prostitutes.

  2. Dear Robert

    What you write here confirmed what my intuition was trying to tell me, but I felt it was not “politically correct” to listen to my inner voice. Thanks for doing it for me.

    What I had gathered so far is that in a “trial by jury” a trying, exploitative party does not need to provide unquestionable, unequivocal evidence of the “crime” to get the wheels rolling. Circumstantial bytes and pieces (plus a fashionable opinion trend) will suffice to try and convict any male of the species – innocent or half-guilty. The financial scope for this type of vindictive enterprise is immense! Obviously!

    I mean, looking back at my life (I am in my 70’s) and at one or two women I thought had abused me and ruined my life (cough), I realized I didn’t know better then and that was that. No one is guilty.

    The same applies to my in loco parentis – they certainly abused me! Did they? Well, I guess we could construe it as such. Should I sue them for trafficking and abusing me? I mean, I ended up marrying a girl I did not want to (and she ended up having sex with me or was I who had sex with her? Whatever!).

    I guess this (given a jury) could be construed as “trafficking”, right? I was 21 then but they had been “grooming” me to marry her for years. Since I was 10 or 12 years old. At the least! Let a jury decide. Sorry I digressed!

    I am afraid this Giuffre case is all but reminiscent of that Las Vegas nightclub “receptionist” (i.e. honey trap) who went up with some friends to Cristiano Ronaldo’s penthouse; presumably to have a good time (“No sex please! We are Americans!”) and now regrets it (unless it was premeditated) and claims Cristiano raped and abused her and demands (take a deep breath) “78 million dollars” (quote) in compensation – and the police to release all files (to be published by the New York Times).

    I suspect the poor thing has spent an estimated $2 million trying to get her “jackpot” and needs to cover some of the costs …

    Likewise, I wonder how much Ms Giuffre wants? $100 million? Probably more. Surely Buckingham Palace is worth much more than that!

    One thing strikes me. If Andrew is that innocent what stops him countersuing Mrs Giuffre for defamation? Give her a taste of her own medicine?

    The other thing is who is going to pay for her lawyers? Are her lawyers paying for it in the hope of a BIG payday? For promotion? Both?

    If I was Andrew I would “go commando”, “do a Harry” on the monarchy and see what would happen. He has nothing to lose now, so let his Pitbulls have fun!

    I feel like e-mailing him your feature (it might boost his morale) except I don’t have his e-mail address. Perhaps I could send the link via Harry’s website – discreetly of course.

    : ) Now seriously …

    Thanks again for sharing your views with us and clarifying much of the puzzle. We get it now.

    Keep up the good work!


  3. My initial thought was that she was a whore, that then cried to the press for $ riding on the back of ‘metoo’

    She didn’t look too damaged in any photo, I just don’t believe her….and now she’s got potentially millions of dollars for her inconvenience.

    1. Yeah she was having a blast the whole time. She got paid $15,000 to fuck a prince of royalty and she was so jazzed about it that she bragged about it to her friends. Nobody abused or raped this girl. She was not trafficked. Nobody forced her to do anything. So Epstein ordered her around. So what? It’s perfectly legal to order women around and in fact, a lot of them want men to do just that! They enjoy being bossed around. I know because women have told me this.

      Of course she was a whore or a prostitute. Almost all of the so-called abuse and rape occurred when she was an adult. You can’t sexually abuse an adult women and it’s dubious if you can abuse a teenage girl. Sexual abuse means child molestation which generally refers to girls under 13 years old. And statutory rape isn’t real rape. A better term for it is “illegal intercourse.”

      Just another scamming little whore. It’s incredible how many of these crybullies have cashed in on this nonsense. “I was abuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuused.” Yeah right! That’s why you went back to get “raped and abused” 20-40 more times and you enlisted all of your little whore girlfriends to get “raped and abused” too. Teenage whores are still whores. Nobody forced them to do anything. Females are susceptible to prostitution and many underage teenage girls get into being prostitutes of their own volition, sort of like adult women which they resemble in so many ways.

  4. Giuffre is a multi millionaire from all the payments she has gotten, i wonder what she will tell her children about where their riches came from?

    1. She’s too busy crying and having PTSD from getting laid and getting paid $15,000 a bang to get fucked. She wrote a book about what a blast she was having as a high class call girl and bragged to her friends about all these famous guys she was fucking. Most of this “sexual abuse” happened when she was an adult, age 18-23.

      She claims “Epstein made me his sex slave.” LOL did he point a gun to her head? All he said was, “You are my sex slave” and she believed him? LOL tell her to come to my house if she’s that stupid. First thing I will say when she walks in the door is, “You are my sex slave.” Apparently that’s all you have to say to this ditzy broad to get her to enslave herself to your dick.

      PS there is no such thing as “sexual abuse” of an adult woman. It’s dubious if you can “sexually abuse” a teenage girl (young woman or young adult). Sexual abuse tends to be synonymous with child molestation. The dirty little secret is that even that’s often not abuse. 50% of molested kids, when asked as adults, say “I don’t consider that abuse.” Now I still think it should be illegal.

      LOL she’s so damaged. She’s crying all the way to the bank!

    1. Thank you, my dear. I’m so happy that some sensible women are standing with me against these silly bitches. And I will stand with you, my sister, if you are ever wronged!

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