Game/PUA: Bad Boy Game and Thug Game

Game/PUA: Bad Boy Game and Thug Game

My advice to any Black readers would be if you have any sense at all to stay as far away from that ghetto culture as possible. I understand it might be appealing for a Black man who wants to run Bad Boy Game or Thug Game as a PUA/Game strategy to get laid to be a part of that culture or pretend to, but I don’t think it’s worth it. We White men are attracted to the bad boy aspects of our culture, and I am convinced that a lot of us act bad and commit crimes simply because women love bad men and criminals so much, so pretending to be somewhat sociopathic is a good way to get laid. If women demand sociopaths, fine! Then I will act like one! Is the thinking.

I’ve told women about my criminal past, and they often seem to get excited. They hardly ever act turned off. When I tell them I never got caught, they look amazed. They act like it makes them horny. I’m convinced that women like dangerous men. The trick is to act like enough of a dangerous man to get laid but then to make it fake enough so you stay out of jail. It’s not so much “be a criminal” as “act like a criminal without committing many crimes.” It’s like being an actor.

Women love dealers too, at least pot dealers. Tell a woman that you’re a drug dealer and she often acts very excited. They seem of like to be partners in your criminal enterprise too for some reason. It seems to make them excited. I think women want to be “bad girls” in the same way that a lot of us men want to be “bad boys.”

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2 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Bad Boy Game and Thug Game”

  1. I met a White dealer that said he never got caught. I’ve seen an East Asian dealer that looks like he’d never get caught. Somali kids will try to sell to you walking out of a police station in a blue uniform. Larger than life NAM thugs get attention from everyone, including cops.. Maybe post their crime on Facebook, Youtube, ect.. Many unassuming White and Asian dealers are likely smart enough to stay under the radar.

    1. NAMs get busted because they are stupid and for no other reason. They literally stand outside their apartments with people crowded around them while buyers drive up, buy, and drive away in the space of five or ten minutes. Duh. I wonder what is happening there.

      We had disguises, the whole nine yards. I think I had 5-10 full outfits for whoever I wanted to be impersonating: The businessman, the gymrat, on and on. Businessmen carried the dope in his briefcase, gymrat in his sports bag, etc. We spoke in code, were careful about who we made friends with, didn’t want a lot of traffic coming to the house, etc. I used to make people hang out for 30 minutes after they came over for a buy. People driving up one after the other, going in, staying 5-10 minutes and walking out is called “traffic.” To an observer, it’s “Duh, they’re dealing drugs.”

      NAM’s typically have massive traffic at wherever they are selling. They are often selling right on the street corner for everyone to see. No wonder they get caught. They should be charged with Criminal Stupidity if nothing else. They get caught because they’re dumb as rocks as far as how they go about it, not because of racism.

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