Want to See the Future of America? Look at Latin America

White nationalists are constantly fearmongering that the future of the US is South Africa.

Let’s look at some statistics:

Percentage          Whites   Blacks  Other

US                      62         13       25

South Africa        9           88       3

Tell you what. When the Black population of the US nears 8

Instead, look south. Yes, yes, yes look to Latin America. A 100X yes! However, I cannot find a Latin American country which will resemble the US in the future. Look at California. Our state is probably the future of the country. Liberal Democrats, basically, and trending left. We’re almost going social democrat here; we’re hardly even liberals anymore!

Other than that, a number of our cities have degraded somewhat because as a city goes from White to Hispanic, there is a decline, though not a great one. It becomes a fairly upgraded version of Mexico. But crime is pretty low and behavior is pretty civilized. Be careful who you make friends with because a lot of Hispanics are not ok. They don’t bother strangers. The gang feuds are often not major problems, and they leave Whites out of it, as we are not in their wars.

Most Hispanics IMHO consider themselves honorary Whites or almost Whites. They don’t look at us as aliens. They all came from countries were Whites are just another meaningless ethnic group. Most don’t hate Whites at all.

Where a city goes full Mexican, it essentially collapses and turns into Mexico. As long as there is a base of at least 1

Other than that, there is a sense of alienation in Hispanic cities as if one is living in a foreign country in your own land, along with foreign mariachi music and a fairly foreign and quite socially conservative culture. The men are very macho so if you act masculine, you’re one of them. It’s a patriarchal society, so if you’re a man, you’re now part of the ruling group.

Spanish is spoken everywhere, so you might want to learn a phrase or two. You speak two sentences of their language, and they treat you like family and almost try to hug you. I speak Spanish fairly well so they love me.

Plus I don’t hate Hispanics. I’ve almost become an honorary Mexican myself. Mexican after all is not a racial group. Most of them are pretty nice people, especially the recent immigrants who hardly speak a word of English. I speak Spanish to them so they treat me like a hero.

There’s little feminism because most Hispanics hate feminism (social conservatives). Gays are very toned town too if they exist at all because the culture doesn’t like it. Young Hispanic gays in cities like mine usually just take off for some gay Mecca. Homosexual behavior in straight men, common among Whites if not hip, is extremely frowned upon. You call a man a fag here, and you will get hit! However, among 2nd and especially 3rd generation young Hispanics, all of this is changing, and there is a lot of SJWism, BLM support, and acceptance of sexual weirdness.

Overall, Hispanics are not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you can live with them, or at least I can. I will not live with Blacks, that is, cities with large Black populations. Get out of here with that noise.

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10 thoughts on “Want to See the Future of America? Look at Latin America”

  1. In Latin America, there is considerable racial variation between countries. In only 3 of them is there a heavy African contribution to the gene pool: Brazil, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. In all of them, there has been lots of racial admixture. Even in Argentina, which together with Uruguay is the Whitest country in Latin America, pure Whites are no more than 56% of the population, according to genetic research by the University of Buenos Aires.

    In terms of genetic contribution, Brazil is 35% African, 52% European, 12% Amerindian. Argentina is 85% European, 14% Amerindian. Mexico is 65% European, 30% Amerindian and 5% African. In Guatemala, the Amerindian contribution may well be 75%. Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador and Honduras also have a strong Amerindian component.

    Once a lot of racial mixing has occurred, we should think in terms of genetic contribution. I would ay that at most 25% of Brazilians are racially pure, defining racial purity as having 95% or more of one’s genes coming from one race.

    Interestingly, according to an American researcher, the Amerindians in the Caribbean Islands didn’t die out completely. He believes that the Amerindian contribution to the gene pool of Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are respectively 6%, 8% and 14%.

  2. One racial difference between Latin America and North America is that Latin America is essentially a mixture of Europeans, sub-Saharan Africans and Amerindians. True, in all Latin American countries there are turcos (Middle Easterners), but they aren’t very numerous. Brazil has about 1.5 million people with full or partial Japanese ancestry, but that is less than 1% of Brazil’s population.

    North America, on the other hand, has a growing segment of its population from all parts of Asia and also from Northern Africa. That means that North America is going to be more racially diverse than Latin America.

    1. Wait. Northern Africa? Hardly any North Americans are from Northern Africa.

      Basically a mixed-race population, mostly Whites and Indians but in some places such as the Caribbean, Whites and Blacks, and in other places, Whites, Blacks, and Indians in Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Brazil.

      1. In Canada, there are a fair number of Arabs from the five Northern African countries, especially in Quebec. Quebec is allowed to have its own immigration policy, and they give preference to applicants who can speak French. That’s why there are many Haitians, Moroccans, Tunisians and Algerians in Quebec. In Ontario, many Arabs are Egyptians.

  3. On the East Coast we have very few Mexicans. Our Hispanic population is nearly all from Latin America, and of those, most are from El Salvador. Some are dangerous people but most are fleeing the gang warfare in the cities. Law enforcement is nearly nonexistent and there are 10-15 murders a day in the capital city of San Salvador.

    The educational system in El Salvador is basically come if you want. After I retired I taught in the public schools for ten years. One day a young man strolled into the school in the middle of the school year. We often used Spanish-speaking kids as interpreters. It turned out that the kid was 14 and had never been in a school building before in his life. He had been a shepherd in the mountains of El Salvador. To give you an idea how isolated he had been, one of the other boys excitedly told me later in the day that the new kid had to be shown how to use a urinal.

    They are hard workers and most men work in landscaping and those women who have some education work in retail.

    So our Hispanics are 80% El Salvadorans and the rest from Honduras. I’ve always believed that the avenues of migration are dictated by the route of the railroad tracks.

    1. Don’t know where on the “East Coast” you are but the largest community of Hispanics in such quintessentially East Coast cities as New York, Philadelphia, and even Boston are clearly Puerto Ricans and Dominicans with an increasing community of Mexicans, certainly not Salvadorans.

      1. Thanks for your comments, Tom. Always look forward to your contributions here. You’re an old-timer, right?

        I don’t know much about Puerto Ricans, but I was told that part of the northern section of Manhattan was mostly Dominicans for a while, at the word was that they seriously wrecked the place in a manner similar to how large concentrated Black populations often do.

  4. No one likes bottom of the barrel Blacks. They can’t communicate and mostly just drool. Above that, White Americans like Blacks more than anyone. A top-level Black may worship a low- level White. It’s joked about in Black comedies, and there’s truth to it. I went to college with a girl that often itched her vagina over and dated Blacks. These women like me too. I suspect I overlap with what attracts them to Blacks. I have a deep voice, strong, tall, etc. It’s an odd thing, even relatives that burn the midnight oil favor me.

    Latin America is mostly White culture. Straight White men engaging in homosexuality is woke culture, not White culture. I believe an old Spaniard would frown upon homosexuality more than an Aztec.

  5. Hey Robert!

    As someone has wrote, Hispanic culture is just European culture of the Southern Latin variety. This is probably why it seems odd to a White Northern Euro like you. In reality, I would say that WASP culture is the innovative/odd one when it comes to European culture. Hispanic Catholic culture is conservative, socially speaking.

    I will say though that the modernization process that we Hispanics are going through via our exposure to Anglo Saxon culture reminds me of the Hellenization that the Romans underwent during the Late Republican and Early Imperial periods, with rural Latin peoples (Romans, Hispanics) being exposed to sophisticated, urban, and global cultures(Greeks, Anglo Americans).

    We’ll see what the end product will be (IMO, either a new type of American state that will maintain Western global dominance or something that will only benefit the Chinese but not European civilization).

    1. WB Jason! Glad to see you back on the site. I definitely agree with this comment in fact as well as tone. Thanks for this.

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